Right wingers aren't well rea-

Right wingers aren't well rea-

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Right wingers ,by miracle, might be, well rea-


wew lad

Babby's first politics books.

Left wingers don't recognise ancient meme phot-

well, it could be worse


The scary thing is did someone take this this picture sincerely or did they waste money buying a bunch of garbage for a joke/troll?

tfw to intelligent

Of course Holla Forumstards would be peasants

Well, at least it's a comprehensive collection of their vocabulary and mindset.
Observe how more or less all of them embrace a "this is the right way you should do thing X" or " this how should you think about thing Y" attitude in their titles alone. This isn't theory, it's near-religions doctrine of category "disengage your brain and follow these preset instructions instead".


Then again, isn't that the whole point of Authoritarianism? Left or Right, they literally believe everything's gonna be okay, as long as they shut up and play their part as a cog in the machine.

Authoritarians are afraid of the world and its problems. In lieu of recognizing their own agency, they seek out a daddy-figure to sort it out for them.

Yeah, none of those actually count as books.

Not to mention that none of those books looks over 300 pages.



Google the pic you cucks. OP just got it from somewhere else/copied it


Few things bring me greater pleasure than seeing alt-righters ruining their lives by following their self help gurus.

video games don't count as books dude

Authoritarianism is a meaningless buzzword. The makhnovite faction that pillaged around like bandits for instance wouldn't get described as ``authoritarians´´ just because they did not call themselves ones.

I can see that there is a certain paternal comfort in it. Hell, I'd enjoy the security of such simple comforts, of having an faithful "adult", so to say, to hold one's hand and to reliably and responsibly tackle the horrors of the world, to have someone who always and without mistake knows what's best.

I do consider dreams and feelings such as those are childish and naive, however. Coddling of that type —if it was at all achievable— would be the ultimate chain-bound illusion of liberty. Freedom and protection from the horrors and adversities of the world in exchange for becoming utterly bound and dependent on the walls that keep you in.
/pseudo-intellectual rubbish


This is just sad. If you REALLY want to help your self, read Stirner.

this is the reactionary contemporary reactionary Spectacle, this is worth at least 7 Terazizek on the ideology meter

I don't know what's worse, the meme books or the video game selection.

I have a lot of Holla Forums shelves saved. Enjoy the cancer…



Really makes me wonder about the temperament of a person when I find out they actually read and enjoy the musings of this brainlet banshee.

Most cancerous image I've ever witnessed. I feel like I've picked up something for having seen it.

…not as bad as I thought.

The Fall of Reach is good though

Video game manuals don't count as books


Here are some right wing or sort of conservative books 4chans lit put together.

If you portray yourself as a far right intellectual you are going to be reading weird ass shit like evola and Savitri Devi

But it starts with Smackdown vs Raw '07. That's when the games (and the WWE) already started going into the trash (imo).

Halo was cancerous shit from the first game, don't kid yourself.

Halo Custom Edition is one of the best shooters of all time.

The most recent book was actually written by Trump and it's fucking awful. Don't think it's on that shelf though.
c'mon fam

Most are still pretty cringy and definately pop-tier, but yeah pretty meh overall. Their total unwillingness to read books from people they disagree is pretty bad.

Even I display books from famous conservative or traditionalist authors if I think had some things of value or were genrally influential.


I'm very sorry you don't have the capacity to enjoy Halo as well as Doom, Quake, and Unreal Tournament.

What can I say? I hate boring, shitty games made to pander to the lowest common denominator.

Conservative coming through. Rate my core readings:

Eventually I want to get more Maurras (si le coup de force est possible), more France Bučar, Spinoza and "On Liberty" by Mills.

Am not in my flat rn so i can post some more secondary history/humanities books I have

actually there have been studies that show right wingers are more willing to listen to left wingers while left wingers just plug their ears and go LALLALALALALALA IM SMARTER NAZI AHAHAHAHAH


i have more books in my toilet

Have you actually read it or are you LARPing? You understand what Smith wrote about the rentier class and usurious debt right?


