Why are you guys so cool with miscegenation?

Mixed race children are the most likely to have health problems, serious mental illness, learning disabilities, to be raped, and higher risks of higher risks of prematurity, low birth weight, neonatal death, and stillbirth, it just goes on and on.

Why the fuck would you choose to inflict this on a poor soul?

Even if you think this is all because of the environment, then why the fuck would you still race-mix in such an environment? Shouldn't you fix the environment FIRST, then proceed with the miscegenation and all that presuming you're actually right about it all being environmental and genetics and biology magically having nothing to do with children's health and all that?

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read Bordiga

There is no such thing as "race-mïxïng" as some sort of active decision. Nobody "race-mixes" anyone; certain people chose to intermarry and have children, that is all.

Communism doesn't promote mixed-race mud children. It promotes diversity, as opposed to liberal equality and right-wing supremacy. Diversity meaning distinct races have the right to exist and not be genocided by any means.

I'm afraid that doesn't refute all this science showing how race-mixed children face more rape and health problems.

Read science:


So are children of low-income households. Should the poor be banned from reproducing?

"Races" don't have "rights".


Researchers from the University of Edinburgh analysed health and genetic information from more than 100 studies carried out around the world.
These included details on more than 350,000 people from urban and rural communities.
study has found humans today are taller and more intelligent than their ancestors, and the cause has been linked to the rise in more genetically diverse populations.

Sage for Holla Forumsyp retardation. We don't give a shit who you breed with. It has nothing to do with communism.

Because it's pointless to talk about. We are wired through instant communication, people have been sitting here for literal decades who aren't white, they're not leaving because you tell them to. They're not going to reproduce within their own race anymore.

You won't even be able to control this for over a century, there are bigger problems to worry about

And most of all your logic is always faulty and extremely fallacious.

Proceeded to be refuted in these links


We've refuted these arguments before. This has nothing to do with communism. Now back to r/the_Donald

Observed genetic differences between populations as a result of recent positive selection (e. g. skin pigmentation, immune system variation) do not match your beliefs about genetic differences in IQ or what have you.

Therefore any differences associated with races cannot be genetic and are mostly social in origin.

Play with semantics all you want, you know very well what I mean when I say race-mixing I'm referring to a black person and a white person having a child for instance. I've been citing reasons why this is bad. Why are you so okay with children facing all this harm?

If that's what you mean by diversity then sure, but not so sure commies mean the same thing when they talk about diversity.

Black-White children have family incomes similar to those of Black families, similar rates of fatherlessness as Black families, and are more likely than BOTH Whites AND Blacks to engage in risky behaviors like drinking, fighting, stealing, and doing drugs.

If you miscegenation will contribute to this phenomenon that you are fully aware of then why encourage it?? seems kind of messed up

1st one
Most studies are based on clinical reports or reports of mixed-race samples without comparison to single-race groups. It is not surprising that such samples lead to the conclusion of emotional and behavior problems, as clinical samples are self-selected for problems. No national data on adolescents have been reported, except from the sample we used.

2nd one
"Most of the risk items we assessed may be related to stress, and so we believe being of mixed race is a source of stress," Udry said. "From this work, we cannot identify further the sources of that stress. More research is needed to identify those sources and possibly suggest programs that might help biracial adolescents.

Quite a few studies attest in some way to the emotional, health and behavioral risk problems of multiracial adolescents," he said. "The most common explanation for the high-risk status is the struggle with identity formation, leading to lack of self-esteem, social isolation and problems of family dynamics in biracial households."

Since some previous studies found no differences between biracial and single-race children, Udry and his colleagues wanted to explore the relative risk of mixed race adolescents with teens of a single race using a large nationally representative sample.

When first reported in 1997, Add Health showed that strong and supportive ties between parents and children helped protect adolescents against risky behaviors, including substance abuse, early sexual activity, pregnancy, emotional distress, suicide and violence.

Feeling connected with one’s school and, in some cases, one’s religion also helped adolescents avoid some of the pitfalls of youth, the study showed.

