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Hu, can you make me an 8ch user.js that will preserve my email and subject fields when I post?

How does one go about telling their best friend they can't stop thinking about fucking them all day long

I can't keep anything inside so I have to tell her in some way and I'm trying to find the least horrible way for it to come out


it's PROBABLY either in the config.js or my nginx config tho

Strawberry Kush

i just did it and it worked out fine for me

it's such a weirdly sexual bottle design too. whoever's in charge of their marketing must be some kind of sick freak.

Tell her in complex nipponese that doesn't translate well so she'll never know but you can get it out.

in my experience you indirectly tell them on an imageboard

My crush speaks nipponese as well as I do so I can't really do that.

Bad idea.

HECK am I really the first to join the discord support channe;?

The plastic bottle looks oddly testicular.

We get it! You vape!

[[[kek intensifies]]]

I can't even into javascript.
There are some things here I wish I could but can't, such as when you click a post number, the quick reply will automatically be selected, so you won't have to click it every time.

cat them and find out

the water droplets in this photo looked like some kind of grip pimples from the thumbnail.

it's like a Rick and Morty prop.

no shit but I'm terrible at keeping things in

like if I have a secret I HAVE to tell someone

unless it's someone elses secret, then that shit is locked up tight

Oh, drat.

i made them ;;

Someone convince me to shave my face.

Considering how rapidly you jump from person to person I doubt it's something anyone here needs to care about.

This one looks like the receptionist at the bottling plant. Prim. Proper. Sexy, but in a non-threatening way.

yeah ;-;

Then you know where to look~

I've been with one person in the last year bro

I want a response now Kronenberg Sabrina

I didn't say you dated more than one.

they knew what they were doing. damn.

shave ur gross face stinky

I already shaved like 2 min ago.

Squash, you should grow a manly beard.

you're welcome

but i can't figure it out ;;

I've also only had one crush in the last year

is that a mug of cum


I didn't say anything about crushes.
You're thirsted after anyone from your therapist to your room mates.

you're a cummy mug

your mug is covered in cum

you can't just say that


tfw rain

what if i make it happen

woah gay

Why is the server_name of different forms for homepage and Files?

You'd like a mug full of cum, wouldn't you?

Good morning Loco, ikt, Bard, Hu, Fish, Scoots, and Squish.


because of subdomains.

they also have different certificates

Scoot, how did you read my mind? I'm serious: I was trying to think of a Kronenberg joke for that angry Crush bottle and gave up because I'm ditzy today. Are you a scanner? ;__;

Did you wet yourself?

It's been drizzling here all morning. So pretty!

squash on his way to visit me irl

mornin darlin

I have many unique gifts. I am like Jean. Only more bipolar.
Hi hi.
Well. Beeb bloop

Good morning.
Slept well?

Then what about: return 301 $server_name$request_uri;
Wouldn't that return then the request uri which would contain the server name too, so ?

i'm a little wet, yeah.


i should learn nodejs

but the link is generated by lolisafe

cos it was raining

that would probably leave a lingering taste in my mouth and make my teeth real squeaky. sounds unpleasant so nty


Then I don't know ;_;

Good. It's also damn gay

and because those Crush bottles really turned me on

thank goodness i naturally declined it without knowing if it would be gay or not

theres a difference between what I've got going on now and thirst

it's less "I want to fuck her" and more "I want to make love to her"

miss that therapist though, she was super nice and actually gave me input rather than the other THREE i tried that all just nodded and say "well gee that sure sucks"

she was the exit-hospital therapist though so I couldn't get her back once I switched to group therapy.





please don't shame me

you make a fair point, I am bad with words


a-aaaah head

yeah, totally!

Node sucks, what a surprise :3



I only shame you to throw off suspicion of how huge a pervert I am.

node's still faster than python or php yo

But slower than nginx

everyone already knows about your exhibitionism fetish

but nginx is a different thing than thing

idubbbz is back

So are you!


