Lonely fag looking for friendos


lonely fag looking for friendos

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why does posting dragon loli make me a faggot

she's cute

you're being so rude rn omg


after years of masturbating to 2d porn, idk how to find good 3d porn anymore. what should i be looking for?


The puzzles chatter to me.
They tell me their secrets in riddles and rhymes.


the problem with 3D porn is that most of it is shit

In the future your sexual counters will be matched upon hentai tags.

Mason, what do the numbers mean!?

Repetitive darkness swallows me.
It cleanses my sin and washes me in it's ebbing chill. Each failure brings me closer to success. Every success swells my pride so it may crash down on me once more to humble my hallow form.

yeah but where do i search for those?

recently the nonnude images/clips got me pretty hard

my sexual counters? what does that mean




All I know is faggots use her.

C. E. A.

leesin is the worst

Are your hands clean?



The bone sculptures can't protect you if you handle them WITH FILTHY HANDS

I won't handle them, then.

Scrub them.

stop bullying me please

this isn't the darwin i knew


Is naht bully.

I still lose tbh

But "bully" is Darwin in a word.

Because you are playing Lulu.

dust is death



I was thinking of Tommy, but that works too.



There will be a nerf soon enough.

imagine if I had a real champion

You would still say it needs buffs.


I know you too well now.


i like the part where he blames you




LEAF ME ALONE!!!!1one!11

wow thread was dead for an hour????????



We were in danger of falling off the board.

Only headpats. :3

i think thats only applicable to a subgroup

what board?

daylight savings time

you never fuckin pet me


jewish bankers

oh no
god forbid

oh right that thing happening tomorrow.

only shitty parts of the world get affected by dst


hello my pet.



*pat pat*


yeah tomorrow.

why does dst exist. it complicates 2 many things 2 be wurf


what part of canada do you live in where it's not sunday yet


Rolled 2 (1d2)1 for sleep, 2 for don't sleep

Luka is a Canadian hillbilly




Echo is a bully ;~;


Luka irl.

You live up in the mountains

You don't trust outsiders

You're a Canadian hillbilly



No I'm not.

You so are

Big Short > Birdman


you must be super far west

Sir Billi > Immortal



Well you asked for it.

you get more time off work or something?

No, it's Saturday night silly

I work Monday-Friday

it's midnight in a couple minutes tho.

right, that was my other guess.

What was your first guess?

the one i just said.



Happy daylight savings time
I've got work in 13 hours but I ain't even tired yet so I'm gonna do drugs and play video games

First semester was all A's and one C.
so far in second I am all A's and a B.
I'm doin thangs.

drugs are bad mmkay



Hello, bots!

Literally over 9000.








what is this, a webm for ants?


and of ants.

Dammit. i knew how to pronounce the word except for the end: ы
Didn't know the meaning but I know the sounds sometimes.

Bet u think ur funny

Is an easy language to read.

It's a lot like greek. I learned almost all the sounds a while back. Not sure how much I can remember.



my tummy hurts

Knowing many languages is pretty useful.

take tablets and sleep


Turkey is a country though. Letting them in means they get all the benefits and part of the power to rule the EU. Them trying to genocide the kurds sort of makes it difficult.

is drug and video games even a good combination

I am cocaine GTA.

would downloading it anyways cause any problems?


drugs are bad tho


my graphics card doesn't use




could be worse, i got stuck on crash 4 because on one of the last levels the graphics output gets badly corrupted


my graphics card uses directly applied jokes

but seriously it says I need direct x 9 and I have no idea when I last updated it since I thought windows updates did that for me

Start > Run > dxdiag

I need a new hard drive jesus

what unit is "best"


Since game is good, shouldnt it cancel each other?

m-m-maybe it's using vulkan

no like it restarts explorer, a lot of things do this for me

can't even install a different OS on it

truely fucked also I get these pretty frequently

does the start a program thing in task manager work like run?


crashed task manager

neetbux soon plz

been 3 and a half months so any time between now and 2 and a half more months

why does the bomb say loli e

is it the same popcorn pooped comp



learned my fucking lesson that dust fucks you up even when you cover that shit with a tarp

I've strait up been checking the mail every day for like 3 weeks now

neetbux plx


Soft laps.