This one is actually really interesting. James burnham was a former trot who went full right wing. He wrote a book that pretty much laid down the idea of how post ww2 politcs would evolve into managerilsm

Yes I am aware of modern lamestream conservatives misusing Smith as some anti-state hero of the free markets. I'm not some free market liberal nut. I'm more close to distributism.

t. bobo listening to Europe 1

is this like a dick sucking thing?

Nah. It was wanky bullshit like the rest. Like 70% jerking off about how amazing the utterly boring Spartans are

Wow! A whole 13 books!

why the fuck is demons in there? I fucking love Dostoevskij why they have to taint his name like that?


Memeing aside, what are some genuinely decent far-rightist books and novels? Either shit with interesting observations or that clearly describes rightist positions and the reasoning behind it.



My, my, my, my, my…

Evola - Revolt Against the Modern World

Knut Hamsun (Growth of the Soil)
Hobbes (Levaithan - not specifically far right but you're gonna need him to understand the rest)
Charles Maurras (Mes idées politiques, de Kiel a Tangier, Si le coup de force est possible, the rest of his 200+ bibliography)
Julius Evola (if you're into D&D)
Joseph De Maistre (Considerations on France, St. Petersburg dialogues)

Haven't read all of these, but these are the ones that come up most often and might be interesting to lefties.

Does this nigga really got a book named basic economics

It's a pretty famous textbook by a Libertarian economist.

Yet he was the only German philosopher who actually knew how to write.

I've read Growth of the Soil and it was good in a "getting the fuck away from everyone, go to the woods and live on farming and livestock" kind of way.

Daily reminder Freud held Schopenhauer in very high regard.
If anything, he's more interesting the the ebin "there can only ever be 7 planets" dialectics man.

Idk maybe freud?
He seems right wing to me

Yeah it definitely didn't get the nobel prize for nothing. I think it perfectly describes the contempt for the modern state & its institutions a lot of Europoor far right people have. It's definitely very different from the ancaps over in the US, less about muh absolutely free markets and more about GTFOing from society to live as a remote farmer detached from the amenities of the modern world and its institutions (taxman, land permit functionaires and stuff like that)
I'll admit I've more than once thought about trying to do something like that, but it was difficult in 1900 and nowadays completely impossible, the hand of the state is just too long.

Schopenhauer used to be pretty widely read. Einstein was another great fan.

So its theory that gets straight to the point.


I like Celine, because he is a madman. Trifles for a Massacre would make even Holla Forums blush.

Is Journey to the End of the Night any good?

Wealth of Nations isn't a very right wing book lol
Leviathan is unironically good though

This is the most depressing thing about the state of the world in the late 2010s

It's been a while since I read it and my memory is hazy. I think it was really dry, but worth checking out. I wish I spoke French because from everything I read about him you really have to read it in French to appreciate his prose.

I should add that it wasn't explicitly right-wing, just virulently misanthropic.

The vidya books aré better for the mind than those grifters

Its written by The original right wing based black guy

Fucking Based!

You lefty cucks are cringey as fuck

Seré not libes though

Another guy is rene guenon. He wrote a lot about traditionalism and has a weird looking face. Right wingers mostly ignore him for evola cause rene converted to islam



he said while posting fb frog & "cuck"


Boy, those are some spicy opinions you got there, Doom is great.

My biggest fear tbh, thank god I speak French, hopefully the original is better

I ignore him because his kookiness isn't as big as Evola's so it ready like some proto-Holla Forums rant rather than an ebin D&D novel.

sounds pretty right wing leaning to me

Dostoevsky wrote to Maykov that the chief theme of his novel was "the very one over which, consciously and unconsciously, I have been tormented all my life: it is the existence of God."[55] Much of the plot develops out of the tension between belief and non-belief, and the words and actions of most of the characters seem to be intimately bound to the position they take up within this struggle.

