Cultural Marxism the Meme the Myth the Legend

I'm the author of the manifesto for normalizing socialism in the USA. Now i'm back and i'm going to write a piece on Cultural marxism, the Frankfurt School and George soros.

The basic aim of this piece is to debunk the main arguments and conspiracies put forward about them and give a left wing perspective.

If you'd like to contribute then comment bellow with information that can help.

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Got nothing to contribute, but this is a really great idea. I've actually been hoping that someone smarter than me would do such a thing for a while now.

Make a comic styled like the story of harry potter about the frankfurt school of witchcraft and swap voldemort with the americans and make everyone hate whites

My other piece got an overall good response so I hope to dot the same with this. Then again I want people to contribute, and make it a community effort of sorts.

id do it fi I wanted to shit post but this is kinda a more serious piece.

Where did the term "Cultural Marxism" even come from? I know there's some ultra-vague connection to Adorno and a "new left", but aside from that I've got no idea.

One thing and only one thing would actually be helpful: Come up with a clear history of who and where this pomo crit standpoint theory horseshit came from, why, and precisely when.

This isn't a conspiracy theory, it's a form of pollution you can see filling the course catalogs of every podunk college and the shelves of every library.

You should definitely look into, and compare it with, allegation of sexual and cultural bolshevism that were thrown around by the nazis and others in Weimar and Nazi Germany. With regards to your other piece: I'm not American, so I didn't feel like I had the perspective to get involved in that discussion. I did find it interesting to follow though.

make it clear that Adorno was a defender of western culture.

It from my knowlege came from the Book Righteous indignation by Andrew britebart.

Make it clear that Deleuzianism and all the French difference theorists are the actual source of all this. They're the ones that pushed for minorities and the excluded and transgressive for the mere fact that they broke up any notion of a norm.

It's all cultural Deleuzianism.

So were a lot of conservative Marxists

Marx loved Shakespeare/Goethe and reading classic literature (as well as the Greeks). Trotsky and Lenin admired the greats of Russian literature. Stalin read Dickens and Thackeray.

heres one

Please don't try to whitewash Soros, that guy is a piece of shit who is constantly conspiring to change governments where he sees it fit and destroying the nation states ability to control their economy.

BOE deserved it. Stubborn toffs…

A good portion of Marxists are unapologetic euro-centrics.

On this point I read from a fairly reputable source unfortunately I don't remember where but it was pretty mainstream that the Rockefeller foundation really pushed feminism in the hard in the 1970s and that one of the effects was that suddenly every university had gender studies classes. Prior to that most left-leaning academics were Marxists and afterwards I'd say Marxists were a definite minority in comparison to feminists, post-colonialists, "critical race theorists" and other varieties of pomo theory

I don't really have much sympathy for MLs, but MLs here have a massive preexisting bone to pick with Soros for undermining Warsaw Pact regimes during the Cold War, and (something that does piss me off) aiding in the neolib stripmining of former ML regimes by the "Chicago Boys".

Nobody here likes Soros.

Funny, I was looking into that earlier today.

I started at this altercation between Mark Crispin Miller and Laurie Penny during OWS:
Which triggered her bad enough to write an article detailing her Twatter slapfight with him:
Which referred to a single paragraph in this page:
Which was sourced to a book by Frank Donner, "The Age of Surveillance: The Aims and Methods of America's Political Intelligence System"

I haven't been able to find a PDF yet.

"Cultural Marxism" is term rebranding "Cultural Bolshevism" from Goebbels. It's literal Nazi propaganda.

Frankfurt School. But since the right can't read, they think it's synonymous with postmodernism.

that hurts my eyes

Something like this exists already

Honestly all these course descriptions make it sound like a place where you can get a lot of sex with brown or yellow chicks.

That and "Cultural marxism" is just a politically correct way of saying cultural judaism in contemporary society. Crypto-nazis would lose support from neocons and most of the right if they just openly declared that jews are trying to destroy western civilization. They know this so they use euphemisms to avoid being pushed out of the mainstream and into the lunatic fringe

I don't think I've seen a single document with so many citations per word.

do you have the original?

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What exactly is wrong with any of these courses?

t. Thürmer

I need a concise history of where the term actually originated from. I know of Cultural bolshevism, but who first coined cultural marxism.

Supposedly it was this ghoul, William Lind
Here's some more material on that and of course everyone knows that Steinem was CIA.

Kinda already been done.

Besides, let's face it, the committed reactionaries will keep believing the myth because they want to. Whether or not they know it's false is completely irrelevant.

