""socialist"": wow look at these killing caused by religion

""socialist"": wow look at these killing caused by religion

Me: you mean islam

""Socialist"": all religions are bad

It's clear to me that this stance is based on an unconscious fear of being called out for criticizing islam only. By unfairly lumping Christianity into that, they gain the ability to seem objective.

Yet Christianity, with great socialist tendencies and a history of progressive politics with a Christian bent doesn't deserve to be put in the same category as pisslam.

Please stop this, thanks

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Stop being retarded, thanks.

christians deserve to be fed to lions tbh fam



Christianity and Islam are blank slates united under an identical metaphysical premise. The only difference is the mythology/folklore and a greater emphasis on one prophet's personality cult over the other.

Just about any idea on the planet from feudal despotism to corporate liberalism can and has been projected onto these religions, that's how utterly devoid of content they are.

the Catholic Church is the most vile institution in the history of mankind

what about the monopolist mercantile Hanseatic League?
or the Bank of England?
or the UN who sells seats and commissions to the highest bidder and operates the worlds largest and most successful sex trafficking network since the slave markets of the Ottoman Empire

Stop LARPing. Islam is alright.


All religions can be used for both good things and bad things. Stop reducing it to simply the theoretical doctrine of islam/christianity, because despite the conservatism and barbarism, there's emancipatory potential in both.

yours truly, a secular christian gommie

Fuck off.


Here, have a massacre committed by christian millitias with israeli forces giggeling at the sideline.

I used Zizek being fully aware of what he is. You in the OP have just made a retarded posts, that's all it is. Christianity is still cool shit.

fucking checked



I never do, while I believe both Christianity and Islam have negative qualities they are different from each other. Islam has the problem of being unable to seperate state and religion, while Christianity always had an in-built dualism between church and state. This surely it also part of the ideological problems Islam has and had in the Middle East ever since the Caliphate of Bagdad was destroyed by the Mongols, whereas Christianity proved itself more adaptable due to its dualism, however, events like the Thirty Year's War were just as a bloody - if not bloodier - than the catastrophes the Muslim world suffered in Early Modern and Modern history.

In the end, it doesn't make a difference. Just because one religion seems to be more adaptable than the other, doesn't mean we should support one religion over the other.

that dualism is present because its inherent in Christian mentality
theres no dualism in islamic ideology, where God is thought to be the origin of even your independent thoughts and motivations

Tamerlane killed more people than the thirty years war I'm sure, he used scorched earth tactics from Anatolia to Delhi in India
built pyramids of severed human heads beside the burnt out cities while his soldiers sowed sea and rock salt over the crop fields to render it a barren wasteland



Render unto Caesar what is Caesars

Still more people murdered by communists and socialist regimes.

you regard homosexual activities as sinful, based only on your stupid doctrine determined by a book with no evidence therefore we have suffered greatly and still suffer in the christian culture

i wouldn't care about your superstitions if they weren't harmful to society

Christfags are pretty unbearable, though.

homosexuality being sinful goes back to judaism
its not even about being gay its about worshipping other gods
""thou shant practice rituals for another God but I""
and way back in ancient mesopotamia the Cult of Ishtar's rituals included temple prostitution and for male priests to receive an anal creampie from strangers
and as that was part of the worship of Ishtar it was banned by the hebrews

Don't use that flag;you're giving Christian Socialism a bad name. Go back to Holla Forums with your bigoted BS.

All religionsare trash, Islam is more trash than christianity. The latter is trash when it come to institution

Christianity is incompatible with evolution.

Lol, a tankie with a 19th century hatred of the Church. That's kind of a random combination.

All religion are incompatible with evolution.

No. Muh gorillions is BS.

its BS as long as we retroactively erase the evidence and kill anyone who disagrees right comrade

Bet you are american

your probably right.

That sounds hilarious but also kind of bullshit. They were probably anti-homo because they were generally anti-sex.

not really anti-sex
theres many religious laws in the Talmud about when its acceptable to fuck your 3 yo goy sex slave, when its acceptable for a rabbi to marry a girl who fucks dogs etcetera

much worse :^)

No, we merely insist on the fact that religion — like all of society's superstructure — is determined by material conditions and that singling out Islam on the basis of an allegedly more brutal or cruel "essence" is unsound. Religion has no definitive content.

Christianity — like other religious systems — has been used to justify pretty much everything, from sincere progressive activism to open collaboration with fascists. Where was the socialism of Christianity during the Spanish Civil War and the subsequent rule of Francisco Franco?


the precedents there
means there can always be one voice in the back of their head telling them they're wrong

I'm no Christian but that can be interpreted as meaning anything. You could say the Roman state has NO right to anything and it would line up with that passage.
Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's… nothing!

being open to interpretation is a problem shared by any ideology im sure


It's pretty evident. Shit is in the New Testament and later gets formulated in Augustine of Hippo's De civitate Dei.