Dostoevsky saw atheism as the root cause of Russia's deepening social problems. He further wrote to Maykov: "a man who loses his people and his national roots also loses the faith of his fathers and his God."[56] It is in this letter that he speaks, referring primarily to Stavrogin and secondarily to Stepan Verkhovensky, of the 'Russian Man' as comparable to the man possessed by demons who is healed by Jesus in the parable of the swine. In Demons the Russian man has lost his true national identity (inextricably linked, for Dostoevsky, with the Orthodox Christian faith) and tries to fill the void with ideas derived from Western modes of thought—Catholicism, atheism, scientism, socialism, idealism etc. As teachers and strong personalities Stavrogin and Stepan Trofimovich influence those around them, and thus the demons enter the swine. Only at the end, after a heartfelt acknowledgment of their fault, are they given the possibility of redemption—Stavrogin when Tikhon offers him life as a Christian renunciate (an offer Stavrogin refuses) and Stepan Trofimovich as he approaches death.[57]


Traditionalist and a bit reactionary at best.
But he didn't certanly wrote propaganda or shit like that.
Seriously hope that everyone here have read at least one book from him

loool, i looked this one up. Its about a guy who bangs a feminist and then she isnt a feminist anymore because she got some dick.


Mississippi lawyer and Civil War veteran, Basil Ransom, visits his cousin Olive Chancellor in Boston. She takes him to a political meeting where Verena Tarrant delivers a feminist speech. Ransom, a strong conservative, is annoyed by the speech but fascinated with the speaker. Olive, who has never before set eyes on Verena, is equally fascinated. She persuades Verena to leave her parents' house, move in with her and study in preparation for a career in the feminist movement. Meanwhile, Ransom returns to his law practice in New York, which is not doing well. He visits Boston again and walks with Verena through the Harvard College grounds, including the impressive Civil War Memorial Hall. Verena finds herself attracted to the charismatic Ransom.

Basil eventually proposes to Verena, much to Olive's dismay. Olive has arranged for Verena to speak at the Boston Music Hall. Ransom shows up at the hall just before Verena is scheduled to begin her speech. He persuades Verena to elope with him, to the discomfiture of Olive and her fellow-feminists. The final sentence of the novel shows Verena in tears – not to be her last, James assures us.


I've read Crime and Punishment, Notes from Underground, Brothers Karamazov, and Humiliated and Insulted. For some reason it was the last one that stuck with me the most. Even though it's like the second least regarded of his novels.

I've also read the start of his unfinished novel Netochka Nezvanova and it's fucking yuri. Dostoyevsky was writing yuri a whole century before Japan. In my eyes that redeems him of any reactionary traditionalism he is guilty of.

finally a chance to post something i found here

Holy shit

That's one sad Plato



Not one piece of philosophy on those shelves. Just edgy occult shit and Bell Curve-tier nonsense. Sad.

The occult is actually a very big part of fascism.
Or rather its a niche. Fascism itself embraces the spiritual over the material. When you deep dive into fascism you come onto weird scenes like esoteric hitlerism, or like nazi hindus, or pagans and people who worship the black sun

Could you get any more reactionary?

Walden by Thoreau is better tbh

Face is too big for the head. Increase the hair size and it would be tolerable.

Can I get something like pic related but for time periods
This makes me horribly depressed

Lmao at least he took his ideas to their logical conclusion

This is seriously one of the greatest books I've ever read.

t. differentiated aristocrat of the soul

At least one guy has Prachett and Dune, as long as he doesn't actually believe in Bene Gesserit eugenics it's one of the better pics.


That's just as many as Muke has!

Hahaha oh my days you're not even taking the piss.

Nobody really knows what Dostoevesky was, but he did seem to have some interest in socialism and seemed to support its ideas itself.

That's so fucking poor. Have a bunch of pamphlets put in a shelf with the cover in front and call it a day.

