4 AM

Losing control?

Whats your favorite 2 player game? Do you have anyone to play with?

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nigger dicks


Where do I go for self improvement and help on finding a job? Holla Forums is the only place I know ;_;

Morning everyone, Ritsu here

Tonight I watched "Batman vs. Robin" and it was pretty alright. Not as good as the first in the trilogy but more batman having a son is neat.
Finally getting these damn stitches out today.

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I hate multiplayer most of the time.

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There's literally nothing wrong with ghosting people.

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Try /fit/

I remember when these threads were good.

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What do you think?

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2 player max only, or 2 player as a possibility out of, say, up to four?
Yeah but we don't actually co-op much these days.

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How goes user

A real job that you went to college for or just anything?
Hows life user

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Not here, this place hasn't been about self improvement since it left cuckchan

Maybe 4+ years ago.

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You could just play with randos with no mic.

Did more welding today. Fuck lap welds. Im super sore now. Gonna go to a potluck with the club on friday. Gonna try to make a move on the president if possible.

Lmao grandpa

Mornin lads, how goes?

I finished Evil Within 2, I really enjoyed it. Halfway considering playing through it on Hard or Nightmare mode now. That or I may just return to Yakuza 0 finally.

That's a tough one. I had some good fun with Dying Light and Battleblock Theater co-op. 100% OJ is always fun as well.

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Bully your imouto to play with you
How's NEET life going fam

2 player max.
How goes user

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Don't really have one then.


Day 2 and I'm already bored. I also have a bad feeling any spending habits I got when I had my job are going to ruin me.

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Best 2 player game is portal 2 coop. The second best is 2 player queue in dota 2.
You really get to learn just how smart or dumb your friends are when you start solving puzzles with them.
And you get to know how bad they flame randoms when you play dota with htem.

Why the fuck did you wait an entire year to do that?

Wait, you got fired?

How goes

Why unamused?

Just cut down the fast food to once a week as a treat. You saved a ton of money anyway so its not like you buy a bunch of games or anything often

I didn't know portal even had coop.
How goes user

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I used to play alot of dota with a friend. It was fun playing weird strats like randoming a hero and buying a min 0 bottle to give to him so he wrecked mid. I played support anyway.

I thought Portal was all coop.

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Am trying to get /fit/ I'm thinking more mental improvement. Quit porn but quickly relapse, I have to really put an effort and stop.

I'm not really qualified for anything. I'm a highschool dropout brainlet with no skills or smarts.
Pretty shit, I wake up in agonizing depression because I will never wake up in the year 2014 when things were grand. I can't take how fast time is progressing, I'm stuck in the past. Hope all is well with you.

It's my only home.

It hurts so bad ;_;

I'd like to think my NEET habit towards 95% of my media purchases being A) $13 at max for a normal price or B) half or less the normal price (IE: Buying a game of interest that normally goes for $60+ mismarked as >$30) would carry over if I wound up not being NEET anymore.

Tagged along with my dad to a friend of his' place this evening. A pet bird there tried to fuck my hand.

So is my life offically an anime yet? I joined a club and i'm already getting in good with the president who is best girl.

No you didn't

Just fake a resume. If you've been NEET a while say you were working for some job thats similar to what you are applying for and give a family members number as reference. Even as a 9 year NEET I can get jobs easy.
What was good for you in 2014?

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They're calling it "paid suspension" until they look into some shit against me at work, but I haven't back from them today, and they said I'd hear from them today, so I guess I'm done there.

I don't really eat much fast food outside of work, and I'll usually go looking for snacks to buy once a week. The only vidya related thing I bought at work was a PS2 and three games, and I still never got around to buy P3FES like I wanted to months ago. I was considering getting a PS3 slim, but I think I'm gonna hold back on that for now until I get shit straightened out financially.

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Did his friend at least have good food or beer

Did you talk to her yet

Don't you got like 10k saved up? And your moms rent is like 300$ a month right? You are fiiiiiiiine.

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Or whatever under $30 should be at this point. Most of the time even those aren't even that expensive, and usually still $13 or so.