I don't understand why Rem is so popular and has more fanart than some many years old characters

Mmm, I just love showing my bare ankles in public.

i wish i knew how to program

everybody loves a good twister player

'cause Re:0 was really popular and Rem was basically the only character with a likable personality.

Once, I wore a low-cut shirt. you could see my collarbone and everything. i felt so dirty.

just because i could describe it doesnt mean im fag

thats dark
why cant it be a dragon loli playing twister or a snake goddess

Ain't that how you got a fatwa put out on ya?

Horse is out and I can't be fucked to go get it right now.

are you making an islam joke?

You thought about drinking cum, don't deny it

no lewd

somebody teach me these new hipster languages that are not c

What are you fags, gay?

Ride it back in.

That's a strange looking doggo.

Just got very refined tastes

Ifrit in FF15.


What i fought.

why doesnt my dick cum enough for me to drink anyways? should i be taking breaks from fapping

the angle of her pantsuless pussy is my favorite of all time

CAN PEOPLE FUCK OFF WITH "nvm i fixed it kthxbye"

stroke my bare anus in public

You're a lolicon.

Seems the issue is already known. Hopefully the fix will soon be out

Cause you fap too much of course

Yep, they're the literal worst

Yeah, redesigning the back end.

Meanwhile I fixed it, just setting the host as instead of the as indicated in the comment fixed it.

Normally I'd now get angry and throw around expletives but the author's been busy rewriting it and it's a nice thing in general anyway, but still, wtf, don't give false info in comments

ロリコン is not okay. =w=


Let them know. Even though they're rewriting the backend, at least change the comment in the current version

Says the one posting megumin

I can't help it. I think the addiction is ingrained


I'm stealing an Islam joke from Curb Your Enthusiasm. :D

Small anime girls have the perfect physique


Zerglings have the perfect physique. ♥♥♥

This comment already addresses it though:

It's just not worded like that, but it doesn't add much to the discussion. There's just no tl;dr for quick sloppy scan-readers like me there, but Aareksio's explanation is pretty complete.

I initially did not spot the thing.

I think fundamentalist muslims would have more of an issue with my being a tremendous faggot than the shirt thing

I didn't say anything about me.

Wanna be ロリコン buds

Why would I want to associate myself with such a dangerous individual?

:( okay nvm

Blacking out text is fun! Anyway, don't let their negativity get in the way of you loving boys, and I won't let my cat's negativity get in the way of me treating clitorises like postage stamps.

**I wonder if weird asterisks are interpreted properly.**

For a second there I didn't know you were referring to the image and I thought you'd actually been sleeping with a girl and your cat disapproved.

I was going to suggest you stroke the pussy.


wow thanks for MISSING my reply sabrina.

brb unpetting cat


Huh... Well, at least you figured it out

changing avatars and leaving forever

Call a coroner, because you're about to get murdered if you unpet that kitty! I'll kick your bare anus in public!

My cats don't care who I date as long as they get their daily beatings and brushings.

Excited for the update though, can add people as admin and stuff.

I don't even know how to accesss the db now ;;

Oh? what if I upgrade those pets to tummy pets?

wai ur homepage no megus

have you ever fapped to anime porn

Scoot, are tummy pets a trap with your kitty? They are with mine. They act like they want 'em, then they attack!

Yeah? My cats are little racists. they hate when I bring home black guys.

ty god

That information isn't listed in the readme?

Does fapping to you count?

Because generic low-key anime backgrounds.

maybe if kms and respawn in anime world

its already part weeb might as well go all out


It uses sqlite3, but no idea how db software works, never messed around with it.


Be like, "Yo, kitty. We in here lampin' and I'm tryin' to get my suck on like a Dyson doppelganger. Chill the fuck out."