Thanks for sharing user, can't believe such a well sourced document has been around since 2015 and I'm just reading it now

Back in the 90s with gommies gone, poliytical correctness was the big bogeyman. A LaRouchite of all people wrote some rant connecting it to the Frankfurt School. God knows if William S. Lind ever heard of that, but regardless, he took the next step and connected it all with the handy term "cultural Marxism". Basically a way to redbait despite the left being less powerful than at any point in the last 100 years. Reactionaries must always have something to react to, after all, lest they realize they're the ones fucking the world up for everyone.

Anyway, Lind was a think tank associate, and has the unmistakable babyface of a person who not only never felt the stress of adversity in his life, but never felt the stress caused by things such as feeling empathy. Among his other opinions, he says policemen should have access to grenade launchers or some shit.

Just call it cultural capitalism
This video is pretty top notch.

This is a great video on Postmodernism, Feminist Theory and such and pretty much shows those Jordan Peterson types that they are full of shit

William Lind coined the term and came up with the conspiracy theory that the Frankfurt school wanted to destroy western culture.

Anderw Breitbart repopularized the idea

But leftypol itself says culture is reactionary idpol that needs to be destroyed. Ancoms here unironically purport this to be true, they are as soullessly bound to their ideological goals as any capitalist.

Essentially this. Fascism does not operate like a normal ideology as it is prone to obfuscating itself. It is a parasite.

Cultural Marxism proven once and for all by a self-proclaimed Christian historian and apologist, gommies BTFO the fuck out!

I'm fairly sure Anders breivik of all people repopularized it. Download his manifesto and search for the term.

literally this. they just changed one word so they could conveniently somehow associate it with an actual circle of philosophers that, factually speaking, did exist - even if they had nothing to do with somehow promoting a degenerate agenda through cultural motifs a la some ridiculous shadowy conspiracy.

its a bunch of liberal faggotry

but Marx himself was "eurocentric" and to this stay, european countries have the most revoltioanry potential. That and agrarian socialism is horseshit, it's much easier to abolish capitalism in highly industrialized areas.

UPDATE- Currently the piece is coming along well.

Watch this if you can, it's a left wing analysis on karltural marxism

There are some transparent profit motives behind what kekistanis think of as social engineering programs. If you're going for a hearts and minds approach you should point some of that out, namely corporations and media companies pretending to care about identity movements / minority groups

I see.

Deleuze and Foucault were Nietzschean edgelords who would have seen standpoint theory as reactionary and insufficiently schizophrenic and modern identity politics as merely a more sophisticated form of control. Much of modern idpol discourse is Foucault avant la lettre, ie. power relationships, except Nietzsche is replaced by post calvinist american moralism and managerial banalities.

The modern subject is a blank slate trapped in the eternal present, waiting to be filled with ready made identities, which the academic industrial complex and the managers of society are all too happy to provide. The desperate quest for identity underlies identity politics. Rupi Kaur is not very different from Martin Zellner(the spokesman of the Austrian 'Identitarians'), your average Peterson fanboy, or straight cis college girls who die their hair in wacky colors and start identifying as 'queer'. Beyond the surface, there is nothing.

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Why minorities having visibility would be a bad thing?


"Cultural Marxism" is a straight up conspiracy theory that accuses liberals of secretly being communist subversives that want to oppress majorities. It's a flat out lie by American inbred evangelicals.

yeah that's why every revolution that has happened, has ocurred in third world shitholes, because of all the revolutionary potential in rich countries

I hate Laurie Penny so fucking much…

Btw OP here is an interesting article talking about the funding of identity politics by the Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation etc. It also talks about Gloria Steinem's close relationship to the American deep state and steps she took to use identity politics to undermine the civil rights and labour movement.

Also if you're going to talk about Soros mention the Billion he spend undermining the USSR and Eastern Bloc.

Don't worry, i'm not gonna try and defend Soros, i'm just tired of him being this boogie man and being called a "Leftist" i'll explain why this is bullshit. And he'll be getting his own section.

Along with other individuals connected with the conspiracy like Adorno, Lukas's and so on.

translation: write my shit essay for me

The term Cultural Marxism is a blatant revival of Kulturbolschewismus coined by the Nazis.

WOW, excellent find, user!

Plug that into the Ford Foundation and you get:

Combined with some other links between the CIA and the older PoMo theory that underpins the modern SJW movement unearthed in another recent thread:

It looks like we're getting closer and closer to unearthing concrete links between SJWs and decades-long campaigns of direct alphabet agency subversion against the left.

