Immortality - should we strive for it?

And if so, how should we achieve it? By merging with machine, or something like stem cells? Should everyone get it? How would immortality affect society?

Things exist by mistake.

Immortality is fine, but the idiots pushing it are usually technology illiterate or otherwise retarded. This is science fiction shit no one alive will live to see even if I think it is cool.

Merging with the machine means you die anyway so not that.

Assuming your brain stays intact, how would it be dying?

Immortality if it ever exists will always be for the rich only. Same with le transhumanism meme.
You are utterly deluded if you can't see that.

What if capitalism is gone by then? Isn't that what we are striving for?

I dislike immortality for the simple reason that it implies stagnation.

If you want immortality, you have to give up sex. Sorry, but from an evolutionary point of view, you can't have one without the other.

Also, cheap shot at this being a straight upgrade for incels.

You might not like it, but this is what peak immortality looks like.

sex != reproduction

You ain't getting off (ayy) on a technicality, mister. It's not just a matterial matter (lmao) of sterilizing yourself if you choose immortality and keep on nuttin' until the heat death of the universe, because sex goes way beyond the physical, being a fundamental part of advanced life thanks to the unconscious mind. Removing just the reproductive aspect would have untold consequences in human mentality. The whole point sex was evolved was because of genetic variation. Immortality entails genetic fixture, thus sex becomes not obsolete so much as antithetical to eternal life. Sex is the price we pay for death.

what the fuck are you even talking about

itt retards dont want to be immortal because they are retards

FUCK can't believe I botched that last line altho you can say it still makes sense. Death is the price we pay for sex.

What would you say I'm talking about, user?

Yes. Imagine if Marx was still alive, and we could actually ask him questions!

OP here. Wondering why this topic doesn't have more replies? It's kinda important, and I think it will happen in the next 30 years or so.

You might be dead but would you have ceased to exist?

the way things are going im not sure how much id want to live forever. eternal life as human cattle doesnt sound very appealing does it?

Yeah, it doesn't. But maybe it would change in a few hundred years or so, and then you'd have an infinity of a good life?

getting rid of domination/submission dichotomy would be beneficial

only retard would want to be immortal, life is far too boring and ugly to deserve transcendence

maybe has bit me on the ass a lot in my short time on this earth

If your brain stays intact in like a brain jar then maybe that's different but it's not what I would call merging with the machine

Yes, an identical clone of your brain isn't you.

There probably isn't a way to keep your consciousness whole after 500 years. There just isn't. Everyone needs to accept that they die.

Go back to your citadel lmao

So, if I incrementally replace your brain cells without you suffering an interruption in awareness at which point do you stop existing?