Fun fact:
In English, it's "Shephard's Pie."

In French, it's "Pate Chinois"

"Pate Chinois," if literally translated, says "Chinese Pastry."

But Shephard's Pie is neither a pastry nor is it Chinese.



Lurking should be a crime.

Are you jealous that I'm spending more time with them, abusive admin-sama?


Yes, I cry every time.

It's been like SIX HOURS

Morning everyone!




Join us

What's up?

That actually kind of adorable to think of.

Even if it is obvious joke.

Hello there Test, how are you this morning?

Nothing much, played some CS:GO, friends got salty again. It was funny. What about you?




I'm sorry, I don't actually have autism.

I would dislike the vast majority of them if I had to speak to them, I'm sure. It's the same problem I had with /lewd/, or with people like Aeris. Obvious elitism. Do they know you're from here?

It's the last day of break and I'm sad about that because I have to do homework today.

New board

Being bullied by test for playing factorio with another fag.
It's very unkind

Dragon lolis

Well squeeze the most out of your break, and bust out the work right away, then you'll have more time for breaks!

Oh, so now you're being bullied, this is a strange turn of events!


>You will never *pat* the dragon loli.

I don't exactly hide it, and whenever it comes up, I do call myself an Holla Forums cross-poster.

And someone didn't go user to tell you that animus is literally Hitler?

I am Aeris.

Would they be wrong? :^)


I am.


Actually, the most any of them have said about Holla Forums was the user in the thread with Grim.



Guess not.

And some dickhead called Ushio.

Don't like that guy.

Obviously the only possible way to enjoy videogames is literal autism, and obviously I am 100% confirmed for autism because I am enjoying a video game

Yeah but unlike you I don't just take it~


Couldn't have said it better myself.

Woah, woah, woah. What? I don't take it either! How very dare you.

what the fuck did they expect

Fair enough.
I missed that one.

Obviously they thought it meant that you have to manually shift the automatic stick. :^)

Why haven't these people choked to death on their food yet

They'll win the Darwin Awards eventually, Dwai.


I haven't seen him since then.

He mostly seems to communicate in angry grunts.

Good evening.

Seems like he's probably the same as the one who was bitching at Grim.

fuk u
we stopped
are you HAPPY now?

Nah, you definitely do take it.



Take that back, right now. Right now!



I'd believe it.

No, I'll try and ruin your fun again later, maybe that will make me happy.


Test sama. Please make everything okay in the world.

Hey Emily

When did you wake up?

Is it something crazy like midnight last night?

Would that I could.

it'll never be enough

How is CLock



Can't know till we try.


I can
I always know

Isn't it usually the more flagrant assholes who'll drop their name and pretend to be user thinking they're fooling anyone?


muh dick

Too new.

whats wrong with us

What board

Well I'm on break, so.


Bottom link was at


Please? :c

I'm that snug right now.

The new one.

I take no part in what may or may not come of this.



Taking no part in nothing?

It's a double nothing.

Even I can't handle /lewd/.

Probably, yeah.

why is her tummy scratched :(

Well that was disappointing

Self-harm or abuse.

But what forum then!



i got bullied

Let it be known, I blame Test for this.

Admin abusing even the other boards, tsk tsk.


What do I get from this exchange?

Most people are kinky enough to enjoy it.

I don't know... You're asking too many questions!

I'm still here, aren't I?

Just because you're correct, doesn't make you right!


You can't double nationality!


Then clearly I have no reason to

Yes you do, I told you to stop! That's the reason.

[alt right revolts]

I'll show you the right alt.


Going to have to ask for more, sorry.


I'll alt all over your right.


ez there missy

who ever even uses that key
let alone the... menu key or whatever the fuck it's called

Why can't I get a keyboard just without all those along there


I'll shift right into your keys.

hows the day yo


I was up until 3, so I'm thinking of grabbing another coffee.

