Sam Kriss: Rape King

did he do it?

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All sex is rape.

he admitted as much. his apology was shit.

who cares

Better a thousand honest fascists than a Sam Kriss

He did everything and everyone. The ultimate chad

Who gives a fuck.

Purge the Chapo thread

I agree with you this shouldn't be a topic of discussion but every other online left sphere of discussion is giving their two cents so we may as well have a thread. It's good fun.

lol rape :DDD

I'm more than convinced he did.

t. sexual assault survivor

Yep just right there in the theater. Probably a hundred over people too, we'll never know. I want you to imagine how many people he raped. Now, the truth is worse than that.

Sam Kriss raped as many people as Stalin killed

Not nearly as many as Jesse Ferrar, ice heart

This is more news to people than actual news

His apology was pretty much exactly what people say a correct apology should. Turns out it's not. That's what happens when you are wrong and are convinced your right. He should have listed to Mark Fisher instead of helping persecute him to death.

Isn't Kriss that dipshit that hates Zizek and has in fact read Adorno or some other meme-worthy shit

and is only relevant to some news site

Yes and yes. He made a big stink about Zizek being islamophobic.

right so hes a pro islam liberal twat that would then (unsurprisingly) abuse women

I bet if I read up on this guy I'd see the sexual violence coming

Which is retarded since Zizek isn't islamophobic at all and is considerably less zionist than Kriss

He pretty much slighted everyone by being a pompous prick, and it turns out people hold internet grudges forever. Probably forever anyway. As of yet there is no evidence that anyone one has gotten over an internet grudge and let it go, but it could happen on the future. Maybe.

Kriss isn't a Zionist. He appears on lists of "self hating Jews."

you can't let go of internet grudges if you're only relevant in the world online

Kriss's ziomism is limited to him being Jewish and refusing to denounce his own blood relatives.

He used to threaten violence against "TERFs" so you know he has the capacity to attack women.

well tbh anyone has the capacity to attack women without silly spooks holding them back

Maybe but in the past week I've seen people drudge up the time they were offended by something someone (not just Kriss, this is kind of boiling over) posted on a forum or said in IRC seven+ years ago.

Just something to keep in mind. People can't remember what the internet was like when we were posting Shoop Da Woop but somehow will still knife you to get revenge on something they remember you saying that ticked them off lol. I guess the lesson is: Stay user.

Jesse Ferrar impregnated ten women without their consent to be his podcasting buddies.

Drag him! Drag him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesse Ferrar impregnated Sam Kriss, their in on the sexual harassment conspiracy together

Pure retardation. Sam was desperate for sex and came on too strong while drunk ten years ago. Calling that rape is utterly delusional and misses the larger issue of sexual dynamics as it relates both to gender roles and intoxication. There's a discussion to be based here and your witch hunt mentality is actively preventing you from seeing it.

Don't you see. Jesse Ferrar is the next to go down, he is a dangerous man! I've heard he spanked someone!

These men are untouchable, they have to much power. They're all friends with Andrew and Branson and Ep1 is a government podcast.

Cum Town is also a government podcast

There is no way that happened 10 years ago. The guy is in his 20s.

Everyone should threaten TERFs, they're retarded cunts who will destroy a movement because a tranny triggered them.

Thots need to be slapped around now and then. How could anyone disagree with me

Still though. It's like saying black reactionaries deserve to be lynched.

I mean

It's fucked up, because you have that history. Men abusing women, even if they're TERFs, will always be an act of woman hateric violence. Similarly, whites hanging reactionary blacks will also carry the same connotation.

So. We're about respecting worker power, not your right to be the center of attention dragging up people's behavior from 20 years ago to 10 years ago because you felt uncomfortable. Welcome to the life of fucking proles, it ain't pretty but you're not changing that by screaming into the abyss.

I don't care if you felt uncomfortable. If you want to feel that obnoxious and drag dirty laundry everywhere you go I'm glad you will be uncomfortable for the rest of your life.

Why the fuck am I being asked to take sides between a crypto-lib dimwit and a histrionic TERF dramaqueen?

The histrionic terf drama queen is a thot and you should always, always, never fall for thots. Never believe them, always disrespect them, never apologize to them.

