How did the rational centrist/athiests, the stormfront gang, and fbi cia nsa convert the counterculture of the internet from being apolitical trolls / centrists / liberals against bush and right-libertarians, to being full blown fashies? Now that the alt right is sperging out and SJWs are fading away, will people have the same reaction to them? How do we redpill the next generation and make marxism the new counterculture of the internet? is it even possible?

this nazi idpol shit will be going on for about the next decade, then when people are fed up with their shit someone else will take their place.

Who cares about the fucking internet, the revolution is done on the street.

Memes are inherently Nazis you frog dick sucker.


They didn't. They're the only ones thst felt for their autism. Maybe if we lived a 100+ years of social progressivism, we could see some sort of reaction to that. But right now? No.

It's been way too soon since le ebin counter culture that transgresses against social conservative norms has become accepted.

Polite sage for silly thread.

there won't be anyone to take their place, as they'll all be dead praise allah

Around the time Boxxy became the queen of 4chan

I hate to be that guy but this grammar is too hilarious

I image you unironically own an
“I’m with her” T-shirt, and use Facebook as well

no, he's right. read Rafiq

We don’t. We create an entirely new counter-culture based on agrarianism and long beards.

How about you stop being pretentious fuckwits who want to kill everyone who disagrees with you on race, sexuality, and morality? What about the tranny issue? Why should everyone be forced to accept trannies into their bathrooms? Why is everyone who disagrees a mentally ill bigot who needs to get with the times?

Better yet, why do you promote social libertarianism (trannie faggot acceptance) while rejecting real economic libertarianism? Why should we be forced to give our money to poor people of all races out of social responsibility/morality yet endorse the most socially irresponsible sexual practices to have ever exist? How can we even have an honest discussion on these matters if you insist that everyone who opposes these matters must be insecure (as if you faggots don't have any of your own)? The reason the alt right rose was to put you insufferable faggots who cannot comprehend reasonable people objecting to your position on rational grounds in your place. You are not always right. You are not half right. You are in fact wrong most of the time, which is why you have fell so far from grace.

And worst of all, you refuse to take responsibility for any of it. Why is it that if western leftists know so much better than Venezuelan leftists that they were unable to stop the Venezuelan catastrophe? Why is it that if you have all the answers that you are powerless? Why is it that the wrong theories rule while yours lies in the mud? Take a deep breath and realize that it may have something to do with YOURSELF rather than everyone else.

nobody wants to do that. OTOH, IF someone wants to ethnically cleanse america though by killing every minority, then why don't minorities have a right to protect ourselves from guys who literally want to liquidate me and my family??? I'd be pretty damn CUCKED to just bend over and allow that to happen without any self defense.
I don't really care about the transgender issue
Some leftist are socially conservative, some centrist and some socially liberal or sjw. its not a monolith. Soviet union was very socially conservative on family, gender roles, homosexuality, military service, etc. Stop equating liberals with leftism. leftism is about economics
Venezuela is a complicated topic, but the TLDR is:
1- Venezuela isn't all bad, most of the problems come from the fact that oil money was being used to pay for social programs, and oil recently dropped in price thus cutting off funding
2- overuse of price controls and other regulations causing shortages
3- internal sabotage and right winged propaganda by the bourgeois of venezuela demonizing Chavez/Maduro and making it seem like every problem of venezuela is due to left winged economic policies while the opposition beheads motorcyclists, burns food and black people alive and tries to do coups to overthrow the government. MUH VENEZUELA is a prime example of what happens when you half ass the revolution. Instead of allowing private medias owned by the right wing to demonize socialism and private producers to horde food and necessities, the venezuelans need to fully nationalize all property and disposes the bourgeoisie. Just as after Stalins nationalizations during the 30's-60's the USSR had stellar economic growth and went from a backwards feudal country to the nation that won ww2, transformed into a industrial and nuclear superpower, invented manned and unmanned spaceflight, and had free education, healthcare, housing for all and full employment. not bad.
Because you stormfags keep distracting the working class with identity politics from their true class interests. don't worry we will win in the long run its only a matter of time.

who the fuck cares

A lot of people have recently been claiming that there is some sort of “Jewish” involvement in this whole matter, and I’ve started to look into it. Recently I’ve stumbled across info from Leftypol wiki that DOES indeed confirm that the Jews are up to something. I’ll report back if I uncover anything new.


Caused by socialism. Capitalists would have never stood for such nonsense. Also, only socialists think people should listen to bus drivers when it comes to managing the economy because da working class is equals and shit mang.

