My dad has been watching Paul Joseph Watson and is buying into the cultural marxist meme what do????

My dad has been watching Paul Joseph Watson and is buying into the cultural marxist meme what do????

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Kill him. I was starting to think to do the same after he outed himself as succdem a liberal. He was a tankie a long time ago, don't know what happened. People get soft when they age

Tell him its Nazi propaganda.

Give him the 'dornopill. Feed him some frankfurtschool so he could understand the nature behind whatever is eroding our culture.

bully him forever for being stupid

Defoo now.

Former Holla Forumsyp here.

If he hates the current system, try to get him to see that what he finds faulty is just a product of capitalist system. Bring examples to make the point. Slowly try to redpill him towards some kind of nazbol/stra*serist meme shit, and if this catches on, try to bring him towards anti-fascism, and afterwards, wherever he lands, he's pretty much bound to be a leftist.

If he is complacent with the system but hates the "subversives trying to endanger the Western civilization" or spouts moderate centrist crap like this, try to just distract him from politics by giving him alternative topics or activities to focus on, since he is probably not all too serious about politics to begin with.

At least in a couple generations there will be noone left to fall for baits after being mentally ravaged by internet before reaching adulthood


My mom has recently asked me if I want to take an old book about theory of marxism from my cellar. Moreover, she's bitching about jewish apothecary owners (she's working in a drug store actually owned by a Jew) every now and then. Is my mom a nazbol, Holla Forums?

I wish I had a nazbol mama

But that's wrong you fucking retard


that's a little bit overstatement there, don't you think? Or do you address people as "retards" like it's not a biggie all the time?

This is disgusting

He is not wrong.
Just instead of the left say that is the neo-liberals (because they are).

I've seen more actual marxisists and commies either being indifferent or disagreen with these starbucks che-guevara shirt wearing kiddos.

these hipsters use the left as a badge of honor but I assure you they have never fucking researched or being involved in labor unions or even discuss Marxist-Leninist theory or something like that.

Have you ever fucking seen their sub-reddits and discords?, they are pathetic organizing. If they were actual leftists they would get shit done because like 30% of leftie theory is basically hierarchy talk.

I invite you to explore the antifa servers, they are absolute intersectional feminism safe space bullshit cancer.

How do people even fall for that bullshit? No, the reason people aren't having children isn't because of some fluoride mind control conspiracy you fucking tard, it's economics damn it. I fucking hate your dad l, sorry fam.

It's your fault for believing in the myth there's ethical consumption in late capitalism. As it is theirs.

But I didn't beemovielieve.

How are you alive when your dad is obviously a virgin?

suck him off so hard he has to change his worldview to cope with his homosexuality

Violence is the only solution to disagreements.

Fuck off, mongoloid

That has been a really fruitful conversation, thanks for your productive input.

You too, numbskull

An user linked this the other day
I thought it was a pretty sound debunking of this kind of thing.

It's okay I don't blame you. I believe he is just going through a bad time in his life He use be a genius with a really well paying job but now he has been reduced to living with his dad.

Sorry OP, that shit is so self-evidently retarded I can't understand how someone believes it for a second. Dunno, try pointing out that PJW and similar retards serve the exact system they whine against because they don't understand basic causality.

I really rather not do that but I may at some point.

I'm surprised to find out he believed all of this shit. He use to seem so intelligent when I was younger.


Act like you agree with him and start talking about deg.enerates and global jewish conspiracies and he'll get sick of it. They're in it to be edgy and against the grain, when they start realize they aren't so isolated it gets old.

I use to watch him when I was younger and I hate remembering how much of the stupid shit I parroted because of him

What made you stop?

Right wing > left wing tbh


I tried to understand what socialism actually was and learned that the left's image of rainbow haired feminist was false. I became genuinely interested in learning more after reading the manifesto and overtime i abandoned most of my right wing views.

nah dude

How fucking high on ideology do you have to be to think that trying to push people towards your political beliefs is something exclusive to the left? Jesus christ.

you must be from reddit

How will this board ever recover?

wtf im a nazi now??

What made you consider communism a practicable reality as opposed to an impossibility based on the nature of humanity? The most trouble I have is finding real world examples of the success of socialism when talking to right wingers. They always keep bringing up how all the societies with the happiest people and best living standards are free market economies. Then they go on about how the state of nature is a free market system. It's very hard to argue against.



Stop promoting cultural marxism.
Better yet, kill yourself.