Is that a ree of agreement or a ree of disagreement?

Hey guys, I'm new.

I just woke up and walked my dog. She's so cute; she get's food from her bowl brings it to my room and then eats it.

God I hate newfags

Good job on the walk






The character attempted suicide twice as a child.

It's pretty heavily implied they weren't all right in the head.

Something something newfags. Something something Reeeeeeee.




Sorry, typo.


This tbh

me too but no caffe



Yeah that's right

I use the menu key and right alt key


I believe it.


Well clearly you aren't trying hard enough nerd.


euro sign
context menu without rmb


You need right alt for euro sign?

You don't even have arrows!



On here I mapped them to arrow keys ^^!

It's almost like they're drones trained to respond to authority or something.

Wait no, must be your "thundering aryan voice", right.

What have you even mapped to arrow keys!

Glad we're on the same page

fdl;ijg lidfsuh gkldfjhgdfjk hg!

When will Man realize the futility of challenging his Prince?



Don't ya just love 2017 folks

That was fun but I got bored of it and distracted with my conquest of China

What's the Trump news lately?


I kinda messed up the word order there but whatever

Same old. Dude still unaware of international relations but makes a bunch of incompetent dickless pussywhipped spineless whiny little bitches cry crodocidile tears every day. This includes the media.
Now you spent enough time to give me a cultural overlay on China. Fascinate me with some of those tales lad. Also picture. You take picture?

I'm going to take my good camera to downtown Beijing tomorrow. Dropbox is being shitty here and it's hard to use it to transfer pics from my phone. Those aren't good pictures anyway

In the meantime, here's a picture of a nice pack of cigarettes I bought that I had to resize a lot because I didn't need a giant picture of a pack of cigarettes

Whatchu think of Turkey vs NL

Well then

But then you lose the menu key you seek to open context menus with!

Just look at that arrogant panda

The fields of bamboo belong to him

Holy shit can you order those? I NEED THEM
Also tell me if you have a bunch of pictures up I wanna see them with explanation. Gotta know more

I'm actually following that and anyone who knows Edrogan will have the same opinion.
FUCK HIM. That shitty self-centered, arrogant, hella egoistic piece of shit need to be put down. Wanna be Kim Jong Un. You guys need to up your game and not get scared of his empty threats.

Also downtown Beijing is full of scammers

One person offered to give me a ride on his weird scooter thing to Tienanmen Square for 2rmb

I knew it was bullshit and moved on but looked it up later; apparently those people take you to some alley and say they actually meant 200 and try to intimidate you into giving it to them

I kind of wish I let him try that

Holy shit this guy is worse than me

Yeah you should have let him try. Do you concealed carry?

Maybe; I haven't really looked into it. They're good though. Only costed the equivalent of $1.16 as well. Apparently they're one of the top brands here; people from Sichuan province like them. People tend to smoke specific brands based on solidarity to locales and things like that. I think like six pictures managed to upload to Dropbox; maybe I'll send you to them on Skype. They're mostly from the Temple of Heaven, and a few are of other random things I found on the streets

And I haven't seen any such things

No guns here lol

At least it works alright since there's little to no black market for guns

Not necessarily a gun, a blade, a small bat, whatever works.
Do it yo, always carry something with yourself what if the chinks gang up on you
I'll google those cigs, we might need to trade, can you bring those out of the country?

Picking a fight with the chinese as a foreigner in china is generally a really bad idea, on account of them all being racist as shit and hardly afraid of mobbing foreigners.

Even more reason to carry something with you then. I can't really imagine the triad being scared too
Didn't know they are that agressive tho.

If you carry something and wind up stabbing a native you better enjoy your jail time and/or the debt you'll be pushed into from fines.

They aren't really, that's just your retarded tribalism. You generally need to be picking a fight to get into one from pretty much everyone I've heard.


I just have a justice boner this pussy government finally stood up for it self.

All views on China of his are now invalidated

Oh, yeah, I've been thinking I might get a blade. I'm planning on going to one of the big haggling markets tomorrow to see what I can find

And I don't see why I wouldn't be able to bring them out of the country

White "people" are scum.


