Can we talk about the buyfag menace?
Why do faggots always show up to demand justification for piracy? Shouldn't buyfags be justifying their shitty purchases? Buyfaggotry requires a sacrifice of financial resources while piracy does not, thus the burden of proof falls upon the buyfag who must prove the product to be worthy of said resources.

I also see tards praying for an industry crash, but it's never going to happen with all the cashcows pouring their shekels into early access, lootboxes, microtransactions and DLC. I personally believe they're engineered by the "karma" systems on social media to be as good goy as possible, believe anything pundits and comedians tell them, and buy whatever shit they're told is amazing by guerilla marketing teams manipulating said systems.

I bring this up partly because there's some rather blatant shilling abound. The Dragon Quest XI thread is a good example just skim through there (I vaguely recall Dragon Quest Builders getting shill on image boards too) OR look at Denuvo shitters like this

If only normalfags could be turned against buyfaggotry and this industry choked to death or at least choked enough to kill oxygen to the very worst practices.
>inb4 communists blaming the system
Eat sawdust, comrade.

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Piracy of good games hurts the industry. Piracy of bad games cleans up the industry.
Buy good games and pirate bad ones or better yet don't play them at all.

I make a lot of money, so it's literally easier and more convenient for me to pay for the game on steam than it is to pirate it.

Also on that point, I don't think enough people are shitting on buyfags so they think it's the most acceptable thing to just buy everything no matter what. Buy buy buy! DLC? Buy! Special edition? Buy! But that goes back to what I said about social media engineering these people. Opposition to buyfaggotry is stifled on these tightly controlled platforms while buyfaggotry is amplified by marketeers.

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I've never bought dlc that wasn't in a GOTY or final edition, as it always seemed too little of addition for the price. I don't even know what skins and ambios and loot boxes are but it sounds like so much like a kind of autism tax. But people buy for their reasons and their right, so what can be done? You could try to inform the uninformed, lest you become a radical of sorts. The phrase a sucker is born every minute is as true today as it was when coined. Rewarding good games somehow might be a good start, but even that is subjective. Rewarding good devs might be the best solution, maybe you could buy some dlc or skins from their games after you've bought the game a full price. The nightmare goggles won't come off today.

Unless, without the option to pirate it, you weren't going to buy it anyways then there is no lost sale.

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You are feeding the monster helping it not only to survive but become worse. It's like feeding the trolls, but the trolls are insatiable merchants who can only jew you harder with every shekel you feed to them.

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inb4 justification for being a poorfag, i don't care what any of you anons say, the truth is you're all just sour grapes.

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I'd go back to piracy if they didn't put fucking coinminers in their software

I usually only buy games I know I'll like tbh. I don't buy many at all.

I'm pretty sure that last pic was from a comic that was just a joke, not entirely pro-piracy.

piracy is good if its for like companies that try to screw you over by cutting the game to pieces and selling it as dlc or if they turn the game into gambling simulator with microtransactions

piracy is good if its for like companies that try to screw you over by cutting the game to pieces and selling it as dlc or if they turn the game into gambling simulator with microtransactions

Piracy isn't good. Pirated games to companies that notice this and they do notice this means more denovo and more 'practices' to get people to buy the games. day 1 dlc is anti-pirate tactic, preorder rewards is an anti-pirate tactic. If the game is shit don't fucking play it. How hard is that to do? When you can literally find 5000 autists doing let's plays showing gameplay and overall letting you know if this game is something you have interest in, piracy is fucking retarded. Why would you spend your time playing triple A trash at all? It's not worth the fucking download.
You want a fucking crash so god damn bad but you retards have no idea on how to go about it. A company doesn't look at a pirated copy and say "oh man we're doomed' they go 'how do we stop this and or incentive this to not happen' The only games you should pirate are those that the dev's who created the game no long fucking exist. Or pretty much most of Gog's catalog.

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It's an edit. The original comic is about buying music.

tbh using my financial resources to buy games gives me the motivation I need to actually sit down and play them.



