Be a shame if someone edited this text

Be a shame if someone edited this text.

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What is up with these Fourchan threads recently?

I'm pretty sure this was an episode of the Super Mario World cartoon

Crossposters are starting to get comfortable here.

Mark invited them in. Like all kikes, he loves refugees even when they destroy his fucking life.


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Remember when threads used to start with paragraphs, not just fucking templates? Even three months ago things weren't this bad, although they were deteriorating.


Also this.

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I keep hearing this, how did he "invite" them in?

He's probably gambling that refugees will be more tolerant of his shit taste than the current userbase.

As you said, these threads were already popping up three months ago, problem is they're not getting deleted as fast as then.

Guys, he's not a cuckchanner, he's from Tumblr, look at his filename.


That's even worse.

Where have you been?

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Hey hey hold up actually. OP's text edit suggestion is shit, but there's probably a lot of fun to be had with this one Yoshi comic featuring everyone being terrified of a nigger Yoshi. No. I'm not kidding.

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It's German too. Fan-dubbed.

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Yeah it'd be a real shame wouldn't it

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So THAT's where the YOSHIT! edit comes from. Huh.

Polite sage because this thread is shit otherwise

Impressive, very nice.

Had a chuckle, thanks.

Holy shit user, thanks for posting, saved. This is a goldmine of reaction images

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