Why can't the left meme? Is it autism?

Why can't the left meme? Is it autism?

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lse.ac.uk/[email protected]/research/pdf/JeremyCorbyn/Cobyn-Report-FINAL.pdf

read bordiga

literally sounds like an autistic name


but what about the memes

you can't deny that the modern left is significantly more autistic than any other group in history

it's exclusively made up of repressed chubby atheist fedoras and homo nutjobs


imagining the butthurt tranny that made that


holy shit your brain really is broken

We did a pretty god damn good job for longer than Holla Forums has even existed.

cmon kid stop proving me right

when did communism vote in an Orange Hitler for president of the greatest hyperpower on Earth?


because memeing is for retarded rights and children. educated adults refrain from it as it tends to kill discourse

You call voting for someone an accomplishment


kek you're the same guy that spams this on 4chan


sure, disrupting socialist planning is a massive accomplishment.

Man, the picture perfectly shows Holla Forumsreddit's fetishes.

America, the USSR, Hillary Clinton what's the difference

You fucking American pig dog

so angry

hahahaha really mad

Oh right, you need new blood

A revolution is more accomplished than an election cycle


very similar to stupid religious Christian idiocy being brutally honest. Christians are all the same with their stupid hug & kisses that achieve nothing.

pffffft hahahahahaha

nice """"revolution"""" you got going here comrade

Why can't Holla Forums meme?

says the ziocuck

its understandable that you are this bitter

lol sure, whatever makes you feel better

dont forget to dilate you disgusting freak

nice spooks kiddo

they're not wrong tho, most "Holla Forums" memes are nabbed from other boards and newfags think they're Holla Forums original

pol memes work for a reason. leftypol memes dont work for a reason.

you can kvetch about what you think are their origins all you like. pol will keep winning hearts and minds while you wallow in tears and oestrogen pills.

GOD you "people" are PATHETIC

One can openly be an Antifa be praised as a hero of the people. But one can't openly be a Nazi & not get instantly #rekt in the streets.
Thats all I have to say man.

man what are you even going on about, memes "working" for you?
this is exactly why Holla Forums original "memes" tend to NOT work, or at least, not last very long at all (i.e. "carl the cuck"), they're forced as hell, you make them with the explicit purpose of "i will use this as a tool to recruit people".
admittedly this happens sometimes here as well but not as often as on Holla Forums.

literally all you have to do is gulag him

you can openly be an antifa in a very small minority of the country.

you can be a nazi in a much greater area of this map and no one will care. if you're openly antifa in those areas, you will probably get shot or worse.

It should be clear to everyone that OP doesn't even intend to have a serious discussion/debate or argue in good faith. so stop giving him attention.
Also remember to sage bait and shitposting threads for fucks sake.

what does that even mean? are you having a stroke?

carl the cuck is not a meme in and of itself. the meme is "look at this deranged leftist nutjob". it's a long succession of memes that only mentally ill brainwashed leftists can produce when they try to interact with the real world and it's caught on video.

i'm guessing that 99% of this board would produce a similar meme if you went outside and had a conversation with the average American voter.

To be fair, he does post on Holla Forums

you ignore the population density of those areas that literally won not by popularity but by the electoral college. Next presidency the Electoral College gets removed forever don't worry.

you're way too normie for Holla Forums, idk why you're pretending they don't think you're a cuckservative

t. Willich, the uneducated, four times cuckolded jackass.

nah next election we'll have genocided leftists

enjoy the gas pinko nigger

yep, it's autism

and you worms wonder why you lose

pshh you can't even do this now where Republicanism was at it's strongest. It's already going down in popularity and this is just the first year. If you guys couldn't even pull off another unite the right shows how unpopular you guys have become in the span of 1 year.
Next year everything will be pretty much over I'm calling it. You will say that it was "an edgy Holla Forumstard phase of yours and you were not actually serious anyways" to try to laugh it off. Calling it. I'm always correct.

i bet you talk about pepe and kekistan in public

what argument? autists aren't worth arguing with you just make fun of them and move on

Why the fuck are people replying to this goober and not saging?