"These findings offered the parents of America a blueprint for what worked in protecting their kids from harm," Udry said. "Contrary to common assumptions, Add Health found that parents – not just peers – were extremely relevant to their children throughout adolescence," he said.

Did you know that within-population differences among individuals account for 93 to 95% of genetic variation; differences among major groups constitute only 3 to 5%?

Source: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12493913

90% of genetic variation is accounted for by within-group differences and so “races” are not an acceptable description of human biodiversity

Clustering in PCA (interpreted by race realists as traditional racial categories) is an artifact of low sampling density and human diversity is better depicted by a cline than racial groups,

First, heritability is not informative about between-group differences in a trait. Second, if environmental variation that influences variation in IQ test scores is eliminated, this will reduce the overall variation in IQ test scores and so weaken any white supremacist argument about race and IQ. Third, as a high heritability of IQ test scores does not imply that the influence of genes on IQ test scores is large. Remember, heritability is just a ratio of variances, not about individual development. Fourth, both the influence of genes and genetic variation does not make something more resistant to change. Genes play a large role in certain diseases like phenylketonuria, but the difference between people with PKU and without PKU can be reduced by simple environmental interventions (e. g.phenylalanine free diet). The exists influences of genetic variation on variation in IQ test scores, but these estimates are only valid for a particular population in a particular environment. We also know that environmental interventions can increase IQ as the reaction range is something like 15-20 points.

Dicky Spencer's take on this is accurate, don't know why this is even a major concern for you paranoid chucklefucks.

"[Racemixing] is not really a threat to White Identity, to be honest, simply because of numbers. In terms of intermarriage between Asians and Whites or something, it's not something significant that we really have to deal with. It's not like half of the country is East-Asian and the other half is White and we're all mixing - that is simply not happening on that scale, so it's simply not an important question. I don't feel like intermarriage is really threatening White Identity." - Richard Spencer

A paper called “Thirty Years of Research on Race Differences in Cognitive Ability” in Psychology, Public Policy, and Law back in 2005 by Rushton and Jensen claims that a moderate heritability of IQ test scores within groups imply that the difference between groups is 50% due to genes. As we have seen, this is wrong. Heritability is not informative about in group differences, as it is possible to have a heritability of 1 for a trait within a group, yet attribute all variation between groups to environmental variation. Second, heritability says nothing about the relative merit of genes in explaining phenotypic variation, only the relative merit of genetic variation as an explanation. Despite understanding more about heritability than the average white supremacist, Rushton and Jensen still make this flawed argument.

And again this is debunked by the very sources that YOU provided.



How do you explain this:

Humans can be genetically categorized into five racial groups, corresponding to traditional races.

Human genetic variation is geographically structured and corresponds with race.

Race can be determined via genetics for >99.8% of individuals.

Individual ancestry and population substructure can be determined based on an analysis of DNA.

The nervous system accounts for more genetic variation among races than pigmentation.

Genome-wide association studies establish that human intelligence is highly heritable.

30 years of research on race differences in cognitive ability, based on multiple categories of evidence and dozens of research studies with thousands of research subjects, all converge and agree upon the fact that Whites and Blacks have different average levels of general intelligence. This remains true despite controls for poverty, health, education, and many other possible factors. The average White IQ is roughly 100 while the average Black IQ is roughly 85. This gap has been demonstrated repeatedly by every race and intelligence study ever conducted in every state, county, and school board and the same White-Black ratio has remained relatively constant since testing first started decades ago to the present.

Surely this depression isn't caused by people like you who or those who shame/hate them, nah no way broski.

Also who cares.

Visscher, P. M., Hill, W. G., & Wray, N. R. (2008). Heritability in the genomics era – concepts and misconceptions. [10.1038/nrg2322]. Nat Rev Genet, 9(4), 255-266.

Brooker, R. J. (2011). Genetics: Analysis and Principles. New York: McGraw-Hill, Fourth edition.

Passer, M., Smith, R., Holt, N., Bremner, A., Sutherland, E., & Vliek, M. (2009). Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behavior. New York: McGraw-Hill Education.

