Millennials hate Capitalism and it is growing

*Western millenials

Millenials in places like China, Brazil, Mexico, Morocco, Iran, etc. Are super-capitalist and readily embrace it because they see it as progress.

Just as planned

They don't look too places like the USSR and Paris commune for Socialism they look to Scandinavia and the EU. They don't want socialism they want welfare capitalism

By socialism they probably mean Bernie Sanders-style socialism, so just succdem. Not much to celebrate here, millennials just want welfare capitalism which they will name "socialism"

Ingsoc anybody?

Being addicted to your cellphone and having a unique trans gendered identity does not make you tech savvy or independent minded.

WUUUUUT!? Are you saying an increasingly brown western world is leaning towards socialism? What a shocker!

Wow, the Soviet Union can't play chess, no wonder they lost.

Imagine being this spooked to think that an entire race loves being cucks.

It's a start. A gateway drug to some of the harder stuff like Mutualism or maybe even Titoism. Besides, I feel like Bernie Sanders hides his power level to be a bit more appealing to the reactionary public. I could see him making at least Noam Chomsky-tier criticisms of capitalism behind closed doors.

-MLK's Address At The Selma To Montgomery Match, 1965

Millenials include 30-35

Race, ethnicity and nationality comes before class(You have to go back)

Only if you're a nerd

Cmon really?


Every kurd I've met from Iran was a marxist



I remember reading the CIA Nigger* World Factbook in 2003 where they referred to Norway as "welfare capitalist". It's changed now, but that phrasing stuck with me.

*If you think it's anti-Black, you don't know the meme

From the CIA Nigger Factbook 2003:

Fair point. I think that Corbyn hides his power level as well, considering the facts that some of his advisors are communist and John McDonnell, member of Shadow Cabinet is openly Marxist.

this isnt anything new, just a few years ago we had that wallstreet protest. sadly i dont think it got anything useful done.
sure it opened peoples eyes to how corrupt things are but guess who capitalized on that? the corruption themselves sold themselves as the answer to corruption.