Rockstar anti-cheat fails again

Any of you faggots heard about this? Apparently thousands of people have been banned from GTA Online since Friday, and people are still getting banned. At some point yesterday people started getting unbanned, only for them to get banned again once they started playing. Rockstar hasn't said a word since this started, total radio silence.

Can't wait for the faggots with RDR2 preorders to come here and try to defend Rockstar after this.

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I dont care I hope you fucking die choking on your own infected blood you retarded piece of shit faggot.

This. Also, check my dubs.


And people think there's not a demoralization raid going on.

Not the first time they've banned people for stupid and it's pretty much what you get for playing GTA Online anyway. If you spent real money on it I've got no sympathy.

Rockstar defence force arrives in record time. Congratulations guys, you're faster than the fucking police.

Huh I think is right, we're getting swamped by newfags.

for stupid reasons*

In what world is shitting on GTA online newfaggotry or a raid? It's designed to jew you for cash and they were already handing out bans for just modding your single player game or accidentally meeting a friendly hacker who gave you money. It's a shit mode in a shit game and if you play it you lose any right to complain when the kikes kike you.

I dunno man if you got banned you probably deserved it
This shit always happens

The only good game rockstar has made in the last decade was red dead redemption and that was the swan song of a dying division of rockstar.

They put their heart and soul into that game and it will never be recreated. GTA 4 was a tech demo and GTA V was a bad cash in. Anyone who is hyped for rdr 2 expecting the same quality of its prequel is setting themselves up for disappointment

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GTA 4 was amazing and GTAV did some great things stop being a giant cockfaggot

no one gets demoralized here, this isn't cuckchan and everyone knows endchan is impotent and it is too soon to have a thread about an event that may or may not be an error rather than directives.

It's not. I'm saying that a pattern has developed where in every other thread, some screeching retard comes in, either with a complete non-sequitur designed to derail the thread, or whining about how we shouldn't be discussing whatever game because he doesn't like it. Shitting on games is the status quo here. Trying to stop discussion of them entirely is out of character.

Anti-cheat systems have come a long way since Punkbuster, but they're far from infallible.

Thinking you're invincible is a good way to end up dead.

Well fair enough I guess but there's really nothing to discuss here. Rockstar are being cunts just like they've been cunts before. I'm already never going to pay for one of their games again.


This is every thread I make too. It's annoying as fuck because it tends to set the discussion for the rest of the thread to whatever the first 10 shitposters/dubposters post.

I wonder if they rolled up some new naughty word bullshit like everyone else has been doing lately.

no faggot, red dead redemption just went the lazy route and went open world like GTA when it should have been a heavily stylized arcade third person shooter with wacky characters

Oh ffs, what's with the thin skin faggots
Yes, if you make threads about Skyrim, ASSFAGGOTS, fortnite/pubg or other shit like that, they will get shat on

Also of fucking course people that dislike a game are going to shit on the thread
If you stopped biting the bait and having autism fits because someone DARED to say something bad about the game you posted about, people would stop derailing

Also, just a tip: If the games you post about get shat on constantly, maybe this isn't the place for you to discuss them
Go to reddit, there aren't bad anons that criticize your precious gems of games

Faggots, all of you

I can smell your virginity from here getting this mad about video games, bumping this thread just to make your blood pressure higher

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bump negated gaga

its not even summer yet and Holla Forumseddit has turned into absolute dog shit

anything they don't like is "insert boogeyman here"

meanwhile the catalog is filled with garbage like overwatch general, siege general, or other generic normalfag garbage

on top of that mark and his fagmods are totally out of control, deleting things they personally dont like and justifying it with "rule violation"

Nice reading comprehension fag. This is about trying to silence a thread of people engaging on the proud Holla Forums tradition of shitting on a game. There is a difference between having taste and hating fun, and the cuckchan invaders aren't aware of this.

Good. What kind of idiot even plays this in the first place?

Hey look, someone brought up Red Dead Revolver!