Not until you get an unnoticed harem and pull pic related to actual confessions.

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Yes I did. All I saw was 2 player shit.

They at least tell you.

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Greetings, my niggers.

Not until you rush out of your house with a poptart in your mouth.

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I talked to her yesterday. I made her laugh, remember. We even talked about more personal stuff. She was smiling too.

I got some tendies, so it was alright. Also that bird got pretty moody that I wasn't interested. When it's owner went to pick up after he got off work late, it bit his finger hard.

I used to like to play pic related with my friends and family

devote 2 hours of your day to punching and kicking sandbags and other general hard things. Also start lifting. It'll take your mind off the typical shitty thoughts you probably constrict your head with everyday and make your body strong.

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How goes user

No you didn't

Then how did you predict the future in yesterdays thread

My grandma always keeps big ass parrots and I'm afraid of those fuckers biting me. Could take off a finger.

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I dont think i'm getting that harem unless the weeb girl takes a liking to me.

Smiling while talking to me

Yesterday as in tuesday. It's 1am for me so i dont feel like its thursday right now.

Why you calling me a liar, piggu?

Is there a dumb tsundere?

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go watch a horror movie that doesn't suck

burned out. I did the entire Kiryu real estate shit in one go.

I do for the story

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2 girls in the welding club. The closest i would get is probably one of the girls in my english class.

lol why not just do it over the course with the chapters?

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One of the ps2 LotR games was fun with coop too but I'll never remember which.
How goes user

Doesn't mean its not Thursday

No I didn't

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Start playing chess seriously, try getting good. Do math problems of varying difficulty throughout your day and work at them until you solve them. Read novels, good novels, not low quality shit with a poor vocabulary.
If you make these small improvements to your life you will find your thoughts more focused and your ability to learn new skills redoubled.

W/e you get the idea

Yes you did.

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I feel like we've had this exact conversation about another game in the past tbh

Whats your favorite candy bar?

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Crunch bar

What if the story is actually good though?

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Th-that works? What sort of jobs have you had? I want to be a driver, isolated from people.
2014, everything was good I was a much happier person, NEET life was still good, good games on the horizon. 2015 was just a good a year. Splatoon 1 came out and was the greatest game I've played in years, sunk hours and hours into it. 2017, Splatoon 2 is complete garbage and my life has spiraled out of control, haven't recovered since then.

Am trying to get fit, I bought a pull up bar and have gotten strong enough I can finally lift myself and do chinups.

Yes, sounds excellent I have zero brain power and critical thinking abilities it doesn't help that I think I have the real kind of autism but for years and years I've been devoid of mental stimulation.
I will have to find math problems online as I am too lazy and won't think of math problems on my own. Will reading fictional books exercise my mind? I'd rather read non-fiction.

I just don't like to have my dick ripped off and handed to me everytime i play a videogame tbh
it's not like Survival mode was EASY. It had plenty of tough spots in it.

I'm pretty sure we have.

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I get told all the time I have "anime hair", because both sides of my head are cut very short but the hair at the top of my head can reach my lips. Naturally my hair is down and I don't really bother to do anything fancy with it, so I get comments like that all the time. I cringe everytime.
I was trying to poke fun at a certain image about an autist asking the same question you did.

It goes. I'm excited for good friday tomorrow, but also for next friday because I get to teach.

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Really? I've never liked them. Pretty bland tbh

No (You) didn't

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What is the square root of 16?

Birds are pretty different compared to cats or dogs in mood. Parrots especially so, as while they can be tamed, they can be needy and really need others in a "flock" be it a human or another bird, with it. They're not meant to be especially independent, the way a dog or cat might. But at least they can be raised to like humans. Finches in comparison aren't particularly people-friendly.

Also did see a game I own at a store across town today. They were wanting $80 for it, while I got mine a few years back at another branch for $12 (which was about half average price back then). I still don't understand why that price climbed on it the way it did either.


fuggle u

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These are the only two lotr games for ps2 I remember, and the Hobbit game was pretty good too. I think there was another lotr game on ps2 but I can only faintly remember it well compared to these ones.

