Study: the wealth of the super rich elites originates in ancient farming






Dialectical Materialism has been proven correct by bourgeois anthropologists. ENGELS WAS RIGHT SPREAD THE WORD.

no thanks

No thanks to what?

Agriculture was a mistake:

Pol Pot confirmed for only true communist.

This article is terrible. As if there weren't geronotocracies existing before agriculture. As if there weren't warrior groups before agriculture.

So Öcalan was right all along as well

I thought this was common sense?

Agriculture made established warrior classes a thing.


No, it totally didn't. To give just one example, look at complex hunter-gatherer groups who had warriors like the indigenous peoples of the pacific northwest.

One tribe =/= all tribes

Do they actually have a warrior class or are they just tribesmen?

Yo my dude, read the study the article is based on. Fucking anons and reading…

Isn’t this what was already accepted by anthropologists?

This basically cements the genetic caste system as a prerequisite to complex societies and confirms that communism is impossible.

Remember how the majority of the leadership of the current day communist party of China descends from the pre maoist land owning Mandarin warlords? lmao

Yeah, but that's because they paid those people loans and gave them important jobs instead of just seizing their property
Their descendants didn't crawl back to richness from poverty, they practically didn't do shit

It also doesn't debunk communism at all, y'know

Ughh no, it cements material conditions. Having access to domesticated farm animals is basically like having a tractor when no one else has one.

Marx literally stated himself that man's difference in capacity is not a hindrance to the new society's approach to distribution.




interesting article, shitty title

Established warrior classes made agriculture a thing, because farming sucks and no one does it if they aren't getting forced to because it's the only realistic way to get taxes

Dühring pls go

The pacific northwest was not, to be perfectly honest, actually hunter gatherers. The sheer abundance of salmon runs allowed things you couldn't get away with basically anywhere else.

This study doesn’t explain why people went along with their property rights or how such a legal concept emerged or why warlike people didn’t just take it. There are still vital unanswered questions.

In what way does it do that, and how would that make communism wrong?

That’s because Mao either spared them and they became involved in politics, inpoverished former upper-class men joined the communist parties before and during the revolution, or their rebellious kids joined the party.

This might be the least intelligent post I’ve seen this month.

Established warrior classes became a thing to protect propertied individuals and ensure a more organized social apparatus for defense and conquest.

Either grow that grain, or the toothless manlet army will rape your women.

You have no idea what warrior class actually means do you? Don't talk out of your ass.



Marx didn't speak of historical materialism either. You've just shown you have a meme tier understanding of Marx.

Except when it did after his systems were put into practice.

the OG kulaks


Vegans were right: animal ownership/slavery was a mistake. Revolutionary Agrarian Vegan Socialism will free all living beings from the shackles of capitalism! Death to the animal-owning kulaks!

Yeah that was the epoch when 17 women reproduced for each men. But the two phenomena are completely unrelated, surely.

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was he right?

Nah, he was just a radical Malthusian.

not doing agriculture would make you a nomadic people

You can still do agriculture while being nomadic. Look up slash-and-burn farming.

Also, you can be settled while not doing agriculture. Permanent fishing camps were relatively common in northern europe ( and I suppose the north american PNW too).