Did he do anything wrong?


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Althusser was an Alpha Male MGTOW God

How did you post that without using more than 200 charecters?

By using the space bar.

Agreed (except for the whole killing his wife thing), but what do you think of anti-humanism in particular?

Althusser was to Marxism what Aquinas was to Christianity, or al-Ghazali was to Islam.

He did not.

Nothing comes to mind.

He hadn't actually read capital at the time he wrote his most important stuff


This has been the only thing I've been able to find about it. It seems like he only read Capital just before "Reading Capital" came out in '65. Not sure how that invalidates his work tbh.


Does anyone have a PDF of The Future Lasts Forever that they wouldn't mind sharing?

He was also literally insane when he made these “confessions” that his critics have used against him about not having read Capital and other philosophy texts. For instance he once declared himself a Catholic monarchist. He just wasn’t the same after the neck massage fiasco

Is there someone in the world who actuly read capital? I keep hearing of prominent leftist figure who "never actually read capital".

He was insane when he said that. He had a large library of Marx's books and a Pour Marx and Reading Capital require a pretty extensive knowledge of Capital.

Too bad he still managed to come up with the super hot take That Notes on Wagner for all its talk about forms, essence and appearance is somehow completely devoid of Hegellianism (lol)

Pretty much.

The two worst posters on this board read through Althusser. Prepare your anus.


Are they even Marxists? In their videos on Bordiga and Trotsky, they keep talking about how Marxists are too rational and not concerned enough with ideas.

No. They're special snowflake post-leftists.

Strangling his wife was probably a bad move tbqh

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Based Althusser, founder of the Antihumanist Gang



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no homo, only neck massage now

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what is thread id?

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