Just laugh about how much of a stupid thot they are and all the stupid shit they did in bed just to complain about it as traumatic I can't breathe I can't breathe later

Right, so I should probably not give much of a shit about the guy dumb enough to fall for her, right?

Everybody makes mistakes at a young age.

Kriss is 30 I believe.

stop being spooked, okay?

I guess. Idk I just really, really dislike Kriss for his bullshit idpol stances/witch hunts himself. Also the idea of a zionist denouncing Zizek as islamophobic through what amounts to lies really rubs me the wrong way. Plus all the Mark Fisher stuff

Kriss isn't a Zionist tho.

This was from a d e c a d e a g o

Nigger Nazis certainly do need to be killed, if lynching is convienet than lynching it will be.

Hating TERFs isn't being spooked, it's a tactical decision based upon them caring more about wymyn than class struggle and getting spooked by dickgirls.

He walked back his earlier zionist stances after the fact, but at the time he was absolutely in the "Israel deserves to exist tho right?" camp
I know very little of the guy, but it seems quite clear that whatever he is, a zionist he is not.


addressed that here

Though I do admit that article was one of his better ones, I just don't trust his shiftiness on the issue

Seems like a dumb thing to nail someone on. You weren't always a leftist I imagine.

Do you got proofs man. That's remarkable if it really was that long ago. That puts before his political awakening, essentially. And the state of affairs visavis inter-sexual relations at the time would have left a very different impression on a 20 y/o.

It's just as said earlier, people will nurse their online grudges into perpetuity. Doesn't matter what has happened in the mean time.

He's called Zizek a fascist as recently as a few months ago, he hasn't been off the idpol brigade for any considerable amount of time so this isn't exactly a long-standing grudge.

His responses to the nosemaster were pretty retarded TBH, really just the typical liberal bullshit about how the Muslim World was allegedly super feminist because of Islam.

My only thing is, why did she keep calling him like it was no big deal?
I mean, I get what he's saying on some level. How am I suppose to know you're uncomfortable if you never say anything, and if our relationship has already been established? Whole thing seems like a miscommunication.

Honest question:

Are there any FAAB (female assigned at birth) women on this board who have suffered sexual abuse, aside from ???

There's a good chance that's a dude.

Still though.

I'm female.

Well there's a woman who posts daily in the trash thread who has iirc, I'd guess the hooker anfem has as well. The only other women (female) I could identify is one artist and some girl trying to get fit, they both post in the trash thread.

But there's a good chance you were a dude. If you haven't had a boss or customer creep on you then you've gotten off lucky regardless of sex.

Never. I'm biologically female and have always been. I'm pretty androgynous as it is yet I would never, ever modify my body in any way.

Sam Kriss is a fuck boy but then again every girl who ever invested time with him on and offline is a fuck boy and I kind of almost sympathize with Sam here because how much it must suck to cater to these fucking people

Is Phil Greaves the greatest Marxist thinker alive? He's never wrong.

Gender is the oldest class struggle, ever since the beginning of agriculture women have been oppressed as a class.

Nah, me

This is entirely true. Don't expect Holla Forums to agree.


sovietfangirl is fucking crazy

Engels should have read Dworkin tbqh

I didn't mean you specifically, I meant posters generally.

Which TERFs are.
Gender isn't a class.

Gender is a class. It is a social relationship, which is exactly analogous to how Marx and Engels describe class in the Manifesto and elsewhere.




nah raping other tribes goes back before homo sapiens

How does Gender relate to a MoP seperate from individuals?

All nationalists will need to be killed, this includes the black ones?

Again, read Engels

Next you're gonna start talking about endogamous and exogamous tribes.
Tribal warfare isn't some kind of great oppression against the female class. Meanwhile the men were tortured or killed. If you're gonna look at social structures you have to look inside the group, not at what the group does to other groups. As Engels describes in Origin of the Family, hunter-gatherer societies universally have roots in a matriarchal society, since in a society with looser marriage systems kinship can only be traced in the female line (and tribes were first and foremost kinship groups). This is backed up by current research.

