Are SJWisms such as mansplaining, internalized hatred of women/racism, etc...

Are SJWisms such as mansplaining, internalized hatred of women/racism, etc. Freudian psychoanalysis taken to its most logical conclusion?

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No, it's Foucault and his opression theory of power structures.

Sage because I'm not sure if you are fresh from Holla Forums or not.

No, not Holla Forums. It's a legitimate question, since there are a lot of similarities between how identity politics is used to silence criticism and gaslighting.

I think you should read Freud

you will not find anything like that in these

and afaik SJWs misunderstand Foucault and misuse his theories quite heavily. they are also blind to their own institutional power as a influence bloc which makes them a completely valid source of oppression even by Foucaultian terms

why do ppl even pay attention to psychoanalysis. It's detached from reality and pseudo-scientific.

Internalized hatred has Foucalt's fingerprints all over it.

'Mansplaining' is just an annoying way of describing sexist condescension. And I've never hear anyone say it in real life either.

The people who bitch about PC culture or SJWs are more annoying as the advocates, tbh. I guess if you work in an uptight office it could be a drag, but you probably have a dress code too. Yet there aren't a million Youtubers complaining about that. And if you have a blue collar job they aren't really issues at all beyond simple don't-slap-your-female-coworker's-ass-on-the-factory-floor type rules.

Damn. That zizek poster obliterated intersectionalfags

Both are motivated armchair reasoning in the absence (or purposeful ignorance) of evidence, so I get the similarity, but why specifically Freud?
I'd say all such things are just generic faith-based thinking.

boi you better not.

get that reactionary anglo empiricism OUTTA here. if you don't accept psychoanalysis, i find it hard to believe you can call yourself a leftist with any degree of honesty

I don't care about fitting in with you dogma.
Psychoanalysis is baseless

actually the science of mind is trans-scientific, it is the higher, subtler science
it's not a disregard of science, it's built off of some of the same principals as physical science, but it goes beyond
it's really ignorant to think that something as narrow as the scientific method can 'explain everything', it cannot.
because REAL science involves the observer, this is not a clockwork, mechanistic universe, as was thought in the West in previous centuries.
at the subatomic level, results change based on observation, the same is true on the macro level, because (You) are involved.
everything is made up based on how you percieve it, not in a solipsistic sense, no brain in a jar, there IS a physical universe, but the instrument used to observe it (a naked ape with a spinal column attached to a 110 billion cell computer) must be taken into account
tl;dr don't be a faggot and dismiss actual science for outdated models

"I just watched a documentary on quantum physics", the post.

Wat. Psychoanalysis isn't a determinant factor for being a leftist.

You've actually said nothing.

I have, by a man.

Well, it's some variation of Freud, but not logical in any sense of the word.

You're on the right track, you should read Husserl to help clarify your thoughts on this. Try not read too much into the generalized "observer" in the QM formal apparatus as popularized, which is a misleading caricature that effectively dumbs down the mysterious intricacies of intentional causality and whatever the structure of its entanglements with fundamental nature may be. These often bizarre contortions of reason that have been promoted over the years beginning with even QM's foremost architects is itself a puzzle piece descended to us from the outermost contours of mind.

similarities? what from Freud's or Lacan's work reek of idpol?

flag related

I've never understood the need for this term. To 'patronize' means more or less the same thing, and it already is derived from the latin word for 'father' so it already contains the fuck-men-amirite element.


SJWs don't know latin.

Well, SJWs just don't know shit in general.

Why are retards like you here?


Did you even read my post? This place gets fucking worse everyday with illiterates abounding everywhere, opening their stupid mouths about things they know nothing about.

Partly-unrelated question for those who consider themselves familiar with Freud: Was Freudianism a major contribution to the field of mental health, or was it largely an abortive dead-end, or even an overall impediment to the field's evolution? A family member of mine is a psychologist of early-'70s vintage, and to this day maintains a raging hateboner against psychiatrists in general, and Freud in particular, is this opinion justified?

Boilerplate pomo deepity gobbledygook aside, the problem with (legitimate) study and treatment of the human mind is not that it is somehow inherently parallel to science through any sort of mystical nonsense, but that it is in such a primitive state at present as to be "proto-scientific", much as was the case with taxonomy, to a lesser degree, prior to our understanding of genetics.



But anti-sjws are just as bad. Actual normal people dont care. Sage this thread for autism.

Nah, it's just leftover New England style puritanism in a secular coat.
The eternal heretic strikes again.

Then got banned for saying "crazy" and "stupid".

I think there's varying degrees of interest "normal people" (whatever the fuck that means) have in identity politics, and boiling it down to "they don't care" as a blanket rule is a pretty simplistic take on the matter

Freud? More like Fraud


The only people even remotely affected by PC culture or SJWs are either midlevel office workers or in the entertainment industry. Not the working-class. Nothing more than insufferable spoiled brats whining about chicken-little nonsense.

Remember that GG only happened when SJWs took a steaming hot censorship dump all over tens of millions of normalfag gaymur discussion forum members, followed by a barrage of insulting articles.

It obviously isn't as bad as living under their thumbs 24/7 like people in academia or media, but SJWs regularly throw bricks through other peoples' windows by arbitrarily attacking some innocuous thing they enjoy. A good comparison (in this sense and others) would be Christard fundies, who are obviously a real terror for the families and communities in their sway, but are still an intermittent nuisance to many people of all sorts due to their habitual belligerence.

tfw op is trying to turn Cultural Freudism into a thing…

you cannot be, intellectually at least, a materialist if you don't accept psychoanalysis, and adorno/horkheimer/zizek knew this very well. it is the only psychological field which doesn't effectively reproduce the existing order (no surprise that a new corporate-funded "debunking" of freud's theories gets released every year like clockwork) because it is the ONLY field which is capable of interpreting mental states to the social field, rather than relying on some reactionary biological reductionism.

there is no "mental health" without freud. psychoanalysis is opposed to what is usually called psychology because these "psychologists," e.g. the types who promote that CBT filth, only exist to make mentally suffering people who, surprise surprise, don't function all that well to the demands of capitalist society, correct their 'illness' so that they shape up and get back in line. psychoanalysis on the other hand views one's mental state as symptomatic of one's social situation, and its function, as freud himself put it, "only offers the possibility of transforming neurotic misery into common unhappiness." psychoanalysis doesn't function to make happy individuals, because why the fuck would it, we don't exactly live in a society which makes us happy. psychoanalysis doesn't exist to tell you everything is fine, it only provides you with the truth of your suffering and your desire.

the era your family member comes from is no surprise, that is precisely the moment that pharmacology and university psychology made their strongest attack against freud, because they knew the radical implications of his thought.

shit the fuck up and get the fuck out of here. "baseless," spoken like a true anglo reductionist idiot. let me guess, you are under the assumption that people are depressed because of their genes, or some stupid shit like that. nothing about the nature of capitalist society which would produce depressed individuals! clearly, everything is totally fine. nothing going on here which is unfavorable to people's needs and desires. in fact, capitalism is great, you're just unhappy because of your magical "sad" gene.

and you accuse me of dogma. read a fucking book before you dare accuse me of any amount of dogma.

actually it's entirely figured out, it just doesn't make people into good workers so it's largely ignored. if you actually try to do things which give you a healthy mind with no stress and the ability to concentrate deeply and find the solution to any problem, you will likely be socially ostracized and have to face a lot of hardship.
the knowledge of the Upanishads are entirely complete, though. ask it anything.

and honestly fuck op for even trying to create a link between freud and the current liberal trash. psychoanalysis and marxism are the two greatest theoretical tools to the communist movement imaginable.


denk u