Questions for "real" Socialists

Question for the mods, I had a controversial and you banned me and anchored it, I fully understand why, and hold no ill will over it. Then I made a non-controversial question, then you anchored it for no reason. So what do you want? Middle of the road questions?

Questions for the rest of you, What will you do about the SJWs who sympathize with you guys?

Because like or not, they'd be the useful idiots who would get your group into power.

If you allow them to live in your not-country, they'd be undermining the foundation like the cancer they are. Even if you had a poor, black, limbless, tranny, from another country as the leader, they'd be still be taking and taking, with no sign of ever stopping.

They are not the useful idiots who will get us into power.

do nothing about it

People who aren't man children aren't reactionary cry babies who saw a video of a woman acting silly once on the internet and decided to generalize a group of people over it.

pls fix your copy pasta


You probably were banned and unbanned by mods with conflicts of interest

Yes SJWs are annoying. We have multiple anti-idpol threads everyday and we say the same shit every time.

Mate, to many people in America are apart of the bourgeoisie to support your commie ideas. The only commie sympathizers in America are SJWs, because in fact, SJWs are cultural Marxists. Some, like the one in the picture, identify as communist.

What do you say? I'm not normally in those threads.

For example this post got banned 3 times until today.


Liberals get the bullet too.


Not true at all, personally I hate SJWs as does my also Communist GF, as do plenty of other of my comrades here in CA. My advice is get out more and meet more people, you will realize the stereotypes you've reinforced in your echochamber are nowhere near to reality


who else gets it


Crinmals who commit 1st degree murder.

Except for Marx and arguably BNW, all of those are trash (especially Orwell, fuck that guy).
Until you've read "Foundations of Leninism" by J V Stalin, your opinion is literally irrelevant

You don't say

Either way, you have no grounds to same I'm in an echo chamber. I talk to both communists and Nazis, with myself being one.

if you come here in actual good faith to ask a question and you end up getting banned for doing so, then I completely condemn it.

No, you're just an autistic romanian ancap.

I'm not an ancap.

So fascists?

Fascists are collectivists.

*without me myself becoming one