all of these are spooks. yes, that includes class. you cannot prove me wrong.

caring about what are and aren't spooks is a spook

Money and material wealth is a spook

Shit-tier epistemological relativism. Humanity, class, morality, and gender are all historical facts.

Fug forgot my sage.

Actually they can all be made into spooks but aren't spooks in and of themselves, read the egoism man.

So, capitalism exploting people and destroying the planet isn't a bad thing? or the muh moralism is only for sex?

Stirner fags are corruption apologists and their mindset is as dangerous as porky and Holla Forumstards. They don't believe in nothing.
This type of people can not be allowed to live in society.




humanity doesn't exist. it is a spook designed by utopian fantasts of all ages, be they stoic, religious, liberal, imperialist or socialist

nope. again, merely a cover for men who think themselves superior, to draw in sheep for their fantasies.

doesn't exist.

gender is a spook made up by morality in the first place.



None of the things you listed are inherently spooks. In fact, nothing is inherently a spook. Things, concepts, thoughts, etc. become spooks when you relate to them as something sacred; something that impairs your individual impetus (ego). Even I know to properly understand things before I qualify them as useless or retarded, and Stirner and his ethics for me is those things.

not an argument

not an argument

sounds like you guys have some growing up to do.

Class as the left understands it is not a spook because it's a societal and material relation.

Class under capitalism generally falls under two categories, people who primarily receive their income through exchange of labor, and people who primarily receive income through the use of their property rights. In other systems, we have other classes. A feudalist system will include the property-rights ownership of the capitalists (hence the term middle class as a description of the capitalist), but it will also include the nobility who receive tithes under the feudal system from the peasantry working their land.

By including morality and class you provide a measure for spookiness that would entail literally everything being imagined outside of nature i.e history, the light waves beaming into your eyes, the nervous system that feeds information to the brain, gravity, the walls on your house etc etc

You offer too wide a net for spooks that damages the philosophy to the point of being ridiculous and pointless. While yes its ultimately true history does have shifting narratives based on the observers spooks, it did happen, there is a class structure and humanity has existed to create and experience said history.

Stirnerites would point out this system relies upon peoples personal spooks and narriatives to exits but that does not mean the physical system is imagined.

Think of a rollercoaster, the enjoyment gained from riding one, the feelings it brings up are imagined (the idea a class system works and is beneficial) but the rollercoaser itself, the train car, the mechanism to make it move round the track are all real (the class system)

Im not an expert, thats just my basic understanding of the stirnerite viewpoint :/

Maybe. And ? Spooks have a tremendous physical power over the world.

Maybe to you. Millions of people still feel it. Why should your materialistic prison replace their own spiritual one ?

Sorry sorry sorry, i wrote "morality and class" in my first sentence, i ment to say "humanity and class"!

Huurr durrr im a philsosphizer

I am a NEET. I have transcended your pathetic notions of class.

history is indeed, a spook. there is no such thing as an objective history. you are biased, historians are biased, the passing of time has destroyed any posibility of objective understanding of history.

they are spooks in that they are subjective. i am not colorblind, i am not a bug,… thus this causes me to see light waves in a different manner than others.

prove it to me. every notion of morality comes down in the end to metaphysical nonsense.

Then you fall somewhere between the reserve army of labor and the lumpenproletariat. Both are still broadly part of the working class.

doesn't matter, humanity is still a spook, a sacral idol for ideology.

might makes right I see

that is all that matters. to me. you and all the other spooked can wallow in your metaphysical delusion as much as you want.

lmao. next thing you are going to tell me jesus was real.

A demonologist transcended mongolist professor and Geist activist was teaching a class on Hegel, known necromancer.

"Before the class begins, you must get on your knees and worship the end of history and accept that Absolute Idealism is the most highly-evolved sophism to make us feel good about ourselves the continent has ever known, even greater than self-serving petit-bourgeois protestant theology!"

At this moment an uncaring if he was brave because being judged by illusionary social standards was of no importance to him, egoist, unique girl's school teacher who had smoked more than 15000 cigars in Hippel's winebar and understood the spookiness of all ideology and fully supported whatever he felt like stood up and held up "Der Einzige und sein Eigentum".

"I wrote this, innit?"

The arrogant professor smirked quite synthetically and smugly replied "It's not yours at all, fucking egoist, its the stern, reluctant working of reason towards the full realization of itself in perfect freedom."

"Wrong. It's been a few years or something (time is nothing to me) since I, the Unique One, created it. if it was not mine, and idealism, as you say, is not a spook… then Ghost Busters wouldn't have had a happy ending."

The professor was visibly shaken, and dropped his balls and copy of Plato's dialogues. He stormed out of the room crying those ironic thesis and antithesis tears, both coming together on his cheeks into synthesis. There is no doubt that at this point our professor, Hegel (who liked to teach about himself), wished he had pulled himself up by his bootstraps and become more than a spook ridden sad cunt interested in arbitrary justifications. He wished so much that he had some kind of Own to hold on to, and he had but just didn't realise it because he was an involuntary egoist.

