Name a better written Holla Forums book

.. and that will be my next read

For those of you not familiar with Serge: Read him. The man was a fantastic writer

Also, general book discussion/recommendation thread (yes, I've seen the sticky, but I'm looking for the best prose here, not necessarily the most important works)

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read bordiga

Just finished the first volume of my copy. And, yes, I agree it's incredibly well written.

Any particular work? I've been wanting to get into Bordiga for a while


How does it compare to other firsthand accounts of revolutions? Say for example Homage to Catalonia or Ten Days That Shook the World?

read Marx

I am reading Marx methodically. Not a better writer than Serge though by any stretch of the imagination, imo. I can recommend the biography on Marx by Franz Mehring

I was hoping you could tell me. Is John Reed's account any good? Haven't read Orwell other than 1984 and Animal Farm. Not impressed.
Serge is as far as I can tell on a different level of writing, even when translated. The way he depicts the different personages of the era (the man seemingly knew everybody worth knowing) is incredibly illuminating and fascinating

I haven’t read Reed’s book (I have it but I’m real backed up). Orwell’s is great, it offers a lot of insight into the Spanish Civil War and the state of the international socialist movement of the time. It also has some pretty vividly written accounts of combat.

Who’s the drunk old man?

idk but I see it posted here a lot, I think his name was Boxcar Willie

Where can I read it?

A lot of his writing are here (including the memoirs):

For Whom The Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway should be obligatory as well

Always suggested and a rather generic choice but the ragged trousered philanthropists has turned many a true blue into filthy commies
So it's worth a read obviously

Still need to read that one as well as Wilde's The Soul of Man Under Socialism which is supposedly quite good too.

its the best ive read.

Glad the Serge is getting some love here.

His fiction is very much worth reading, especially "The Case of Comrade Tulayev". Is it true he came up with the term "totalitarianism"?

It's obligatory reading for anyone who thinks taking a pacifist side in every fight is a moral one.

Capital Vol. 1 after the initial abstract section (analysis of commodities, surplus value and so on) is incredibly well written.

It's a book about love and war that tries to show horrors on both sides. That doesn't make it pacifist, but merely nuanced.