Left wing economics at work people.

How telling that making excuses about muh CIA is what you spend most of your time on. The CIA did not force the majority of leftist government to adopt anti-free market policies that always turn to shit. That is entirely the product of your shit theories.

Don't be silly. None of you actually believe that, otherwise you would be participating in the process instead of circlejerking each other over muh stormfags.

More proof that I am right. You people really can't help yourselves, can you?

Look, i know its going to be hard for you to admit. But the left went insane in the obama years. Yeah, you were the cool kid in class in the bush years, but in the obama years you became massive authoritarian twats that wanted to control what people could say and do. The obama years were peak neo liberalism, peak identity politics.

You want a picture of the obama years, picture some trust fund kid with rainbow hair speaking down to a white prole that lives paycheck to paycheck about he has white privilege

Trigger warnings, safe spaces, micro aggression, privilege, etc.

You cant be the cool kid anymore when you are offended at everything all the time.

Thats were 4chan comes in, the 4chan philosophy can be whittled down to one phrase "do it for the lulz"
Now here comes these idiots, these sjw's who get offended when a white person eats a taco.
Oh shit it was a trolls paradise, it was like shooting normies in a barrel.

Face it faggot you arent the cool kid anymore, you are the balding old man.

Guess what else, people just want to play fucking video games, not be given a yale sociology lecture about feminism.

You unplugged them from thier prole feed, and they are mad, very, very mad.


Really revised my marxism


you just described nazism

You argument was just complaning about "muh sjws" for the 100th time.

I didn't do jack shit


My complaints are entirely justified. If the AR wasn't composed of clowns, you would be dead in the water. You did not earn this reprieve, but were handed it.

Just get the fuck out and save everyone the hassle.


Another thing is the left thinks they are the counter culture, they really think that shit when 99% of media, academia, and fortune 500 companies are socially liberal and promote shit like #starbucksfortrannies or some stupid shit

The system needs the left to believe they are the real rebels when in reality they are enforcers of the liberal status quo

The last thing the elite need are nazis disrupting their efforts to continued this strip mall called a nation where everyone from every walk of life can spend their meager wage on a figet spinner.

norm mcdonald said something about how bad comedians say things to make people clap, not laugh. i think about that a lot
Watching a modern identity politics stand up comedian is kinda like VHS-era "Christian" entertainment isn't it?…. it's not entertaining, has nothing beyond heavy-handed preaching, and those producing it can only conclude the reason the masses aren't applauding it is because they're evil Satan-spawn.

All in all i think the left as a culture have peaked. You arent the rebels, the hippy boomers run everything, thier hell spawn grand kids are the middle managers.

All traditional and conservative life is dead or dying, the most counter cultural thing a person could be in this environment would be like a trad cath or some shit

Damn youre mad. Also I didnt have to earn this repreive I simply took what belonged to me.

We arent liberals retards. We're commies. We're againt the satus quo more than Nazis will ever be.

You heartthrob right wingers turned this country into a strip mall, not us
enjoy your latte, and remain cucked by your own ideology without even knowing it retard.

Wrong. Commies supports feminism, gynocracy, transgender faggotry, and mass immigration under the guise of "y du u care what others do with each other its voluntary lel". The majority of discussion on this board is centered around bitching about capitalism,Holla Forums and defending female idpol. None of you have any real critique of the power structures of our society; you are just content to laugh at the next funny thing the AR does like the rest of the liberals.

Please dude. Read the FAQ.

try harder

What the hell is gynocracy?


If communists are against sodomy then why does the modern left unquestionably support sodomy? Checkmate.

If Fascists aren't gay then why do they praise the male form so much?

Because you consider anything left of Hitler to be the modern left.

Because sodomy is fun you boring no fun faggot

Because there is no true communists.

Domination of men by women. Proponents of so called "equal gender rights" ignore the fact that women control men by controlling access to sex, and therefore control one of the most fundamental aspects of human existence. Combined with the fact that the left supports sexual freedom over stable family structures and takes the womans side when it comes to divorce and rape every time, and it is very obvious that the left just hates families. Nations cannot run without stable family structures, single mothers/homosexual parents are objectively worse for raising children, so leftists are defacto supporting the destruction of the social body with their ideology.

Many of us are tired of this shit and are thinking forward. You people are an obstacle to any functioning society and need to be pushed aside. If you destroy the social body, you should not be protected by the social contract. Physical removal is in order.

< sorry if not 100% on topic, am tor and can't start threads, couldn't find a general thread

You know that feeling of slowly dawning realization when your rationalizations fall away and the things you've been seeing all click into place?