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Crunch bars are the only gold candy bars

Tbh i look kinda like DMC4 dante, all i have to do is grow my facial hair just right.


PS2 had Two Towers, Return of the King, and Third Age, I think.

What kind of driver? Pizza? If so yeah it'll work.
You can get a lot of truck driving companies to pay you to take classes for it if you work on contract for them after if you want a real job option. Though with self driving shit coming it might be a dead career in another 20 years.
NEET life has a dip in quality in the middle I've found. First few years of my NEETing was great, then the bad years, now I love it.

How about you learn the lessons I'm teaching you then.

Whats so good about tomorrows friday? And teaching what?

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My grandma babies the fuck out of them so I'm sure they fine.
Nice what game?

I think you could make custom characters in it. Don't remember much else

Kitkats are better. And reeses too if you want to count them as a bar

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So what can I do to make NEET life interesting?

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Why did your bro leave?

Not sure how I remember, I'm startpaging how square roots work.

Not a pizza driver, like a courier or a cube truck driver. My mom doesn't want me to become a long haul truck driver and I don't think I'd want to be away from home that long. Ideally I'd love a job where I can work my own hours but Uber is fucking garbage you don't make that much when it comes to gas and maintenance plus all those miles will ruin my car.
How long have you been NEET for? Do you get a job on and off again?


Wheres your brother now user?

Pick something to exclusively focus on for a while. Like me and batman movies this week. Or a large game series or anything similar.

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It's x^(1/2)

Really nigga? Good Friday. Connect the dots.

I wish I could grow facial hair right, but apparently I get to truly grow facial hair when I hit 27 or something.

Mein nigger. In retrospect I even liked that one better than RotK. Third Age was definitely my favourite turn based rpg.

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but i like videogames with a good story.

I'm saying I don't want to be challenged hardcore every time I pick up a controller.

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I believe the main benefits of reading are an extended vocabulary and a more refined sentence structure. You should be reading books (non-fiction or fiction) that make you occasionally look up the definition of words because you are genuinely interested in learning what they mean.

I can maybe deal with a month at a time, but not three. Fucking snowbird culture.

Koudelka. Again, really not sure what prompted it to go that high in price. It wasn't especially well received at the time it came out, hasn't been especially well liked since, and neither it nor its successors have seen a rerelease that might have prompted more people to look into it. Maybe that HIDDEN GEMS faggot made a video or something, but I don't much pay attention to what he's shilling.

Yeah, i'm 19 and i only grow a shitty mustache and some hair on the bottom of the tip of my chin. My dad does not grow a full beard so i doubt i will too.

I met a few guys once who were basically special package delivery. They had a big van and if something needed to be shipped fast they would pay a large fee for it. Think it was mostly like industrial parts and shit. Maybe look into that.
I've been NEET for most of the last 9 years. Worked maybe 7 months total in that time. 5 of those months were last year so I could go on a trip to nippon.

You didn't tell me what was good about it dummy

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I'm genuinely surprised you don't know what good friday is. It's the day Jesus' death is commemorated. Easter monday is his resurrection day. NEETdom shouldn't mean you also live under a rock, Rits.

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Then watch a movie instead

Where would you be living with your dad?
If you are NEET I'd consider it, he'd probably spoil you a bit while you there

Are you a satanist or something?

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Yeah? I do need to work on putting sentences together, there are times where I struggle forming a sentence and look absolutely retarded. Again I think I'm of the higher spectrum of autism.

Wew, 6 years for me. I worked for 2 years before I had enough. What do you do with your time how have you not gone insane? These past 2 months I've literally browsed Holla Forums and Holla Forums endlessly. I've got nothing else to do I don't care to play videogames I just don't know what to do with all this free time. I don't know any cool websites, don't have online friends I don't know. I'm trying to get a job earn some money and try to fix my mental state of mind.

Jesus died for our sins.

this is one of the times I can't tell if he's just shitposting or if he genuinely doesn't know what good friday is

but a lot of movies suck

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Speaking of Good Friday, The family is going to be gone all day that day. Too bad everything's closed and and I'm stuck with my sister.

