Ancap Dystopia

Are there any books, films, games, etc. that involve a dystopia built upon Anarcho-Capitalist ideology? Preferably something that involves corporations censoring any lefty ideas, large gaps in living standards and a very rigid and commonplace caste system, technology being limited to the public and only being for the rich, etc..

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Pretty much every cyberpunk dystopia

Bioshock, Rapture was built upon odjectiveism

Altered Carbon by Richard K Morgan
The super rich are basically immortal because they have the technology to put their minds into new bodies if they die. They run everything and are the only people who can afford to use inter-stellar communication to talk to porkies on other colonized planets.
The underclass seems to have very high unemployment and organized crime is a quasi government of its own.

Fallout 2 is the best example I have if you consider the Enclave to be a PMC

Bioshock had a government though right?

Jennifer Government is good overall, but the writing is overall kinda wooden. I'd put it on your B-List if you're interested.

Also this.

Enclave wasn't a PMC. it was literally the remnants of the US military. Also they did nothing wrong.


they might as well have been. They had no power over all the states.
Imagine a faction in a ancap society gained enough power and tried to make themselves the government

I thought imperialist apologia was banned on this board

Fictional imperialist apologia isn't, as far as I know

What was so "imperialist" about the enclave? They were interested in reuniting humanity, and i guess that makes them imperialist now. You must be some kind of raider, no? Maybe you're one of those "fiend" people? Fuck off. Just because the enclave restricts your chem use doesn't make them any worse than you. How many people have you thrown into a deathclaw pit for fun recently? I'm willing to bet the death count is in the double digits. Grab a flamer and drink the fuel. This world has no use for you, anarchist scum.


Weren't the super mutants enough of an example for you that you would realize the importance of a government? Sure, the enclave did some things wrong, such as the creation of FEV during the great war– but that doesn't mean they're bad now. They were the only chance of humanity ever becoming civilized again. Maybe your brain is too fried from all that jet you've been using to understand that. Get the FUCK off this remlink terminal system. You DO know you're using and enclave terminal right now? I'm sending a squad to your location, kid. I hope you've got a fat man, because you're fucking dead.


Fucking tribal.


If all anything is, is what it used to be, then that explains why you can't think beyond the capabilities of a child


You are a true friend of these United States.

Ok, then it was libertarian.

The world doesn't need another bouj revolution, the original American revolution, 1848, and the French revolution already did the work necessary. What's needed is a socialist revolution.

Judge Dredd comics are like this

No it didn’t. Ryan’s private businesses functioned as a de facto government, but it was de jure ancap.

It’s actaully funny, because outside of being critical of Randian “philosophy” Bioshock has an anti-drug, and anti drug industry. message that can be interpreted as well.

even the game is better than the book

The Legion would be, unironically, the dialectical choice. In a realistic postapocaliptical scenario, a slaver empire would be a natural social formation of humanity.

Snow Crash!


We've got a Holla Forums region as well

Lander 8009

The city in that game looked kind of like Gotham at night except more futuristic.

I could tell it was AnCap because there were billboards advertising a privatized police force lol.

Seconding this. Jennifer Government introduced me to the whole idea that dystopias need not have an all encompassing government, or any government whatsoever, and ultimately a pretty good representation of neoliberalism taken to its logical conclusion. But yeah, the writing is a bit clunky.

Deus Ex.

Bullshit the dialectical choice is obviously the NCR since they are reconstructing Bourgeois Capitalism.

Also isn't the book nationstates is based on about ancapistan?

Demolition Man - Rat Burgers

wish there was a 'shitty two thousands movie' that subtly introduced me to Kropotkin's ideas / utopia films instead of dystopia

Neuromancer by Gibson? the government only really cares about preventing AI from going rogue and not much else in that book/series

I really can't believe no-one has mentioned bioshock yet.


Dishonored, it was more Anti-Monarchist. Still good.

Dishonored is that and early industrialism fucking sucks.

You've learned nothing.

Real life

Killed on the Job: 2016 Was Deadliest in Years for U.S. Workers


I got about 8k words into a story about literally exactly this before work took over my life and made me have to stop writing it.

It's called Somalia.

are they even civilized enough to be considered capitalist?

Ancapistan can't really exist so feudal-tier Somalia is probably the closest approximation.

The US military might as well be a PMC at this point.

Somalia isn't really anarchistic, it has a de jure recognized government but it lacks any real authority in most of the area. Different chunks of the country are controlled by different de facto authorities, including some self-declared sovereign states.

Real life yo