Generation 1 and 2

The theming is fucking perfect.

Is there a more obvious example of a company completely forgetting why a series was good?
Like seriously what the fuck is Pokemon even about now, it's all over the fucking place

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Giving Nintendo an indefinite supply of money.


nigger at least it used to make sense and tie the whole thing together

Nigger, it was about catching pokemon and raising them. It is still about them. No one gave a fuck about pokemon lore.

Arceus doesn't create a paradox, Mew is supposed to represent the first life on Earth, not the universe.

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Beats me, I never played any Pokemon in my childhood and could look at it for what it was when I tried it afterwards - a very shallow turn based RPG with autism for collecting shit. Not really good to begin with.

It's in direct contrast to the fact that evolution is the center point of the whole Pokemon Universe.
It's just real shitty, it puts a creationist spin on a game that is supposed to be about the exact opposite

gen 4 has deep lore

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Which Legendary pokemon would you smooch?

Like a knot?


really made me think

Victini more like dick teeny

that's cause she doesn't have a dick.

They started being influence by the T.V. show rather than the other way around.

The first three gens are good
Then it went to shit


right back at you faggot.

op is retarded, check these digits

Evolution doesn't necessarily mean darwinian evolution, just look at the phrase "evolution of gas" in chemistry.

yeah, no

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cause google translate is such a great translation service.

all pokemon and Humans evolved from Mews my dude. That is literally canon. Evolution doesnt answer where life came from only how life adapts.

Please post a screenshot of your japanese dictionary to make a counter to my point, I'd love to see it, cunt

It's still technically canon because at this point nobody gives a shit

You won't believe me, but I do have one, just not on me. And I wasn't necessarily saying I don't believe you, but don't trust google translate.

you're autistic
the "evolution" shown in pokemon is strictly metamorphosis because pokemon consistently "evolve" in the same way (i.e. a charmander can never "evolve" into anything other charmeleon and then a charizard in that order obviously under this definition gender-based, catalyst-based, and other-based "evolution" stages are still "consistent")



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and not to mention the obvious fact that the "evolution" takes place during one lifetime, and not over hundreds of thousands of generations

Nigger find me ANY other proof.
Google translate, so far, is the most advanced automatic translator in the world. So sorry if I don't trust your word for it.

I don't see how this goes against what I said?

Control your homolust man.

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I don't think you're qualified to call others autistic user.

進化 = evolution in the darwinian sense.

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Right. Despite the whole game being thematically built around that one factor.
It must've been a mistake.

Despite the fact you have no proof to support your claims.

Kirby fags opinions don't matter here.

It'd be far more surprising if they weren't all over the place.

It's started off as a GameBoy game based on the very Japanese hobbies of bug catching and collecting miniature items in capsules aimed at children. They could as easily have used the word 'morph'. The notion that the term 'evolve' is part of some well thought out theme from the beginning only exists in your head.

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Kirby is great and always relevant you negro.

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Alright, I'm hiding this thread and I advise you all to do the same.

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Where are the hundreds of generations of pokemon going under natural selection to transform from a charmander to a charizard, retard?

Only if you can use him as a living cock pumper / fleshlight.

In their defense, you should have been more clear about what you meant man.

how so?
There are 20+ status effects, dozens of useful held items, and over 800 possible party members all with different stats, typings (18 total) and abilities (200+). Pokémon can be in different forms as well. If you count forms as differnt Pokémon you come close to 1000 Pokémon. Pokémon's stats have 3 major determinants (BASE, IVs, and EVs), meaning that breeding and battling can affect your monsters' skills in battle, and who they battle affects how they develop. Pokémon have 6 different stats and also have some that are normally the same for all Pokémon like evasion but can be manipulated by stat boosting moves, abilities, and items.
There are multiple battle modes, with 2v2 and 1v1 being the most common.
I don't see how you can say Pokémon of all games is shallow when the battle system is one of the most complex among JRPGs.

Do you know what a misnomer is? Gonna get on my balls for posting a definition I found on the internet? You want me to go find a dictionary?

user posted proof that it literally means darwinian evolution. Let it go autist

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That's just cruel.
Don't make jokes like that anymore, user.

