Why is there so much projecting on the right?


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My favourite is when they "infiltrate" antifa and end up fighting each other and gaslighting themselves.

how du u know ur not the one projecting m80

what if the right is right (pun intended) and actually it's u whos projecting the projection onto us I mean them

chekm8 atheists


This is pretty good.

They assume pic related is what all leftists are like. Often times they only concern themselves with social issues, and not economic ones.

Because it's the magic trap card they have when they remember that they are "beta cucks" too. Just think why "triggered" became their go-to insult, it's because it's the most petty validation of their non-existent courage. As if little girls on tumblr who talk about safe spaces automatically makes them the strong, thick skinned men of politics.

the phrase "virtue signaling" gets a bad rap, honestly. it's not something Holla Forums does but many people who call themselves leftists much prefer getting outraged by culture war petty bullshit by individuals rather than actual problems with the system. people who spend all of their time reacting against reactionaries are nevertheless to some degree reactionaries. they're less harmful than real reactionaries because at least their vitriol isn't aimed at the complete opposite direction to society's power structures but they are at least prob.lematic.

Why don't you go ask Holla Forums?

Did Rafig just deny the horrible shits the NKVD did?

Seriously, they were much more brutal than the nazis.

It gets a bad rap for the wrong reasons too - such as that by even uttering the phrase you're signaling how humble you are for not engaging in such behaviour, which is in itself virtue signaling.

No, pointing out virtue signaling is just pointing out bad ethics.

You get brownie points for that, because people with bad ethics aren't good people.


Do you need proofs for that?


It is though.

It is pointing out fake ass crocodile tears.

Yes please.


nah, I think he's honestly right: "virtue signaling" has been redefined by right-wingers to mean "being leftist" and as such is now useless for leftist use. it's a shame because the phrase summarizes the problem very well but it's a dead phrase regardless.

how about we use the phrase "double reaction" instead to refer to this phenomenon?


Nah, I don't think he's right.

Most of the virtue signalers are just overreacted leftists/liberals crying crocodile tears every times when minorities are killed/jailed.



Still a lot less then all the shit the nazis did…






Seriously though are you going to demonstrate how exactly the NKVD were more brutal or are you just going to cite bad shit the Soviets in general did?

Do we need to get the whole billion and billion victims of communism?

They kidnapped, raped, killed and purged families of dissidents, which were more than what the nazis did.

Doesn't help that Beria was the head of the NKVD, a man that Stalin himself was afraid of.

not sure if retarded or shitposting


Wait, Hitler's holocaust actually has documentation behind it?

Like how many jews were killed each year?

Oh, so you're just a brainwashed liberal then

Only the Nazis did that exact thing as well. The Nazis would routinely annihilate entire settlements as retribution for partisan activity, raped their way across Eastern Europe and would kidnap the children of Slavic civilians to be raised by German families. Not to mention the fact that they tried to exterminate multiple races of people off the face of the Earth and started history's most devastating war. All in 12 fucking years.

I'm sure he was also very afraid of Hitler when his forces were slaughtering their way to Moscow.



If you dismiss it, the nazis might as well dismiss the Holocaust.

Please provide proofs of anything you just said, especially about entire races of people being genocided by nazis.

The rape parts, the Soviet were more guilty of, considering the rapes they did in Poland and Germany.

Hitler was his enemy, Beria was his own henchman, and even Hitler didn't have a Beria.

Can't read german, but I wait for the statistics.

If you're going to deny the holocaust you can fuck off.

No races were actually wiped off the earth by the nazis.

Even some slavs deserted and fought for the germans.

Yes, because thank god the Soviets crushed their shitty "empire" before they could finish the job.

Über die Behandlung der Fremdvölkischen im Osten.

maybe don't be a pretentious fuck as if you knew what you're talking then.
Lern deutsch, Untermensch.

Except that the authors of the "Black book of communism" openly admitted that they were exaggerating deaths as much as they could and there's no evidence for any of the statistics or estimates they claim. Apart from other dumb shit like attributing civil war and famine deaths to "communism". That book was written solely as a moralistic anti-communist propaganda piece.

some germans deserted and fought for the soviets.

This is what Holla Forums actually believes

The problem is that "showing any concern for society's ills" has become "being a whiny virtue signaling librul" in the mainstream conversation.

Blame him.

Do you have any more pictures of n1x?

how is this relevant?

not being wiped off the earth doesn't mean it wasn't genocide
name one genocide where the victim ethnicity no longer existed afterwards.