Fuck my life.

So. I'm living in the Evil Empire. I may not be a stormtrooper, but I'm still living on the Death Star. I want out but I don't know where to go. Where don't they have their tentacles? Is there anywhere on earth that's not a cesspit? Is it just propaganda that everywhere is as bad as here? Where do I go?

What the fuck do I *do*?

Capitalism actively destroys the family. People like you need to be slaughtered openly in the streets.

I see you fucking drunk the Hobbes hogwash you piece of shit.


Hobbes was the most left wing liberal out there. Rousseau and Locke were hacks (especially Rousseau.)

your sexual degeneracy and destruction of the family is a result of capitalism eating itself alive. look through any communist state and locate sexual degeneracy or destroyed families. you'll find none.
exterminate the faggots and fascism will disappear.

yeah, that's why this is America Democrat politically incorrect.

Proving my point again. Leftist literally want to kill anyone who disagrees with them. Advocating for traditional families is harmful to no one. Society merely forces you to grow up and take up your responsibilities. Stop throwing a tantrum.

Are you saying that if you violate a country's laws, shit on its traditions and actively try to harm its well being that you should still be accepted and allowed to stay? The entitlement is strong in this one.

The anarchist bohemians, libertarian socialists and liberals are more representative of what I am talking about. That said, that doesn't change the fact that the modern left is against tradition because it is patriarchal. You are not representative of the left so I didn't address you.

News flash, nobody on this board is representative of what you call "the left"
We can look at Libertarian Socialist nations too. Revolutionary Catalonia? Northern Syria? none to be found. Modern republican-governed neoliberal capitalist America on the other hand? wew fucking lad

And the only reason you think Rousseau is a hack is because you drunk the kool aid.

Yeeeeaaaah, no you crypto fascist, go fucking drown in Aryan blood… oh wait it doesn't exist. Also good to see you are morally relativistic to no fucking end you little Mussolini.

Go to North Korea

Not an argument. Why do leftists throw a temper tantrum every time people present reasonable arguments? If you had real positions, you would be confident and able to argue them coherently. Clearly you do not believe your own nonsense at some level.

Wrong. This board is 100% ok with sexual degeneracy and feminism. Nobody actually cares about your utopian economic schemes because you will never get around to implementing them.

Anyone who would presuppose that laws and "traditions" hold any moral clot at all isn't worthy of a rebuttal, only the scorn of the guillotine.

That word doesn't mean what you think it means chump.

Leftypol, which dismisses any attempts to argue for objective morality with MUH SPOOKS, has no grounds for arguing for natural rights.

This is the reason you lose. You can't attract anyone who doesn't already agree with you and you shit on anyone who deviates from your positions slightly because you never learned how to handle disagreement. This is why the more radical a left wing group becomes the more scattered , disorganized and petty it becomes.

Are you saying that your economic schemes are NOT ridiculous, have never worked and are based on false assumptions of reality? Please show me proof.

Was #starbucksfortrannies a real thing?

Also nice deflection on my other point there m8. It almost sounds like you don't care about objective morality at all.

Jesus fucking Christ the nukes can't come fast enough.

The difference is we are violent to people who we dissagree with and you are violent to people you think are inferior

Never said anything against feminism.
When we're talking about faggotry, though, that's just capitalism in decline. The social impact capitalism has on men causes them to resort to perverted deviant sexual acts. This applied to Weimar Germany and it applies to contemporary America as well. Stalin felt forced to ban it 1934 to fight off fascism after seeing Hitler rise to power.

I was mainly just refuting the his "point" that libertarian socialism means destroying the family, which if you look at places like Rojava is clearly not the case.

Look, calm down, go clean your room, and come back when you have collected yourself. Stop being a child and maybe people will join your movement. Highly unlikely, but I am open to new experiences.

Its only a matter of time. If you accept sexual liberation you accept the destruction of the family.



you accept sexual liberation by ignoring any social and economic causes and resort straight to electrocuting people. again, communism and sexual "degeneracy" historically (and contemporarily) have an inverse correlation.

What would you define as sexual degeneracy?


Stay infantile.

And you try to enforce socialist economics by killing anyone who disagrees with you.

The Jews are behind all “counter culture” lol and da mods are trying to cover it up lol

Yes and we never claimed otherwise. We arent bleeding heart liberals you know.

So tell us, what is your ideology?


