🔥 Official Scootalooo Thread ❤️

🔥 Official Scootalooo Thread ❤️

So woke, its no joke Edition.

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You are a niggerjew.

Tsuchi called me a name
I quit

All great ones look for a surrogate according to the lore

Also, Lawrence and his associates beckoned the Moon Presence, again according to the lore. It's pretty clear that the Great Ones don't directly interfere unless beckoned

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Yeah I'm a nerd what likes these kinds of things shut up.

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Relax I'm just as into it as you are

Clearly not because you DON'T KNOW

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colbs honey you're yelling at me again



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The umbilical cords you collect/consume are all from Oedon, I believe. Or at least anytime Oedon is mentioned, it's always in the context that he's the dripping sound and the one procreating.

pro mitha zean

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He's always mentioned as formless, but the dripping sound is kinda referenced as part of the emphasis on bodies of water like the lake/sea runes and whatnot. Also ties into Rom's location. I think Arianna's umbilical chord is undoubtedly related to Oedon, but the others probably not

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Yharnam (the queen) was impregnated by Oedon as well. And that's who Mergo is.

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The haziness of Bloodborne's timeline doesn't help either.

Loran was the first to fall to the beast scourge/(indirectly) Great Ones but it never says if that was before the time of Queen Yharnam (which is centuries if not far longer earlier than the game). Lawrence beckoned the Moon Presence but that clearly doesn't mean it's the first appearance of it since "the hunt" has existed for far longer.

What do you base on?


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I really like it and it makes me think of you.

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Loran wasn't necessarily the first to fall, just the first mentioned. It's more likely that the Pthumerians were the first due to the fact that all the underground labyrinths seem to have been designed by them. Also, going down into the Isz chalices seems to indicate that the arcane came before the beasts, so the contact with the great ones was the first thing to happen followed by the corruption of the beasts and whatnot.


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I've seen some shit in my life but this was too much

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Hey Vsauce, Scootalooo here

Its not even that bad

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Going to bed, night

goodnight sweet colbs

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Fake Iosefka and Arianna get impregnated by Oedon so I just had always assumed since Arianna is related to Cainhurst and Cainhurst is somehow descended from Yharnam.

I didn't mean Loran was the first to fall, just the first to fall to beasts. I always assumed Isz was outside the Pthumerian > Loran > Yharnam timeline in that it never seemed to connect in any linear fashion other than Ebrietas being there. It's mentioned to be the first recovered chalice but I don't think it's chronology has any single relative ties.


Hold up gotta respond

Cainhurst seems related to Yharnam, but no connection is ever really concretely established. I think Isz is really the beginning of the whole Ptumerian timeline, they were the origin of the healing church and the beasts and whatnot.

what's shaking

Nothing much just work u

Pthumeria/Loran are older than the Healing Church. Relatively, the Healing Church is near recent compared to anything in the Chalices.

jacking it with my left hand instead of the usual right
you know how it is

Mix it up

Exactly, I think they're a repetition of the cycle. Isz then Loran, Yharnam then the Church.

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gonna practice writing with my left too but that's boring as fuck

Yharnam being the Pthumerians

Ban needs to be put down.

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And restore the peace

I can drum leading with my left hand

Rudimentally, but still. I can keep a beat

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what those hands do?

Ah, now what you said makes sense. I thought you were saying something completely different.
I don't know if it's just an art thing but Martyr Logarius looks like a Pthumerian.

Mild ambidexterity from a ton of practice

Nah, it's kind of a commentary on the cycles of history in a way. Aspiring for ascension only to fall into degradation a la beasthood

I think Logarius is just meant to look like a desiccated corpse on account of he's been there so long

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You need to be STOPPED

Yeah, that's what I mean. Same with the Church Giants. Their look is probably more just artistic than to say they're the same as the Pthumerian Chalice denizens.

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Ban succeeded in becoming an irl gay anime girl.

True, but who knows what their original intent was when they're so ambiguous about it. Oh well, more room to speculate

Anyhoo, that does it for me. Night

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Later, fag.

So how's your new life?

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Looks pretty boring. I mean it might not have been but I bet it was, not that I cared or anything.

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Stupid boy

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I got not lazy and finally copied my little man boy folder to this pc.

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Now you can look gay as fuck

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Its like watching a little rascal go play with his friends and you're an independent black woman.

Hay bard.
My vape came in today, it works super awesome.