The students applauded and all started milk shops that day and accepted their Self-Enjoyment as the end of philosophy. An eagle named "Union of Egoists" flew into the room and perched atop the copy of "Stirner's Critics" and shed a beer on the hardcover. "Ich hab' Mein Sach' auf Nichts gestell" was said several times, and Renzo Novatore himself showed up and demonstrated how hand grenades are nothing but a means of killing police officers.

The professor lost his tenure and was fired the next day. He died of superstition and his "books" were disregarded for all eternity.


So spooked, so spooked.

or as Nietzsche said, all too human.


Humans exist, not spooks.
Some are spooky some debatable
Personally i think it's a spook
Kinda spooky but a material relation. So mostly not spooky.

Jesus was real enough that he shaped History. I doubt he walked on water or was a son of God. But I can't deny that his legacy still lives on.

Except that the world doesn't really revolves around you. Each egoist sees himself as the centre of the world, the Unique. The end goal of this philosophy is either heaven on Earth or Ancapistan without its logical contradictions. I prefer not to take chances.

Might makes right is what unadulterated, unchecked egoism could devolve into.
As much as I would like days to have more than 24 hours, I cannot.
Man is a dreamer. It's in his nature to see ghost, pure materialism is just another.

I would disagre that there is no objective understanding of history. human historians, and systems used to measure times are ultimately spooked, but it is objectively true to say history has happened, time has observably passed. from my first word "IM" to this word *here* there is literal evidence an action being undertaken then completed. that is literally an objective understanding of time and history.

Humanity is observable real because like… fuck im one, your one dat motherfucker sitting next to me in this bar in dublin is real as fuck.

While you are entitled to your bizzaro elon musk type "everything isnt real, we all live in a simulation" or some malarky it is fundamentally a misunderstanding of the philosophy. its like taking the first few chapters of the ego and its own and stopping there.

Agreeing with me is a "spook" i guess so lol we can leave it there. im going to fade back into the imagined non-existence tormenting your ego you see me as :L


humans= mere extensions of my will, nothing more.

all religions are spooks. absolutely. there is not a religion that isn't spooked to the max. there isn't a single thing in any religion that is useful.

sexuality is a spook. any notion on which you defend that it isn't is based on morality, another spook.

nation is a spook. unless you consider stuff like 4th of july as having any meaning or any ground in reality.

class is spooky in the sense that is merely a tool for demagogues, just as religioj a tool is for priests, race for xenophobes,…

phrases like class betrayal, class war,… are totally spooks, by which you debase yourself and become subjugated to the wishes of other men, by which you let others define yourself.

just another spook. there is only MY world. and this world everything revolves around me.

oh no, my ego is quite pleased to read your posts, and your qt images. you have my permission

Is history a spook?

objective history is indeed a spook

I'm ok with this


It's not a spook if I make it my property.

maybe. whatever you consider "your " "property" is mine already.

This is how Stirnerites have sex with each other

you can join if you want.

bump cuz still not a single argument has been made

arguments are spooks. "rightness" is my property thus I am always right

correct. however, I am still waiting for non-stirnerites, non-egoists,… who believe in class, morality, race, humanity,…. to state their case.

Who said I was a Stirnerist?

no one. you are you.

This guy did

is the comically stupid misunderstanding of egoism going to end anytime soon, I have a feeling the spook meme is responsible for spooking most of you.

Shit analysis, mate.
Class is a socioeconomic reality, it describes a set of social relations rooted in the process of production and one's means of subsistence. If awareness of class is capable of inflicting social change, that by definition makes it a material force.

Ideas, if they become part of the general will and exert their collective force on history, become a reality. This includes ideas of nationhood and institutional morality, since they have clearly inflicted social change. As Marxists, we simply analyze how class realities fundamentally structure these other, more ephemeral collectivities and how they themselves relate back to the relations of production.

Denying that class exists because it includes a subjective and historically-specific element is a childish argument against Marxism, and in fact perfectly fits with bourgeois individualist morality that denies structural change.

But I did in and you didn't answer.

people crying "spooks" are too retarded to grasp materialism and actually make an argument. you cannot prove me wrong.


his legacy=/= jesus

objective history is a spook. everything you know about the past has been constructed, recorded, written down,… by spooked people.

jesus may or may not have been real, but the person we know as jesus today is most definitely a spook.

correct in a way. however, notice that the other person is ot an egoist. he completely fails to make an argument based on his own views, and has no other option than to resort to violence, because he cannot support his spooked views.

just another spook. there is only MY world. and this world everything revolves around me.

THE world does not exist. there is only your world, my world, his world, her world,….

meant for

So how exactly does this differ from subjective idealism, going from Berkeley to various German philosophers? You are essentially saying that there is nothing outside of your subjective experience, therefore nothing but your inner thoughts and mentally constructed world is "real". Since your mental conceptions constitute the world as such, everything is your property.
I mean first of all this is an old conundrum in traditional philosophy so it's not like nobody engaged with it. Most of the major works Kant wrote deals with this in a serious manner.

As for refuting in, we can say that you ignore the material and social forces which enable the construction of your mental conceptions in the first place. There is no transcendental freedom in realm of neuron connections, it's as determined and physical as everything else.

don't know, don't care.

Read stirner