user, what have you done lately to bring about full automation and possibly the singularity for FULLY AUTOMATED LUXURY?

Are you doing electrical shit or artificial intelligence? hmm? or sitting in your armchair reading bordiga

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mensshed-llandudno.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/Electronics For Dummies.pdf


mensshed-llandudno.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/Electronics For Dummies.pdf

setting up a neighbourhood co-op solar panel power plant
the initiative was brought up at a neighbourhood association

Working to bring commies and new atheists together

Continue my SE/CS education.

OH now that you mention it I did write a deep learning AI in 3 days over a weekend and I am going to be doing some experiments for an assignment about language of origin recognition based on phonetic patterns.

Good job everyone

I am studying Electrical Engineering with a master's programme in Automation and a minor in Industrial Management. Damn hard stuff. But I'm in the 3rd year out of 5, hopefully I'll start the master's programme next year.

I'm actually between classes right now, we going to talk about industrial energetic efficiency.

KEEP GOING and finish your degree!, also join the leftypol tech collective, could be useful

The Holla Forums tech collective recruitment thread 404'd, [email protected]/* */ seems to be in charge of adding people to the email chain. Hasn't been much movement in the past few days, get talking!

Thanks for the encouragement bud. I fear that by the time I finish I'll be completely dead emotionally and mentally, but I guess it was much worse before because I hated every subject. At least I'm studying what I like now for the most part, I just don't like the electronics part. I prefer finding out the most efficient ways of automating industrial processes and stuff like that.

that sounds cool. h ow did this get started?

I applied to my masters degree in robotics and control systems yesterday, so I guess that's something-

I enrolled in an engineering program at ny local university.

totally normal for stem degrees to feel like that. they really like to brutalize you, it'll be worth it in the long run

Unless you go NEET your are going to end up like that anyway

In the third image who's the guy in between Adorno and Bordiga? I don't recognize him.

tbh most western leftists are about as enslaved to technophilic passivity as the worst gee whiz elon musk fanboys. Humanity seems to be losing faith in itself, in what is characteristically human-art, emotion, relationships, freedom, philosophy- no thanks! it's all about technics now. There's no will to create the future anymore, the revolutionary spirit of the medieval heretics that wanted to create the kingdom of god in this earth, what was best about the bolsheviks the sans culottes and the spanish anarchists, is pretty much all gone. We look up to technics and experts instead. That is, instrumental rationality raised to the umpteenth power. 1st world leftists and neoliberals are pretty much indistinguishable by this point. They both dream of an utopia of passive hedonism where the human becomes an accesory to the machine.

this. I know enough about computers not tk trust all of society to depend on them.

im sitting on a chair that reads bordiga instead of me

When the leftists are discouraged by being provided arguments how humans are prone to make mistakes, allowing things like creating a nomenklatura class in a theoretically classless society to happen, to have organizations disrupted by people going purely by their material interests, to see organizations fragmented by idpol, divided and disrupted.

That all is disheartening, and so the only ace in their sleeve is to pull out the machines working for the society and not for the individual profiteers of private property.

The liberals, or the right wingers have been spouting rhetoric about some inherent human nature, and the question is, how to make them see the distinction between inherent predispositions and environmental influence? To introduce them to dialectical materialism? To make them read some basic book outlining it? Surely if you ask them why and pry into their
arguments, a success of finding an accurate model to analyze the reality is guaranteed.

But how would these right winger react if you say you don't care about their conclusions (their defense of capitalism), as long as you make sure that the basis of their arguments is sound. Because idealism and other simplification if not outright fabrications just are too laughable to be taken seriously.

This kind of inspired me to make this post.

Find friends. And not that kind of friends that you only go to pub with. Friends to go out cycling or running with. Or play sports.

Without friends, you die inside.


Like I said, at the neighbourhood association. It's an experiment in local democracy.