There was this one time a few years ago where I ALMOST didnt look gay as fuck, but luckily I made sure to keep it above level.

Thats why I like to call puck a little man boy, because some people are actually that gay out there

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what kind of vape do you have?

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Puck the cuck

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Boundless CFX

Im planning on getting the vive pro and spend even more money to get full body capture.

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oh my god you should play with us

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How is it? I've never had a portable vaporizer before

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I would probably find it too hard not to swear.
Being honest tbh
Ill have it in a few months tho

It does job naice.
Im pretty happy with it!

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I don't care if you do or not anymore

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This is wonderful news.

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Speaking of cucks; hello ban

If I dont need to filter, people get to hate me quicker

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yeah me too

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We should try and sell to people that im your australian cousin who is a bit "special" and your auntie said I need to make friends

We should actually do this.

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Nigga thats why I suggested this.

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O-oh no, that poor manchild

this makes me a bit sad

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[The Simpsons]

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unironically "look how cool and edgy I am" - Ban

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oh ye

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Boys will be boys which means they do anything for money! Watch this kid stick his tongue to an electric fly swatter and get shocked more than once!!!

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what's not to love?

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Im good at playing that guy that makes you go "there HAS to be something wrong, but I cant tell what" because that is who I am.

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You're playing with fire.

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But he was a fool

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Playing with fire is funner than kicking a football like a dickhead

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Lol aussie rules 😂 amma rite

you know I had to do it to em

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guess what I'm going to do to you

The AFL is terrible

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not everyone who's a fool deserbves to get hurrt ; ~;

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Cricket isn't a sport.

What's that? :3

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How do you even do that ?

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love and respect you

No. Unless its their own fault.

Cricket is the sport of boredom.

I be nice to people

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If I do enough drugs will my ptsd go away
Serious question
Like if I just do so much lsd I forget what's real I can just blame it on the acid instead of real people right

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you're a dirty dog

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Now all I have to do is get party friends and go to raves

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Always trust your friends. Except party friends.

I'm gonna go to bed now.

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Gnight man, sleep well

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nighty night ban have sweet dreams

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I should've been asleep hours ago. Don't do drugs, kids. Later.

Revy is toxic

I dreamed last night that a human's internal sexual organs were a separate thing like a symbiote that could be removed and inspected through the anus and they were like plant growths and you determined someone's sex by their symbiote but mine had testicles and ovaries

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Why is Neru posting as Revy?

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I don't make spelling mistakes unless I'm drunk or high and on my computer

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Convince me not to abandon my life rn.

Dont doit

It would make me better than you

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Guess I'm staying here.

End it

fuck roo satan dubs


The internet needs more good memes, but nobody knows how to make those anymore.

Good meme
Its been years since I heard that name

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I made THIS meme for YOU

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such beauty and awe

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I'm happy you like it

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Hail Satan

Put them in the bag right now motherfucker, tell me when the bag is full and then you can ask me why you shouldnt tell anyone this happened

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w-why shouldn't I tell anyone this happened.....?

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Because dead men tell no memes


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-meme police sirens wail-

Check out this meme I made guys.

hello officer this is my meme that I made myself and did not steal

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bang bang
he shot me down
bang bang
I hit the ground
bang bang
that awful sound bang bang

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Your baby shot you down

good morning lads

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It was worth it for the quality meme's

I made this meme too
I am so very talented

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it evenin

Bard your corpse isnt allowed to use you- my memes.


for you


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morning waifie

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Feed me all the memes

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can't prove it's any different anywhere else

I was already here

you never said hello to me...........

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The last time I watched Kill Bill I didn't watch it all at once so when that started playing at the end I was like I know this song and like five minutes later I was like oh I'm retarded

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hi bard what are you doing today
I was meant to do something important today but I forgot what it was I sure hope not doing it doesn't go badly

as you can see from this image, it is currently 10AM in the United Kingdom, which is before 12AM (noon), thus it is morning

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Timezones are a conspiracy

My grandma used to sing that song so I dont think of Kill bill but it was used very tastefully in that movie

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then what time is it actually in the UK

my legs are so sore today ; ~;

Good luck with your important planss

hopefully the important plans loiscense man doesnt come ticket you ;~:

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hi bard

you could have taken that 10 hours ago


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8pm! Thats what my clock says!


if you like my memes please take a scroll through and enjoy !!!