If you didn't know, New York McGraw Hill Education are Simplistic Text Books

You don't even have a community college textbook understanding of genetics

wrong. The very article I cited goes on to say:


Clines faggot. They aren't racial groups, they're clines.

Christ stopped reading here

Repeat after me


Heritability is not the same as heritable. Heritability is the proportion of phenotypic variation in a particular population and environment that can be attributed to genetic variation in that population and environment. It says nothing about how much of a character is caused by genes or how much genetic influences is inherited. Finally, it is genes, not phenotypes, that are inherited.

Learn fucking genetics

Again, cline, not race. As for your stuff on IQ, it's been debunked by Graves.



I never thought about it from your perspective I just figured I would have kids with whomever my wife turned out to be. I planned love to be what made me chose my mate, not color or genetics


Individuals can be assigned to specific population categories in a number of ways, with the most appropriate way, again, depending on the research question being investigated (Foster and Sharp 2004; International HapMap Consortium 2004). Research subjects can be asked to identify themselves with geographical or cultural populations, which may be defined by the researcher or by the local communities within which the research is being conducted. Communities and researchers can choose categories together through a consultative or engagement process between researchers and the community (Foster et al. 1999; Condit et al. 2002). Categorical systems also can include the possibility of simultaneous, multiple-group memberships in groups at higher or lower levels of organization.

HAHAHAHAHA Holla Forums can't even into genetics. Son, you've been BTFO by your own sources.
Just stop

Listen you little fucking faggot never talk about genetics again for the rest of your life.

You are misrepresenting the study by Serre and Pääbo (2004). Their argument was not that races are really different discrete clines. Instead, they argues that the pattern of human biodiversity is better represented by a single cline (with the exception of human populations that have been isolated for thousands of years) and not racial

You haven't read the fucking paper and you probably never will.

The first study says from the beginning that:

so you're just outright lying. They do in fact compare.

Yeah exactly. Sure some environmental factors can help, mainly conservative principles like religious and family values that you alluded to, yet we're still seeing race-mixed kids having more serious mental illness and health problems and hearing/vision problems etc.

Why encourage this? If you think its the environment like you seem to imply then at least prove you're right, then fix the environment first, then do the whole miscegenation thing. Where am I wrong in the order of things here??

This is blatantly a lie.

I'm strongly in favour of forcible sterilization of whites to end America's mental health epidemic.
Also we can import cute viet-girls from Germany and Czechia.

You realize that a more diverse gene pool is healthier? Just look at the health problems in purebreed dogs vs mutts..

Its 90%. And it doesn't matter because human beings have a fairly low genetic population substructure.It is around 0.11, so 89% of all variation in humans is shared among all groups. According to S. Wright, the cut-off for that to actually matter would be 0.25.

Humans do not have that.


And as for the argument of "pure populations", it's also horeshit

With rare exceptions, human populations are not completely isolated and there has been a lot of gene flow between various populations. In other words, humans span the globe with little geographical isolation (cf. argument about cline). There are almost no pure populations.

World-wide distribution of some haplogroups, such as haplogroup Q that exists in North and South America, Africa and Europe (McDonald, 2005).

Geographically close populations overlap in PCA graphs (Watkins, 2003; Serre and Pääbo, 2004).

Southern Europeans have 1-3% African ancestry in the recent past. (Moorjani, 2011).

Afro-Caribbeans have about 11% European ancestry and about 3% Native American ancestry (Stefflova et. al. 2011).

Waterfall graphs display a lot of admixture (Xing, 2010). When a larger number of inferred groups is allowed (i .e. higher value of K), almost no population is entirely pure.


Are you really asking me for a source about basic genetics when you're trying to speak as someone informed on genetics (and not shilling, posting copied shit, etc)

Fine ok lol.

Here's your source.

Barreiro, L. B., Laval, G., Quach, H., Patin, E., & Quintana-Murci, L. (2008). Natural selection has driven population differentiation in modern humans. [10.1038/ng.78]. Nat Genet, 40(3), 340-345.

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So does this chart mean we should stop everyone but Asians from breeding?