As I've said, class denotes a social relationship, not a thing with a certain set of qualities. Class as described by M&E in the Manifesto (and elsewhere) is entirely procedural, not static, not legalistic, or technician.

Yeah nah. A prole is somebody who exchanges their labor power for a wage. Full stop. Your particularist notion of class has nothing to do with Marx.

Except the only time Marx ever talks about class is as a socioeconomic class. Class is divided between the property-owners and the non-property-owners, the oppressors and the oppressed. Women have a position within that class system, but they do not form a class in themselves, and women have never been a unified group. A woman working in a factory has little in common with her boss' wife, apart from both of them having two X-chromosomes.

By this logic, peoples under colonialism aren't a class either. So much for national liberation, eh?

Because they aren't a class. A class isn't just whatever you want it to be. They are subject to imperialism, but that doesn't make them a class nor does it mean they have revolutionary potential.

No he didn't. He said he thought she wanted to bang (she had responded to several of his bootycalls before.) It was just an awkward situation. Not rape.

Out of the overflow heart, the mouth speaks. I'll leave it to Holla Forums to set aside such wisdom and be surprised when people are as they speak, call this a pure coincidence or blame white men for jewish predation.

He didn't seem to feel awkward at groping her in public.

It absolutely makes them a class. How many times do I have to repeat myself? A class is a social relationship, not a set of individual characteristics. And no one here is advocating essentialism (i.e. "all X are revolutionary because they are X") except you.

Not according to Marx it doesn't

Read what I said before: a class denotes relationship, not character traits.

Still not rape though.

Except you're the only one saying that women are somehow a unified class because they all have two X-chromosomes. Marx's class analysis is about relations to production, nothing else.

Women are a class in a gendered society. Gender itself is a class relation.

First you called it "just an awkward situation", based purely on your own bias, and when this is proven incorrect, you don't take this an opportunity to question your bias but find it necessary to comment that you don't see groping as rape.

Just be honest then and say she deserved it.

To add: I'm a Torah-observant Jew and yes, in our culture gender is entirely about the division of labour (you know, class). Men study Torah all day while women slave away in the house. You have to be pretty fucking stupid to deny that this is a class relation even according to your standard.

Groping is not rape. Assault maybe but it is most definitely not rape.

Maybe try reading Marx instead of just repeating your statement

Right, so in ancient Palestine the men did nothing but read while the women did literally all the work. Seems legit, it's not like we have several historical sources describing Palestinian men being things like carpenters and fishermen while women mostly tended the household, just like everywhere.

No it isn't, retard. Explain how gender is a class relation.

How does Jewish tradition relate to the modern capitalist system? Whatever division there was has seemingly disappeared in the capitalist world, with women being proletarian or bourgeois and not a seperate class or sub-class.

is fingering rape?


Generally any penetrative act is considered rape in the US. It used to be only PIV penetration was considered rape, but people eventually saw how fucked up that definition was.


honestly, when you classify fingering as rape, what's the incentive to finger. It's like, if it's all the same, I might as well use my dick. imagine the poor rapist who only wants a blowjob. now he's incentivized to go all the way, because it's all the same crime. we need to make a sliding scale for rape.

Something here but I can't quite put my finger on it.

great, now I need to honk off. thank's

and of course it's one of the most depraved mangas written. scat porn is more wholesome than that story arc.

captcha: wtfs ml

all of you unenlightened brainlets can't see. I'm not saying you should rape anyone, I'm saying the laws are structured so you're going to get more anal rapists and less oral rapists. Call yourself compassionate, when you're dooming hundreds of thousands to becoming anal rape victims when they could easily just suck dick.

What makes anal rape any different from oral rape?

oral rape is in the mouth; anal rape is in the anus

I meant from an emotional and legal perspective.

why must you perpetuate the simulation like this

She was on the intersex train way before any of you idiots even knew that 'trans' was the opposite of 'cis.

Not only is there nothing wrong with being a TERF, what's funny is that Dworkins /isn't/ even one.

Everyone who hates her hasn't read her. The presentation of Dworkins is pure anti-prole propaganda.