The left can meme. Liberals can't


because i'm bored and picking on retards is fun

seriously any Holla Forumstard that thought that nazism was possible to pull off in USA was an absolute retard lmao not even in the 50s and that motherfucker of George Lincoln Rockwell tried really fuckin hard but failed miserably for obvious reasons. It's doomed to fail.

my fucking sides. you are getting thrown in the chamber first.

post a pic of yourself comrade

good one


almost like your the status quo of capitalism comrade,. Serious question, how do commies feel about being in bed with corporate america?

Pointing out the worst in each group is a fucking retarded way of showing that one side is more autistic than the other. Both sides will always have autistic looking people and both sides will always have a mixed variety of intelligent and unintelligent people.

you too

thinks it'll get removed hahahahahah

yeah it would be pretty embarrassing if all my politics was funded and astroturfed by billionaire tycoons like the Kochs or Johnson or Mercer or Murdoch or Singer or Thiel…

everyone in corporate media from fox news to the daily show had the exact same "fuck antifa" stance broadcast loudly on TV, and you sat on your couch and took it all in like the sad cuck you are and thought you were being anti-establishment

Congrats on bucking the system by having the same opinion as Trevor Noah

what is Zuckerberg and soros or any fortune 500 company. Also the people you posted are neo cons or cuckservatives i'd be in a sad state to if i was into one of these shitty ideologies which have no problems with you and your ilk


so that CNN cover story doesn't exist, also the only reason any of these people counter singled antifa in any fashion was because they weren't being peaceful they never attacked them on ideology reasons or called them horrible people.

I wish but no. They just talk less shit about us yes since we're not literal fucking Nazis (only Holla Forums can go full retard like that and ruin it for everyone in the right). In all honesty we don't have to do anything… You guys destroyed yourselves, any chance you had boom gone for stupidly thinking Nazism was socially accepted smh hahahaha.

This is for us just an opportunity to gather more allies. Antifa is getting more support even from liberals true you're right there ofc I welcome it more people more power. But you don't want to adapt, you want to remain a racist misfit ok. If Racists were the majority I would say otherwise but it's not the case anymore. I recommend you to adapt instead of following a dead cause.

come on Holla Forums you comrades should just embrace white identitarianism. just remember you can't have your brand of communism or any other type of leftwing government force without a white ethnic make-up.

nah. that limits the number of allies I can have, making me less powerful. I rather not judge based on imaginary beliefs with stupid unreal generalized concepts of race. Being that exclusive only makes me weaker like you.

You were on point to start off with, people aren't racist and won't necessarily support racists but in saying that, no-one wants to live in a multi-cultural, multi, racial society aka brazil so a what i would call a low level of racism exists through out all society's because no-one wants to be a minority in their own country. I think it's hilarious that you think i'm a nazi.

so you think more sticks make a stronger bundle than. Quality over quantity.

why arent americans rangebanned and why is this thread still here?

A neoliberal who hates leftists and would stab them in the back the first chance he got
literally funded groups to help take down the USSR
are libertarian by default

lmao say that in highly populated cities and record yourself for like 3 hours. you will be punched by someone easily. USA is already way too mixed, too diverse for puritan/fundamentalist beliefs to prevail or hold popularity.
and by the way this is an effect of the stage of Capitalism we're at too, except tons of cosmopolitanism it's normal in this stage, I can't blame the needs of individuals they want better profits to live. It will never stop getting more diverse. You should really really start reading books hahaha fuckin brainlet.

lol you would read CNN

plenty of liberals called them commie scum, and you have to be braindead to think that the way good propaganda works is to point and yell calling someone "horrible people"


Come back in ten years and look at today's memes there.

This kills the Holla Forums.

but, what about the memes?

user, I…

yes. easily. I can improvise and make 10,000 bundles with a variety of sticks.