Which is why nobody wants to join you. Who the fuck wants to join people who want to kill people who disagree with them on every minor issue? So called socialists are actually the most anti social ideology to exist! Maximum social irresponsibility FOR EVERYONE.

Not like you of course you only want to kill the undermench.

Pick one and only ONE

in the obama years the left became the self proclaimed morality police guilting everyone with identity politics and using it as a method of control. If you weren't pure by their standards you were an ebil white male cis het scum. You must self flagellate away your original sin of privilege, you must virtue signal, the more oppressed you are the more you can lorde it over the others. Only the black tranny furry trans otherkin muslim latinax is allowed to talk cis scum >:( imperlism and wall street cock sucking is good when democrats do it >:)

Thats pretty much what liberals have turned into.

Of course the right and trolls were going to fuck with you. Something like that must be trolled to death.

Again were arent liberals dipshit.

And they'll just glide right on over to the right-wing version of whatever you think the left is, bravo, totally owned the establishment. You've heard of feminists complaining about videogames, now get ready for fashies complaining about videogames.

Not going to happen.
First of all the elite always commoddify the left, they never ever commodify the right.

The nerd guys arent even asking for right wing media, they are asking for media that isnt some abysmal preachy lecturing lib shit.

There are no "nerd guys." Just nazis. GG is dead and Holla Forums killed it.

Fucking retarded. Games were getting less skilled based before all this shit.

Literal, unironic autism.

are you over 16?

Wow, really interesting user, but I think you should stop posting

Maybe consider first learning the difference between liberals and leftists.

Lol, how are social programs socialism? You can have capitalist economies with state intervention in fact every capitalist economy today has state intervention. Venezuelas economic policies are closer to norway than they are to the USSR
I agree that was a bad idea, but equality doesn't literally mean anyone can do anyone's job, you wouldn't make a bus driver work at an engineering firm. There is nothing elitist about division of labor and I agree many problems were caused by Maduros incompetence.
Always turns to shit except communism increased the living standard of russia astronomically from 1917 to 1991 As i detailed. "always turn to shit" my ass.
What process? We don't believe in capitalist democracy

If fashies are against mass immigration then why does the modern right race mix like pic related? Checkmate

Yeah, because it's capitalist as fuck by default. Why would they need to subvert something which is already serving them?

The atomic family was literally created by capitalists to break up societies and to get free labor from women.

faggotry is a trait of bourgeois decadence and fashism.

The root of "fascism" is "fasces." A fasces is a bundle of sticks or rods.

Come on, homosexuality has existed since ancient times, way before capitalism even existed.

I wonder what reasoning made the word faggot a synonym of homosexual. Can any English nerd enlight me?

a bundle of sticks is kind of like a bundle of dicks…?

Nah, growth of the right is fueled by the current state of the world rather than internet culture which is a product of the zeitgeist, not the genesis of it, you lads have it entirely backwards.

There wouldn't be Nazi's if there weren't grievances that the common man had that nobody but Nazi's are confronting.

Gamer Gate is Anarchist

A very small amount of people are actually fascist.. Actual Nazis are very few. Now you labeling any Trump supporter as a fascist is coincidentally what lost you dipshits the election. Take this from a young guy, 21. You people are fucking morons, your debating skills are awful because you have none, your methods insane to any well read individual. Your shit will NEVER work in America. Last guy at my work who tried arguing in favor of communism I made look retarded every time and he finally fucking bailed the workplace when he couldn't convince anyone of his retarded ideology. Keep slurping semen and trying to push your dead ideologies 600ft deep online.

Maybe drop it and actually do something with your pathetic lives. Maybe learn a skill or actually create something which a capatilist society promotes far more than anything else. The opportunities are endless and you pricks want to destroy it All, including the American dream. All for your quasai-utopic dream land which has never worked properly. You people are the scum of the earth.


Thank you, that's very helpful.

Take it from another young guy, go back to fucking reddit.

Have you been here for literally only 2 minutes?

I hope I didn't come across this stupid when I was 21.

What did he mean by this?

m-muh SJWs!! lol stay BTFO you absolute retarded cuckold who knows nothing about real geopolitics, economics, or culture.

You have to be either retarded or 15-years old. Which is it?

we can only pray, takbir brother

The people you're talking about are not the "counterculture." The counterculture is the ideas of the alt-lite, ie Paul Joseph Watson/free speech crowd. Not even Paul Joseph Watson himself, just the general ideas he espouses.

As long as advocating for the censorship and silencing of opposing viewpoints is an institutionally accepted viewpoint on the internet, right wing populism and libertarianism are going to be the counterculture.