I wish there were more cyberpunk games. It feels like untapped territory. Deus Ex games spent too much time in slums...

I wish there were more cyberpunk games. It feels like untapped territory. Deus Ex games spent too much time in slums, Snatcher is too old, System Shock is in space, VA-11 HALL-A is stuck in a bar…

All I want to do is walk through 2070s Hong Kong in the rain at night while music like this plays: youtube.com/watch?v=NZf15xVrOW8 Is that so much to ask for?

Check out this environment that a 3D artist made in his spare time: youtube.com/watch?v=YlwY8RR_-r4 Wouldn't it be cool to play a GTA clone like this?

The closest thing I can find is this game: youtube.com/watch?v=kh4qpQfQFlE

But judging from the Steam reviews, it's shit: store.steampowered.com/app/600550/Save_Our_Souls__Episode_I/

Do you think that Cyberpunk 2077 is going to hit the spot I'm describing? Basically a Witcher game, but set in 2077? youtube.com/watch?v=P99qJGrPNLs

I hear people say that cyberpunk is outplayed, like zombies and WW2, but I feel the opposite. I feel like it's almost virgin territory. Is there anything coming out soon that matches what I described above?

This isn't meant to be an /r/ thread but if you can think of anything that fits the bill, feel free to toss it out there.

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I honestly doubt Cyberpunk 2077 will hit that spot, for one specific reason. Regardless of how you feel about the Witcher I doubt you can call the gameplay of those games anything but serviceable at best, even if you like Arkham gameplay.

One lower profile game I know of is this, though it's more industrial than the setting you're looking for and probably less amenable to wandering around being comfy. Their last game was neat but had terrible combat balance, hopefully they improve on that with this: kickstarter.com/projects/1649838104/copper-dreams

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I wish there was a good stargate game that was in a way based on the modern xcom mechanics

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Actually I wanted to ask if there's anything like Syndicate or Syndicate Wars, I tried Satellite Reign but it ran like ass on my PC and from what I saw buildings and structures that I had wrecked respawned eventually so that sucked me out.

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Not as far as I know. Satellite Reign was the first game that actually tried (and failed) to create a spiritual sequel to Syndicate.

Don't worry, it runs like ass on all PCs.

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The problem with cyberpunk and modern game development is that it doesn't mesh very well with [[current year]] "values". The problem is that progressives want to push their values and narratives as something we should embrace and strive towards, and while the technology typical of cyberpunk would help meet those ends - Cyberpunk as a genre is marked by that technology being abused by corporations, governments, private individuals, in a lawless (or underground) power struggle. There is nowhere to progress to, and therefore, no place to really push their narratives. The end goals they're striving for have already largely been reached and are non-issues in such a setting, while the technology used to reach those goals is being subverted by governments, private organizations, and mega-corporations to manipulate each other in an underground struggle for control. Current year progressives are under the delusion that they are working towards a utopian society - whereas Cyberpunk, which see fulfillment of many of their goals (such as a post-race/gender society via cyberization and networking), is pretty much defined by being dystopian.

Previous attempts to shoehorn in SJW narratives into Cyberpunk/Cyberpunk-lite settings end up struggling against their own premise and have become ruined beyond salvaging. If anything, PC culture and SJWs on social media would be just another tool for corrupt governments and corporations to manipulate the masses through careful filtering of media and partitioning of inconvenient facts/individuals. You can't tell that story… you might accidentally end up redpilling some poor bastard.

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That's bullshit. All they would need to do is make the corporations be run by Nazis and call it a day. The reason they don't bother with cyberpunk is that the genre is as good as dead because we are living it.

I wish people still played Neocron 2, like back in the early days of 8/v/

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The hero must always be christian, and in an alien hellscape, they're undoubtedly christian. They can never leave this comfortable confusion for the extremes of experience or people will immediately recognize the truth of their situation.

Omikron is close to what you're describing; you get to explore a cyberpunk city and do missions, albeit in a set order. The setting is comfy as fuck but the combat system sucks ass… If any game could use a remaster it's this one.

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The concept, the setting, the aesthetics and David Bowie were all great but most of the gameplay sucked tbh. Such a waste. I'd love to see a cyberpunk open world game with body hopping done right.

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CD project will save the cyberpunk genre.

I hope CP2077 is good. I want it to be a proper RPG, in that any approach is viable combined with Deus Ex approach to level design so any approach has defined ways to go about an objective. Also some kind of social element, like dating and hitting the arcade.

but all you have to do is walk outside in present day society to take part in the cyberpunk experience
If you want full robutts though, wait about 2 years

Fuck that pseudo retro shit. Have some Vangelis instead, filthy casual. youtube.com/watch?v=JAwo7DPUFUM

Third person view with a non-centered character, why do devs keep doing that? I HATE IT SO MUCH.