No, he just isnt particularly enamoured by them, he prefers ear scritches

i maek beetmaps?

nuh i like it

get your filthy whore leg off my ferrari, bitch

Then nope

I don't really know either. Last time I had anything to do with a database, someone else configured it and set it up. We then just used the MVC pattern with ASP.NET, so we accessed it with lambda expressions.
How the backend actually works I don't really know

wtf is this

you know I love my pussy

but sometimes I just want to be on my knees sucking black cock, y'know.

huh? make some initial d ones pls all the ranked ones are old and unplayable.

also what stars and forks

so you fapped to me nonanime form?

Another site did the same thing but with 4chan. Looks kind of like the very same thing.
/g/ lost its shit over it

You're just that hot

machine learning training data?

initial d? nah. Maybe, if I find nice ones. I need to update the pics anyway.

So you just make your own?

true its like 35 degrees rn

what? im confused are we talking about different things now? I was talking about osu and then asking what you meant by forks and stars

fuck, i thought google didn't crawl non-linked pages

Who knows~

C? Damn, would like some

Does he like it if you beat on his side like a drum? My kitties like that.

How did we get here from Strawberry Crush?

first is my page
second is osu
third i did not answer bcuz blind but is like people favouriting your code on github and fork is making a derivative using your code

Well I was attracted to the bottles.



He kind of does, does your kittyiesssyyeyesy grab your hand and force a pet


i always convert to metrics for my foreign buds :3
i prefer it myself anyways

k i slep. come bed if u want warmth too

ur page confuses me i clicked on a thing and for some reason it took me to a website with alien speak on it

im bed now bye

idk how to make beatmaps thats too technical and boring for me.

nana hus

I ain't judging. Love is love. I'm just in awe of where sexy bottle pictures got us.

My calico will hook her paw around your hand for pets. My fatty cat will reach is paw up and tap your leg.

You know I don't actually sleep with black guys right

I mean

I'd like to?

but things for me have been pretty quiet lately.

Next project:
Replace FeekEk on YQL with something feednami

slep well good boye

claicoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo and fatty mcmeow face
get pics of the babies some time pls
how is work?

You need a giant subwoofer the size of your living room.

Work is ok. It's slower than usual today though, and I want to be outside walking around on this nice day!

what a nerd

Adjutant is so polite in Japanese.

No you are the one who is a nerd.


Play it in JP. =w=

Oh, wow, it doesn't have JP.

it's a western made rpg you weeb.

Your point?
StarCraft is a western made RTS.
Borderlands 2 is a western made FPRPG.

I guess the difference is that those are popular. :^)

my insides are jelly and i can't function

my point is that ur a nerd.

ur a nurd u weeab =w=

why you gotta hurt my feelings

I thought gays didn't have feelings?

oh shit, you're right.

Oh, wait, was that women?

it's both. there's almost no difference between the two.

Cup 's a gay woman.


But what about gay women, do they have so few feelings that it wraps around and they have all of them?


fuk u I like dudes.

as it happens, yes. gay women are like children. overly sensitive and frequently bratty.

I take offense to be likened to a child.

And also being called gay.

you're kinda proving my point.


and you're super bratty too. so yeah, a perfect example of what I said.

Hey loco
I was in a foul mood, then I remembered I found this, and I figured you'd like it, and now I'm actually feeling a lot better.

It's self-evident!

Is there more?

You're like
the biggest brat I know though.

how is it
no one else thionks im a nerd



you are a massive nerd and everyone thinks so.


You know, darn right.

give me one example of me being a brat.

That time you did that thing in that place with that person.

Also the countless times you tease me relentlessly even though I tell you to stop.

you never tell me to stop because you love when I tease you.

This is a betrayal

only nerds feel betrayed by THE TRUTH

Y'all are both nerds. :3

who the heck are you

I always tell you to stop you brat.

literally when

I am the terror that shitposts in the night...

should have known.

hi sabrina.


There's tons more trap Marco, but only that one panel of that though.

two times. TWO TIMES you can give no examples.

I win.

I want Japanese Vampire Dark Souls.