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Yes, but my previous post never said anything of the sort.

I specifically said commemorated instead of celebrate for this exact reason. Don't misunderstand, we proclaim Jesus' sacrifice not because He died, but because He was the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. Or something like that.

He probably knows if he was aware easter was four days away and if he critically thought for a second.

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First off get off the internet. I don't waste time mindlessly browsing it because its boring and makes it hard to focus on doing fun things.
I mostly play games and watch stuff, nothing special. Just have to always be hunting for the next entertainment.
Though if you are really sick of NEET life a break from it might make you appreciate it more. Go for the job user. Plus getting money after being NEET so long is always a great feeling.
What kind of job did you work before?

Yeah but they generally have better stories than most games

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At home out here. He bought a place out of state because it's too hot here most of the year, but apparently find winters too cold where he lives. And then he whines about how I don't visit enough when he's the one that moved out of state. He could have just moved above the rim to the cooler part of the state and only be a couple hours drive away, but no. It's not that I don't like visiting him, but the place I'm at wasn't built for an additional adult and their dog to spend a prolonged time in. And somehow despite the neighbors parking in the street here constantly (garages and driveways exist for reasons unknown to them, apparently), his scamp (which he could at least sleep in otherwise; it's got it's own battery and solar energy is easy here even in winter) is a violation of the HOA law to keep out front. Also if we're stuck around each other too long we tend to fight (though not as much as when he was still living down here).

He has been, namely in terms of food, repairs, and buying stuff at a store we like with my member card (I get free points; it's how I managed to afford BWT last week).

I'm gonna be spending time with the club on friday. Might get to spend more time talking to the president. I'll get her number soon.

Shitty genetics. I also get the shitty mustache. The worst part is it grows extremely fast but not to any legitimate length.

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That all sounds so horrible. Why do people buy houses next to neighbors. Especially with HOAs

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Take up a hobby or something. See if the share thread can hook you up with, say, photoshop or something. Or learn webcode; plenty of free resources for that online, and if you can grasp hierarchy, the basics aren't hard to learn at all.

i just saw the image tbh, I missed the reply

like what?

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Maybe at some point i can get it to look just like older dante's facial hair

I'm not a movie guy, don't ask me.

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I worked in a warehouse, best job ever I miss it so much. I sorted items for customers and would give it to them, if only I had foresight, I would have had like 60k in the bank. If I get off the internet I have nothing to do. I have a little shitbox car but I have nowhere to go.

None of that really interests me, I don't really care for much I'm as shit and basic of a person as can get. I used to really be into computers years ago but I don't care anymore. God I wish so much I had drive, motivation and a brain to go with it.
What do you do for hobbies and fun?

Gain Ground
of course


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Never change. Actually on second thought, please change. I wish you were there when I gave my NEET lesson.

Perhaps I can emulate mexican Donte's mustache. For what purpose I don't know.

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Sometimes I think about how much money I'd have if I had a job this whole time. Though I'd be miserable probably
The internet is the problem. Go download a bunch of games and movies and other things, then stay off the net for a day.

How goes user

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I have the same issue. I can somewhat grow a beard and mustache, but I don't like how it looks and it's a pain to shave. Even then it grows back in a few days anyway.

Attached: Cammy 5.jpg (800x1132, 609.64K)

i'm pretty sure dante is italian

i can't even deny it tbh fam

Attached: miqo'te shrug.jpg (800x678, 57.09K)

You try getting a house next to no one where I live. They are constantly building new apartment complexes and housing communities here as the farms have receded. Which is funny because our towns here honestly can't get any bigger; they're all locked between each other.

At least it's not a "city" city, more suburb here, and I've got stores I like to peruse.

Play vidya, fuck around on the net, sleep as long as I like, and trawl shops for cheap games and animu that catch my eye. Occasionally make (or revise; fuck the ever prevalent "put it anywhere" style to them) screencaps, or banners. Used to make more OC but don't anymore.