The maximum price that star wars crap sells at is >90% off
The same thing is for games, you should never preorder or buy around launch like a mindless buyfag slavegolem, no matter how popular shit is.

I think its time for you to lurk more.

How is that working out for you paypig?

This is very simple:
If I consider that a game is not worth my my money, then it is not worth my time as well. Why pirate trash?
If game is good then I just buy and play it, because fucking with torrents and isos is just too much hassle.

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Buyfaggotry dictates what market wants.

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If you don't openly demean and ridicule every buyfag in person you aren't doing your part. They need to feel like shit for what they do and not from some bitchy idiot on their computer screen but from someone they know and see regularly. Clique up, berate, and ostracize all buyfags at every possible chance. Make them regret ever talking about buying a game. Make them lose social standing and influence for buying and make sure they know exactly why.
If you don't do this you're a whiny fraud and might as well be buying games too. You are the one who allows the buyfags comfort. You are the buyfag enabler.

only console fags need tojustify their purchases
if you don't buy from the devs you support then you are not entiteled to complain when said devs go broke
if you buy from shit publishers and devs you hate just cus you wanted in on the latest hype train then you have no right to complain when said publisher or dev fucks up the industry
just avoid shitheads with anticonsummer busines practice and shill those who do right by their consummers


Why pay for anything when you can get it for free with no risk of legal repercussions?

You're assuming its worth in money is related to its quality. The game could be good, but priced at way too high a value or be tied to a shit developer or publisher. In those cases the game could still be worth the time to play but not worth the money spent or given to shit businesses that would only encourage them to continue and worsen their shit practices. Some examples being subnautica, and DRM games.

I am implementing this with a group of friends. At first I started small by demeaning them for buying from easy targets like Rockstar, EA, Blizzard, and Activision. Then I moved into the more general anti-consumer shit like pre-orders, day 1 dlc, and season passes. I'm currently trying to get to use steam less and on torwards GOG or pirate the game if it has no GOG release.

Good work, user. Do keep in mind the goal of them spreading this to people they know independently of you genuinely by their own will

Whats wrong with being a poorfag?
Not everyone was born in a rich country you know

fucking nice

You are retarded, its not "piracy" that pushes industry into anti consumer practices, its greed
All worthy games with denovo got cracked eventually
Most of torrents have all those things included from the get go, even the most jewish companies with their DLC practices (Paradox) have their full editions pirated hours after release

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To save time and effort.
I aint assed to download and install archivers, virtual drive managers and shit, while researching which one support what format, while learning what torrent tracker supports what torrent client.

Good game is good game, bad game is bad game. I'd rather play short good game, than long ass bad game.
Also if dev is some sorta agenda pushing cuck numale, he just wont make good game. There are no precedents.

How is spending your money "saving time and effort"
First of all even with hourly wage of 20$ you would have to work 2-3 hours to buy a new game
You just wasted 2 hours of your life on something you could get for free
Moreover pirating is easiest thing possible, its much easier and faster than buying a game from for eg. steam
I dont get your point


Well if you're smart enough to get trips, I believe you're smart enough to get how entertainment works if you think hard enough.

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The only way I knew of to buy an assault rifle (full auto AK pattern or FAL) was through the Armory, which was so far off the normalfagnet as not to even exist, as far as anyone who watches TV is concerned. Never bothered, because I wouldn't be able to use it anywhere.

It's good we live in a time period where Kikes aren't looked down on and derided.

Kill yourself retard.
LAN gaming was butchered because of greedy faggot devs. And that was by far the best experience most people had.
Now we have everything always online and they are still pushing further and further against the consumer.

A big fuck you to you. These devs deserve to be put out of business and beaten with sticks. Even those that make good games but slap garbage models onto them.
And maybe after that, in the hospital they will realize that even buyfags had fun with some of the mechanics they cut in order to combat piracy.

No, being a willing cuck to Valve is cuckchan, speaking of which

wow are one of these people you?

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