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Communism must be scientific, and so as science develops, so must our theory.
The scientific consensus now overwhelmingly supports the idea of extra terrestrial life forms existing, and so comrade Posadas is the most developed communist thinker, all others before him having failed to addres the consequences of humanity not being alone in the universe.
These are facts we must all acknowledge, and does not warrant further discussion.
What I hope we now can achieve, is a further understanding of our alien comrades, and our mutual enemies here on earth.
I believe aliens are being intentionally kept away by capitalists seeking to stay in power and xenophobic humans who irrationally fear our extraterrestrial friends.

I recently learned of one such enemy.
In 1951 Wilhelm Reich, a psychoanalyst and disciple of Freud, used his knowledge of human sexuality to build a rain making machine known as the cloudbuster (see image). The Cloudbuster would use "orgone energy", the same energy that orgasms are made of, to force clouds into giving of their rain. This is all well and good, but a more sinister use was soon found. Reich having witnessed several UFO's started attacking them, and by his own accounts shot down several of them.
This I believe he may have done at the order of Stalin, but I have no proof, other than that Reich was a member of the German communist party before the war.
My fear is that this machine is still being used by governments, and perhaps also liberals. If so it must be stopped.
Viva la revolution, Viva Posadas.

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Hoping that some extraterrestrial force will save you is some spooky shit. Nuclear annihilation cannot be a means, it must be an end in itself.

I thought about the nature of things for a long time and came to a few conclusions, that I will share in shorthand, if you will. I'm 65 years as……I'm from the planet purple, always seclude myself away from humans, they are nothing but trouble. Everything is fine until you get around a group of humans, then they suck you into their drama then try and kill you for defending yourself. Retired, went back to 11.5 years old, before testosterone kicked in, before all the trouble started, no women for 10 years, they are nothing but trouble, no explanation needed. Now I am free to live off of SSN, if you call it living, but $10,320. per year is a start. I'm visiting a friend in Taiwan, 309,600 NT, rate of exchange is okay. I just have to supplement my income. If I stay away from trouble makers (aka-dancing monkeys) I'm very happy.
take care, :)

Calling the fire department when your house is on fire, is not spooky.
We know there are aliens out there, we have strong evidence they have visited earth, and the level of technology needed for interstellar travel suggests a post capitalistic civilization.
It is perfectly natural for us to reach out to them for help ad friendship.
Global nuclear war is not a means to revolution, it is an historic inevitability that will create a moment with great revolutionary potential. We must prepare ourselves so we can seize this moment and usher the world in to communism.

I think there should be a youtube channel or podcast that talks about Posadism and the way we should contact our alien creators, for it was they who created us Humans. We are their offspring and we have been observed by other alien spices out there. They appear over nuclear missile silos to prevent us from destroying ourselves.

I believe we should welcome the creators to the planet and help us usher in a new revolution where we can finally be freed from our chains and learn the truth about the alien cover ups the US government and others around the world have tried to hide. The porkies are scared of the creators will help the working folk bring forth revolution against their asses. Time for Not just fully automated space communism, step it up to Galactic Communism in the Milky Way.


This Bajoran knows the true mercy of his Cardassian liberators.

Made a poster for recruitment purposes.

I agree full heartedly, we need channels to reach a broader audience.
I do not believe our alien friends are our creators, but it is fully possible, these are the things we need to discuss. If you have material about this I urge you to share for the common good.

Typical xenophobic stereotype from capitalist media. Stat Trek is often undialectical in it's portray of aliens, and deep space nine is especially undialectical.


Gul Dukat did nothing wrong.

I love Posadas with all my heart. He taught us to embrace our own potential in the fight for a better future.

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Your face is undialectical.
also plz more ds9 memes.

At first it was just going a parody of the insanity of Alex Jones, but after listening to Comrade Communicator it makes a lot more sense. I feel that Posadism should be separated from the stain that is Trotskyism. But not ignoring the History of the reason for the movement.

I feel that the government is intentionally covering up the existence of our Alien Comrades, who are trying to answer our calls. Though I felt that our comrades had brought us the technology to better our lives, only to be stolen and used for malice intention. Which is why only contact by the workers is the only way for them to know our suffering. The plan of Posadist Central will not go in vain but I must get started and become versed in more literature.

To our freedom and to that of our Alien comrades and possible creators. We shall free the Galaxy of Capitalism and bring forth a new age of luxury space Communism.

Hahaha! Orgones? What kind of crackpot theory are you on about? Let me tell you buddy, there are no such thing as any orgones. Take it from someone who knows a bunch of important knowledgeable people, they don't exists. Do you really belive in orgasm energy? Something like that couldn't possibly exists and even then it certainly wouldn't make you into a superhuman with extreme strength and intellegence or allow you to take part in the secret state apparatus where only those who have unlocked their true potential will be allowed, that doesn't even exist either. haha. Debunking you even further if you have been accumlating orgones for decades you will have become very sensitive to disburances in any orgones all over the world as a result anyway. If such machinery was in use today anyone with orgone sensitivty would feel it without any problems.

Your theory doesn't match up with reality att all you should probably stop looking in to this and adopt another set of beliefs.

Aliens won't help. Pic related

8/10 the aliens want to eat our children and hear the lamentations of our women. (Source - Stellaris)
Our best bet is to go full 40K and have a mass suicide so we can create a man worthy of leading humanity and purge uncooperative alien scum.
Song related: youtube.com/watch?v=x0WQOGVLLGw

Posadism is literal magical thinking

Even fledgling Posadistas have transcended such basic attempts at mind control. By ironically confirming my theory you have in actuality confirmed my suspicions.
..That is what you expected me to say right? But I am no simple fledgling fooled by such tricks. I can easily see that you are in fact using triple reversed and inverted psychology, so trust me when I say I will not spend a considerable amount of time further investigating the dead end of orgone radiation.

I do believe that extra-terrestrial life exists somewhere but I do not think that we were created by them. Although I suppose you could apply the same theory that has been put together with the simulation theory. If an advanced lifeforms did exist and had the ability to start life then there is a chance that they could do this as many times as they wanted making the chance of us being one of the subjects higher.
I do think about just going full nuts unironic posadist sometimes though.

Who else here is unironically a posadist, I'm just in for the nukes

Posadas+/r9k/=Gayniggers from Outer Space.


Racists are not welcome, aliens are our comrades.

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This current situation with North Korea and Trump makes Posadism seem more sane day after day. That makes me an unironic Posadist.
After all, a nuclear WWIII just might be the crisis that destroys the capitalist. The right wing just seems to outnumber us, at least in the US.
The biggest nuclear submarine is guarded by trained dolphins. Human-dolphin communication has been tried with some successful results. The Trappist System was discovered last year. While they played checkers, we hacked the checkerboard to run Doom.

Holy fug, googled it and it's actually true. Theoretically a dolphin mutiny could unleash nuclear war

The capitalists are leaving us in the dust. We should put energy in to recruiting dolphin trainers, does sea world have a union?

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