I'd imagine you can buy them online though, considering the fact that they're one of the most popular brands in China

I've known many a person who's spent far more time there than you.

White privilege is real here


don't ever work in a warehouse, boys.

More like Fn-HITLER

*twice as high

A lot of those assistants are kind of annoying though

What kind of jerb do you have anyway

Does China has no self defense laws or what
Who said anything about picking a fight too
I'm talking about self defense here

Noice, at worst we'll trade then
I wonder if the gooks have a regulation on blades, get a smaller on just to be safe. What do you think tho? How agressive the chinks are? Seen fights and shit?

Yes, its good for the entire world actually. Edrogan wants to take over Turkey and he thinks he is too powerful for anyone to stop him or talk up against it, fact is, its just nobody giving a shit.
Its a good thing you guys got involved I hope you started a chain reaction

The memes about the chinese legal system being in the natives' favor aren't exactly untrue.

I guess I should look that up

And no, they're pretty non-violent

Warehouse picker.
I build cages and throw shit into them whilst under a target of 135 items an hour.


Baka gajin go home

lmao hope they get banned everywhere

But white privilege isn't real in the USA and it's harder to live like a king

(Really though I'll only be here for a year. Then I'll set my sights on climbing to the summit of Mount Olympus)

Why not get a new jerb if you don't like it

I'm glad you understand muh autisms

What's up, anyway?

Oh wow thats unfair. Guess those who pick pointless fights deserve it anyway.

That you should. Post some pictures here and hammer some cultural awareness in the tiny little avatarfag heads

I hope so too. Keep up the good fight guys.


i want to kill

It's too early to ream Erio into being a submissive girl.


Nap time

I hope I can find some kind of cool dragon knife

These weird shopkeepers seem to like dragon stuff so far

I will urinate on the mountain of the GODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty much.
It's unfair but not that much of a problem, at the end of the day.

oh boy who we lynchin'?

It will end up in a stream and millions of people will drink your pee

mod users

I don't think there are any streams near the summit

What'd they do this time?

yeah, this is useful info for me.

you don't pee hard enough

maybe you should just FIX

I'm thinking of adding that german guy in the OP and bully the everliving unholy shit out of him. Did anyone add him?

Its a good thing that you use your privilige to travel the word I'm jelly
So, where next? Japan?

Well at least it might put a leash on drunk as fuck UK teens who can't fucking step on the break

hnnnn n-not in public

fuck you

u no fix
i report

Anyway, I should get ready for bed

Goodbye beloved insects

You've probably drank at least a molecule of water that was part of my pee at some point already

I'm going on a vacation to Greece in between to climb Mount Olympus and see other things while I'm at it. I've actually kind of wanted to go to Greece for a long time. Then probably Thailand or Japan

Anyway, night

You mean Marsy? I've known him for 2 years now, he's pretty decent to talk too, you can bully him if you want, he'll most likely return it back though.

You'll be dearly missed.


I only worked there and it was living hell
Hope you can put up with a constant 30C+ weather

Bah, no fun. I thought its one of those extremely lonely fags who'd take it like a bitch just for the sake of conversation. Fuck it then

I want to die

lot of edge this morning

edge me moogy


Jack and Erio in one thread.




. . .

gimme humble bundle

Which tier?

Any of ya gits have a PS4
Is the new danganronpa out yet

what's up, yaniki?

i wanted verdun
ill settle for 2nd

what does it even have worth wanting


stop being bad at psp games

verdun jotun warhammer

Vermintide, I guess.

how about you stop being bad at not being a nigger

I guess.
what'll you gimme


I'm already the best tho

draw me a crazy pink haired lady with a good bit of red in the color scheme

Too bad you're also a girl

All are shit.

What a bunch of useless faggots.
I'm out


nvm nvm you already got it


how does it feel knowing a girl can beat you up?

fair enough

I do, but only have like 5 games.