You know what's wrong with Pokemon these days? Their eyes. They're different.

What proof did he post besides the translation of it, mind you, would be invalid against the argument that the use of the japanese word itself was a misnomer by the developers of a game?

would you fuck off already?

Eh, I don't care. I'm just pointing out that 進化 indeed means evolution. You're right, though, the Pokemon don't evolve in some Darwinian sense. They transform from a simpler form into a more complex one. However, this doesn't mean that Darwinian evolution can't exist in the Pokemon universe, it just means that we, as outside observers, have not been given an explanation for how this might affect Pokemon.

I doubt the creators want to go through the trouble of creating some complex explanation of Pokemon evolution, though.

Because you have nothing to back your claims.
While we do.

Japanese is very precise. If the way it's written literally means darwinian evolution then that's what it means.

Get a load of this shit.

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We aren't even arguing about creationism you braindead faggot. Go back to half /trash/ you tumor.

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haha, take that faggot

Thank god

All of you are too stupid, its pretty obvious that they put "evolution" just because it sound's better than "metamorphosis".

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Gen 1 had the best Pokemon. Fuck you manchildren who cry "muh genwunners!" whenever someone states the fact that Pokemon has been shit for years.

not necessarily
it is mentioned OUTSIDE of pokemon evolution in the games, actually, which >implies that "evolution" is not actually evolution

Here, you don't seem to understand the concept of "misnomers". Here's a little example to help you figure it out:
My friend is a little naive and deciding what he wants to major-in in college. He says to me "I really want to help people with mental illness, so I'll study psychology"
The problem here is he is actually using the incorrect term, Psychiatry is actually the field he means to major in. Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior; Psychiatry is the diagnosis and prevention of mental disorders.
It's the same problem in our discussion. The developers of pokemon made a mistake and called the process of metamorphosis (which is clearly what "evolution" is in pokemon) "evolution".

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that's exactly what I'm saying, it's a M I S N O M E R

As I explained, that is not how japanese works.
The word is written in a way that it specifically means darwinian evolution. If they meant something else they would've used a different way of writing it you absolute autismo

Fucking news to me.

Massive return on investment for minimal effort

maybe they made a M I S T A K E

do you not still not understand the very basic concept of a "misnomer"? Do I need to get the belt?

Holy fuck man are you a fucking idiot or something?

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You retard, big developers make mistakes all the fucking time, that's why the term "bug" exists.
BY FUCKING DEFINITION the "evolution" in pokemon is NOT DARWINIAN EVOLUTION. They are obviously referring to metamorphosis. What likely happened was something like where they just used that term cause it sounded cooler. Or maybe they just didn't know a better word for it.

You obviously don't even know the fucking point I'm arguing you goddamn retard.

It is Darwinian evolution you autistic nigger dick loving faggot.進化-81348#E5.A4.A7.E8.BE.9E.E6.9E.97.20.E7.AC.AC.E4.B8.89.E7.89.88

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It doesn't matter what they fucking say, it is not darwinian evolution. Tell me, when can I fit hundreds of millions of pokemon in my party and breed them over millions of years to get a different pokemon in the game?
They're calling red blue you dumb nigger and you're such a cuck to the speaker's authority that you can't fucking point out the most obvious logical contradiction.

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Imagine being this DELUSIONAL
holy shit

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Put that thing back where it came from or so help me

Pic related - it's an exact recreation of the Mona Lisa that I drew.

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I dropped pokemon when they pulled that lolpokegod bullshit too. I'm not a fedora but jesus the fact that mew is the ancestor and most powerful of all pokemon was really cool.


haha what the fuck does this even mean nigga

It mean's you're a big dummy :^)

They didn't use the Japanese word for "metamorphosis" (変態, hentai) because it also mean "pervert". So they chose the next best thing, "evolution" (進化, shinka) which can also mean "To progress and develop". Pic related, made me open my big dictionary.

