What the fuck happened to this board?

What the fuck happened to this board?


and Holla Forums rapefugees

Is it going to be fixed?

probably not

people are waking up to true socialism/marxism or bordrigism

Anarkiddies got butthurt that m-ls are always right about everything and false-flagged as stalinists and Holla Forumsfags so hard that BO got rid of flags and has been ignoring the quality of the board


Critical mass of autism was reached.
It was bound to happen sooner or later.

autistic false-flagging like


When did we beg for a safe space again?

BO is a M-L btw

Google what false flagging means you fucking mong

Reddit Immigration

all the good posters became an-prims and ran naked into the woods

Mods turned into gigantic fags and let incels and redditors run rampant.

Holla Forums is the new /r/incel

It's funny the mods tolerate them so much when they're the dumbest fucking group on the whole board. I'd actually rather have the userbase swapped out with redditors and Holla Forums than incels.

i'm still not convinced there's more than three of those guys here, they all sound the same.

That's even worse because they're letting three people post an inhuman amount

Same here, doesn't stop there being three threads dedicated to them on the first two pages though.

people complained about reddit immigration for the longest time, leftypol has survived worse, stop being such bigot and accept some enriching diversity from reddit you polyp of imageboards

No comrade I believe you meant

The entire thread about /marx/ you fags were whinging about being persecuted.
I know, that explains why the board has historically been run like shit.

Diversity happened. We all love diversity here, don't we?

I cant tell if this post is being ironic but I kinda agree. No matter what is thrown a Holla Forums our glorious board shall survive!


Got rid of flags.

Reddit. And neogaf too.

Sound about right I'm starting to hate anarchists.

We should introduce mandatory self-crit sessions for incels, reactionaries, and liberals. If they do not comply, they are banned.

they should get rid of the name field too


We should ban everybody who insults Marx, Engels or Lenin.

Why is it the most idpol related demographics are always authoritarians?

That tranny is not tankie but anarcho-communist

Holla Forumsyps who converted to stalinism is what happened. we /authoritarian/ nao.

buttblasted internet nazis thinking they're internet tough guys by acting retarded and shitting all over everything. fucking insects.

Flags dissapeared and somehow this is the end of the board, it's not first time people claim this board has gone to shit and it certainly won't be the last.

its improved in tackling the issues head on
of course socdems are mostly about working within the system so it doesnt seem that way


it's the same as ever

mods, requesting permabans on the "this board is shit now" meme if the board has not actually gone to shit

The board went to shit when trump got elected because it turned a lot of the actual theoretical discussion into more memes. The memes are fine, but it's all the board has been lately.

Neogaf refugees and server shitting themself

You did.

We used to be more diverse, things like crypto anarchism were at least entertained, then the Reddit leftcoms came and suddenly if it isnt instant value abolition or absolutely orthodox Marxism you have to deal with the same shit over and over again, makes it boring to post because every thread becomes the same conversations with people telling you either "read Marx" or "read Bordiga" without actually making an argument as to why you should do that. Used to be this place was where a new left was in the making, it's just turned into your average soviet fetishisation fest, when was he last time we produced a new in joke meme? Sectarian dogmatists took out the fun. We stopped being a place where ideas were tested and debated and became a place where everyone sticks to their flags and flings shit, when the mods tried to ban talk about Rojava that's when I knew this place had lost it. There is really nowhere else to go but between the Reddit ultras and the Reddit tankies it just ain't the same. Way less well read or interesting posts, way more self righteous intellectually arrogant bs. Also, I actually think this place was better when we didn't just delete every pol thread, we consistently btfo every single one that came here and got lots of converts because of it, that doesn't happen so much anymore because this is no longer a leftist board with open debate, it's a hug box with internal infighting. Now more people want to talk about le leftist cat girls and muh anime than theory

I don't know but it's fucking boring now, always the same threads about relationships, endless debates about misunderstandings of basic Marxist terminology, shitty American current events and e-celebs, maybe it's time to take a break for me.

Hold the fuck up.
The leftcoms are redditors?
That explains a shit ton.