Reminder that "edgy" was ruled a compliment in 2013

Night (yes I'm posting again after getting ready :3)


Am I edgy???

not here

I take it as a compliment
You should too.
Edgy = Doing whatever is necesarry without being burderned by morals and ethics nobody with two braincells to rub together keeps anyway

I already googled it but thanks anyway
Now to climb on the pals who have PS4 and try out that free dangan VR

Wise idea.
I don't want to go near VR unless I can try it for free with no consequences.

wasn't talking about her

Dangan and resident evil 7 has free VR
Do you have the goggles tho

Someone buy me VR

No. They are outside my budget and I don't have any games to utilize them anyhow.

I hear FF15 is getting it or something, but one game is hardly worth it.

Well I don't know any other girls that could beat me up.
Do you?

I tried it with resident evil and it was actually pretty damn impressive.
Must have been mind shattering on acid

If you're a guy you should like girls

shut your mouth

The two big things I want to know about are how far into your peripheral vision it goes and how well your eyes can sense depth with them.

Also back in like a few.

hello muu, how goes uni?

theyre shit tho

I know a lot

Name one

Heterosexual > any queercunt

Paul Joseph Watson doesn't believe in the secret Jew conspiracy to rule the Earth and is thus not a legit conspiracy news source

I'd say peripherial vision is pretty realistic and same for depth. Best yet

I'm doing some work that needs to be handed in by the end of today
magnifiers and lenses and stuff as usual

Free speech!

welp, how much have you got left to do?

im a magnifier

Neko 0 Yan 1 billion

You two cunts have been in Uni for as long as I've known you

I must find a way to try it.

ive been at uni too fucking long, thankfully itll be over soon

Hit up somebody who has it. I'd buy it if i I had ps4 to be honest. Or maybe you can try out in stores if that doesn't work.

stop posting this

Not much.


A cuteness magnifier?

if i could change my mind about it i would, but that would have required me to have actual direction at the age of 20

think youll make the deadline?

And now its too late. I was warned about this otherwise I'd proly make the same mistake as you chaps

i want a ps four

lucky for some

But those tiny asian hands

Of course
I usually leave it this late
It takes a few hours but it's pretty comfy, unlike essays


what even are you studying? my coursework generally takes 40 hours minimum tbh

This makes no sense at all.

Its a meme you dip



He's upset about his micropenis.

My penis is bigly yuge, ask your mother


Hey Test

I dont understand



Play Rust with me and Ziggo


🤔 kurwa

No thanks. That game raises my salination levels and I haven't played it in a month and a half.

But Test
They've been adding things like crazy in the last month

There's vending machines, bullet proof windows, wall lanterns, complex decision makers, furniture, lockers, fridges, weapon holsters, and heavy armor.

Well, there's maybe 10 parts to this so it probably takes up to 40 hours over the entire course


well at least youre studying something proper. what year are you in now?

ive got 7-8 weeks left to hand in my final year project, and im still arguing with my prof on the design of the second major part of it.

monogatori is a deconstruction of harem and fanservice.
It is not only self-aware, but genuinely engaging. It emphasizes how absurd fanservice situations are and honestly lets its story drive the series forward rather than these situations.


First year.

I resonate with that image on a spiritual level.

How terrible

Sorry. Was doing something that had me in ruins for like 4 hours last night and 2 hours today.

Square up, nigga.

Monogatari is trash


really, just first? id have thought youve been there longer




Mars attacks

Literally my fucking friends every goddamn time

Exactly that.

I'm afraid to ask.

I had a gap year thing and then I changed courses because reasons.

pls, never happen

fair, i get that

doing better in this one?

Well, it's not that I wasn't good at the last one
I just really don't like field work.

Also it's more scientific.

to be honest at this point in my degree im half tempted to fuck it all off and go fish for the rest of my working life

I want to be bullied by Raphiel.

