What a piece of shit

What a piece of shit.

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>>164619371What a piece of art.

>dude gets molested by an old jewish ladyweird flick

>So user, wanna munch my snatch?

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Yep it was dogshit. I watched the first hour up to Sean Penn and that was plenty.

>>164619450Thoughtt you'd never ask

Just a poor's man Dazed and confused butacking all the charm.PTA is a hack. I always said.

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The first scene is really the only good part

>>164619532>but lackingautofix

>>164619371>>164619450I'd like to lick-her yiddish pizza ifyaknowwhatImeannnn

>>164619532Yep. I can not agree more.While Dazed and Confused and Everybody Wants Some are comfy self contained little vignettes about the 70's and 80's respectively. PTA always seems to be trying too hard. 'hey dude member the oil crisis? and the water beds? And Streisand random bf, crazy rite'The guy is worse than Tarantino.

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>>164619371Why are we suddenly talking about this movie so much

>>164619999Torrent out.

>>164619999catching up to the oscars

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"You're circumcised, that means you're jewish"Am I misinformed about the US?

>>164619450Begone thot.

>>164619450Bitch is ugly as fuck

>>164619999because torrents came out recently


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>>164619371>>164619450>cute chick drawn on the poster>absolute disgusting ugly skank in the moviefucking false advertising

>>164620599This, they really did a tranny level glow-up on that drawing. It's almost as bad as a twitter anime pfp.

what the fuck was the point of a member berry movie that only people over 60 could even identify with, i cant even member berry pre 1998who is this for

>>164619936>Everybody Wants SomeLove this movie so much

>>164619450>>164620595I don't usually react this strongly, but this woman is fucking hideous.

>>164619450>>164620595She cute.


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>>164620651Me tooyoutube.com/watch?v=CumR-IV-rBo

>>164619371I liked it and I don't know why it makes Holla Forums seethe. Paul Thomas Anderson has never made a bad movie and sure Alana isn't a looker face wise but I'm sure 98% of Holla Forums users aren't either.

bruh this bitch was tryna suck off the local political candidate but he just used her so people wouldn't suspect him of being gaythis movie is pretty funnyalso the bradley cooper character obsessed with his gf barbara streisland is funny too

the kids can't act, why are they even considered as leads

>>164619371also i cant imagine why the protagonist is obsessed with 25yr old pussy when hes like 16 or 17. im in my early 20s and i think 25yr old pussy is kinda gross for me

>>164620650boomers deserve their art and heartwarming memories before dying and passing on this wonderful world to younger generations

>>164619467huh, me too

>>164621728Are you a virgin?

>25 year old woman getting cucked by a 13 year old girl Lil

>>164620249The circumcision thing is more 80s onwards.

Why in the hell this kid so obsessed with this ugly ass old woman?During the course of the movie he even manages to successfully converse with other teenagers who are really cute.Even the airplane chick wants his dick.

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>>164619450face it tiger...

>>164621600I’m above her league so I’m qualified to say this movie sucks

>>164621594is that eugene hutz?

>>164619371You guys are such fucking losers. This movie was great and portrayed a chad in the making in the process of getting lucky with a jewess. The movie is a love story where the director/writers are fantasizing about being very forward young men that would not be scared of talking to older girls and spitting game.

>>164619371...you are if you don't like this movie


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>>164619371Oscar-voter pandering "dude remember how good Hollywood/Los Angeles used to be back in the day???" masturbation shit needs to start getting classified as its own genre of film

>>164621600There Will Be Blood is an acquired taste and Inherent Vice is like a soulless Big Lebowski.


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>>164624273What did she mean by this?

>>164624540>get outta my dreams, get into my cunt

>>164624678Based whore


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>>164624000I think that the middle sister is the hottest one by far. Alana is cute in her own immature way, but the middle sister is like a pothead loner that just wants to chill and play music. I wonder if she is like that in real life.


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>>164621728HAHAWait til you're my age and see what the women look like.t. 51yo

>>164622263This. Movie plot makes no sense.

Gary is a based Chad

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>>164625929>>164622263Easily explained by a mommy fetish, or a "I want whatever I'm told I can't have" complex.

>>164622263Because he is in love with her. Most of the time it doesn't make sense but that's the way it is. If men could control their dicks and pick the women that they lust for there would probably be no wars or conflict, but the problem is that they can't and most learn how to roll with it and conquer they one they want. Gary wanted Alana, not because she was the prettiest or even his age, but because he lusted for her with that primal teenager spirit that does not care about any trivialities.


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>>164626141No ass, but it's cool, girls with no ass got complexes about it and they fucking adore you if they see that it doesn't bother you.


