Would you rather have an iPhone X or an AK-47, 1000 rounds and the communist manifesto? or if you'd prefer, a Glock...

would you rather have an iPhone X or an AK-47, 1000 rounds and the communist manifesto? or if you'd prefer, a Glock, 100 rounds and a pretty good Android phone, for the not-so-leftist ones of you

I've all ready got a shitty old smartphone that works, so gimme the AK.

I like the way you think user.

Gimme the gun

Give me the AK and the Glock.
Phones are for Lumpen Proletariat.

same tbh thanks for the sage.

Once I choose the AK and the 1000 rounds you know I'm just taking the iphone (and your toothbrush) you know that right whitey?

OP here, changed IP.
I don't really care what you want the AK for, but sure thing if you've got an AK you could steal the iPhone

I don't use smartphone trash so the choice is easy.

this image, and possibly this thread, was very clearly made by someone with a very limited knowledge on firearms and theory. What a fucking embarrassment.

What are you going to do with an AK47 against helicopters, jet fighters, armed drones, tanks and snipers ? Stop LARPing.

probably not much, but I'd rather keep the AK tbh, won't kill anyone with it, but it certainly will be more fun than the iPhone.

The Iphone X
I would sell it get the AK and Manifesto and pocket the change.

honestly, it's just a meme, don't take it seriously, I know you won't do shit with an AK and 1000 rounds, and the manifesto is a bit of a meme at this point, so yeah, but I'd personally would keep the AK cause I mean, fuck at least I can have some fun with it

it's from facebook based on the watermark in the phone

these are the correct answers

honestly, is correct, is what a capitalist faggot would do. not a correct answer imo

Tbh the correct answer is: choose the ak, use it to steal the iphone, sell both the ak and iphone and use the money to buy a better gun plus all three volumes of Capital. Pocket the change.

Good luck having glowing Apple Niggers be all on your ass.

tbh, agreed.

Or just torrent the whole of Marx's works.

I hate reading anything more than a news article on my computer, but yeah that is definitely a possibility too.

Fuck off retard.

well you can be a socialist if you give apple money, just a really fucking stupid socialist…


Unless you have a full-blown uprising going on, Glock would be much more practical - it is much easier to carry around in a modern city.

I'd rather have the AK-47 and 1000 rounds. You get more money selling the AK-47 than a used iPhone. You can keep the communist manifesto.

well you can be a capitalist if you use a cell phone, just a really fucking stupid capitalist…

Glock and android phone, download memefesto from Marxists.org.

AK and a burner smartphone

well I'm not a capitalist so I should be aokay.

sounds good user.


I would take the AK as I have a smartphone and don't want an Iphone but I would use the AK to hunt with and watch videos of nazi and commie larpers being beaten on by cops from the comfort of my own home.

Can I mix and match and take the Glock with the Manifesto? I don't have a smartphone at all, nor do I want a device with a fucking camera and a built-in backdoor. But I don't feel like I have the experience to use an AK effectively and I assume Glocks are easier to stash. Also, if

is an option, then that's my new choice.

I'd take the iPhone, because then I could sell it and buy a non-shit rifle.


its certainly a more crude version of marx's theory but its hardly a "meme"

I know that you LARPers really like the aesthetic of the AK, and I get it, but it's an outdated rifle, especially with 7.62x39 as the round of choice. I mean, even a 74 would have been better. Currently my weapon of choice is still the AR pattern, and no AKfag has ever managed to make a real argument why it shouldn't be the default at least in NATO countries.


I mean as somebody just getting into guns, take this with that obvious grain of salt, but isn’t the ak a bit more dependable? In that it can take more of a beating?
From what I’ve seen personally 5.56 is a more commonly available round and in a SHTF scenario a better choice in that regard. But from what I’ve seen as well ak’s are on average cheaper (excluding of course sports lines ar platforms like the s&w line). Idk I’m really just typing this cuz I’m trying to weigh my options. I think my first rifle is going to be an sks regardless

No. It's not 1960something and you're not using an unchromed M16. A properly lubed AR will work as well as anything you'll ever need, and if you don't lube or clean your AK it will also stop working. Also, not all AKs are created equal. Most are actually pretty shitty.

AKs are actually more expensive right now. They have been for the past three years or so.

Save your pennies. SKS is nice, but it's a collector's item, not a serious rifle. Most combat takes place at night, and you're going to spend a lot more money trying to modernize it than simply getting a quality AR.

None, because I don't have money to waste.