Conspicuous women respecter turns out to be sex pest, abuser and/or all around piece of shit. Golly, who knew. I feel a little sorry him because he just discovered that the popular notion of women being disempowered in society is bullshit when some cheating fuckbuddy from 10 years ago can more or less destroy his career with a facebook post. But less so because he has a history of perpetuating and profiting from that notion is will no doubt double down when his masters decide he's whipped himself raw enough to be allowed back into the fold.

My favourite part is all the hand wringing from twitterleft dudes about how, gosh, they just didn't know what life was like for poor women and they'll try to be better women respecters from now on. It'll be fun in a few years time when the handful of those guys who finish college and worm their way into some kind of public prominence inevitably get outed as rapists or abusers too.

I swear to god you people are disgusting.

Nothing he did was really bad. Everyone's blowing it waaaaaay out of proportion.

I should have qualifed

Communists do not flog themselves. Communists do not have guilt over ANY kind of essential characteristics! A Communist is not ashamed of being white, straight, male or cis. That is because Communists recognize that even if they fit all of these qualifications, they do so while constituting the living expression of their negation as ESSENTIAL characteristics. A Communist is not one BECAUSE he is white, for example - that does not mean being white entails guilt, it means recognizing that you are a Communist above all, and that while you recognize the connotations of whiteness, you struggle for its destruction - what is more to say? It's no wonder you find so much slimy pieces of shit "male feminists" who end up as sexual abusers - because this 'guilt' is a god-damned sham, it is the highest expression of ideological ingenuity. One cannot ACTUALLY be guilty about something which is essential, which is INEVITABLY something you conceive as definitive of your character. Instead, the guilt is used to ABSOLVE the subject of the - yes - demanding commitments of the real struggle - and yes, I'm talking about the POLITICAL struggle. The only struggle, mind you, the one that gives meaning, substance and vitality to all of its subsets. Moreover, such guilt nonsense is condescending, it not only reveals a deep lack of insecuirity, a weakness and deep-seated hysteria, it is thoroughly a perversion of the same "relations of power" which perpetuate their conditions. Again, it is the ying of the yang it inevitably will present itself as opposing. Communism is the NEGATION of identity, not its celebration. Those who lack faith in Communism, those who do not place the real struggle in the class struggle, have no place in the future of the Left (if there is one). It is almost as though we are so muh privileged today (to be ironic) that we can reduce politics to the controversies of the university, or the office-work environment.

He was attempting to rape her. That's pretty bad.

Y'all just cool with this?

No he was attempting to convince her to have sex with her. That's not rape.

Rape King just makes Sam Kriss sound impressive.

It's more impressive than his writing.

He apologized and did exactly what you are "supposed to do" in a good apology and literally all anyone walked away from it was: "he admitted to it all. A signed, full, lawful confession." There is no forgiveness, understanding, leniency or mercy waiting for him. Now people are actually saying he's a rapist, which he wasn't even accused of. Why did he apologize! Really a good question to ponder. Why should you apologize. This isn't your personal life, this is politics. Does anyone in politics ever apologize? Not until they are finally, totally convicted. What a crazy trap he let himself into. If he had ignored it for as long as he could, or "been a piece of shit" and DARVO'd her; called her a TERF and an alt-right sympathizer, admit to nothing…

The situation is such that the "decent" thing is actually the worst decision.

Oral rape is worse you fucking idiot. Being an active partecipant in the raping is wore and more confusing. Fucking trot should kill himself.
Rape is rape. Don't be edgy idiot

This. If anything his apology made things worse because he dared to point out that the had been fucking the girl (on and off) for a while prior to the alleged incident. This simultaneously made normal people stop caring while driving the vampire clique into a huge fucking frenzy.

Engels' family owned a factory. Bourgeois class traitors are good as hell.
That said, Sam was kind of a cunt in that exchange. It was also nearly a decade ago. Regardless, it has no bearing on his writings, which I still enjoy quite a bit.

alright, lower the penalty for anal rape then.

Yes. How old are you?

Rapists deserve the bullet.

AKA made an excuse for his degenerate behavior.

He says over and over again that he makes no excuses and accepts full responsibility.

He explained that he had been hooking up with the woman for months and that he thought he was down to fuck again (thus why he was so pushy.) He was adding context.