>>164626112T. Virgin

>>164626141I'd slam it




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>>164626112Basically this

>>164619371yes, she was, she didn't deserve himgary was based, shame he had such terrible taste in women

>>164621600Inherent Vice and Phantom Thread was a pretty big disappointment tbqh, thats why i havent watched this yet. the guy has made Punch Drunk Love, There Will Be Blood, Boogie Nights, The Master so maybe he's kino'd himself out at this point.


>>164620595jesus. and here I thought I had bad eye bags

>>164625950>>164626141>>164626374Alana cute.

>>164621844nah ive just only really been with 18-20 year olds and prefer that

>>164626604All three are cute desu.

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>>164626535>filtered by Phantom ThreadHow?

>>164626771it sucked bro im sorry to break it to you. i understand putting a lot of faith in PTA but he shit the bed with that one. i can't think of a single PTA movie id rank below PT.

Where did he get the money so fast to set up a fucking Pinball/Arcade palace?What happened to the plot of her trying to make a career out of acting?If he liked her why did he ignore her so much every time she advanced?Or flirting with girls his own age in front of her?AND HOW THE FUCK CAN A BUNCH OF TEENAGERS FINANCE A MATTRESS RESALE BUSINESS?And am I missing something here?

>>164621705Because they weren't cast for their acting ability, PTA wants to fuck the ugly chick because she's in some shitty "band" and the kid is the son of Phillip Seymour Hoffman who PTA probably did fucking heroin with and feels guilty now

>>164620642Would’ve enjoyed this movie for my long awkward cute jew babysitter fetish but this is good to know

>>164624000Women are disgusting.


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I'm fully convinced now PTA has now idea what a normal conversation or real life is actually like

>>16462692070'sShe didn't know what she wantedShe was stoned/they were trying to make each other jealous70's

>>164626920Cuz, PTA wanted, okay

>>164627047If I'm not mistaken, they are Israeli immigrants, which are very different than the jews you guys complain all the time about.

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I want to sloppily makeout with all three Haim sisters, Holla Forums.

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>>164626920He was a child actor, he was pretty business savvy and probably invested most of thatI think she never really pursued itHe wanted to make her jealous and crave for him as he craved for herHe had money

>>164627386>IsraeliThose jews I actually like

>>164627447TRAD HAIM

>>164627416>>164627450I see pokies

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>>164627986Este nip

>>164627703>no Pickle Haim TradwifeShe's out there somewhere in Eastern Europe, dancing in the wheatfields just for you. Jethro Tull plays faintly on an old radio in a nearby barn.If you choose to marry Pickle Haim Tradwife, turn to page 47.If you choose to continue unravelling the tapestry of the Mongolian ninjas, turn to page 110.

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>>164627447but not the ugly one

>>164628264But user, they're all beautiful

>>164628264None of them are ugly?


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>>164628264No such thing

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>>164626366Loser bitch

>>164628630Yes, you are


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Alana won

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>>164619450does she really say that?


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>>164628946Kek I know what rating system that is just from the thumbnail

>>164619450>chad marking his territoryyoutube.com/watch?v=bKW6Sr4bt3Y

>>164621594So fucking good. I wanna flashback to 2016 watching this shit again for the first. The ultimate bro kino

>>164629302The scene is not on the movie.

>>164629302Lol Yes, indeed. And men only do that when they know that the girl is not going to leave them but only get mad at them.

>>164629451So true bro. Movie is the absolute comfy bro experience.I don't understand why the critics didn't like it. Too white for them, I think.youtube.com/watch?v=cZy7qSG8RHQ

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>I don't understand why the critics didn't like it. Too white for them, I think.Take your meds, retard

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>>164629693>>164629909It was the audiences that didn’t appreciate it. Doesn’t get talked about enough. Shame

>>164629457I know PTA doesn't do that, but I would love to see an extended cut.

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>>164621600Government is for ugly jews, hollywood is for pretty jews.


>>164620651Everybody Wants Some is an underrated, sleeper masterpiece.

This movie was comfy.

>>164630086The comfiest for me

>>164619371>that drawingyeah right

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>>164629693He is literally me.