You will just make 10 with the same kind of sticks and wont even be stronger but about the same level of hardness as mine since the differences between races are actually way more negligible than you think. Unpopularity is also the reason why Nazis lost WW2, etc, etc. But you don't read, you don't wanna adapt. Ok it's your loss. Stay a reject.

No. Holla Forums itself killed the Holla Forums.
There is nothing more true than this.

jokes on you i've never supported any of these people and are well aware of this before you even posted this

i doubt it very much but than again it's not impossible i mean antifa are that shitty that even normies hate them

It may come as a surprise but i can read multiple sites that i may not agree with

well to start off with i actually agree with alot of what you said, the scenario of me recording myself will only attract crazies to attack me who aren't the majority who i was talking about in my previous post so it would literally prove nothing.

Just because they don't support your brand off leftism doesn't make them not lefties, on a further point id say the reason why corporate america uses you because maybe support is the wrong word is your not directly against any of their platforms or policies but if that's wrong than maybe your not part of the majority of leftism that exists in america today.

neoliberalism and corporatism is right wing

why do "neoliberal" corporations like fb and twitter ban conservatives for expressing their free speech then?

What's the goal of a corporation?

to censor right wingers and instantiate world communism if you're a mainstream 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧(neoliberal🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧) corporation

I pity the fact that you are this stupid

also don't reply to this post


I told you not to reply didn't I

now I had to waste my time replying to yours

Who would you consider neoliberal? Neoliberals follow the tradition of Reagan and Thatcher (who are indisputably right wing) and the most ostensibly "left" of any of them, Obama, is literally an unabashed Tory

imagine being this cucked

i can go on normiebook right now and join hundreds of conservatard groups, meme and serious ones, if i wanted

I wish your stupid Holla Forums meme image was true. I wish.

literally fake news, how ironic

because you guys are retards that literally thought it was smart to be literal nazis in public.

I am not a white american so I can't get cucked


It is lacking brain capacity to do so. They can't do anything but regurgitate other people's ideas.

nearly all mainstream politicians who support globalism and free market capitalism while building up state power and intertwining it with private enterprises. Reagan and thatcher were strong supports of all the things above or atleast their parties where, Thatcher ddi change her view on the E.U. but i don't think she ever came out against any of the above policies, i'd say they were both close to the center in alot of their policies, yeah obama is in the same boat it's funny how people fawn over him on the mainstream left when he's no different to so called people on the right. Again i don't think you'd be include in this because you can see they're all part of the same group of politicians irrespective of their parties

fake news is a thing, cuck. go back to reading cnn

there are no social media platforms owned by leftists

Holla Forums you're literally the only reason the right is lost but you wont admit it after this shit is over you will through lol pussy

it sure is and it's not working on the people. it's why they voted for trump


Yeah you pretty much understand the leftist perspective here

lmao every rightard does the "I never liked him anyway" dance when their guy pulls out a yarmulke.

lol, ziocuck

what is quality if not quantity?

Name a single social popular social media platform owned by a leftist

Can anyone inform this subhuman that I do not plan to have a conversation about his interracial cuck fetish please?

no, that's degrading

Until you get your skull broken with a bike lock lol

man imagine being this far gone

so you dont want every jew in one place surrounded by low Autism Level arabs who hate their guts on a genetic level?

twitter owned by jack dorsey who is butt buddies with BLM leaders

It's about making money, nigga. That's the number one priority, always.

some small groups of inbred rural white "the south will rise again" retards

USSR had tons of soldiers but each soldier had to share a gun right? I believe that is the point he's trying to make, it's better to have a smaller workforce with great tools than a large workforce with rusty and broken tools.