I guess it's fine as long as you wear "aesthetics as fuck" shirts and share every Tweet of Contrapoints

Nice try, peasant.

the laura souther 'book' is literally a 60 pages pamphlet

everybody has to start somewhere

hahaah holy shit

you absolutely shouldn't be starting with Marx, his work is built on so much.

and you shouldn't even read soviets :^)


he has wrestling games what do you think?

A right winger with a lot of pristine, unopened books is as useless as a right winger with hundreds of guns and barely any practice in any of them.

A right winger with an actual worn copy of any book would no longer be a right winger.

And Halo is shit.

This makes me wonder, are there any notable left-wing occultists?

Starship Troopers

It's the Gorilla Mindset thing to do. someone else made this joke when I made that remark on the same pic months ago

The militarism is the only far right thing about it, every other aspect of its setting is typical american conservatism.

Why are people paying any amount of money for a work in the public domain?


Leviathan is the only worth anything book out of those, stick to it. Rest of it is just pure idealistic bullshit.


Only one I can think of is Robert Anton Wilson

William S. Burroughs

The only one i respect is alan moore.

The left in general are really bad at religion and spirituality.

Alan moore in an anarchist but he gets the occult and magik, he gets symbols, thought forms, art, will, tradition, ritual.

All those new age, wicca lefttards should be fired out of a cannon tbh

Read David Graeber. He studies rituals, magic and taboos out of not an occultist, but anthropological and anarchist perspective.

In contrast, this is what a communist bookshelf looks like.

is putting books face out on their personal shelves in their homes a thing people actually do? like, is it to show whomst is the most intelligent to guests or something? I just shove my overflow on the tops and assumed everyone did that.

Faggot, that's about as narrow as this list.



Maybe you do that, because nobody is visiting you.

For real though I should read more but I'm an unmotivated piece of shit.

That can't be a good place to store them.

Did no one teach him how bookshelfs work?


ya got me there user

i gues i'm one of those hipster faggots that enjoys the feel of physical books. i have an e-reader but i find it's only really good for novels or manga. books where I want to be able to easily flick back and forth or make notes just don't work for me in that format and reading from a backlit lcd for long periods hurts my eyes.

I'm honestly surprised that Muke has as many books as he does.
One has to ask whether he has even read any of them however.

Pic related is the section of my own bookshelf dealing with books that I actively study for the betterment of my ideology.


What the cunting hell?

You need to realize that people can see your fucking fantasies and should feel embarrassed.

How do we know that this isn't Mike Cernovich's bookshelf? No one else would buy 2 fucking copies of Gorilla Mindset

It's absolutely disgusting an narcissistic. If I visit someone and see that he's trying to force down an image of him down my throat I immediately suspect psychopathy.

T-thanks, I guess.

Both the novel and those handbooks contain important, related elements for my ideology.
I see no reason why I should not have them grouped together.

I suppose that one could call that 'greek a la carte'.
I focused on the works that are directly relevant to my ideology.
Given that money is an issue for me, I'm not about to waste it on supplemental works unrelated to my ideology.

What fantasies?
I'm personally quite upfront with my ideology.

Not in the slightest, friend.

Evola, that's unexpected.

Freud was a socdem.

I expected even less to be honest

Your bookshelf is upsidedown lad.

I can understand it to be fair because I buy records I just don't for books for convenience. Also the e-readers mean my coworkers don't judge what I'm reading.


I don't actually agree with him on almost every topic, obviously.
But I do generally agree with the importance that he (and by extension Sorel) place on mythologisation.
Once I'm able to get my hands on some of Sorels work, I will be putting Evola at the bottom of my bookshelf.

Understanding your enemies is the first step towards beating them.

I have no idea why Holla Forums did that.
It seems to be correctly orientated if you open it up in its own tab.

Enjoy your safe-space, fam.

If I remember correctly it's something to do with how the exif data gets transferred.

The bell curve isn't pseudoscience though.



I have watched that video. None of the criticism is worthwhile. It's shit.