Consent isn't something permanent. You aren't entitled to sex from someone just because you've banged them 20 times before.

Never make a public apology for something until after you've been proven guilty or whatever. You aren't trying to smooth things over with a spurned lover. An apology will not be seen as anything more than an admission of guilt , proof of the correctness of your persecutors, and authorization for more severe attacks.

Yeah and he explicitly says it's not. Over and over again. He is simply saying the abuse happened because he severely misunderstood the nature of the date they were on (she was texting him like they were going to hook up again). He is not excusing himself but pleading for people to understand he is not a monster.

Where did the 10 years ago myth come from. In the story it says they met through twitter and he talked about being over 21. Is sam in his mid 30s

He looks like it.

Telephone I guess. I asked for proofs elsewhere and in typical American fashion proofs were not provided. Sam is 30 years old at most.

SJW LARPing as leftist turns out to be a dirtbag, news at 11. Gamergate was right again. Not gonna lie tho, I enjoy his polemics. Well-educated BTFOs are a rare sight.

Go away



Sam Kriss’ shit was pretty fucked and I think his apology wasn’t adequate. I feel like a lot of these abusers are ignorant of how creepy and abusive they are and I feel like as a guy I can see the culture that enables this type of behavior in men. When I was maybe 15 or 16 I kept trying to kiss this girl while I was next to her on a couch after a date even though she said to quit it. I think I must have pecked at her about three times laughing but in retrospect it’s creepy, entitled behavior and I’m ashamed I did that. If I was him I would have said that I fucked up, that it was unacceptable behavior, and that I’ve changed. I know it’s a bit different considering I was 15 and I only tried to peck a girl, but remembering it makes me feel like a shit person.

Who cares? Go to a priest if you want to talk to someone about your past sins. Also go back to reddit as well.

evry tiem

The absolute STATE of socialism lmao

Literally gamer idpol
Playstation nazis get the bullet too

I worry sometimes that she genuinely thinks I was groping her. She deleted me from Facebook quite awhile later but I always just put it down to the fact that she basically cheated on her boyfriend with me and/or that we weren’t really good friends and she just was doing like a purge. There’s no reason for her to think I’m that kind of person but simultaneously “that kind of person” can evidently be anybody. If she accused me I don’t know what i’d do. That being said my case is literally a misunderstanding whereas Sam Kriss seems genuinely predatory

Yeah, it's all fine until the working class you're supposedly helping gets arrested and lose everything, while your parents post your bail and make you promise to finish that degree you've been in school for, for the past 6 years.

Honestly, rich fags pls leave. I don't want to see you until we drag you out of your parents house and lynch you.

Oh no, not the bougie pompous idpoler LARPing as a Mautist from his mansion. What will we do now?

This is bad praxis that doesn't have much connection to historical socialism. Revolutionaries come from all classes, bourgeois and prole alike. Theorists and intellectuals, and sometimes party leaders, often come from affluent families because the education and position required to be an intellectual necessitates it within a capitalist society.
Pic related, affluent rich kid with a university education. The idea that only boot and soil working class types have revolutionary potential is fetishizing them.

so what is the name of the girl sam kriss """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""sexually harassed"""""""""

Fuck off.

It's just some whore he met off twitter apparently somehow. Or not. Honestly it sounds really strange. She was pretty slutty though from the sound of it. Probably why she didn't say anything until he got e-famous.

Stop being poor and jealous you piece of shit. Who the fuck are you to talk about the working class when you've failed at everything you've done in your life. Honestly only the rich class traitors can become true revolutionaries.



Get accused of sexual assault by some blue-haired tumblrtard?

Who the fuck is Sam Kriss?

Kriss' fatal mistake was apologizing at all, there was no "adequate" apology because the apology is a trap to get you to admit guilt on-the-record. There is no mechanism for forgiveness or reconciliation in the public discourse. You simply cannot, once you've being assigned as guilty, be readmitted. It doesn't matter how much you grovel, how it twists you up inside, it won't help you. That's the real lesson, naive person.