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Hiiiiii Squiddy

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nah blud if he comes over he's getting decked the bloody tosser you get me

england and australia are very far apart geographically though

whats up nerd

you're funny :3

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These are memes for people who know how to really appreciate a bad meme.
I love it.

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I rolled with my brother and then we hung out for a while and now I am recouperating in bed and sore gonna sleepu soon what's up with you ? : 3

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So what, dont you go on and tell me the earth isnt flat now, you racist.

th-thank you
I take great pride in how terrible some of these are

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ur a true savant of memes

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thanks bardo you too

I'm not a racist I love everyone!!!

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surrounded by cute australians and also girl bois

Attached: rockhard.png (502x628, 551.91K)

Then why did you question my political ideals, you racist?

sowwy aussie fwen ;-;

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does it get any better?

Attached: darkness.png (1864x1476, 1.06M)

what's wrong with apologising

yes I suppose I did question your ideals
nothing wrong with them though desu



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excessive apologizing is the issue :p

morning woafie


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what would you have said in my place though
also morning

stop making me feel bad please....

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ok just dont be such a racist

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i woulda said
im not racist u doof
gimme a kis

and then its gg

asking for a kiss would be assuming my gender aligns with yours

I need protection from the bullies..

alright my friend

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How are you?

Attached: hiiee.PNG (113x131, 18.45K)

what do u mean ?
i kiss anyone i think is cute

im beyond s*xuality labels

Well that makes sense then.
Thats insensitive to people with sexual labels.

I'm a bit cold but things are alright
currently watching the evil dead, it's been pretty good so far but I'm only 10 minutes in

not really
theyre allowed to say
no i do not want to kiss you i do not find you kissable

I'm gonna do it..........

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (387x355, 168.22K)

evil dead was one of my most disappointing film watches tbh

Ive never watched nor heard about it.

ur faic is kissable
Hows goin?

dun doit

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Attached: ClipboardImage.png (338x319, 85.81K)

noooooo dogoooooo


Attached: sleep2.jpg (588x791, 43.27K)

Sleep is the enemy! Fight the enemy!

He has my in a blankielock

Attached: 1343948639318.jpg (1920x1080, 266.85K)

I was like 'i'm gonna get into bed' but then I was sidetracked into some stuff and then I forgot to open animus when I did

Did i miss the fun?

take me with you

Attached: 1343948639318.jpg (1920x1080, 266.85K)

I'm already in bed tho

me too : 3

Attached: 1343948639318.jpg (1920x1080, 266.85K)

gay af

Attached: 567870-8723412.jpg (3264x2448, 1.12M)

Attached: 87ea5fdf3a104fdb2cef75104735f9c59e13f95d[1].jpg (1350x1236, 595.21K)

ree luka


Attached: 44a075e82421fd8bcd921ea445c29c6202365dc8.jpg (800x1071, 166.18K)


ur a ree

ono, fite it



Attached: aa305c6c8d7320edb03704fafe7f300f64e212be.jpg (800x800, 748.57K)

I'm not the ree, don't ask me

you did it

Attached: 55b98b80f107af6b58176201fbad3a7b8d4a4ff3.jpg (800x800, 778.79K)

really shitty memes, have you nothing better to do with your life?

is there no bottom to degeneracy?

Women need to be perfect women.

at the very least not "really lazy"

nice attempt at humor and strawman btw, well not really. but at least you tried


Attached: 84a88754e668650131c92b7f50a5a7a59a7bf442.jpg (800x1093, 197.4K)

luka is the most nerd
you can't call others nerds

trying is the best I can do


that was a pretty alright film

Attached: mpv-shot0028 (2).jpg (1920x1080, 124.37K)

ur a pretty alright film, nerd

I'm not a film aussie cunt

you will be when I real you through a fuckin projector, cunt

wats it about

I think I need to direct you to the path of not being so violent
also it's spelled reel BAKA

some dumb college kids go on holiday to a cabin in the middle of the woods that is questionably remote and questionably cheap but they don't question it and demonic spirits possess them and then they have to survive
moral of the story is that women are wretched satanic monsters

also some bloke named scot but he was probably a metaphor for scottish people, who are also wretched satanic monsters

Not if I'm making you a real film.


Attached: .jpg (1280x1329, 156.67K)


That sounds painful


I'd rather remain a real human bean thanks


it was extremely painful for them

Attached: mpv-shot0013 (2).jpg (1920x1080, 198.04K)

Did you gain or lose humanity from this?

