American Socialist Parties

Sup comrades
I'm looking to join an American socialist/communist party that isn't total shit
I applied to join the CPUSA but Holla Forums told me they were a bunch of CIA-infiltrated liberals
The Democratic Cops of America is an obvious no unless they're actually going a different direction
The PSL is something I'm interested in but I've heard they're a bunch of tankies

Should I join one or just say fuck it and start my own?

some Democratic Cops of America chapters are pretty marxist i hear, maybe worth checking out

user this is the ONE thing you don't do when looking for an org to join

Now whenever he joins an org, some guy is going to join the next day and he'll be suggesting pipe bombs by the end of the month.


if you can start the CAIP that'd be great
the Communists against Identity Politics

has anyone here even talked with their members? how do they even talk like with such ideological confusion?

The Democratic Cops of America is where all the energy and momentum is at right now but I don't blame you. I'd consider working with them but unless I lived in a location where the chapter was hard marxist (I don't) it's off the table.
The PSL aren't really tanky I think but they definitely are ML's. They want to be the vanguard party which is fucking rad but is probably the hardest of all possible sells here in America.
Idk, I'd probably join the PSL if they were active in my location but I'm stuck with bullshit.

I regret everything, I got the email back from them and ignored it since Holla Forums scared me off of it

You can get kicked out for not supporting the Democrats, don't.
Liberal idpol wearing red. Their newspapers are full of "Students fight for black rights in the streets!" and one or two articles on capitalism. Their sister organization, the People's Council of Resistance, also puts identity first and won't even commit to full collectivization, instead opting to nationalize banks for slavery reparations, pics related.
Highly decentralized and quality differs between region to region, or so I've heard. Could be worth it, might not, best check it out for yourself. I don't know enough about it to say.

I think it's best just playing a Trot and adding another splinter to the woodpile.

Your name is already on a list

Yeah I'm going to go ahead and guess that mine isn't considering they don't even use the word "worker" or anything like it on the front page
Goddamn fucking idpol stop ruining everything

ABQ? Is that Albuquerque, NM?

Yessir it is

Wasnt NM one of the worst examples of demshit fuckery during the primaries last year?

Dunno how it could be considering our primary was so late that by the time they rolled around Hillary was already locked in as the nominee

Oh well your Democratic Cops of America Chapter sounds like a id-pol hell anyway

Yeah gonna go ahead and steer clear of them
[spoiler]i may have sent them a somewhat angry message on their site about how piss poor socialists they are

Check ISO, SAlt and IWW as well. It's hard for me to tell you to join one or the other since it depends on the chapter and I have no idea what those are like in your area

join anyway and perform steer them in the right direction. if they still haven't quite formed that means your voice will have more power.

people forget that Lenin himself was an entryist and the Bolshevik party was initially succdem.

FYI, the roses bullied the cop organizer out of their org entirely.

Join the SEP.

Cop organizer is gone, his defenders in the leadership remain. He had to go in order for them to avoid an internal revolt.

What state, op?

Make a secret Blanquist cell with your friends.

New Mexico

I think it's safe to say that no national organization free of liberal idpol bullshit besides maybe goofy cults like the RCP.

Join the Greens and do some eco-socialist organizing. All these little political parties do nothing as long as the election system that keeps them marginalized is left in place. We need a united front to push for approval voting and/or proportional representation. Otherwise, you might as well stick to apolitical organizing via Democratic Cops of America or IWW.

Beware the ISO, they are EXTREME imperialism apologists. They ran dozens of articles supporting the "revolutions" in Libya, Ukraine, and Syria.

This is the best choice. SEP are the only militantly anti idpol communist group in America.

y tho

The Green Party is completely ineffectual. Their biggest accomplishment is coming out every four years for a political LARP in the presidential race.
So organizing the largest prison strike in US history is apolitical?