Somehow I think I can do better than "I CONFESS I'M BASICALLY A RAPIST PLEASE TAR AND FEATHER ME" as a response. Literally don't give a fuck, sink as many blue haired libs on me as you want.

just about done

without having any real insight into either case
this sentence SCREAMS fundamental attribution error to me

This. No excuse. Death penality for rape

Wait, is there a picture of the accuser?

On second thought, what you said is literally a tactic from CIA's handbook. Sex offense smears are very useful for discrediting dissenters, regardless of how true they are. Just ask Assange.


Yeah. You're a good guy at heart because you understand your own actions, Kriss is a genuine predator because of the accusation. If the women in the poor redditor's stories wanted to they could make the same accusation to them as they did to Kriss (they have total control of how the event is framed and which details are "allowed" to be part of the story, etc) and every one of their compatriots will be calling them genuine predators too, demanding them jailed and shot. I'm surprised they don't realize this tbh. They can think what that's acceptable, that's fine, but retelling stories of their regretful incidents of making girls physically uncomfortable is a bad idea. The doxxing campaigns are just going to become more intense as time goes on and those posts do not go away.

i recognise kahina, greaves, earwulf, cordeliers and sovietfangirl
who's the other one

Holy shit I want wine now.

I see, he was being pushy with getting sex from her because he thought she wanted it herself… I'm not sure what sort of social retardation leads to this kind of logic, but it's clear that sam kriss belongs to the 95% of the population who doesn't suffer from it. He pushed her exactly because she didn't want it, which has most likely proven to be a successful method before, because this was a concerted effort and not an awkward slip.

What is so hard to understand about a girl pushing you of her and turning her face away when you grope her? Is Sam Kriss a severe case of autism?

You lefties realize feminists hate male feminists more than anything right?

I mean how many of them are basically just using feminism as a trojan horse to harass women lol

We hate male feminists too.

all rape is sex

Again people have to rely on their imagination to create a pattern where none exists. It's clear that he was trying to convey the fact that the situation was not typical and he did not behave correctly in it, but was appealing to the readers to understand why. Kriss's persecutors are made of two groups of men: those who admit they've did something like that before, but they are really sorry and it's totally not how they really are, and those that choose to ignore that established personal relationships actually do *move* boundaries, boundaries are not fluid and ultra-dynamic, and reseting them always entails a amount of pushing by both parties. And those boundaries were restablished after this date. Kriss did not serially harass her afterwards. He figured out that things between them had changed, and did not engage in a pattern of serial harassment or aggression towards her.

alll the jews and male feminists and nu male libtards are being eaten alive by the same sjw culture they promoted. Any group that is about purity would eventually eat its own. You know, there used to be a deal, bill clinton, Anthony wiener, wienstien, would support your feminist bullshit but then he could grope you. Seems like its changed and all the weepy beardo lib men are going to go down.

Have you actually read the post describing what happened?

If you are correct, and he simply didn't understand that she didn't want to go with him and have sex, he wouldn't have repeatedly forced himself onto her.

Do you hit people in the face when they're holding an object that is yours, and you assume they're going to give it back to you without you having to force them to do so? Because that's the level of logic you are on.

lmao he literally says they met each other twice before, honestly where do you guys come up with these narratives

I dont even give a shit what he did to her. The funniest part is when he told her about how they should go back to his mansion, but then she tells him its his parents mansion and he is all "yeah, but ill inherit it" *wink

Fucking walking stereotype champagne socialist mother fucker


Did you not understand what I said? I said that boundaries require some force to move and reset. Those boundaries were reset they night. He did not continue to pressure her, try to persuade her, or harassed her afterwards– she would definitely have mentioned that. He did not follow a pattern of serial abuse. And now, with the dam broken, where are the other women coming forward? Since there are so many, like you imagine. They should be, through the "whisper network" or any other way, telling of their long-secret abuse at the hands of Kriss. But Sam did not follow the pattern of a sexual predator. He accepted the reset boundary after that date. Personal relationships are of the kind that carry a great deal of weight and momentum. They don't change in an instant. They require an often discomforting amount of pressure to change. That's a fact that I think you have had some experience with.

and also that she was communicating intimately with him up to that night. Why are you so adamant to refuse to admit they had an existing relationship? Because then it would make it seem like he wasn't a serial rapist harassing random women?