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Woah are you telling me google was right
who could've guessed


Man fuck off, nothing wrong with some cool deity/legend pokemans. You're also blatantly forgetting the 3 legendary birds as well which had no connection to science iirc

to be fair, alot of the older pokemon are reptilian, avian, and invertebrate while the newer generation has been dominated by fluffy faggot fairies, jailbait, and cock-sockets.

Only good thing to come from G6 and G7 is porn.

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Holy shit. Either this is some high strength bait or you're off your meds, you autistic faggot.

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I think you're just trying to use Pokemon as an excuse to have a completely unrelated argument on a board that shouldn't even have to do with said topic. Arceus makes the universe, makes way for the creation of life, Mew is first lifeform, from Mew everything else evolves into what the world now has. Not that hard to follow the fucking lore of the series, faggot.

In the OP I make a difference between Mythos, referencing some legendaries that are unrelated to science, and gods, which are omnipotent entities capable of controlling everything.

Read, nigger

Pretty much this. This has started becoming a really shitty trend with genwunners lately which is a shame since its only going to make more people want to distance themselves from being G1 fanboys which are acting more autistic than usual lately.

The series has been drifting that way for a while honestly

(this is where I stopped buying pokemon games)

The god of the week. My point is that gens 2-3 built up to this "muh gods" bullshit that ran off the rails in gen 4. It wasn't a sudden snap: it was a gradual process. I'm pretty sure there are more legendaries per generation with each new release too, since they can release new mons after a game is sold in stores. I guess that constant hype train is what helps move copies.

I haven't seen that picture in years

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Pretty spot on, and shows how GF seems to have run out of ideas.

Why are you picking apart Pokemon lore, of all things? Everybody knows it's bullshit, even kids. Just make up your own shit.

Did they explain how 151 pokemon became 807? I remember that was how many were in the entire world at one point.

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Did you even play the games? They found them.

The mechanics changing over time are the worse offense.

I felt insulted playing the latest shit-shows, and further insulted that they thought they could sell the same game again as "Ultra" with just some fucking DLC tacked onto the end. I really hung in there and put up with a lot of bullshit but I won't be giving the Switch pokemon a chance.

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were they hiding all that time?

I agree with you that it's bullshit. But now the question comes up is why bother putting in work about muh lore OC doughnut steel pokermen when they are just going to steal another monster design off of deviant art next week?

I can easily forgive that excuse as it benefits the game and concept of collecting monsters. too bad you can't catch them all.

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If they were stealing designs from Deviantart they'd actually be better than what we get.

Same thing that's wrong with the humans too. They all look weird, as if they're made of rubber. And with each new game its starting to look like they're being drawn by westerners.


Worst case of 'pot calling the kettle black' I've seen yet. You're arguing about the fucking lore of a children's vidya whose main goal is fostering friendship with magical animals and all because you can't wrap your head around understanding how to concepts can co-exist. This is probably the most autistic topic we've had on the board since last year's E3 brought in all those halfchan posters.

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platinum was the last mainline one i finished.

anyone got a update on that one crystal version some guy was hacking a few months back.

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Are we being raided by 4/vp/ or something?

This would explain basically everything about the pokemon LORE's backstory.

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Get a load of this faggot.

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I've never been to 4/vp/, and I've always been here.

You are the type of niggers that have absolutely no idea how important lore is even in games that seem like they have none.

Lore that makes sense and is interesting is what ties a whole game together. It makes playing in its world more fun, it can make or break a game, such is the case for pokemon.
Pokemon games would not be as important as they ended up being without the fantasy/technology mix they established in the first games. And that's thanks to the lore.

it means the idea that the creator of a piece defines what the piece is is retarded. They may say what it represents, i.e. what they had in mind when they made it, but they can't simply call a jizzing penis the mona lisa

That's one of the worst comparisons I have ever fucking heard.
The creator has all the say in what they have made

That sounds like the worst copout, but then again, game freak has lost their 'tism

Death of the Author is a joke. How can you stand there and say you know everything that goes into art without accounting for the creator's background and circumstances? It is nonsensical solipsism, as most post-modernist constructs resolve to in the end

Yes they can

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Evolution or creation I don't care as long as they give us more 'mons like Leavanny and Lilligant.