The only instance of church and state actually merging were the case of the prince-bishops in the Holy Roman Empire. But meh, with a closer investigation we can identify that the distribution of fiefdoms or offices was still very much in the hand of the king, and the pope merely gives out the staff and the Mitre, and even that was controversial: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Investiture_Controversy

In the long run he was. Protestanism is not very far removed from atheism in the spritual sense.



quiet as the grave after it made the newspapers with evidence that attests to this day that Spanish anarchists were murdering priests and raped nuns
of course back then if you attacked the catholic church they were more turn the other cheek and keep quiet instead of the dropping trousers and bending over stance they take these days

Anarchists shot priests and nuns because they were counter-revolutionaries and would rat them out to the fascists.

That's all fine and good. But don't you think it's a little hypocritical to always cry about muh gulags muh hierarchy then?

I'm not really sure what that has to do with hierarchy.

At least Muslims have the balls to conduct their own private acts of terrorism, you Christcucks just cry and complain that the state isn't doing the dirty work for you.

The problem with religion is that it isn’t real.

Even if it was real it had to be abolished. If we want to be free, we cannot be religious because religion is always the negation of human liberty.

Your God's relationship to humanity is based on a suzerain vassal treaties. There's nothing inherently socialist about it. I've got no problem with religious socialist, but you're idpol so kys.

That seems like pretty poor reasoning. If a religion is true, you'd be dumb to not follow it - you'd also be living a lie.

Humans are real but I don't follow humanism.

I'd rather live a lie than accept slavery. In a situation like that suicide would be the only way to actually live:

fuck that, if religion were true I'd still side with Satan and it wouldn't be dumb because at least he offers fun

Are you talking about Judeo-Christian beliefs? Tribal animism (simple stuff like believing that spirits exist in the natural world, as well as the afterlife)? Eastern religions? Perennial philosophy/panthiesm?

Well until the afterlife.

I hate having to keep explaining this whenever this comes up, no where does Jesus say to obey the Romans or even pay their tax. More so, even during his trial one of the crimes he was accused of was teaching people not to pay or obey the Romans. In the passage a group of questioners are attempting to get Jesus in a literary trap by asking him what his position is on the Roman tax. Now if he states he's against it, they'll report it to the Roman authorities and have him taken away. But at the same time if he says to pay it, the questioners will have the evidence against him to bring him before the chief preists and have him publicly disavowed amoung the people. So instead Jesus turns it back on them by first calling them hypocrites and asking them to produce coin suitable for paying the tax. When one of them produces a Roman denari (a coin which was now just entering circulation), which at the time displayed Caeser as mammon (god of money), Jesus rebukes them and says "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's", effectively saying "Take back that blasphemous coin and give unto God what is his (which if you paid attention to the teaching earlier, is yourself). This stuns the questioners, who had been expecting to receive a simple answer they could use against him and instead got a rebuke of both the Romans and the chief preists (who for all their talk of tax resistance, engaged in distributing and using the new coin).

It would make even less sense to interpret it as Jesus saying to abide by Roman society, as even the apostles later went on to form a commune where all things were shared in common and where a couple who attempted to make a profit dropped dead en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ananias_and_Sapphira

Thats some pretty bourgeoisie reasoning you got there

There is literally nothing wrong with either religion

t. red liberal

Not an argument

Theistic Satanism/LHP is certainly NOT fun and games, its extremely dangerous and 99% of people are not fit for the path.

yeah if you want to have any non-sperg friends that is

To be fair, there's two types of liberals. Those who say that there's nothing wrong with religion and those who say that religion must be removed.

if you think this is our only criticism of our religion you should consider lurking.

I'm seriously wondering what type of 12 year olds you're arguing with that you still hear bullshit like this. Of course, you probably haven't heard it, because it's just a strawman.


I would be suprised if Islam in the last 100 years has killed as many people as the 30 years war in the 17th century.

We dindu nuffin.

Muslims are the real monsters. Don't you remember 9/11?

Christian nations' imperialism over the last 200 years has killed more people than muslim terrorism.

Buddhism is pretty compatible with it afaik. The sutras say little about the origin of the world, and there's nothing offensive to it in the idea of animals being on the same continuum as humans, since that's one of its doctrines anyways.

Islam is the final stage of history after Communism, read Sayyid Qutb. Muslims did nothing wrong, they were provoked by America and terrorism and radicalism are reactions to imperialism.

I agree with you op. Christianity is the religion of socialism.

fugg reelidon ::DDD

Not to mention that Theravada eschatology literally deals with the Earth being swallowed by the Sun when it becomes a red giant. Make of that what you will.