Im sure all of us would prefer to throw them in a volcano

also we arnt liberals you faggot

Punching your faggot mouth is worth all that and more to be honest. Post your address.


and of course by "BLM leaders" you mean Deray McKessen, self described neoliberal and known corporate shill hated and mocked by the left

You're right, if you give your enemies what they want and help them every time they ask for them, they lose
I don't think you have any room to call anyone else "low I.Q."

yes, we do want to do that dipshit

Neoliberalism doesn't even make sense as conceptually outside of the framework of capitalism
death to israel and every ziocuck

Is this right-wing macho tough guy bullshit the most forced thing that has happened to politics? The left and right were born in the merciless slaughter of reactionaries in the revolutions of the past centuries and it will end that way too. The only reason you e-fash kiddies think you're hard is because all the empty validation you get from the shit you collect online like weird looking liberals and traps and why "triggered" because your go to thing. It's the magic trap card you have when you remember that you're a coward. As if little girls on tumblr talking about safe spaces automatically makes you the mature, brave men in politics.

jews have higher Autism Level's than whitetoids

Post your address

wrong, fox news grandpas will never stop using normiebook no matter how mad they get at cuckerberg
NFL was hemorrhaging money well before Kaep ever knelt

Holla Forums I'm not even "far gone". You're retarded. Even most Holla Forums users know you Holla Forums clearly fucked up when you appeared irl. It's Project Chanology but more way more hyper retarded.

post yours

5037 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008, USA

neoliberalism is entryism in capitalism to communism, retard

cant wait to line you up against the wall


the neoliberal cryptocommunist establishment is in damage control overdrive, but it's too late. we've already won and any steps you try to take will just make us stronger.

not even close to true, which is why your whole argument begins and ends with "retard" and getting increasingly mad


cry about brexit cuck

do you know how positioning works i'm happy you'd throw the democrats under the bus and got you to admit as much. Infighting is one of the greatest rules of divide and conquer. I also wonder how many others you'd also be willing to throw under maybe even people who might agree with you on some things. I think this is by far one of the greatest flaws of the /lefypol/ and the left in general infighting they never seem to be able to get over this small hurdle.

no lol I fucking wish it was that

Why i'm not a nazi, although is anyone who disagrees with you automatically becomes a nazi?

Are you fucking illiterate? I mean can you actually read?

as expected


This is a pro Brexit board, retard. Corbyn was more anti-EU than any of the right wings cucks in the UK. He was saying we should disband it before you were born

Democrats are just blue republicans. There's nothing to be gained as an anti-capitalist by allying with them and thus the idea of "infighting" when they're structurally and fundamentally opposed to our worldview and politics is a false dilemma

madcuzbad lmao

Calling you out as a little insecure bitch is the opposite of complaining about toxic masculinity. Post pics or admit you're a LARPing fag

that's idealist communism. real world communism is what they're going for kiddo

what are your favorite panties to wear when you #BashTheFash comrade

LOL in damage control name only. it's a case of


he is a fat neckbeard, calling it now

Yes, corbyn took a strong anti-EU stance decades ago as damage control for a political issue in 2015

brexit was pushed through by right wing native populists. all of corbyn's MOMENTUM base are anti-brexit children of champagne socialists.

working class pushed through Brexit when the right-wing party put it up for a vote on a dare and the other right wing pro-Brexit party immediately fell into disarray afterwards because they never actually wanted it to pass and just enjoyed riling up sentiment.

nothing you say will change the fact that Holla Forums is pro Brexit and has been from the beginning

You can write a gay cuckold sex novel with accusatory Holla Forums posts like this. You guys love to get descriptive.

none of that bears out in the exit polls, and the anti-brexit cucks all voted libdem

it's more of an urbanite vs countrymen divide. urbanite scum voted against brexit and lost. it's the same as in the American election.


speak for yourself.

you must think about gay cuckolding a lot

they are where he gets his funding from, and they have a lot of sway in media circles.

UKIP basically destroyed itself after the referendum

it's a single issue party. do you understand what that means?

UKIP is perhaps the biggest success story of independent populist politics of all history.

Everyone who isn't a liar knows the media class was almost unilaterally anti-Corbyn through the entire election cycle

lse.ac.uk/[email protected]/research/pdf/JeremyCorbyn/Cobyn-Report-FINAL.pdf

Yes, which is why they stuck around and maintained their political pressure until after Brexit was fully negotiated and acted on, to ensure that their pet issue was properly handed

Jk they just peaced immediately after the referendum because they never actually wanted it to pass and would have no idea what to do with it after it did

Anyone who isn't a newfag knows I'm right

lmfao watch the news any time bud. the BBC cant stop sucking his dick.

also that report says that lefty rags like the mirror and guardian gave him excellent coverage.

