Daily News Thread 10/6

Trump faces second nuclear weapons stand-off by abandoning Iran deal

Donald Trump is expected to decertify the international Iran nuclear deal on the basis it does not serve US security interests. The landmark 2015 agreement, which Trump has previously described as the "worst deal ever negotiated", meant Iran must impose strict curbs on its nuclear programme in exchange for sanctions relief.

In meeting with military, Trump talks of 'calm before the storm'

After discussing Iran and North Korea with U.S. military leaders on Thursday, President Donald Trump posed for a photo with them before dinner and declared the moment “the calm before the storm.”

Russia Threatens to Retaliate Against U.S. Media for RT’s Targeting

Russia is threatening to retaliate against U.S. media after American authorities targeted state broadcaster RT, accelerating a downward spiral in ties between the two countries.

Puerto Rico Is Running Out of Money

Puerto Rico faces a government shutdown on Oct. 31, including halting its hurricane recovery, if Congress doesn’t provide billions in emergency funds, said Treasury Secretary Raul Maldonado.

Trump wants cash-strapped NATO ally Britain to send more troops to Afghanistan

More British soldiers could be asked to return to the ‘graveyard of empires’ to take part in yet another US troop surge to deal with a resurgent Taliban.

Dentsu's overtime fine puts spotlight on Japan's work culture

Japanese advertising firm Dentsu has been fined for making employees work excessive overtime, a practice that is widespread in the country.

Rainbow raids: Egypt launches its widest anti-gay crackdown yet

Sarah Hegazy has been jailed, beaten by inmates, and could face a life sentence in an Egyptian prison if found guilty of “promoting sexual deviancy” and other charges tied to her alleged crime: waving a rainbow flag at a concert.

ISIS carries out attacks from US-controlled ‘black-hole’ area near Al-Tanf base – Russian MoD

The 100km area around the US Al-Tanf base near the Syrian-Jordanian border has become a “black hole” which ISIS terrorists use to carry out attacks against Syrian troops and civilians, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

US Justice Dept repeals transgender workers’ protections

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has issued a memo reversing protections for transgender workers previously expanded under the Civil Rights Act. Under the revision, Sessions said discrimination only applies to men and women.

Drug company allegedly flooded the US with fentanyl as opioid epidemic deepened

New Jersey has become the latest state to sue a drug company for allegedly fraudulently pushing the deadly opioid fentanyl at doctors and patients. Fentanyl, which is 50-100 times stronger than heroin, caused the death of pop legend Prince.

Judge denies bail for accused leaker, Reality Winner

A federal judge has ruled that a woman charged with leaking U.S. secrets will remain jailed until her trial.

In the World’s Most Livable Cities, Hardly Anyone Can Afford a Home

Home ownership among young Australians has fallen to the lowest level on record, as an explosive property boom squeezes out all but the wealthiest.

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Can this asshole just be positive for once.


The Rising of Britain’s ‘New Politics’



A COALITION CONSISTING of the preeminent national business lobby, several financial services trade groups, and over a dozen business organizations in Texas have banded together — the way individuals might in a class-action lawsuit — to force the federal government to allow them to block class-action lawsuits.


WILLIAM WEHRUM IS the Trump administration’s pick to head the Environmental Protection Agency Office of Air and Radiation. “Bill,” the first line of his bio at his law firm, Hunton & Williams, boasts, “is well known for his thorough grasp of environmental issues.”

Sneaky Trump Scheme Guarantees Profits of Coal and Nuclear Power Plant Owners

Trump’s latest giveaway: a massive subsidy to coal and nuclear plant operators via unnecessary and costly electricity backup requirements.

Battle of the Plutocrats

Why are Democrats backing a billionaire venture capitalist in one of 2018's most critical races?

Posad gang riding high.



Everything this fucker says is a "what did he mean by this" moment

Trump rolls back access to free birth control

Donald Trump's government has issued a ruling that allows employers to opt out of providing free birth control to millions of Americans.

Ngl that op/ed on Corbyn's foreign policy was eye-opening, thanks news user.

Also TIL Corbyn intends to fully allow the Chagos Islanders to return.

Ironically this will affect minorities more.


Holy shit this is scary. Pretty accelerationist though in the sense of driving alienation to its maximum.

well, that doesn't look good. People we mostly joking about trump going on a military warpath but now it's looking more and more likely


well, you got me there. either way its looking like he cares more about his image of being the big strong man who never backs down over potential war, even nuclear war.