Do you really think i wouldn't be aware of the criticism that the book has received? Are there any in particular you want me to reply to?

enjoy your ideology

And what exactly am i wrong about?


ad hominem


The video is too fucking long. If i had to make an in depth critique i would have to rewatch it. As far as i remember it went basically like this:
IQ correlates well with brain size, hard to imagine if Autism Level does not measure intelligence at some level (though imperfectly, no one has claimed that it is a perfect measure). sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0160289616303385
Not relevant as a criticism of the science in the book.
youtube.com/watch?v=1r7Tl0FYJ64 (I'm not a white nationalist, but this is the best explanation aimed at a lay audience of the validity of the concept of race)
Not really an argument against the validity of Autism Level itself, as Flynn himself would say.

Also, the entire video is made as if Murray said that racial differences are definitely due to genes, when he only said that he found it likely that some of the difference is due to genes.

based R.A.W.


Nice argument.

t. smoothbrain

Fuck off with that Something Awful/weird twitter/Chapo bullshit.

Hey guys, I believe in the phlogiston theory. I bet you can't debunk my claims without reference to ""scientists"" and ((them)).

Stay corncobbed redditman

Try to find phlogiston theory published in a journal as reputable as say, Nature.


Daily reminder that Chapo/weird twitter culture grew up on the Something Awful forum, a forum for suckers where people had to pay 10 bucks to get an account and people where regularly banned for arbitrary so the admin could make money off of people having to pay for another account, in addition to a ton of other paid features.

I was just making a literal a joke about brain structure

*Arbitrary reasons

I bet you read this as: "racial differences." It takes actual effort to be as moronic as you.

No i didn't.

There's literally no problem with SA. Right-wing SJWs hate it because their autism gets mocked there regularly and god emperor trump is SRS business!

Ahh ok…
you do you?

Pretty telling that the obsession with somethingawful has only really come back into vogue in recent years here, the home of newfags repeating what they hear off other users (to be specific: Holla Forums's mythos).


Phlogiston theory is a recurring example for scientific progress/change/paradigmatic shift in the history of science and philosophy of science.


I dislike it because of what i've heard about, as i've heard it described by users and admins of the site.

Reported for underage


The Communist Manifesto aint exactly long either. The point is the quality of the content not the quantity. Not that OP's pic has it mind you.

I don't think he himself would call him leftist. He was kind of the precursor of "the truth is somewhere in the middle" types.

Who was it that said that the failure of socialism to realize was first and foremost a failure of human imagination?

Right wing books read like 6th grade fiction. I read Trumps "The art of the deal", the font was so large so they could put more pages into it to make it look "intellectual".

I think the real reason right wingers burn leftist books like Marx and Lenin is because they are to hard for them to read. Low lQ.


Who? Tell me. I want to know and look up the context, his/her main arguments.

You don't need to be religious to be a brilliant poet or novelist. There's a fine line between writing a tale of imaginary characters and actually believing they exist.

Journey to the end of the night - Celine
You wouldnt be able to tell hes a fascist until you get far in the book, otherwise great novel.

I bet he thinks he came up with a clever and witty title.

William S. Burroughs was actually pretty classcucked if you look up his political views. He was basically a lolbertarian.

Did you just make up a quote? I can't find a source for this. This his hilarious.

I was never able to find a source, even tho the quote brings Arendt or Goldman to the back of my mind. My memory is shit, so it just might be that I'm googling using synonyms instead of the real words, or the words are in the wrong order. Or it's possible that I did make it up.

Regardless, what I do remember about it is that it wasn't contradicting materialism or anything like that, but stating how socialism fell back into the old way of doing things. The Bolshevik regime adopting an increasing number of czarist policies or tactics, Stalin's obvious authoritarian pathology and seeming disregard for the human cost of his decisions, and ultimately, after industrializing, the USSR pretty much was content with merely trying to emulate the results of capitalist society but with socialized method. It was bound to fail, as Marx remarked that capitalism would always outproduce socialism, which is one of the many reasons the revolution needed to be global. Regardless, think back on Brezhnev and his successors, when Soviet society, like the economy, was in a rut; just living day to day and trying without success to mimick the West consumer culture. In other words, they either failed or stopped trying to create a new society. All those big plans for a New Man, for new ways to build and organize cities, to shift the culture towards the emancipation of man, all of that fell by the wayside, because no one – or at least no one in power – had both such an ambitious goal nor the way to realize it. Of course, it's easy to dismiss it by saying how adverse their material conditions were, specially before Krushchev, but that doesn't explain away that there few attempts at creating new paradigms, and when they appeared, it was the "workers' State" itself, full of small-minded bureaucrats, that put an end to it. Prolekult and cybernetics being two examples.

