Did Althusser just BTFOed leftcoms?

"Althusser specifies that the development of productive practices within a specific mode of production is often “uneven” in addition to possibly being antagonistic. This means, for instance, that some economic elements within a whole may be more or less capitalistic while others simultaneously operate according to socialist norms. Thus the development within a mode of production of the practices specific to it is not necessarily homogenous or linear."

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He's talking about the sublimation of socialist norms within a structure of ideological presupposition. Thus, even socialist economics or collective values can be maligned by their subservience to an ideological particularity.

If you read the paragraph in that section right after where this appears, you'd know that this functions as much as a critique of the "West" as the Soviet Union.

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PDF related is an actual "bordigist" critique of Althusser (pages 48 to 71; in French).

An excerpt (translated the best I could):
>Last minute
>We are no surprised to hear that Mr Althusser has just decreed most of Marx's works as sadly bearing the mark of "Hegelian influence". In his opinion, Marx did not become an actual Marxist before the "Critique of the Gotha program" (1875). To those who may wonder where the triumphant march forward of the "break" that erodes Marx's works will stop, we can answer, without hesitation, that Mr Althusser will soon have to show us that Marx was never an actual Marxist – in the "theoretical acception" of the word, of course – (besides, hasn't he said it himself?).
>Mr Althusser will then be able to wholeheartedly rewrite "Capital" and move on to an open critique of the doctrine of which he has, up until now, provided only an ''ashamed critique", hidden behind the curtain of philosophy.

Apparently PDF related was too heavy. It was the issue 55 of "Programme communiste" (April-June 1972), which can be found here: pcint.org

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That's not what the excerpt says. What it says is more like:
Which make much more sense than your strawman.

On a sidenote, you should be aware that, in Lenin's "Infantile disorder", it is the communist movement that is still infantile, and thus have a disorder ("left-communism").

Saged by mistake.

So Marxism means taking everything Marx said on faith and not striving to continue his project? I don't think Althusser – or anyone intellectually honest – would want to be a Marxist if this was the case, but it does say a lot about what bordigists truly are.

No, but it doesn't mean rejecting everything Marx said before lying on his deathbed either.

Whether that retroactively makes his works non-Marxist or not is debatable, but simply whining about him not being a proper Marxist or disagreeing with your interpretation of Marx's intellectual development is not a critique.

You can disagree with Marx but you can't throw out a major part of his work and prentend like you haven't by still calling yourself Marxist.

Many people were Marxists not knowing about major parts of his works because they were unpublished yet nobody cared.

Not that it matters, it's some tribal infighting at best and says nothing about the theories of Althusser.




"Debatable"? Really?

Indeed. You'll have to read the full article for that.

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Our favorite pseud tried BTFOing Althusser.


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bibliography (the entire works of bordiga)

Give me the TL;DR pls.

I mean, the dude strangled his wife and all, but you can't deny Althusser has a certain charm, a certain gallic je ne sais quoi, maybe it's the pipe, the cardigan or the bags below the eyes. Dude's the ultimate frenchman, a wife strangling, pipe smoking philosophy profesor, a member of the communist party and a graduate of the Ecole Nationale Superieure. The wife strangling was probably intended as a deep philosophical statement something out of de Sade or Georges Bataille.

Read his memoir. It's even more compelling.

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His writings on the state are interesting and have that structuralist clockwork feel which really pleases the autist part of my brain, but in the last instance, I think there is a lot to be said for the more Hegelian, humanistic side of Marxism(Korsch, Dunkayevskaya, Debord, Lucaks, Benjamin). Like Bordiga's, Althusser's politics are hard to pin down,ie. some sort of authoritarian/libertarian quasi-leftcom who is nevertheless a Leninist. Althusser outright rejects dialectics, much of Marxism and the Marxist tradition for Lacan and structuralism, which might not be for the best, imo. Dude shut himself up in the Ecole Normale Superieure for the best part of his life and admittedly had little contact with the outside world. He represented some sort of academic Leninist opposition within the increasingly Eurocommunist PCF, but still regarded the Party as the base of any revolutionary mass movement

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