Weddings are bourgeois horseshit. You guys already know it, and my girlfriend recognizes it very much the same, except without leftist rhetoric involved.

So what would a socialist alternative to weddings be?

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Just do a small gathering and sign whatever papers you feel is beneficial to you for tax reasons or whatever the fuck. In a socialist society I have no idea what the alternative would be, if any, but theorizing about a future culture in a future society beyond our understanding is a fool's errand.

That's what happens when a religious ceremony gets capitalized that hard.
I would say that a socialist alternative to weddings would be proper weddings.

What does Holla Forums think of MGTOW?

I never understood what are they in the first place

This, basically.

Celebrating a bond between people and families is harmless and positive. It's capitalistic neuroses about the event that are negative.

Attention whores.

If you wanna suck dicks, suck dicks. Don't rub it in everyone's face.

Basically the philosophy that relationships with women fail a cost-benefit analysis, so men should therefore stay single for life.

You mean

Holla Forums is clearly incapable of introspective thought. That is to be expected of a population completely cucked by femoid ideology though.

You have no place to talk, Holla Forums.


Men's rights and feminism are both fine. MGTOW and 3rd wave are insane and retarded


Not an argument. No wonder you people always fail.

It actually is an argument my full spectral autistic friend, because your suggestion that we believe feminism isn't idpol is false.

Incel-tier from what I could observe of them.
The most fruitful argument they have is how fucked the divorce industry is, and I completely agree, but then they shit all over themselves over how they view women in general. They seem to have this view that women are inherently parasitic creatures and this view is the catalyst behind why they are "going their own way".
Seems to me their views are based around not being around women enough tbh.

Neither is running on the presumption that women are parasites, which is the entire basis of MGTOW.

neither is what you posted
your "argument" is just a projection.



Read Engels


No way. Holy shit

More of a free-range relationship in order to be able to spend time together and raise children without divorces and other pathologies. It's not a trad way, but it's definitely better than current clueless formula.


whats funny about this image is that they don't even say "unlike you and me", but rather "unlike x people who have the same colour of skin as me"

Top fucking cuck m8

I personally think weddings are pretty cool in relation to gatherings for families. They can be pretty fun, but at the same time they exist as this spectacle purely for other people, an affirmation of "love" that others witness. Kinda fucking backwards.

My fiancee and I want to have our wedding be more like a beach party or some other sort of cookout. She and I love cooking, and beer, so we figured make it a casual affair doing things we enjoy doing. My reasons for marrying her are my own but to celebrate it as per societal standards, we figured we do it making shitloads of boiled shellfish, dope BBQ, and the best beer we can get in mass quantities. Fuck the suits and all the expensive bullshit.

i can smell the virginity of whoever wrote this

Trying to make being single into a political statement. It's fucking retarded and I'm 100% sure any of them would abandon their "philosophy" if they got the opportunity to touch a woman.

I think it's interesting that /r9k/s ideal future is basically the plot to Gayniggers From Outer Space

Do you really need us to tell you how to celebrate your love with the person you love? Take a day or even a week if you have that kind of luxury and do what you to like doing as mundane as it may be to anybody else it's the only thing you two have.

Marriage within itself outside of weddings is bourgeois. Do it for state benefits and nothing more. If you to truly love each other then the state getting it on it is not going to augment it in anyway.