Only a rightard would continue a chain of "no-u's" without a hint of irony and as if he's saying something really clever and new. Is this the same creativity that you create your memes with? If only Holla Forums was this fucking brain dead and we would have good internet images.

further proof leftists are living in a separate reality to the rest of us

so why dont you have good internet images?

lay off the fluoride and soy shakes for a few days you might regain some brain function

Their leader at the time stepped down and they lost the little national standing they had. Nuttal was a fucking nobody and this new guy will be even lesser than him

I'm not 12 years old, mong.

There are still anti-Corbyn takes all over the MSM, they "turned it around" in that sometimes they try to get in on the action after the election when it doesn't actually matter anymore like the rats they are. Do you think Brian Williams is pro-Trump now because he jizzes every time he launches a missile post-election?

just google single issue party.
nigel is back in the mix of politics because of brexit fuckery and he might return to UKIP in the end to make sure England is free.

you're posting on leftypol, child

who even gives a fuck though corbyn will never win. it's just a circus at this point in time.

The election already happened you fucking autist, who gives a shit if they're all "yeah yeah we were all with you the whole time please gibs attention and praise" now?

because that's literally the subject of conversation here. If you want to cede the point you're free to do so

I just love it when nazicucks like this loser gets triggered. who cares about communism when we won't even get there due to ecologic collapse

maybe liberals are right, maybe we should just trigger these cucks like if there was no tomorrow

There he goes with another brilliant "no-u".

Yes, and their single issue isn't dealt with and was nowhere near done being dealt with when Nigel stepped down the first time. You got taken for a ride, and the only way Nigel will put his money where his mouth is again is if he finds the opportunity for grift again

im p sure they've always been sucking his dick. theresa is a target they dont want to hit as bad though because "Muh womyn" and shes kind of a retard

there's still way more anti-conservative propaganda in the MSM than anti corbyn stuff

get shit on leftist nigger

of course the issue is dealt with. the people voted to leave. the issue now is how incompetent can our politicians be in dealing with the EU.

it probably doesn't matter though, the EU is a soviety tier bureaucracy through and through.

This shit aint funny nigga. There's a nigga out there in the world that actually feels the need to boast about the image macros his internet friends have made. We need to cut this shit out before these incels achieve their sex bot brothel houses wet dream.

Well you're free to go with your feelings and i'll stick to the report i cited


the report says that he got a lot of positive-neutral coverage from many outlets.

it doesnt mention tv coverage as far as i read briefly. BBC slobbed his knob

they can't even organize an anti-communist rally in the most anti-communist country on the planet lol

Ask yourself why current architecture computers scan't think.

Simple as that. The leftists of today are a pale shadow of what the ideological left was supposed to represent. In fact, the 'antifa' is no different from a repressive police state's hired thugs. They were not bred to think. And without thinking, without a grasp of complex, abstract concepts, they cannot meme.

Communism will give you a gf

anyway im out it was fun shitting on you pathetic leftist dumpster coons

dont forget to take your oestrogen pills you ugly failures(you won't be missed)

nice ragequit

*opens gay tranny interracial porn tab*

Even Holla Forumstards during the election admitted openly that the MSM were against Corbyn, which is why they had super cringey long posts about how "the mainstream gets it right sometimes" to try to reconcile it to their views. It's just such an accepted part of what happened that I'm unclear how I'm supposed to engage you seriously when you can't even admit the obvious. It's like if I pretended the MSM wasn't anti-Trump in the US election, and then when you countered with all the obvious I said "well Fox News seems to like him so I reject that"

you got totally #rekt buttblasted

We should start a MEME DIVISION or a new meme commissariat.

So much for the tolerant right.

umm try again sweetie

oh and the best

wow wtf im a white supremacist now

the left can't me-