NIGGER FAGGOT!!!"!"!"!"!

:( no more anus pics for you

dude. come on. that's really offensive :(

Stop bullying me, you brat.

hi! ♥

you need to bleach that thing anyway.

Also this post is, like, the epitome of brattiness.


still wallowing in this cesspool huh?


i know exactly how much trap marco porn there is. post more.

Bleach that mouth... poop mouth

wow ur realli offen seev

you would have a poop mouth with all the shit you spew.

I like to come bug people once in a while, see how everyone's doin'.

Olly olly oxen free?

absolutely disgusting. caring about other people is just weird. you weirdo.


Your brattiness is rude.

you are being a bully rn.

You are being RUDE¬!!!!!!!1

What does that even mean?

honesty is rude now?


seems about right for a disgusting liberal like you.

"I can't win the argument so I'll just get a group of thugs to beat you up!!!"


Shush and let me care about yoooouuu!

It means you're gonna get a rock chucked at ya.

no matter how many times you do it I'm not going to indulge your desire to throw moonrunes at me.

wtf no. stop that this instant.


You one o dem fascists too like

how's that brexit going for you cult of corbin tardo?


literally gibberish.

Funnily enough, it has revived the party and at the minute the tories are in terminal decline.


I didn't have much so I just grabbed a whole bunch.
This one is by far my favorite.

I'm not a bully.


when you speak to me in a language I don't understand that's pretty bully behavior.

get fucked you socialist pig.

i'm a fan of these ones

You do it to me all the time - I don't speak gay so I have to use google to translate it.

Me too, it says I saved that one from you already.
Shadman did marco.

see? that's fucking bully as fuck.

I know, but I put up with it because you're my friend.

NO. YOU are the bully.

Make me!

I'm literally Hitler.


this is harassment. stop caring about me this instant or I'm calling the police.

Forgot my face.



This is me waitin' for the po-po to send a roller.


Sexy hitler owo

you understand I'm not translating this, right? every post of this is wasted. I'm not even going to bother replying to moonrunes posts after this.

you monster.

Wow, what a bully.

I'm not the bully in this situation.

Cupcake is too bully


You are the bully of your post.
Bully is your body and Bully is your blood.
You have bullied over a thousand posters.
Unknown to restraint, nor known to decency.
You have bullied countless posters.
Yet those posters will never bully anything.

So as you pray.

Unlimited Bully Works

I'm assuming this is a meme you have reworked or something?

btw you never told me if you finished 7th dragon 3. how did you like it?

I really do like it but I need to grind for equipment for my second and third team and the only things that give decent money are friggen dragons and dragons don't respawn and aaaaaa

I love shadman, hilloli clitton got me good.

there's plenty of places where you can just grind easily for dragon seeds or whatever they are called. the rare enemies that give a shit ton of exp and money. just find a spot with a save/restore point right by it and go to town.

Gold Rabis for money, Queen Rabis for EXP, Dragon Seeds for SP

Gold Rabis aren't even near a save/restore either, because IIRC they're in the subway or in 7th Encount, and they spawn rare and it's just this really big time sink aaaa.

It's faster to just grind in the spot I am at before the 3-way party split.

7th Encount does have basically the best song in the game though.

I'm fairly sure that anywhere in the game spawns a version of all three. but I can't be sure.

I dunno. I don't remember having much of a problem outfitting all three of my squads and having them well leveled.

did you even finish no escape 3???


I misclicked when I was aiming the text box, ignore that.


Tokyo - shiren ha kousaku suru?

But what the heck does that even mean???

It is supposed to be

Tokyo - Intersecting Tests?

You'd think that but I've ground for hours at where I'm at and not seen a single gold rabi or queen rabi.

Pretty sure I'm only going to see any of those my level in Tokyo right now, so rip me.
Unless there was some in the other future place.