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>>164619999Armond White liked it

Paul Thomas Anderson’s most famous films, Boogie Nights and There Will Be Blood, cursed America. But Licorice Pizza lifts the curse with every seemingly spontaneous moment of young adult discovery. This is easily the American eccentric’s best film because his usual indie-movie flaws — obscure themes, cynical perspective, and technical showing-off — are mitigated by a rare, relatable narrative. The 1970s story about California youth on the margins of show business speaks to every American teen’s sense of belonging to a great, bountiful country. Gary (Cooper Hoffman) and Alana (Alana Haim) don’t exactly know how things work, but their determination to participate in the party makes them soulmates.Gary pledges love to the slightly older Alana, who is not intimidatingly pretty but quirkily girlish enough for hormonal fascination. In this gender-stressed age, most filmmakers lack the cultural confidence to tell a love story, so Anderson, instead, has made a movie about the beauty of trust. In their wild exploits — pursuing business scams, teasing the entertainment industry and Hollywood icons looming over exurban Encino, and often just running — Gary and Alana scrape against the semblance of love. It satisfies our adolescent desire for camaraderie and acceptance.Anderson needs a good pop-music soundtrack to pull this off and finds it. The authentic period echoes of “Stumbling In,” “Peace Frog,” and “Life on Mars” are uncanny reminders that such minor tunes were part of the cultural fabric. The background songs give definition to Anderson’s eccentric Americana.How odd that this fantasy panoply of California/Hollywood life, the other side of America’s eternal gig economy, comes across through Anderson’s lo-fi indie aesthetic. He uses grandiloquent 70mm imagery for everyday frowziness.

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>>164631163Rejecting the visual splendor that Anderson saw in Robert Altman’s outsider/community films (California Split, Nashville, The Long Goodbye, 3 Women) is just plain perverse. But this wouldn’t be a PTA movie without perversity. In his drive to appear smart, Anderson treats each sequence elliptically: Gary’s run-in with Lucille Ball; his TV-interview effrontery with Art Linkletter; Alana’s encounter with William Holden (Sean Penn), Sam Peckinpah (Tom Waits) figures; her defiant trick on Jon Peters (Bradley Cooper) and brief venture into political work (Benny Safdie as a local pol). We lean in (as commercial movies rarely require) to infer details of his left-field storytelling.Anderson’s nearly cinema-destroying impudence contrasts with Tarantino’s fan-boy romanticism in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. It compares to American indie music when grunge appeared after the exquisite flowering of ’80s pop — when groups such as The Smiths, ScrittiPolitti, New Order, Kate Bush, even The Cocteau Twins and The Blue Nile, explored savvy new routes of aural beauty. Anderson’s new, ugly aesthetic presumes superiority over the fake-pretty La La Land yet misses the emotional, life-affirming richness that distinguished Shoplifters of the World. In that, director Stephen Kijak absorbed the philosophy of Smiths songs that allowed out-of-step listeners to unite so deeply, then commemorated that historic cultural fact in a sexually sophisticated version of American Graffiti.

>>164631205Licorice Pizza’s anti-beauty, indie arrogance explains the effrontery of casting Alana Haim, member of the Los Angeles pop trio Haim. (Anderson has directed several music videos for the group, and her two sisters do cameos playing funny, squabbling siblings.) Alana’s lovely, slender figure counteracts her lack of movie-star appeal, and Anderson flaunts his indie-movie defiance when an agent praises Alana’s features: “You have a very Jewish nose. You’re a fighter!” (Not the film’s only Barbra Streisand reference, it rhymes —subliminally — with Gary dressed up to resemble a pudgy Brian Wilson.)But the deficiency of Anderson’s anti-aesthetic lies in the fact that jolie laide Alana never shows us the meaning of her feelings the way a real actress does — as when Léa Seydoux turns herself ugly in France. Alana’s resilience and resourcefulness, as in the bravura truck-driving sequence, could make her a gauche movie star, representing plain girls everywhere (she’s most likable when she grins). Still, this idea of celebrating the commonplace comes too close to how Anderson used Vicky Krieps as a cruelty fetish in Phantom Thread — it suggests a deliberately affected and unpleasant moral posture.Despite lively episodes of assorted unresolved interactions, Licorice Pizza’s entertainment value finally gets vague. Gary and Alana return to the undistinguished masses. No great filmmaker wants that — Altman didn’t, neither did Anderson’s other model, Floyd Mutrux, whose marvelous ’70s quotidian narratives (Aloha, Bobby and Rose, Hollywood Knights, and American Hot Wax) endowed his characters with wonder, using all the elements of beauty in a film artist’s arsenal.


youtube.com/watch?v=vWbMDV_-1TM>3 beavers

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>>164626108Given how he's ego gets hurt I think is mostly the complex part. But given how he's seemingly raised by his mom maybe there's some mommy stuff going on

>>164621728nah I totally get it since I was the exact same and obsessed with older women in my early to mid teens and now it's the opposite

>>164619371best American film of 2021

The banger of a lifetime:youtube.com/watch?v=mcAmPfwal8E

>>164631596Yes! Kino song for the best scene in the movie.