Good article, I already ran across it.

You are not allowed to be philosophically illiterate if you are a leftist, take your conspiracies somewhere else.

You are not allowed to call yourself a leftist and pretend SJWs don't have our orgs by the balls.

People who use the term "SJW" should be shot, even the supposed "anti-idpol" buffoons.

This essay is good:
an earlier, more polemical draft:

I agree that it's an awkward term in most environments, since it originated as an ironic insult dripping with sarcasm, rather than a sober description. But can you think of another name for them? Nothing's caught on so far.

And please, don't go the route of hipsters and their ilk, who so earnestly plead there's "no such thing" as hipsters, and that "'hipster' is a meaningless word".

My point is that any discussion of the topic of "SJWs" and whatnot is pathetic gossip and childish entry-level topics which are insignificant outside of the internet and irrelevant social groups.

I just call them progs or progressives.

Wow, yeah, go to any "leftist" anything anywhere outside Holla Forums. Surely nobody there will care about or be effected by the endless battles over molehills of SJWs.

That's bullying too hard, user. Although, technical historical inaccuracy aside, far-leftist use of the term "liberal" to rail against them does actually seem to be catching on to some degree. I'll admit it would be hilarious.

Just call them fucking liberals holy shit

I just call them progs because to burgers, liberal just means democrat, when it should encompass all of mainstream us politics.

As the other user pointed out, no one is surprised that socdems/liberals don't care about class issues and instead talk about irrelevant bullshit like idpol, I just don't see what benefit it does when half the board is some internet drama about it or about youtubers/right-wing pundits.

Because it's the #1 internal issue impairing our ability to get anything done for the last decade.

And even in discussions of SJWs, conversation naturally branches out to cover other issues, like government/corporate psyops.

Really, if any excessive topic of discussion needs to be laogai'd, it's the Chapo Reddit rapefugees.


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Distraction from class struggle and is used to create wage slaves and drones to the liberal social order to create easily influenced consumers.

i fucking love this

what the right calls 'cultural marxism' is cultural capitalism. They are right about the internal societal degradation promoted by critical theory, however they fail to realize how capitalism is the main enabler of 'cultural marxism'.

Eg. women were put in the workplace because it's more profitable for porky

Massive waves of immigrants are brought in as a source of cheap labour for the bourgeoisie

Call them what they are, they are WHIGS. The MOST unHOLY and abominable of creatures. They are the same thing as CONSERVATIVES.

No, advances in technology are the driving force in societal degradation and the atomization. Capital then acts as a driving force to ensure this continues. This materialist perspective does not take into account that there are actors upon the stage that decide and drive the historical process. The whole European Union for example is by nature designed for anuddah shoah, as substantiated by Kalgeri or more obscure documentation like the hoontoon plan. Such a desire to have an easily controlled population stems from the fear of revolution, if the proletariat is prevented from existing by transforming the Western people into proto-capitalists then the proposition of revolution is negated.

Cultural Marxism=SJWism

This sounds like SJW shit.


One point of that schtick was to make it sound more european and omnious.

Anyway, people put too much in intellectuals. They can't really lead anything. Even less plot and plan.

If you think that everything bad is because of some since long dead intellectuals, congrats! You're just one step from totalitarianism. Full blown.

TBH, it's hard to find a *genuine* culture. There's always influences from far and near.

"Genuine culture" doesn't mean "culture free form foreign influences".



Prole women have always been in the workplace. No one should care about bourg women.

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You could do a lot worse.

Oh, I was just about to mention the Ford thing. Whilst researching the Black Panther Party for my master's thesis, I also learned that the demand for education in the history of American black people which was popular in those days was in the end coopted by the Ford Foundation who created a "Black Studies" curriculum according to their own interests which, of course, left out all the anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist agitation which had characterized the Panthers in favor of this sort of lukewarm discovering blackness nonsense which the Party had always condemned as utterly useless "cultural nationalism".

Don't forget this gem

If you haven't yet read I highly recommend it; it's only 14 pages, is very well put together & exactly the content you're looking for. Make sure you check the references as well to ensure legitimacy. I will say that I find that the language used is somewhat academic - maybe you can take the information & make it more accessible. I feel like most people are turned off when reading above, say a 3rd grade level (in burgerland). Remember; Marxs Manifesto was his most accessible writing and was designed for the average person of the time to read & understand.

great work with the manifesto btw conrad

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