What the fuck is the logic behind this? "I don't want to pay for your baby" But surely every one of these fucking hypocrites begs and pleads and whines over how badly they need coverage for testicular cancer

boomer logic, they will complain about how they never need to pay for anyone else's shit but anything concerning them is a top priority for tax dollars



Same people that complain when the babies are born and they have to pay even more on welfare for it. Basically just retards

Sometimes I wish capitalists knew how capitalism worked. Marx is useful even to them.

You know I wasn't implying that, but I should have . Because that's correct

Also, it doesn't matter because birth control is what, limits birth. If you're forcing someone not to have easier access to it, you're creating a problem where a medical issue might occur.

And please don't give me the "personal responsibility" crapshoot, because the people who support this shit are the direct opposite of the healthy responsible ideal citizen of capitalism. The men who support stupid shit like this are the direct opposite of what they preach.

Every single American man over the age of forty who complains about women's reproductive health being their own responsibility, I 100000000000000% guarantee are even less responsible to their bodies through their lifetime than someone who just wants birth control coverage.

Americans, especially boomers can't see someone getting help without thinking they're losing out in some way, their worldview is literally zero-sum-game theory

It's a scheme to drive up the birth rate to replace the millions lost to the nuclear fire, of course.

Under capitalism babies are cancer. If anyone says capitalism is natural, just point out how it turns child-rearing into a shitty burden instead of the fulfilling experience it should be.

Or it could be that everyone who has and will run the US government is a bright red sweaty porcine monster perpetually covered in some layer of translucent gelatin who appeals to the worst aspects of mankind

There doesn't need to be a war for that

For the liberals that still believe the EU is worth defending or that it's a bulwark against Fascism:


Brussels defends use of ‘proportionate force’ in Catalonia

STRASBOURG — The Spanish government’s “proportionate use of force” in Catalonia was necessary to uphold the rule of law, the European Commission declared on Wednesday.

As the European Parliament opened a debate on the Catalonia crisis, Commission First Vice President Frans Timmermans sided unequivocally with the Madrid government.
Timmermans minced no words in condemning the effort to hold an independence referendum as a violation of the Spanish constitution and, therefore, as a threat to the rule of law in all EU countries.

His comments were met by the continuing fury and disbelief of Catalans who insist the referendum was intended as a democratic expression of free speech and self-determination.

“None of us want to see violence in our societies,” Timmermans went on.
“However it is a duty for any government to uphold the law, and this sometimes does require the proportionate use of force.”

Rule of law and the authority of state >>>> Your personal rights. What a bunch of repulsive pigs.

clearly this was all a plot by Trump to boost profits of the coat hanger industry

Everyone in the proximity of Germany is infected. Nothing there is free from sin.

I doubt actually they care all that much. It's some easy red meat for the base, and allows them to save buck that can be plowed into more tax cuts. Think not red and sweaty, but pale, cold and sterile, with a weak and clammy handshake.

I mean, these things don't have to be mutually exclusive. Look at anyone in the house of representatives.

It's a commonly known fact that burgers are misanthropes.

How are my fellow West Coast comrades feeling about Trump's storm comments and North Korea? I live in Portland, so I don't think there's much of a chance of me getting Norked, but the war hawks are still seriously worrying me. Whatever's coming can't be good.

No fucking shit, that's what you get when every Millenial and his dog wants to move to fucking Sydney and Melbourne because "muh cosmopolis"

Can someone assassinate this fucking subhuman pig already?

don't you have a magazine to read or something, boomer?

how fucking dare these spoiled millenials move to big cities where they have better chances of getting employed rather than living in some fucking rural shithole where they'll probably starve to death,

I live in Vancouver.
i dunno, whenever I hear such bravado from Trump nowadays and his advisors nowadays, a Macbeth quote comes to my mind

I mean, what has the most he's done in foreign policy? All he did was throw a massive bomb into a bunch of caves in Afghanistan and fired off 50 tomahawks into Syria and destroyed some infrastructure. Just like Obama 8 months into his respective administration, he's already his diminishing returns in terms of foreign policy and diplomacy.

And not becoming fentanyl and/or meth addicts like everyone else who gets left in destitute American towns. The fucking gall.

The problem is wealthy people forcing the 'native' working residents from their neighborhoods to turn them into yuppie havens where you don't have to look at the poor.

You're being an idiot. The millennial respond not to cultural tastes, but to economic pressures. Cities are where the jobs are now, so that's where they go. Ain't no jobs in Bumfuck Ohio, pop. 40.000.

Persian Nukes when?

“Under heaven all is chaos, the opertunity is perfect” - Mao Zendong

If this means no more contra hen I support it.