I forgot to hold on to old gear for new members 'cause I'm DUMB

Judging by the fact that I have no idea what that is probably not...

wtf it's the game I got for you on your birthday like 2 years ago holy shit rin COME ON.

Whatever it means it's a good song


my bad. ZERO escape. with your waifu. phi?

Oh, heck, yes.

You know I 100% that one, 馬鹿.

thank goodness. only took you FOREVER.

i'm worried about jim carrey

Are you going to ask me if I beat it, and tell me it took forever literally every year around this time??

I want to say no but with how bad my memory is that's actually a possibility.

I clicked a related video.
And I'm so glad I did.

proud of u ?

It doesn't stay as great as the original the whole way through but when it's good holy heck.

ur good holy heck

You aren't even listening.

because I have food being delivered and I can't hear their pussy ass knock on my door if I don't have complete silence.

In your delivery notes put "Grow a pair and bang on my door like you're trying to knock it down."

Hey, so I finally have an appointment set to get a referral to a psychiatrist, I lied to bard though and procrastinated a day on making the phone call, I told him I'd do it yesterday.

I've tried almost exactly that and they still knock like they are afraid the door is going to bite them.


Against my better judgement I am drinking today, even though I'm having like really bad mood swings today, what could go wrong?

you could end up wildly depressed but you could also feel pretty good so I'd say it's worth the risk. that's why I drink almost every day.

I'm a happy drunk I think.

you are a crazy happy drunk. you're literally insane.

I'm also more prone to tiredness.

The boy I like wants to drink with me on Friday and I donrjfabfkj;aebwfugawevhjfasbd guiohasv';f adfgjbkvlasefvp['asjnhgasd


I'm pretty good for now, my girls been texting me to keep my mind from wondering, and I'm reading and trying to post here.

what a re you drinking today buddy? I may or may not join you


you got dis


Tequila with lime and cherry pepsi!!!
Also I lied to you, I didn't schedule an appointment until today, and I said I'd do it yesterday.

Watching Host club now, I do got this.

you're making my spine shiver just thinking about that

and at least you told the truth now :3
Have fun grid chan

npm init
npm install express

var app = new Express();

app.get('/home', function(req, res){
res.send("Hello World!");



It was a 50/50 mix to start, it's more cherry Pepsi now.
I didn't mean to lie, I just didn't feel like talking to anyone, I wasn't even in the threads, but today, that sad was really bad, and I told my girlfriend I would schedule an appointment.

crazy ez

all programming is easy

*pat pat pat* it's okay grids I wont ever force you to get your social on if you aren't feeling it

dunno about that, but it is easier than most people think

It's like legos, all you have to do is put it all together for the end result.

You're a good friend bard, thank you for understanding, whatchu planning to drink?

definately NOT tequila LOL


Not if you're a dummy.

Now it's what was left of my last drink mixed with more lime, redstag and Pepsi, I'm good at mixed drink choices.

Hey, kiss, how you doin?

Hi kissy weird seeing you at this time of day......

What's redstag?
Ihave some cut up limes in the fridge you're making me want to get my sour on

jim carrey is a sociopath who killed a woman and got away with it

Is it? I've been around about now recently.

I always just kind of assume that everybody here enters some sort of stasis/hibernation when I'm not around
I suppose its cause I'm usually working about now

You up to much fun today?

No, I'm having a miserable day that is just going to get worse.

Kiss, why you so hurtful, ignoring me and stuff, I try to straighten things out with you and you ignore me.

It's black cherry whiskey!!!!!! Jim beam
Get your sour on bard, do it, take shots and chase them with lime, do it.

Eh Look at it this way There's only another 8 hours or so in it for ya til the night is over

If you want someone to talk to you, calling them hurtful is a great way to go about it

I can't believe subtle is so hurtful

That was very subtle of you.

jk I don't want him talking to me. he's a nerd.

You done messed up now

I happen to like subtle.

g o t t e m

I bet subtle is a いじめっ子

i bet subtle is a black man.


