Tfw bluepilled parents

Anyone know this feel?

The feel that you are smarter than them even though they lived 40+ more years than you.

They are too stupid to be redpilled, and no, im not talking about aut-right bs, but being anti-consumer.

My mom cant connect the dots nor does she seem to care to

Class consciousness doesn't make you smart, it just makes you right.

Stop this gay shit. Correctness has very little correlation with Autism Level.

Then be glad your parents gave you the structure that allowed you to learn about those things and have the sensibility to care about it instead of being a spoiled child.

this seems pretty false flaggy


Can we use some term different from redpill and bluepill? They already have the opposite meanings of what we mean to use.

inb4 tone policing

No, they're good terms. Also The Matrix is leftist.

This is my dad. He's pretty a neolib boomer and totally insufferable. Racist, climate change denier, union hater, fuck you poor people I got mine, Obama did nothing wrong, congress stopped him, socialism = free stuff for lazy people. He's in his late 60's and I seriously doubt he'll ever change his mind now.

It's called the RED pill for a reason


He's pretty much a contradiction. If he didn't grow up middle class and work his whole life he'd def be right wing.

Most of my family believes in some sort of right-wing conspiracy theory but I still love them for all they've done

Tfw daddy is an anarchist and mommy is a leninist. I'm pretty much left unity incarnate.

You're an abomination

don't tell me you are a leftcom


Sorry user we need some black next time.

So be it.

I'm definitely not a bordigist. I like pancakeman though.

normalfags tend to be too busy to be redpilled. that is one of the reasons theyre kept downtrodden.

I don't even try to convert anyone in my family really. There's no point, it's not like they are going to call up Trump and tell him, "mah son is a gotdamn gommie".

The precarious nature of work now is designed to drain your energy and turn the anger and despair at yourself

it sure seems that way, i hear friends and family talking about downsizing all the time while tensions get higher at their work. less people doing the same work while nobodys getting younger.

You're right. But its almost like a cruel joke you can be so much more intelligent than your family. Meanwhile they just herp derp all over the place.


family should be abolished tbh

nigga why the fuck this picture so fuckin scary like fr cut this shit out please

take it easy man its just a buncha pixels on a screen, it cant get you