Why exactly is that teenager petite bourgeoisie university librul socdem britbongs pretend like this milquetoast...

Why exactly is that teenager petite bourgeoisie university librul socdem britbongs pretend like this milquetoast limpwrist liberal cuckold is some kind of hardcore Stalinist?

Serious question, I really don't understand what's so special about this guy.

he's easily set up to give the neolibs a very thorough purging

By being exactly like any other western libcuck socdem?

i don't understand


Explain you are stance rather than just making a smuk shitpost

it's not the kind of ignorance that can be cured in one post, all I can say is follow UK politics closer and it will become obvious why this guy is our comrade.


stop being fucking lazy and do some actual research, i'm not going to fucking spoonfeed you.

whoa mate watch out or you might overdose on those buzzwords

Nice try pol but the overused buzzwords always blow your cover.

stop making fun of me for not being able to talk english

I did, I read another article about how "the youth love him!" from establishment newspaper in my country today, which prompted me to make this thread since I really can't understand.

Is this possibly related to the fact that the soul of the british islander is incompatible with socialism? thassalocratic origin?

Because Jeremy "Anti Imperialist in the streets, revolutionary in the sheets" Corbyn and John "Gonna Make Lenin look like a Leftcom" McDonnell don't just talk the marxist talk, but have actively walked the walk (Corbyn being involved in loads of anti-imperialist activities, McDonnell being in loads of marxist groups, having actual read DK and there being a speech to the CPB where he says "this is the crisis of capital we must use to push for socialism: some of us have waited our entire lives for this moment").


Are you guys actual establishment shills or did you just genuinely fall for the memes?(weak falseflagging)

Nice way of outing yourself as a brainlet.

Can you use the nazi flag? It's less confusing that way.

Jews are atlanticists, and I am not a nazi as I have no interest in rehashing an alternative modernism or practicing subliberalism

If a western politician did want to implement actual socialism through reform (and we can argue if that's a good way to do it all we want, but there is a very large school of thought that thinks it is), then do you think that such a politician would say they want to do this immediately? Or would they try to sound more moderate and incrementalist first?

Tbf Corbyn never tried to sound moderate by british standards: and McDonnell calls for a violent revolution of the proletariat every other month. But yeah, this tbh.

Oh boys we have on, an unironic nazbol.

but no western politican does want to implement socialism, socialism is defeated in struggle for modernity. Now that modernity is coming to an end, this is era for revolutionaries.

Irony is bourgeoisie alienation, no wonder english love it so much

How do you know?

well, perhaps I should rather say CANNOT

you are either too young to browse imageboards
or too old to believe in magic