I guess I'll go google translate that


What subtles sweet as fuck, I would cuddle a subtle irl!!!!!!!!

It's a joke
it's funny


Anyone want to buy my N64 collection for whatever an Everdrive costs?

Whatchu got?

About 60 games. Some are imports like the 2 different versions of Mario 64, both Zelda and the Mario Parties.
I'm not sure on the rest exactly.

Well, I got those already, and I got emulators and a usb n64 controller, my computers plugs right into a tv and it works just the same.

Seems to be what most people are doing.
Maybe I should too. I don't know. I like the actual hardware and I have a small TV for it all.

I mean fuck. That Mario Party cart in the bottom is NFR so alone it's worth 100 bucks.

That was my reasoning for thinking about buying your collection, but that's a lot of effort.

To sell it on eBay of course.

What happens after I sell it is not my concern. So I would say go for it.

do you have any pictures of Loco the duck?

Duck on right.
We thought she died in the heat wave but it was one of the other ducks as she was laying a while later and we had 2 males.

But that's a lot of effort.


sab wants to visit and pet all your animals. Would that be okay?

I mean, I don't have an issue with it.
Don't they live on the coast though?

I like actual hardware and have a capture card.

I don't have money though, or I'd probably take your offer, gomen.

texas. where are you at?

Make it sexxy!!!

I'll eventually get a cap card and stream games for people on the actual hardware.

North Alabama.
I'm like an hour from Huntsville.


I know you're gay, but titties are awesome.

If you're a fag maybe.

I'm actually mostly straight and into traps, but you're cute enough I might play with you a little bit, all the guys local on Tinder are too masculine for me.

Don't you have a GF though?

Squash! I wanna pet your animals!

5 dogs, 4 cats, 2 horses, 20 some chickens, 20 quail, a handful of fish.
I hope you have enough hands.

We're doing this poly thing right now.

Oh. And we might have goats soon.

How many duckies?

Man, I'm like beyond emotionally unstable right now. Why you got to be the devil and tempt me with this shit?

Oh yeah. 2 now. One died but it wasn't mine.

We had like, 10 ducklings, but we sold them at the fair.

Don't do it Squash. He's a giant FAGGOT. And not the kind you like


>plastic dild

OH no. I'm sorry, even if he wasn't yours. Poor ducky


Come visit me and we'll see how tempting I can be, she got it on with a girl today.


It was a heat stroke.

I think I need an actual partner instead of just hook ups anymore.

Poor baby. Well, if I did visit you, I'd have to hug the duckies. That would have to happen.

I got 4 months we could be partners.
But then it has to end.

They would not like that AT ALL.
They are mean as fuck.

A life partner.

Life is too long for 1 partner.

Life is too long for 1 partner.

I prefer the idea of a poly relationship.

Why does Granblu Fantasy magically work for me now even though I swear to heck it wasn't before?

Did it release NA recently or something, or am I just finally weeab enough that it has accepted me?

Granblue even.

tearing my computer apart to learn more about how to put one together and I'm having quite a bit of fun

also learned that my PSU is a piece of shit cord hellzone

Now I work hard to even play a game that I was reasonable interested in before.
How long until I give it up for being effort?

New thread when?


Well fuck

We gon go full cyclical.

Really though I'm gonna bed.

2 guys and a dog?

Please tell me you're cpu had a fan...

it had an H212 evo on it that I put away and stored to be used on my next computer

ded fuckin thread aye?

In that case, carry on. Just remember when you build your new computer that motherboard stand offs are important.

standoffs? using a different case btw

oh yeah standoffs, yeah seems pretty fucking simple

You'd be amazed how many prepare destroy their build by forgetting them.


how the fuck do you forget them

did they not read the instructions

RTFM niggers

S2 of Osomatsu-san is literally just them memeing

Simple answer? What instructions?

it's called a manual for a reason


hmm. new thread is taking a really long time to post.

oh good they both posted yayyy