>>164631559Yes, it was.

>>164631559>best American film of 2021Not even close.



New youtube.com/watch?v=HX7pXjZHT_4

>>164632830Sorry to break to you, but capeshit isn't cinema

>>164620651>oh no linklater bros...

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>>164619371Bradley Cooper and that female casting agent are the only memorable things about this film and I'm a big PTA fan.


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>>164619371i liked it

>>164620249nope we are retarded goy cutters (have no idea why but i have my foreskin still, thanks mom n dad)

>>164625318she is easily the hottest one but is dating a turbo jew music producer with ball cancer, not joking

>>164634813The worst part of their albums is the production/mixing. Now I know why.


>>164631468huhyeah im literally the opposite


>>164619532Dazed and Confused sucked. It's all 2D fantasy memes for vicariously living boring saps who get dopamine hits off of watching people going to parties and smoking weed in cars with girls because they didn't do anything similar early in life. It's packaged in the well worn form of tired cookie cutter nostalgia of an era much more complicated than tight t shirts that say "sock it to 'em" with a crumpled pack of smokes folded into one of the sleeves. It's fucking boring and so are you.

>>164634381>sci-fi>animation/rotoscoping >Glen Powell This sounds like kino, user

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>>164619371it's not a movie for virgins OP

>>164634653The price might have dropped that day due to a glut from somewhere.

>>164628217110 it is, just like every night

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>>164628264Which one? Every one looks like a Hills Have Eyes beast

>>164626112shut up retard, he sees her for the first time in the hallway and immediately falls in love with her picasso face

Alright pizza-posters, I just finally watched this movie and I actually enjoyed it very goddamn much. Haim was a cute. It probably definitely was the best movie of the past year. That's my take, now I'm gonna go whack the fuck off to Alana's wikifeet.

>>164636075Bro who hurt you

>>164638008best post ITT

>>164627047Follow the money

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>>164619371still can't decide if I liked it or not

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>>164619371I'm convinced at this point that There Will Be Blood was a fluke. Like how Star Wars was a fluke for George Lucas and how Lord of the Rings was a fluke for Peter H*ckson.

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>>164620249Ah, dis nigga unironically gets his view of other countries from fictional movies!

>>164619371Compared to stupid mindless superhero shit, this was very much appreciated

>>164639817boogie nights is good too

>>164619371>>164619450so uh...what the hell happened

>>164619371Only parts that were insanely kino was the asian accent parts, the truck running out of gas, and the jew dinner scene. The rest of it was just weird and boring. It's slice of life done extremely wrong. The ending was just depressing, like they just both decided to be in a doomed relationship. It just made me think of how many people are together that shouldn't be, it's just oddly depressing in a staggering way.

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anderson peaked with twbb. it was a good run... all his post-twbb work sucks balls. pretentious, boring, faux-esoteric.>muh san fagnando valley>muh 70s>muh pop songsneo-boomers are total faggots

>>164622263Because the entire movie is PTA coomer fantasy, where he cast the daughter of teacher he had a crush on in school. The only reason why Alana Haim was in the movie. 40 million coomer fantasy. Laughable. >How did you get into the orbit of Haim and meet Alana Haim in the first place?>That story is wild. I first heard their music on the radio in about 2012, the song “Forever.” Then I heard it again and again and I started to think, “This song is following me around.” I read a little bit about them, realized they were from Studio City. We invited them to our house for dinner, and then they revealed to me that their mother was a woman named Donna Rose, who was my elementary-school art teacher.>None. I’m the father of three girls, and you can imagine and hope that your daughters would turn out to be this miraculous. But there was something else I couldn’t put my finger on, some unexplainable feeling that I had, so when they told me that their mother had been my teacher, everything made sense. Like, why did I have this weird obsession with these three girls playing music?>And their mother was a huge influence on me. I went to a school with, like, white-haired ladies who were rough, and there was one lady with long, beautiful, flowing brown hair — who looked exactly like Alana, by the way. I was in love with her as a young boy, absolutely smitten. She would sing songs during class, and she was the exact opposite of every other teacher. So that cemented the relationship in a pretty serious way. Our collaboration was more than just directing their music videos — our families became intertwined.you can see "the teacher" here. the entire haim family is in this movie.

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>>164642600Unfuckingbelievable this nigger's been making movies for 30 years and is still this immature

The fact that most of Holla Forums actually finds Haim sisters attractive proves that you should never listen to any advice or opinion related to looks/attraction ever from Holla Forums. Absolute faggots

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>>164620599they always do this shit lol. they always keep on preaching about being comfortable with who they are but the moment they get a chance they change everything to be an idealized image of themselves

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