Attached: 1482805888476.jpg (641x641, 91.76K)


Attached: .jpg (564x752, 124.17K)

I don't know, I suppose I gained some because it made me think for a bit about if I would kill my own friends to ensure my own survival or not

How is your kangaroo doing?

My lord?

Attached: .jpg (652x960, 73.69K)

well that's just boring

Survival instincts can be evil.

The bastard punched me in the dick.
How are you?

Almost slipped 5 times on wet ice, fucking rain

Attached: .jpg (793x960, 99.4K)

Morning thread ^~^

I have stood on my share of ice, but I dont think I've ever stood on ice during or after rain.


sorry pal
I'm sure there's at least one person out there who would be happy to turn themselves into a film

nice to see you my humble servant, but you can just call me Loafie if you wish

they sure are
but they're trying to kill me so I guess it's semi-justified


Attached: mpv-shot0015 (2).jpg (1920x1080, 167.2K)

There are some people who might prefer to save you though!

Attached: 1488864737832.jpg (424x553, 49.38K)

Sup. I don't think we've ever talked.

Sup fag

Because you live in Australia?

As you say, Loafie

Attached: .jpg (1080x1453, 154.65K)

stop calling me a fag please

Yes. There is more ice than snow tho

Im just chillin. How are you?

Attached: truthcheese.webm (480x480, 1.23M)

Half asleep still in bed waiting for someone to come online. I'm getting hungry tho

I didn't know that you have snow or ice

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Attached: [RH] Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu - 04 [B1889AF5].mkv_snapshot_08.46_[2017.06.27_18.25.09].png (1920x1080, 816.48K)


Attached: .jpg (2172x1536, 136.17K)

ohayou blood-chan

Attached: mpv-shot0011 (4).jpg (1920x1080, 172.07K)

Attached: DWVolIQUMAAT_9G.jpg (1134x2008, 353.21K)

acquire foods.

it happens within a very specific region

Attached: puck_by_lalykiasca-d5tu3vk.jpg (245x188, 11.71K)

weird looking creature

Stop posting that girl

Good morning Loafie

Attached: 438e08038da72c7f277385ac869112dd.jpg (1200x1600, 332.98K)

If I chill, I kill.

Attached: BestTwilight105.png (200x320, 99.73K)

Stop being nf

Attached: .jpg (520x699, 114.62K)

What is a NF?

Naruto Fan?


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I can't I'm from NYC

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morning how are you desu

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So i wouldn't stop post Tanya

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I'm a bit mentally drained atm...
I was with family all day yesterday and now I need to recharge, but I don't know how

Is she your waifu?

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Hail Jesus

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I told you 9 times, no

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I'll imagine you know better than I what it is that you like and dislike
after times like that I find it's best to keep the amount of time spent doing things that you like much greater than the time spent doing things you dislike
but you already knew this probably

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if talking to me is draining then I won't mind if you stop

That made me sick..

Then why do you post her?

too many words


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puck is gud for u

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But I dont mind getting "drained"

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I told this too, yesterday

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Vegas in 3 more days

doki doki suru wa~

sorry pal
you can disregard my message because I highly doubt you didn't already know what it is I told you

me neither circumstantially


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are you assembling a motley crew to perform a casino heist

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We're all wearing suits, yeah lol

It's my friends dirty 30
We're doing it big

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Told me what...?

full me up with your energy...

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but you need someone asian to sit in front of laptop and comment about trivial things while eating noodle, otherwise the plan will fail.

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Kill Blood-chan, Kill Loafie.

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Why do i post her

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I'm sorry but I'm not a particularly energetic person but I can try the best I can

please refrain from killing either of us

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Nice teeth

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Nice boobs

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Thanks bby

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Ive no place for a pretender and a turncoat.

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Puck is a good creature!

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Don't call me like that, fag

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Perhaps if you were kinder, people wouldn't think about being turncoats
With friends like these, who needs enemies...

Do you want me to kill Loafie or Blood-chan?

Yeah, why?

In what way are you not energetic?

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inside joke

Kill Loafie, please. The I will reassess the second option.

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Go fuck yourself, brainless cocksucker

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You've already won

Little punk bitch.

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I had the High Ground all along

no bby then, just faget

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probably because I don't have a lot of energy

How would like me to do it~?

You waifu'd a man in a girl's body...

You should be ashamed of yourself

Mentally or physically?

You have to choose one

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No u


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You're sadistic, not pessimistic!