I was around for the start of SA, it was good for about 3 years.

Patrician here.

Protip my man, calling anything non-marxist idealist is a surefire way to out yourself as a complete tool.
Discarding all idealist theory because "Marx said so" is also pretty stupid.

Keen eyes.

This self-congratulatory crap. Is it necessary? Change "right-winger" for leftist and it's like I'm on Holla Forums.

Clearly there's intelligent well-read people on the Right. They're the ones who control the minions.

Some vintage ironyposting. The bread on his collar really makes it perfect.

LF was the best and last good thing SA produced so of course the head admin himself had to fuck it up.

lel, Gould was known for being disingenuous and engaging in politically-motivated reasoning, in the name of anti-racism, by other biologists. you can't take him very seriously.

"Reactionaries are illiterate morons" are libshit cliche which lets our guard down.


bro not even that.

Literally lowest common denominator fan fiction that retarded braindead baby boomers read.

If he had mein kampf or julius evola (both of which are reactionary garbage-but I digress) he may- at least- have SOME credit.

Goddamn phonies.

Funny, I haven't seen any of that, while I've seen leftists burning copies of "The Art of The Deal"… which wasn't even written by Trump himself, but ghostwritten by Tony Schwartz, a leftist jew that has come out against him since, lol.

Come on faggot why waste both our lives with this tedious shit.

lol, and you wonder why your side is losing more and more adherents.

Trump has been losing more and more normies with his constant fuck ups, fam.

Lose your virginity you disingenuous reddit refugee, next you'll cry for pic related.

True, but when they see your side burning books and American flags they will be HORRIFIED and still vote for the le evil racist sexist orange HitlerMussoliniVoldermort no matter his genuine fuckups.

I imagine that you guys causing terrorist attacks in Charlottesville and Florida will make us look like angles by comparison.

Sure, you'll look like "angles"… until the November 4 glorious uprising.


What a fucking moron


While I disagre on Laurn Southern 90% of the time if she hates baby boomers she’s /ourgirl/

Fucking hell he doesn’t have the only right-wing book worth reading.

links please if the study included liberals as being left-wing then it doesn’t apply to the people here.


Leviathan by Thomas Hobbs (This book isn’t strictly far-righ, just authoritarian and can be pretty Tanky)
And Fourth Generational War by Linn

This is as pure as it gets. Warning: read carefully and put it down if you start sympathizing with the ideas.


The only good books in that pile are Vox Day's. Come at me.

Probably one of the best history books in the last 20 years,"right-wing" because it's eurocentric
describes how europeans succeeded and why they're responsible for most science, tech etc. achievements in human history
also his other book faustian man in a multicultural age has much more of a far right bias

"Oh cool! a book about how gorillas think!"

wtf im a nazbol now



Nice memes you got there.

the guy with turner diaries is incidentally also the least memey shelf here, my guess is hes a somewhat older polack, hes got ostrovsky there and the Israeli Lobby book along with some stuff on narcoterror, hes still probably a raging rightist but youd have a much more interesting convo with this guy than with any of these ann coulter cernovich fucktards

lol get a look at this show and tell ass nigga lemao du homo I bet u think yer all sortsa smaht

This shit isn't even worthy enough to wipe my ass with.

Your DailyMeme® is on it's way straight from your dark lord!

well, at least it isn't a boomers shelf, there's no glenn beck

I unironically wish I had a physical copy of that book