If everything evolved from Mew, then why is it clearly a mammal, when mammals are among the most recent creatures to exist?

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Pokemon biology isn't 1:1 with pokemon biology

most pokemon lay eggs

No it fucking didn't

Yeah it fucking did

Mew canonically gave birth to mewtwo

Explain to me why are "people" buying the same game over and over for more than 20 years now?
Is that autism?

What makes sense about a Zapdos in a fucking power plant?
Why the fuck does Celebi give a shit about GS ball?
You are an autistic lorefag who thinks his old children's game have some deeper meaning to them. Stick to your jewtube videos and gamefaqs you mongoloid.

is there porn of this?

Canonically. when zapdos is stricken by lightning he gains more power. Him living in a secluded, abandoned power plant makes perfect sense.

Celebi gives a shit about the GS ball because, canonically, it is the only thing that can catch him. Him being a protector of the forest, which is typical jap lore, means that someone trying to take him away from the place he's trying to protect will eventually kill the forest.

You absolute fucking neanderthal.

I just want a pokeymang game where you can play as a character of legal fucking age.

Basically it's Shenmue with pokemongs

Pretty sure Mew didn't actually birth Mewtwo out its pokevagina, since Mewtwo was made in a lab.

literally the gameplay
no matter how much they fuck up the story mode, the battling system is literally good enough to always bring people back. I assume this whole transfering system, where you can take your pokemon from gamecube/game boy advance all the way to newer games also keeps them addicted

well then prepare to be surprised

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All games are for children

Tell me more dank lore meant for 10yr old children, user

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Hey, Pokemon is a deep, mature game too, man!

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I never mentioned it was deep. It's a well made game that I used to enjoy.
Seems like you're projecting a bit, you got some insecurities man?



The best part is when Pokemon learned to Digivolve to Mega decades after Digimon learned how to and they even return to their Ultimate or Rookie forms after Mega shinka.

It's okay when nintendo rips other franchises off.

Yes it does, that's right

What happened in Crystal is that you couldn't face the gym leader of that area until you awakened the three legendaries nearby, after that you were free to ignore them unless you wanted Ho-Oh. They did add an item that lets you nab suicune easily though.

You mean Pocket Dimensions? In your Pocket Monsters? Impossibru.

But why is Mewtwo found in an Ultra Wormhole?


Except megas are not ok and are complete cancer both in terms of writing and mechanics.

Because he was looking for new shit to fuck up after his dimension got destroyed.

Necrozma's design is kinda butt, honestly

Mega beedrill did nothing wrong


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one of those was supposed to be human

Because power plants are known for attracting lightning bolts and not the complete opposite right?
Did you really think this retarded shit made sense?

It's an abandoned, working power plant filled to the brim with pokemon known to inadvertently cause electric discharges.
Why gotta be such a dumb cunt user

It's stated in no uncertain terms that Mew gave birth to Mewtwo. Some dex descriptions mention "horrific gene splicing experiments". The indication is that Mew was captured and the experimentation on Mew was rather horrible and in the process, she gave birth. Said offspring looked different than her and was violent and more powerful. It's possible that, unlike pokemon we know of who evolve in the same life, mew will give birth to mewtwo and mewtwo will give birth to mew in a sort of every-other-generation flip-flop. The scientists just THOUGHT that they "made" mewtwo when all they did was stress mew to the point she gave birth, possibly slightly prematurely.

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Holy crap.
The english music sounds like fucking cancer.
superior german dub reporting in

Beedrill stinks of an unsupervised intern with a boner for gen 1.

English translations don't count for shit, what does the Nip say?

mind your region. I liked the english VA's for the most part, but I fucking HATED that the music was changed, stupid sound effects were put in, and the absurd censorship.

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Nearly identical.émon_Mansion_journals

I guess I'm too used to Pokespe where Mewtwo was created by splicing Mew and Blaine's DNA.

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Why is it always ass mad digimon fans posting? You never hear any other monster franchise getting uppity appart from Yokai-Watch shills, and even they're gone.

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now THAT's impressive