Of course, if you're a NEET, it helps to have your systems modded (which isn't all that hard, depending on the system), or have a computer good enough to emulate with.

Whats your favorite fast food place?

Were there any qts there?

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Heading to bed. Night.

That sounds terrible. If that ever happened where I live I'd die. Its bad enough I got neighbors in the last 5 years after not having any my whole life.

Cya next time user

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Did you work nights and/or alone? Just curious as to what that entailed.

Donte not Dante you silly. There is a difference.

Attached: donte.gif (300x264, 746.99K)

Man, I'm done with games I'm done with life, even with money I'd have nothing to buy.

Shit, much more productive than me. All of those things lost it's luster to me, I wish to see the outside world but have no money, and no social skills.

I worked from 6am-12pm, my hours were golden. I was such a bitch for quitting though, shouldn't have left it. Basically it was a distribution warehouse, there were 15 drivers that would load up their trucks in the morning and they would leave and I'd be a lone with the 2 bosses, shit was great.

see you around.

Attached: Karin 17.jpg (847x1199, 87.96K)

I couldn't care about any qt's except the one /fit/ qt 3.14 who I feel I've gotten a lot closer to recently. No one out of the ordinary, anyways. The group I teach is largely the same every friday, with occasional new visitors showing up.

Attached: Majungasaurus_chan.png (650x424, 32.01K)

Do like I did and work for a bit, then go to nippon and bang cute nipponese girls.

Attached: Reaction Images (138).png (1152x490, 651.93K)

Soon enough you'll probably get some nogs and spics bussed in "to work the jobs that Americans won't." Like Home Depot, or something.

I don't even know any of my neighbors. Thinking of asking the kids across the street though if they have a Gamecube or Wii if they're out front when I am. Got a spare Custom Robo at a yard sale recently bundled with a Wii my dad wants me to mod and take to his house.

How much did you need to be able to lift by hand for that? I assume with warehouses you at least have a freight lift or something?

Can't really help you much then. I got to fuck around with various design programs in high school for free as an elective for three straight years, so maybe that helped.

How did you manage that? Do you speak-a Japanese?

It was piss easy, it was all small consumer grade stuff no heavy lifting.


Learning kids in with games might make you look sketchy fam

Nah don't speak it. I payed for it tbh

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Cook Out I suppose. I haven't had fast food in a while now though. have you tried Cook Out yet?

Attached: ryuko2.gif (506x516, 442.92K)

Oh right.
And nope. You know I don't leave the house.

Attached: Reaction Images (108).jpg (525x591, 106.6K)

I might be inclined to work, if it was somewhere I didn't have to interact much with others aside from bosses.

Oh man how was it?

Yes that's exactly why I want to become a driver. Although nothing will compare to my old comfy warehouse job it was a slow paced environment with no deadlines everything got done in time. Wish so much I had 50k to invest in stocks or some shit.

Was pretty great. Nothing like taking a bath with a tiny nipponese girl then getting to do whatever you want with her after.
Depending on how much you want to spend some of these girls look amazing too. I dropped 400 on one who had a 10/10 body.

Attached: Reaction Images (171).png (1007x1308, 810.25K)

Honestly, I couldn't do truck driving. I mean, I at least have my license, but I can't do freeways aside from night time; way too busy here during the day. Having to head over a few towns this evening with dad further emphasized that. Even leaving early it took a good hour and half to get where we were going because rush hour was starting. Pretty bad when it takes like five minutes just to take a tunnel under a city park due to traffic.

Driver's License I mean, not trucking license.

silly me

Attached: I seriously hope you guys don't steal hearts.jpg (1280x720, 206.01K)

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug, so damn envious. My heart, I wish so much to feel a womans embrace. Was she into it? I've been to a strip club once, I drunkenly told her I was a virgin and this was my first dance, I felt she enjoyed herself and liked me or just wishful thinking on my part.

Yeah it's why I'm thinking courier driver, I could use my dads van.

Don't you "silly me" me you shit

You get that amazing nipponese service industry combined with prostitution. So they treat you really really well.
Consider doing it user, might give you something to dream for if you get a job.

