If the aim of abolishing capitalism is to better the lives of workers then couldn't the same thing be achieved with...

If the aim of abolishing capitalism is to better the lives of workers then couldn't the same thing be achieved with leftist state intervention under capitalism? Raising the minimum wage, investing into the public sector, basic income, progressive taxation, nationalizing healthcare etc. If implemented, these things could easily reduce the time people spend engaging with capitalism anyway. I'm not saying Hillary will lead the revolution but if people took voting seriously and demanded certain policies instead of only showing up every 4 years to #stopTrump then I do think income inequality could be drastically reduced and we could eat the rich to pay for nice things.

Personally speaking, I'd be fine with capitalism if I only had to work 2-3 days a week to live my fucking life, but maybe that's just me.

The whole problem stems from production for exchange. Merely redistributing the profits is going to do little when the rate of profit approaches zero.

Spoiler alert: That's not how capitalism works. Read literally any meme author this board likes to push. Any of 'em.

I know.

Read Marx.

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That's not the aim, just a consequence.

Why would anyone higher than a grocery bagger want communism? I work a dangerous job that requires a lot of skill and I should be paid the same as some loser doper that has a cake job? Ya, no.

Why wouldn't they?

Ya that guy just don't understand anything. What an idiot. Of course, the dude who works a dangerous job that not many people can or want to do for 80 hours a week wants to be paid the same as a dope head loser who works 30hours a week on 3rd shift at the CVS.

Are you retarded? I'm not saying this wouldn't still be capitalism.

Communism doesn't mean equal pay.

And when will this happen?

Oh, so instead of the market - the state decides what worth you are? Obviously, the people who communists hate and rebel against would get the biggest checks…

How did you find your way here exactly? Communism doesn't mean the state decides everything either. Communism is a classless society and seeing how the state is an aspect of class rule then so too must communism be stateless.

It's already happening in certain industries. Retail, automobile, even airlines.
Capitalism destroys itself in the long run.

What are you going to do about it though?
If I actually cared and didn't want to die I would spend my entire life trying to make things better for the 99%.
I would go door to door everyday giving people information on how they can make their lives better.
But no one wants to do that. Too much work and it is much easier to ignore the same thing on the internet.

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The whole point of communism is ending exploitation. The whole making th workers lives better thing is an obvious byproduct of that.

Ironically, communism is not about improving "le material conditions" per se. Communism adheres to specific theories in accomplishing that goal.
Another problem is that there is no formal institution that calls itself "capitalism." Communists always have leeway to move the goalposts.

The nerve center is now constantly funnelling newfag Holla Forumsyps into the board. It's the problem with being a left space in an alt right cesspit.

Probably. I don't believe all of us here want to abolish capitalism though. But I guess that why I'm a soc dem Rosa Killer.

It seems like a flaw of leftist today that our literature states time and time again capitalism has developed society and modernized the world…but it still needs to be abolished whole sale.

Nope. We've been over this a million times from the start. Even if capitalists didn't have a direct profit motive to keep increasing the rate of exploitation, capitalism necessitates exploitation at all in the first place. There has to be a social pyramid.

IIRC that graph of the world rate of profit should reach zero in around 170, unpredictable events notwithstanding, obviously. Also it depends a lot on country, industry etc.

It's to better the lives of everyone.

doesn't remove surplus value extraction

liberal meme, won't ever be implemented and if it is it would be a nightmare. the actual aim of basic income is to sweep all the rest of welfare by giving everyone a pittance, and to not have the unemployed have excuses to not be out looking for a job.

doesn't remove surplus value extraction, in fact i'd argue it makes things worse. when porks start losing money first thing they cut is worker's wages. workers are always the ones to pay for taxes increases. in my country literally half of a worker's paycheck goes in taxes, and he doesn't even have the option to evade taxes because the firm does the taxes for him.
all in all, it's not like these things are actually feasible anymore. capital is no longer fixed in place, if you're a booj and you start taking a dislike in your country's laws you can just up and leave for a country with lower standards. and you know what's gonna happen? people are gonna lose their jobs and are gonna be mad with le big gubmind for raising taxes or whatever bullshit.

even if by some miracle a succdem could find a way to get a 4 hour work day acceptable in his country, it still would be 4 hours a day too much. why wouldn't we want to do away with capitalism anyways?

it's not gonna happen, the very nature of capitalism leads to continuous overproduction. you can't overproduce if you're not working the absolute maximum of hours you need to.

all of what op has described sounds 100% like capitalism except the working 2 days part. the fuck are you on about

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