B-but haven't you been at it for a while?

im 2 months from finishing, save for a resit in august

i honestly dont know if ill be able to reliably secure work tho, results havent been too promising thus far and i dont intend to live on the dole

J-just hang in there

There is a dungeon in FF15 with no monsters and is just fucking platforming and puzzles. Not only are they hard as fuck, but they thought it would be ok to rotate literally everything a bunch so it's hard to tell how far to jump and I got vertigo trying to do it.

im gonna for the degree, but i dont know about anything past that. comp sci was a mistake tbh, literally a waste of time, money, and effort. my bf stands to make more money than me with his only debt being to the church that gave him the grant for his initial equipment, and hes currently off bullying crabs at sea while im pouring over a book on agent design, trying to figure out why my professor thinks my approach is retarded.

That sounds pretty infuriating. Any casulties? Keyboard? Mouse?

I actually don't get mad at games like that.
I understand that if it really is an issue I can simply set the game down for a bit.
I powered through though and was pretty satisfied.

*poring over

Always said holland is nazi

Ah yes, I don't even remember when a game gave me a feel like that. Shit is just too easy these days. All reward no effort
Whoah thats something rare.

hey mister jack


grim pls inject me with nanomachines that will instantly give me a thorough understanding of all things AI

Good taste

Jack is nazi



what's crackin
did you order your tohru body pillow yet?


nanomachines that turn you into a qt grill

It was mostly hard for the fact it was awkward platforming in an action RPG. If I had a larger pool of options in terms of mobility then it wouldn't be so bad, but I didn't and it was quite apparent.

If I get mad at a game it's usually in online games where my skill doesn't dictate the entire experience. If I'm good and others are bad I get kind of down, but just take a break for a bit.
In the end it's just a game.

Nazis leave


I can nazi all of this hate

scoots leave

Isn't there some tribe you should be saving from a pedo, Bebop?

Imperial Germany is so much better than Nazi Germany.

how is he pedo

He ran a sex ring with alice
And he likes 13yo girls

as neat as that is, the bottleneck here is the reading


How about you shut the fuck up and stop defending pedos

Hai bebop

s-sorry I didn't mean it that way
quickly give a minority child to hug

Sounds pretty reasonable tho, I just get an unbearable fit of rage if I can't do something, anything for the third time.
Then shit breaks.

Tohru best dragon
I'm surprised even at myself that I didn't drop the show and actually watched 8 episodes of it.

Seriously though, Imperial Germany did nothing wrong. They really got the shaft, but not as bad as the Ottoman Empire. I wish the Ottoman Empire still existed; it would of prevented so many problems we now face.


flat chest

When I did the dungeon I kept track of my deaths.
Over 6 hours total I died 260~ times.


i got so high last night that at one point i hallucinated anime

Fucking nazis


alice gate

read it practice it get an expert to correct any mistakes
rinse repeat

I had a good feeling she's be your fave

imo Elma's pretty fucking cute but she needs more screentime and development to beat Tohru for me

but my nigga

Lucoa > all

I'd blame this thread for rubbing off on me but I saw an unidentified potential waifu and it was really good experience.

No pizza

I guess my deal is I don't have time to care about money.


Aren't you a patient one

Elma is pretty new to the show and every time I see Lucoa its just a talking pair of tits
Kanna could be a good loli but she is pretty fucked on her own way so
Tohru > Alle



its AI tho, its mostly the rate at which i can read + the time taken to comprehend the concept being put across.

being kept busy with uni work?

Things that are based on my own skill are easy to be ok with when I don't have much to show for it.


she has a big sis/motherly aspect though

you see how she feels about shota



What draw

gwyndolin ahegao

yourself overlooking the spanish landscape out of your home

Draw mei hanging her self


so fkn cute

I swear I read that sentence but I can't comprehend
Halp, language barrier

I think there is a particular and rather popular fetish of milfs slamming shotas
Might appael to that but to me it looks like that Lucoa would even fuck a rusty nail
She is still the only non-lesbo dragon which deserves credit

No, I'm just too lazy to care.

If I'm playing solo and I fuck up it's whatever.
If I'm plying with people and they fuck up and it brings me down I get down.

i didnt care til i had shit to pay for and no longer could rely on my parents to put me up during the summer, then this whole student finance shit started getting old real fast

who dat


new thread

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k naar de anker