I hate Trump’s politics so much, yet I love his personality.

fuck this.

I'm a Millenial myself, and my country has the exact same problem. I wonder how many of those bitching about "affordability" are working minwage McJobs.

You honestly believe that if they had to choose between a better-paying job and living in DA BIG CITY they'd choose to live in a small town? Because all the ones I know are hicklibs that are generally

Also, why is the dearth of jobs in smaller towns never actually addressed when hicklibs bitch about large urban areas not being "affordable"?

Why is the solution never "improve rural communities and small towns so fewer people feel the need to leave for Sydney, Melbourne etc"? Why do articles about the "affordability of major urban areas" always seem to operate on the assumption that lack of employment in smaller communities is some Iron Law of the Market that can't be addressed by politics?

I don't have to believe shit because they simply don't have that choice. There are no higher paying jobs in the cuntryside, only meth and fentanyl.

Again, why do all the articles on this treat the lack of employment in the countryside as essentially unchangeable? Is it because they're written by journalists living in those major urban areas that don't actually care about the why, they're just sick of sharing an apartment with other 20-something year olds to survive in said major urban area?

We are fucked, but I'll teach my children to build a guillotine. I think they may need it


Journalists tend to be scum in general regardless of religion

Hearing Wolff talk about the lack of reading of Marx in economic departments is heartbreaking. He had to get into Marxism on his own time.

The blatant lack of marxist texts in college curriculums is probably what pisses me off the most about the Kulty Marks conspiracy

The think is that while you get payed more in urban jobs, the cost of living is hirer in urban areas.

IDK about your country, but I've recently been to a round table dedicated to Industry 4.0, smart villages and opportunities for young people in the countryside, we discussed a lot and here are the solutions that have been proposed, some of which will be relayed further up to the EPP-level for a potential EU wide program:
>a project to criss-cross the countryside with electric charging stations to smooth the transition to electric cars for rural communities<

I agree it's not much, but it's a start.

There’s farming

Rationalizing agriculture is something Stalin already came up with 90 years ago. Glad to see the EU is as groundbreaking as ever.

Farming employs vanishing few people nowadays.

Will Trump going to war with North Korea and/or Iran finally dissuade his base? Or is that delusional thinking.

Reminds me of that "Silicon Playground" bit from The Thick Of It.

I was thinking more along the lines of protectionist measures, reducing/halting immigration and creating anti-complexity regulation that would reduce/prevent excessive corporate consolidation (and the resulting hollowing out of smaller communities when the only major employers left are supermarkets).

I know Holla Forums hates reformism, but it seems to have better potential than going innawoods and attempting to overthrow the government

All "rationalizing agriculture" did for my country (Best Zealand) was ensuring massive agricultural consolidation (i.e. "employs vanishing few people"), the death of rural communities, and destroying our rivers with fertiliser/fecal runoff

Cry me a river, Brother Number One. Farming is nasty and tiresome work, and the fewer people have to slave away at it the better. The environmental problems are just a matter of not practicing proper rational planning.

That explains why home gardening is so popular, because humanity has an instinctive revulsion to working the soil…wait a minute

Except that was how agriculture was "rationalised", fuckwit. The "inefficient" farms went under, and were bought out by the "efficient" farms.

Industrial-scale agriculture can only survive by excessive fertiliser usage, monoculture crops, and every other advance brought on by "rationalised" agriculture.

Really, how stupid are you? The problems I cited are features, not bugs - you can't "rationally plan" your way out of those problems with industrial agriculture, anymore than you can "rationally plan" to live as an alcoholic and not develop cirrhosis

Nobody's arguing that this is in any way preferable.
It sucks, and is a result of capital concentration in cities, which creates a destructive feedback loop of poverty and misery in both urban and rural areas for working people, the difference being that the urban labor aristocracy is fed an attractive and glitzy ideology of success and city high-life.
It's also extremely tenuous, if capital were to abandon these cities, you'd end up with another Detroit.

The appeal of cities is both economic and cultural, and it's very hard to resist if you're the typical shallow 20s-something dipshit who's in love with the notion of some haughty career choice carrying you into some kind of comfortable wealth (i.e. the American Dream.)

As Zizek would say, modern ideology is largely unconscious. If you think that you can pull people away from it without changing the economics to the point of overwhelming the career-romanticism, that's just utopian.

Under capitalism, if you're a worker, you face at least the constant threat of misery wherever you live, there's just less threat in (some) cities for the moment.

Farming is mostly mechanized these days, and essentially all arable land is occupied by a few wealthy, state supported farming corporations.

