Did he deserve it?

Did he deserve it?
He was a pretty big war hawk and a fervent anti-communist. Also he expressed major sympathies for Hitler during World War 2. Yet despite all of this liberals act like he was the second coming of FDR or something.

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Hell, at least LBJ brought in the Great Society.

I don't think he deserved it but he isn't all what he is cracked up to be. He was definitely bourgeois and was a pretty face so of course liberals will love himplus you know the whole Civil Rights thing
People consider him to be the last elected president and every one after him was selected. I don't know how much weight this theory has since the internet is filled to the brim with retarded JFK conspiracy theories. Considering his rich political family background and the fact he graduated from Harvard makes me wary of the guy .

He used the mafia and other dirty tricks to steal the 1960 election. I guess you could say he was elected in the sense that like Chump he was rich enough personally to outspend rival candidates–in theory, he didn't have to kiss the right porky's ass like most professional politicians.

He was more anti-communist than Nixon and was really the Reaganite. I don't believe he was killed over Cuba or trying to stop the Vietnam war for two reasons: 1. the Kennedy family has worked hard to suppress the fact that they rode the CIA hard to destroy Castro, in fact, many agents complained bitterly of the experience of having Bobby breathe down their neck to get shit done in Cuba 2. Kennedy started the Vietnam War, so that does not make that much sense either and in his own words in 1963, Vietnam would be the place America held firm since Khruschev had rattled him many times in the course of the Cold War.

I do believe his assassination was essentially a coup d'etat but popular boomer theories like how he wanted to end the Cold War or how he wanted to stop or end the war in Vietnam just don't seem to hold up imo.

*the first Reaganite forgot pic too

Interesting Never knew that. Have any reading/sources?

This. Albaniafag is right, Kennedy was a filthy, lying snake. Just read up on some of the tactics he took to get elected. It's a 'great peaceful liberator' (sort of like the angle the US is going with Obama) personality cult that upholds an image contradictory to the man's practices.

Check out Seymour Hersh's book it goes into great detail on the election of 1960 and Kennedy's ties with the mafia along with other less than savory aspects of the Kennedy family/presidency.

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francis e. dec what the fuck are you doing

Deserved to be shot in back of the head? No.

70% rate of single-parent homes for blacks is hardly "great"

Fuck off black economics man.

You said it was great, not me

"Great" rebuttal too

It's about as great as soft social democracy policies could be. Or are you going to argue that medicare and medicaid are bad policies?

Sauce? In the Nixon v Kennedy debates, Kennedy advocated more of a peaceful competition with the socialist world, whereas Nixon wanted more confrontation.

Oswald did nothing wrong

literally the first capitalist "cult of personality" created by television. literally no substance, all image

i should add the Eisenhower and even Nixon (muh checkers) had used television in the 50s. Eisenhower might be said to be first television president. But kennedy adulation was a whole other level, but I think the assassination really sealed the cult.

In addition to this I would say also point out that he invented the infamous "missile gap" hoax where he alleged that the Soviets had a lead in ballistic missiles over the United States. Not only was it not true but Kennedy knew it was false because of his connections with the Dulles brothers and the intelligence community. But more than that it was part of a general complaint of Democratic hawks that Eisenhower was a "do-nothing" president when it came to pushing America's interests abroad and fighting communism.

Kennedy went on the offensive against Castro at a time when Castro had yet to declare himself a communist or even an opponent of the US. Kennedy knew that Nixon wouldn't be able to say anything about Cuba because of ongoing covert operations that prevented him from doing so.

I'd also point out the theme of an international communist conspiracy is one that reappears throughout Kennedy's speeches. I find it interesting that many conspiracy theorists think that the quote in pic related is about the Masons, Illuminati, or the Black Nobility etc. when its obvious that JFK is talking about communism and not some ruling class cabal in the West.

Even in his famous peace speech at American University he says: "The Communist drive to impose their polit- ical and economic system on others is the primary cause of world tension today" along with several other anti-communist statements. People misinterpret that speech, all he is saying there is that he agrees with the process of "de-Stalinization" undertaken by Khrushchev and is asking that the American public understand this too.

Even still, while Kennedy was open to working with Khrushchev especially if it meant keeping nukes out of other countries hands or an alliance against China–ultimately, the dick-measuring contest he started with Khruschev nearly ended in nuclear war. Nixon on the other hand pursued a policy of détente with China and the USSR simultaneously.



John was literally /ourguy/ killed by a disgraced ☭TANKIE☭ and porky.

And that was unfortunately why Johnny Ramone was a conservative

didnt he challenge the banks? probably would have been cool to see where that went.

but user, he was killed over Cuba…

he was a US president so his geopolitical policies were inevitable.
but he did try to kill the bank, so this slutmachine one of the best US presidents in my book.

Give fucking sources you stupid fucking faggots instead of just repeated r/The_Donald propaganda ad nasuem wew

JFK was a liberal shithead who was essentially the Bill Clinton of the 60s, even people who believe the CIA killed him like Gore Vidal don't think he would have ended the Vietnam War any sooner than LBJ, and economically his desire to expand the Keyensian New Deal programs into a more social-democratic type economy would have either 1) accelerated the US towards the stagnation it would face under Jimmy Carter, thus giving the neoliberals an in even faster 2) Worked out OK like the Scandinavian succdem countries but would have come with their same problems. Either way capitalism would have been heavily strengthened and maintained just fine

Even if JFK did "Challenge the banks" that doesn't mean shit. If you are anti-capitalist you believe that every American President gets the bullet, so shut the fuck up and fuck off to leftpol or r/socialism or wherever the fuck you came from.

yes he deserved to die and i hope he burns in hell

thank you comrade lee

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