Why was the Black Power movement so easy to kill?

Why was the Black Power movement so easy to kill?

Just saw this in an interview with George Jackson and it's sad how incompatible with reality it was. Literally all they had to do was kill and arrest the right people and the whole thing collapsed.

It wasn't, it took decades and numerous actual assassinations (and many more arrests and COINTELPRO) to kill it.
I think the BPP did not have the kind of theoretical discipline and strict secrecy that has usually been maintained in successful revolutionary parties.

It certainly did not take decades. Only a delusional person could think the black power movement and the Black Panthers were relevant after the early 70's

Yeah it absolutely did, if you aren't focusing solely on BPP, but the whole history of mass organized black liberation.

High positions were opened up to black people following the whole black rights struggle, which allowed them to partake in America's favorite delusion, the American Dream. After all, if you just apply yourself you could make it to the top, just like [black businessmen or [black politician] did. Lot easier for people to risk everything when everyone's down in the dumpster and there seems to be no way out than when it seems like your children might have a shot if you're a good prole and create a good start for them.

They got little support from white leftists who, at the end of the day, could go get jobs and live in the suburbs.

source? I have literally never heard of a white leftist movement in the US that wasn't at least sympathetic to the Panthers back then.

My only point is there was no similarly radical group primarily made up of whites.

Not a single one, but the Black Panthers made alliances with white organizations on many occassions. Fred Hampton formed an alliance with the southern 'redneck' working class organization known as the Young Patriots, for instance, which lead to these amusing images of the BPP underneath a confederate flag. There were many other such alliances, such as with the Peace and Freedom Party, or the Students for a Democratic Society. This was actually quite a controversial policy on the Panthers' part, and many blacks disliked it, but the BPP was committed to interracial and international solidarity. Roy Wilkins mockingly called Huey Newton the 'darling of white revolutionaries'.

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How much arse kissing did he have to do to get the rednecks to even sit down and talk with him? Real talk, I can see why a move like that would earn him that title especially since southern whites openly rejected class consciousness just so they could feel better than somebody else a couple shades darker than them.

There's a 1990 book on the COINTELPRO files that go into excruciating detail of the merciless ratfucking the FBI did to undermine the BPP.

This is just pure idpol. There are people from every race/region that achieve class consciousness. Those were the people the BPP were allied to. Don't homogenize groups that have class/political distinctions among them.

The Black Panther Party was first and foremost about uplifting black people, not about showing how forgiving and class conscious they were by trying to play nice with hicks. Huey P. Newton earned that name cuz he chose to get rednecks to like him instead of using the time and energy he spent on that pursuit to maybe teach self defense, organize militias and feed the poor in his own community. What good would've reaching across the isle to people who given the time, their heritage and socioeconomic background hated your guts done the party or his people? Again, think practically instead of focussing on his good intentions for a second. It was a totally empty gesture.

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