Like the Bastard of Bolton. Flay the fag.

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if I had to choose I'd say physically
I put myself through strenuous tasks against my will (i.e. anxiety and all that ensues) which makes me tired mentally, but I find the fact I'm able to get by despite this would mean that my mental energy is at least average

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I sure hope that wasn't too long

Mary had a little Yam
Little Yam
Little Yam
Mary had a little Yam
Whose skin was white as snow

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In my mouth


I have walked into something strange and mystical.

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Just like my mouth

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Because you are a pedophile, desu

Uhhh... I'ma have to watch that movie to understand...

Iunno, you seem to type a lot... people that are mentally drained write in short sentences...

It w as

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my moms listening to an anti gun control vid very loudly on her phone and its giving me a headache
good thing i gotta go drive now :p

Yeah, i love little boys like you

Are you bby && faggot?

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safe travels

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that's a fair point but I suppose talking on Holla Forums isn't particularly draining for me, so it's much easier for me to say lots here than other places

sorry for the long sentences ;-;

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OMG lumpy stop apologizing

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I can't help it

no no no loafie you're doing it wrong

you have to be firm but reasonable

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Who the fuck are you trying to cheat?

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am I being unreasonable

I'm too drained to click that... kill me...

How did you know I love little boys...?
I enjoy pulling out the Saul Alinsky card and being hypocritical

Its not your fault, i'm just too drained to read it, I am reading it though, but it takes a few tries...

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yes you're being too nice

No clemency

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Are you trying to tell me you think I'm a babe?

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u r tho

I'm an extrasense

No, you faget

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am not though!

But in order for your statement to be true, both those conditions needs to be true, so since I'm not a babe, it still evaluates to false~

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and i'm drained

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I am the one writing it ultimately so I suppose it is somewhat my fault

I can't help it...

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I should put "||" between bby and fag

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must not bully loafie

Bullying Loafie it's fun

You got a bully loafie here or else he's never going to learn

I'm just being myself
Would you rather I was too mean instead of too nice

Method to my madness.

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I am going to push loafie down a set of stairs.

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she cooke

think you're so tough do you scoots
why don't you pick on someone your own size

undrain blood2

Our oven ois broken. I want dto do the oven cook.

I am the biggest dog around. Find me someone who can even match me.

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no one exists as large as scootsy

por ovvin
my tummy is broken n hungry

Why tum brok!
I wanted to cook the Honey roast duck!


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I sleep now. Good bedding to you all.

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i gotta work now
pls send me over this duck when u make it


I will send prime cuts in a DM bb
Time to own!

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Now we're talking!

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Is Yams here yet?

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Ha, your ID looks like a covfefe joke.

I did that on purpose.

Also, good morning, sunshine~

Well good afternoon, buttercup. Much on today?

idk! Kinda just woke up again. I'm getting hungry though, so I might go to the grocery store for some ingredients. Other than that, prolly sit around and get smonked again lol

hbu? Anything fun?

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Naps, space and naps in space. It should be a pretty chill evening and afternoon.

Wanna chat at some point. In space?


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Sure thing. Gonna just rest a bit but I'll be on in about an hour. Hope you enjoy whatever foodstuff you decide to go with.

mmkay! Sleep well, Yams

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with my luck my dress would catch fire with those ground candles tbh

They all have some sort of water to douse yourself mid-burning.

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Every time you post to Holla Forums you support pedophiles

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Looks like a ritual site. :/


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I don't give a shit about pedophiles but what really bothers me is anti-pedophiles who flip their shit at every single little fucking thing and make it seem like suicide bombers are saint when put alongside some guy who had sex with a 15 year old "At least the bomber killed the children to save them from a life of having to acknowledge they were raped!"

Tnx god, i havent support them for a while

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@ Yams

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Ouch, must've been fuckin' sore.

It's still pretty tender if I hit it the wrong way, lidocaine and 3 stitches tho, was a fun night x_x

I have another pic after they finished the stitches, but it's on my other computer rn :p

I don't think I'll ever understand why affection, and presumably romance, gets muh dik to perk up.

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Nasty fag continue

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I miss my mohawk.

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I wasn't saying that means you're supposed to post pedophilia you fucking bot gross they're all 3D and stuff

Normal hair is better.

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yeah can you not please

uk user huh

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peegirl why do you have a fetish for arguably the least attractive people on the planet

Light skin is pretty disgusting.

D: -wonders when you sleep?-








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