Stop doing this

Why don't more leftists agree with the principle that everyone deserves a decent life be they pedos, racists, drug abusers, fags, trannies, uggos, psycopaths or even bourgs

Why take pleasure in the suffering of people you consider morally repugnant? I'm not saying you shouldn't be upset at the super-rich or at fascists or whatever, that's unavoidable. All I'm pointing out is the tendency of leftists to moralize against these people, like you recognize some people do things as a result of extenuating circumstances, but others are simply evil and socialism is basically where you enslave them and torture them for all the bad things they did.

Don't you realize that you're reproducing the same attitudes that your enemies are? They see those who are poor or black etc. as deserving of what they get, the eternal punching bag of everyone.

Would you really like to live in a world that witch hunts people they feel are immoral? You say you hate niggers or want to fuck kids or hate women because they never pay attention to you and then a light goes on at the socialist HQ.

OK, its alright to abuse this person now, they deserve it!

nice try porky

There are those of us who agree with you, but we've mostly given up on Holla Forums. This place isn't going to achieve anything. Like Holla Forums or /r9k/, it's just a place where people can complain about the world together. There's too much stupidity here and not enough people who actually want to eliminate suffering. I only stop by occasionally to shitpost.



Because most leftists are half-baked.
Even bourgies don't personally deserve to suffer.
That's a very different thing from saying that I won't come in conflict with them, or that I won't be physically violent, or even that I might take some level of pleasure in it.


It's concern trolling you dip why are you even trying to reason with it.

Because there's actually people calling themselves leftists who agree with the concept of moralizing.

People are hostile to them because they make us look bad and get worse and worse the longer they're allowed to stay
Nobody really gives a shit if they're not politically active.
But this is the majority of leftypol

Oh absolutely. I'm not preaching nonviolence.

I'm taking more about a vision for the future.

Not wanting to lynch pedos makes me a pedo?

No, actually giving a shit about them enough to mention them first in your post is what gave you away. Save your indignation.

Again, that wasn't what I brought up. It's not a question of who, it's pointing out that moralizing is bullshit to start with no matter who or what you're talking about.

You didn't bring up any moral points on any of them, including against pedophiles. But there are people on here who do, despite how very much it conflicts with leftwing theory.

I don't consider 'being' something as anything related to ethics. It's just a spook, aesthetics. What I consider repugnant is violence, especially directed against me, and I will defend myself by any means available for there is nothing I value more than myself.

You just summed up liberalism.


And socialism is a society where these undesirables get what they "deserve"?

What do you disagree about that statement. Explain

As a slovenian

Zizek is just another yugo-nostalgic tyrant. He creates no value and wants to send everyone to gulag. Nobody likes him, he is only entertaining, nothing more

Kek, what?

Why do you believe they do deserve to suffer? Does such a thing have a point?
Is it conducive to the kind of society we'd like to see?

It's incoherent in the extreme to say that morality is bullshit and then turn around and say "x group of people should suffer because they're bad people." That's just a flat unjustified sentence.

I can still enjoy it though, despite knowing that, because I frankly don't have to justify my emotional desire for vengeance.

Fuck your theory tbqhfam. They shit up the board like no other, they're about as good for the board as a shit flinging Holla Forumsyp. Each regular pedo we've had on here has been leagues worse than that dumbass socdem that complains about the sexual bourgeoisie.

Are you retarded or illiterate?

Again, it's not about pedos, it's about the fact that there are leftists using moral statements.

You take everything that he says at face value. Your insight and understanding is as shallow as a random shithead from Holla Forums.

you are literally retarded

I agree tbh
you should be free to think whatever you want, but not to turn your retarded ideas into reality
if you're a nazi go ahead and insult every colored people you see
it might even be consider a form of bravery
of course though you'll get your face punched in more than once a week

the left should be not turn into another moralist inquisition, but on the opposite free individuals, in the most ways possible

How is he yugo-nostalgic?

We already do live in a world like that, and it's not exclusive to one side or the other. Also, most of the "pedos" here are only pedos by American standards. Socialism is supposed to be an international movement, so why should it cater to just one country of spooked idiots?

it is a well known fact that pedos and trannies are mentally ill and letting them live in out society is exactly the reason why it's crumbling

and? morals are bad?