He accepted that he couldn't make her do what he wants after spending an entire evening groping her, forcing himself onto her and denying her refusals. Though you wording is crafty, I fail to see how Sam Kriss having to be physically pushed of a girl multiple times over the course of an evening before accepting that he's not getting what he demands does him any favors. He knew damn well she didn't want to, if he didn't, he wouldn't have pressured her for hours.

Shoehorning his acts in a truism like this to make it appear normal is like justifying someone being kicked in the head by stating that people often move their legs.

Who is this guy and why should we care?

All act of penetration is imperialistic.

A Twitter gommie and male ally who wrote rather funny takedowns. But these days, "male ally" is pretty much synonymous with "sex offender".


Can anyone post Kriss' awful response to Zizek?

What's wrong with his face?

Looks like a downie

Those are Jewish genes, user.

Holden, the only anarchist on twitter who can match the meme potential of MLs.

people are missing the substance of the issue: funny quotes.

for me the entire thing boils down to
"Do you want to come back to my massive house?"
"You mean your parents house?"
"Yeah but when they die I'll inherit it"
"I don't want to go to your parents house."

howled the building down seeing gems like that.

I was okay with the groping but I hate him now

Why does her sexual history matter? You guy area being no better than Holla Forums here.

stop talking about this seriously you fucking morons nobody's going to learn anything or convince anyone of anything jesus fucking christ

natter natter natter natter natter natter natter that's all it fucking is day in day out, post something funny or don't post at all. i'm off to maul myself with some car keys.

Because it's her history with him. If for example you hook up with someone and every time it ends in sex it seems to me to be reasonable to "expect" sex. I mean if it was the other way around, and in that situation no one had condoms because they didn't expect sex we would consider them a moron for not expecting sex. Yet now he's got slaughtered for expecting sex. Yes he massively overstepped the mark and yes he misread the situation badly but it appears there was some ambiguity on her part. Not enough for it to let him off the hook but I wouldn't consider him Weinstein tier.

Are you being fucking serious right now?

FWIW I've known some guys that need to be outright told to fuck off to actually get the message when they're drunk. Doesn't in any way justify or make okay the shit he was doing though.

Look, once is obviously okay in the context of a date, even if you don't have a history. A second time, well she might be in the mood now. The third time you are officially pushing yourself onto someone who does not consent, regardless of whatever history you may have.

and the follow-up piece

Are you being a fucking white male right now?

Wow these are terrible.

Assuming Kriss gets ostracized, is it a loss for the Left or not?

Nah, he was an annoying petite bourgeois cuck before this happened. Nothing has changed, except we might not have to hear as much from him.

I remember hating Kriss for those stupid, pointless videogame articles on Jacobin, kinda liking him for attacking Sargon, but mostly thinking he's a douche. Still, making moves on someone you're fucking is not reason to get ostracized and I'm really shocked that no one is standing up for him.

Yes we are, fuck off back to the Chapo subreddit you sexless overdramatic twat

you basically summed up my feelings on sam perfectly. he had a few good zingers but overall he's nothing special. only downside is now we have to listen to retards on the right talk about him endlessly to claim moral superiority.

it's basically irrelevant but he was funny so i dunno

fucking hell this shit gave me pretention poisoning

You're talking about "queer" feminists right?


Male feminist are the scum of the earth. We should inquisition them to assure both them and ourselves of their ideological loyalties.

why don't you FUUG off?

Did he delete his Twitter or lock it down or something? I had to hard enter it into the search bar because it didn’t auto populate even with his full name, and when I did find his page it just sat endlessly loading despite the fact I’ve been following him for a while now.

Side question, I missed the accusers full proclaimation, but why did she wait 10 (?) years to come forward about Kriss acting like a handsy drunken creep? I know victims often feel stigma coming forward, but still.

She saw an opportunity from all the recent scandals and went for it. Under normal circumstances her story would not have had the same impact. People might have scrutinized it a bit more, and Sam Kriss himself might have been less inclined to offer a self-incriminating apology. This was the perfect moment to strike.

I don't remember voting for him…

Kings are born not elected.


Tanistry and Norse elective monarchy beg to differ.

Honestly the girl seems like kind of slut.