Getting the kind of land reforms we need would require a revolution, I fear.

Home gardening isn't the same as harvesting fruit for 8+ hours a day in the baking sun.
Farm work can be devastating to your body.

Your moralistic language makes me smile. We have to feed a lot of people, and this is how you do it with a minimum amount of human labour power, a scarce resource just as much as land or clean water. You can have your hobby garden in your leisure time.

To you, but I’d rather work 10 hours on a small farm thensix hours in a corpret job in a city.

And there’s no rational planing because there’s no farmers who care about the land or the environment left.

Labor and work should be something people enjoy, not hate. And this proses starts with giving people jobs they enjoy, like farming.

Human labor is different from other resources because people are entitled to ALL of there labor, and they can chose how they want to use here labor power.

True, but again, how much of that is due to the aforementioned agricultural consolidation/rationalisation I mentioned? With "rationalisation" of agriculture the only efficient way to manage 100+ hectare farms is by growing mono-culture crops, which leads to the scenario you mentioned where (often Third World) workers end up working from dusk til dawn harvesting fruit from massive tracts.

Industrial agriculture survives only by massive consumption of scare resources like oil and fresh water (the former not being renewable, and the latter consumed at such quantities it becomes non-renewable i.e. aquifers). I mean I guess in an ideal world we'd have solar-powered drones working in vertical farms, but we're nowhere near making that a possibility yet

dawn to dusk*

So you're going to destroy the productive capacity of the agriculture industry and cause a global famine just because you like the aesthetic of small farms and manual labor?
This is pure utopianism.

Farming is for land owners only.

The problem is capitalism and the profit motive, not machines.

yes, clearly

It was half organized by the association of christian entrepreneurs, so what can you do. Even if their goal is maximizing the profit to be made from underemployed, i'll still support it if it means young people will be helping farmers instead of falling into some dead end retail job in the city,

Stop whining about those, they feed more people than they starve. And evolved plant's basically solve the disease vulnerability problem. Once you switch the mechanized fleet to electric and economize on fertilizer, which is already been done successfully in Europe, we're home free. The only problem with large scale mechanized agriculture is when it is privately owned.

hired farmhands hav existed ever since agriculture

No, but the reality is we’ll have to move back to more labor intensive methods of farming because they way modern farming operates it uses lot’s of natural resources (like physoperus) but little human labor. Compare this to traditional farming which is very labor intensive, but requires little natural resources. Simply put we’ll have to move back to traditional farming methods weather we like it or nor. And I NEVER suggested we destroy agricultural productivity because of ascetics.

Monoculture is VERY bad for soil fertility. Monoculture causes loss of soil fertility which means in the future land used in monoculture will produce less food. Surprise, surprise an urbanite known NOTHING about soil fertility.



Blah blah blah just re-introduce three-field system, which, again, we already do in Europe. Just because burgers are retards about their agriculture doesn't mean modern agriculture is beyond saving.

It blows my mind we actually don't do crop rotation anymore in burgerland

I wish I hadn't seen that graphic. Honestly depressing.

Read Modern agriculture relies on phosphorus which will run out.


That will decrease overall yields though.

Why do liberals and succdems hate not clear power so much?

The last capitalist politician to understand how capitalism actually worked was FDR. And he was so fucking good at keeping the rest of the capitalists in check, that they amended the US Constitution to make sure it never happened again.


During the Depression, FDR told the other capitalists that they were just gonna have to give up on rampant accumulation in order to pay for things for the poor. Social Security, unemployment, and massive construction jobs programs. Also busted up the big banks.

Capitalists said no and tried to have Smedley Butler (hero of the Marine Corps) overthrow the US government. Butler refused.

Capitalists finally agreed to FDR's demands and that's how we got all the shit that made America great (for white dudes, at least) for generations. But as soon as FDR died, they put a term limits in place and immediately began working on dismantling everything he did.

FDR stopped a communist revolution by understanding how capitalism was destroying itself, and putting the brakes on it.

Huey Long > FDR tbh

Unfortunately capitalism has domesticated us into being ignorant about and in turn not enjoy such labor/life skills.

For that to happen we need to even have grade schools lefted into teaching farming.

The one tried and true way to make the revolution happen is through education.

What is likely to happen in America is that nothing will happen!

Look at all these facts that prove how powerful the military is.

Hard to hate on old, senile people.

Nice news, very informative :)

Trump just nuked the iran deal

inb4 >muh deep state

"decertify" basically meant that trump has now made Congress responsible for passing it or not. it still looks like it has a very high chance of being saved.