Reminder that Joseph Stalin had sex with a 13-year-old girl.

It's more of a matter of the fact that most of the people here who use "moral" statements haven't actually thought about making their system of morality logically consistent or in agreement with facts and just want an acceptable target to heap abuse on.

I learnt of this place only because Holla Forums told me numerous times how degenerate I am and I should fuck off to sites I've never been to, mostly when I tried to argue that gay marriage is nothing bad

In time I actually came here and this board intrigued me

Please be kind persons ok
Traditionalism does a lot of harm

Before or after he killed 420 billion babies in the name of Carl of Akkadamarcks

To be perfectly honest, if there was some way to test for a reactionary pathological personality, all of them would be flagged and kept under surveillance.

The ethical principle of Marxism is that the punishment and violence is not committed because someone deserves it, but because the society and state must protect itself.
Ideally (fully automated luxurious space communism yada yada) every person that is detrimental to it will be treated. At the moment though, it is simply impossible.

Have to be suppressed.
aren't particulary cared about on the left at all.
were never suppressed if they would help the party and follow policy even if it would make them less powerful and wealthy.

You look more like an attention whore to me though. I won't hate, just be mildly disgusted.

Awwh, you kyute, user :3

Stop negging them, they won't fuck you.


What's wrong with uggos? People must be measured by their actions, not because they are beautiful.
You jerked off to many hollywood celebrities you useless fuck.

What else is on that list m8?

And that's how the likes of Gorbachev and Putin go step by step along the way and puft! One day they become the leaders of the country.
Gee wiz! If only menace to societies were still being send to die in the gulag, because they are sociopaths who only care about themselves…

I'm not a tranny
And I'm not asking for an extraordinary kind behavior, just truly neutral behavior, like towards a heterosex person

thank you

I know you're good inside Koba boy

Everyone in this thread being an edgy red fascist shitwad answer this right the fuck now.

Sad news from the Politburo, comrade. You've just been diagnosed by the Chairman as having a reactionary pathological personality. By his order, you will now be placed under surveillance.

You see how this sort of thing can backfire?

Of course, which is why we need to find a biochemical marker for reactionarism and a reliable way to detect it. Neurotransmitters don't lie.

Congratulations, you've just flagged the entire human race as reactionaries.

Post benis

neck urself m8

it's how to reeducate counterrevolutionaries

hang from cranes like arabs
kill the violent ones scare sympathies into hiding
most of them also deal fuck off to jail with them
O.K as long as not first world excess flaming retards
genuine mental illness get them treatment

rest arent worth replying

What's this nonsense?
Penal codes will exist mostly as they are today after a hypothetical revolution anyway, for the "bourgeois" law doesn't mean that the law itself is wrong, it means that the antagonisms of the bourgeios society negate the law which's supposedly supported by the bourgeios society.
This means that under communism
will be isolated and re-educated, but much more effectively in new communist institutions and asylums.

You don't understand what the law means, these are rather aesthetic, ethical and sexual categories, not legal ones.

Don't worry user, I love you.

Personally I feel like edgy social conservatism has overplayed any role it might have had a long time ago, and is just boring and retarded now. Not to mention extremely inconsistent while posting on a website with multiple boards revolving around hentai.

Seriously, regardless of online shitposting, if you actually have a problem with LeGBuTts in real life, you're an idiot and probably deserve to be beaten by the local antifa group. Slavoj himself completely supports non-heteros while making silly jokes about them, which is good.

Maybe it's time we countered this edgy behavior with post-ironic kindness.

stopped reading

Because they are idiots who don't get what the whole idea is about. Social conservatives are cancer.

Although with pedos it's a bit more tricky, they are horrible for PR.

Can't really re-educated psychos.

Fuck you you hippie faggot. Torture is a beautiful thing. People only become united in opposition to a common enemy. There is no peace without war, no love without pain or as Zizek put it quoting Robespierre, no virtue without terror.

This constant concern trolling is getting tiring.