Actual Gods

ITT Post actual vidya gods or goddesses
user Must Die Mode: Not based on an actual mythological god

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Game was fucking ruined once it made you start playing as Ryu. The music was garbage compared to BoF3 as well.

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3's jazz pop soundtrack is great and unique but I really love Fou-lu's battle themes.
Also Zanza isn't a god, he's a Testament. Only God in Xeno is U-DO.

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Great game and great moral: God needs help too.

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Fou Lou did nothing wrong.

This but unironically. I don't want to be a god's plaything or amusement.

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What are any of those games aside from BoF3?


That's BoF4 user


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I must destroy God.

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You wouldn't really have a say in the matter if there was one though

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This is true. By winning you sometimes even become the God.

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Third is Zanza/Klaus from Xenoblade 1, third is Luther/Lucifer from Star Ocean 3, fourth is Bunivezle from Lightning Returns.

Fourth is Luther
Fifth is Buni
Excuse me.

Their redesigns don't exist

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Technically, Neps are goddesses in their universe. Sukunahime is definitely a god on her planet.

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Isn't Dagoth more a hole where a god should be? Like Darkseid?

"Kill one man, and you are a murderer. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill them all, and you are a god."

- Jean Rostand

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Bloodbourne had some interesting ayy lmaos Gods.

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Xenogears/saga is not related to xenoblade. And the whole point of Xenoblade's story is illustrating the Gnostic concept of the Monad. Someone mastering a Monado is, indeed, a god, more specifically a demiurge. Don't substitute actual understanding of the games with worshipping Takahashi's cock with the absolute belief everything he does belong to the same universe.

the god storyline was a mistake

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Yeah but would you fuck any of them?


You are straight up retarded. Xenoblade takes place in the pocket dimension that destroyed earth in Xenosaga's backstory. Both are even called phase transfer experiments.

Further: Zanza = Anima = Coagulation. Meyneth = Animus = Dissolution. Alvis = Wilhelm = Balance.

Post em

You asked me if I would fuck them, not if I had porn. I only have amelia lewds



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Celestial Emissary is not a god, and I'd argue that neither is Amygdala. Not sure about the Brain of Mensis or Ebrietas though.

I meant just post the ones you'd fuck

You asked for it.

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Moon presence and ebrietas.


I need some good Ebrietas lewds.

Images nigger images

You seriously think this is even remotely transgressive at this point?



I'm fine with lewd gods too

they're sadly too few and far between.

She's a big girl

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Now we're talking sexy gods.

amelia isn't a god

you called?

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Not a god, just a digital recreation of one. However, the real Varuna is a bro.

Close enough,my dick doesn't care

I found one Memeborne god demigod? by that artist.

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Excuse me but please don't ruin a true monster girl with your humanization crap

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I don't like triggering the monsterfags but I'm glad you said it
Also I can't find my fucking ebrietas pics.

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Take this then.

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I kind of like some of the lore. Reminded me of good ole' Magic story lines.

Are those the old pictures of Runescape Gods?
they're fucking neat

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Literally the only redeeming quality about these are his balls

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You're the faggot who got banned from the Pokémon thread aren't you?

The story revolving around Ixidor was kind of brilliant when you get down to it.

I want to have a harem full of Shivas

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No, I don't care much for Pokémon. Only homosexual furry porn.
Also Tiamat from La Mulana is cool.

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What is or is not an "actual" god(dess)? How explained in-universe do they have to be before they don't count anymore?

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Sage for offtopic, but I need to rip off ideas for my homebrew DnD setting. What game has a large pantheon of gods complete with god politics and drama? I'm talking greek god tier, but with less gay and adultery. Pic sort of related I've also never seen incan gods in vidya, as much as I like them

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I didn't even sage. I'm prepared to be bullied.

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Does an allegory to Jesus count?

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Reddit atheists have ruined god-hating for everyone. I'm not saying God doesn't exist, I'm saying God should be killed/destroyed. And the same goes for fictional gods too.

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it's like they think it'll save them from being called furfags
spineless fenceshitters

What a fool you are. They're a god, how can you kill a god? What a grand and intoxicating innocence. How could you be so naive?

Some artists just don't want to draw animals or snouts or whatever, they'd rather draw furred humans. It doesn't have to do with taking some kind of ridiculous position.

I would call myself a furry when 100% of the porn is human male x female anthro but hell is sooner to freeze over than that
to ever happen.
Also the only true vidya god right here.

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So they're all gay?

Only a god can slay a god

Coin Crypt had pretty unique gods, each of them was based on a game mechanic.
So there was a god of stealing, a god of comboing, a god of glass cannon (good effects with bad debuffs), a god of duplicating/exponentials, a god of buff/debuff, and a god of basic typical no-tricks effects.
Giving shekels to each god would have the god enchant chests with coins of their type, so if you wanted coins that duplicate other coins you'd worship the coin duplication god, and then the other gods would get pissed at you and buff your enemies with buffs related to their type, so the god of stealing would make enemies slowly leech coins and so on.
It was pretty unique to tie the gods to mechanics like that, the only other game I know that did that was Bastion.

Good old Ammy.

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