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If there's one thing I'm gonna start doing now that I'm a NEET again, it's that I'm not buying twizzlers. That shit is not meant to be eaten solo.

Attached: Karin 2.png (1280x1092, 304.68K)

We talking pull n peel or what?

Attached: Reaction Images (159).jpg (402x584, 51.44K)

Actually, I wonder now what it's like to deliver and stock donuts to convenience stores here. We've got one that services them out here, late at night apparently. Might ask if I ever actually get a chance to speak with the guy that does so.

Never did like Twizzlers. Mike and Ike (regular; fuck MegaMix), Cripsy M&Ms, and Kitkats are more enjoyable if you ask me.

Attached: 740854d6e00b966d08342c90dfcbe3136bcd297488b7ed6271c7cfebb9a60827.jpg (850x850, 193.36K)

We've talked about this topic before. I just am closer to her now. I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty sure she is dropping hints now that I may be picking up on. We go to the same gym, so if I see her afterwards one of these days I might ask her to get some coffee with me or whatever even though I don't drink coffee.

Attached: my waifu.jpg (2513x1657, 1.37M)

I saw a dr slump game on ps1 recently and I really want to get it

I told your pussy ass to ask her out months ago. Waiting around this long is just weird. Get to it, chop chop.

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Hehe, did you go to Japan by yourself? I have no friends.

Doesn't sound bad to be honest.

I tried to convince my best friend to go but he's a bitch.
It was fun by myself though, free to do whatever whenever.

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i know nothing about dr. slump, but I didn't think she would have a game.

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If you have a modded PSP, just see if there's an eboot for it and toss it on there. If not, convert it from ISO.

If it's just surface streets I could maybe handle it well enough. Doesn't get super busy down here after the 6-8 PM traffic rush dies down.

I can imagine going to a soapland with a friend would be awkward.

It looks kinda like MML in art style but dunno what gameplays like. Or if it has a fan translation or anything.

I don't see why it'd be awkward if its a true friend.

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Shit, good on you man. I wouldn't know what to do bymyself.

I'd love that.

The one thing I'm worried about the most when it comes to getting a new job which will probably happen at some point, it's probably gonna be readjusting my sleep schedule for work.

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looks pretty cute tbh.
I still need to get back to MML. I haven't played it in a week or so.

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It's a Toriyama work and has appeared in Dragon Ball if memory serves. You want a manga series to be surprised surprised got licensed for a game, look at Blood Will Tell. Original manga came out in 1967 and never finished, and the only anime adaptation prior was in 1969. Then in 2004 it suddenly gets a cool video game (which was actually brought overseas, too).

Some games do borrow engines at times.

I spent the entire time I was working researching fun stuff to do. Mostly a lot of shopping for weebshit merch and foods to try tbh

Thats always the worst part.

Yeah thats right you do.
Its like a 10 hour game the first time anyway.

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oh yeah, i remember hearing about that the last thread i was in.

oh that's all? i thought it'd be longer.

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Its from a different company so I doubt it

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Not seeing anything listed on rhdn. On the other hand, it seems Steam Hearts has gotten a v.99 patch (the other .01 being options menu and credits which they're apparently still working on how to edit in whatever format it's in).

Listen here dumbass this is a person I have known for years and only now developed romantic intent towards. I don't want to fuck it up and make it awkward. I'm in no rush.

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Whats steam hearts?

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I mean theres a decent amount of side content if you want all the weapons, and if you avoid guides it might take 30 hours or something. But if you mostly just play through its 10. And if you are like me and have everything memorized I could probably beat it in like 3 hours.

Well what are you waiting for? Her to just jump on you? You gotta make a move sometime

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Tutorial boss if you want a sample.


I'm going to bed. See you guys tomorrow.

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Not a big shooter fan. And its annoying to try to jerk off while playing games anyway

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all right lads, i'm gonna split. Gonna workout and finish this documentary
You all have a nice night.

eh, i'll just do it blind, once, and be done with it i figure.

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Cya next time fam

Theres a hard mode after.
Cya next time

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