New Joe Rogan episode with Russell Brand, fuckers!

New Joe Rogan episode with Russell Brand, fuckers!

In this video a right-libertarian podcaster debates a social democrat hippie.

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Also, Russell Brand interviewing a british nazi. Funny stuff

*blocks your path*

*sucks your dick, but only as part of an injoke between two otherwise-heterosexual men, not like some kinda fruity San Fran queermo that would unironically enjoy another man's penis in his mouth*

he does an okay job of defending chomsky tier anarchism. Falls back on the wasn't real communism but does well to say that good things have come from capitalism but we can do better. Its a good way to phrase it for your average joe rogan podcast listener. Joe Rogan is into a lot of hippie shit so most of that will stick with them also.

this is some above average praxis.

Joe Rogan is so irritating. Self absorbed wanker.

We really need to get Zizek onto there man

Joe can barely understand his science-related guests when they dumb their research/theories down as much as they can while simultaneously getting the underlying point across, Zizek would be a nightmare

Yeah, but Zizek would probably be relatable/comedic enough that Joe might make an attempt to listen and I think that Zizek on the show may make his audience turn less classcucked by seeing/hearing the two interact with eachother

Russell Brand has always seemed really pseudo intellectual to me. He talks about "big" "revolutionary" ideas, but never seems to have any actual knowledge of the evidence behind what he is discussing. Plus the way that he ends up relating all of his ideas back to personal well being makes him seem like a scam artist playing on people's discontentment with their lives.


I was seriously worried that Holla Forums has decided in some secret discord that memeing Russel Brand is somehow a productive idea.

Sounds like Rogan, Brand, Zizek are all the same person.

I thought Russel Brand was an actual libertarian socialist? He claimed to be an anarchist a few times.

How Joe Rogan Helps Trump And Republicans

He claims to be a socialist nowadays

Russell Brand is an undeniable wanker and you can look no further than r/Socialism to see this as fact. They kiss his ass like it is going out of style.

I don't go on Reddit and don't care what they say. I don't see any reason to hate on the guy

literally everyone in America helps Trump and the Republicans

Really? I thought they'd hate him cuz he says retard and shit.

I tried for so long to find a good image about not dabbling with evil forces to gain power and I failed you.

They probably do, r/Socialism is surprisingly "nuanced" with their love hate relationship with the bourgeoisie who represent both what they want and hate. I think it is why they are such big fans of people like Colin Kaepernick.

Actually the correct brocialist position is to support Brand like Mark Fisher did

the nazi kid surprisingly seems like a well rounded guy whose aware of 90% of whats going on. it would take very little to redpill him.

Russell Brand Savagely Buttfrustrates Noam Chomsky fans with Vulgar Imitation

Chomsky's response

Doesn't he act like everything a rightwinger guest says is a marvelous insight but wastes the time of leftist guests by asking how do their knowledge help them get laid?