When Daggerfall Unity is released and has better mod support because of this, will it overtake Morrowind as the best Elder Scrolls game?

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While I love Daggerfall, there were a few things keeping it from being my favorite. Namely the fact a lot of the dungeons feel samey (something Arena didn't suffer from) and the lack of combat on the overworld. There was also not much enemy variety. Mods would fix all of this and make it the perfect Elder Scrolls game in my opinion.

We could also see mods that add races like Imperials or Orcs without them having to replace already existing races like those mods do currently.

Nah, all the randomness holds it back.

only if they add 3d models, a thirdperson camera, and keep the nudity.

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It already is the best Elder Scrolls game. But Morrowind will always have a better modding scene because there is just so much more to do with mods.

Looks like trash without mountains and shit in the background.

Daggerfall Unity has already added a lot of 3D models, although it's just furniture for now I don't see why they couldn't do it for NPC's down the road too.

modders are strictly amateur and definitely don't know anything about image composition or faithfulness.

Have you played Multiplayer Morrowind? I was on it for a while until I realized there's not much to do. People just stand around in Balmora and deathmatch each other. I haven't played it in a while so maybe there's some good roleplay servers by now.

Looks shitty and I bet it runs shitty too. I'll just keep waiting for DaggerXL.

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It's not finished so new backgrounds might still be added.

I'm not talking about that, though. Tamriel Rebuilt is the main reason why I say Morrowind's modding scene will always be the best.

Thank heavens we'll finally have an Elder Scrolls free of toxic behavior!

Is that close to being finished yet?


It has always been better than morrowind.

What's pathetic is pretending that static content , which is the same every run, is better.

Static original content is better than 100 variations of "go to [dungeon], find [artifact]"

Daggerfall's main story dungeons are static and the same every time. The random generated dungeons are also the same every run because they were generated once.

It really depends on what you want to play. Morrowind is a good playground for fucking around with spell effects. Daggerfall is better if you really want to delve into a challenging RPG with gradual character progression that actually demands a bit of mastery.

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In unity the old sky looks terrible.

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Where the fuck are the mountains and fog
0/10 utter low effort shit


Daggerfall is static though. The dungeons were randomized in development but aren't randomized for every character you make.

I love Daggerfall, but I'll never get over how samey the game is. It may be huge but it feels empty, if the game had more depth it would be something truly special.

user, all the shit in Daggerfall is original content too. It just happens to be procedurely generated and in the case of NPCs/objects largely randomly placed.
Honestly the static content in morrowind isn't even that good. There's very little of it, and so you are forced to trudge everywhere as a means of making a tiny halfassed world feel larger than it is. Then as for the content itself, its mostly shit copy-pasted caves and buildings. It's hardly the intricate piece of art you faggots pretend it to be.

Even a lot of the dungeons in Arena felt different. Wtf happened. All they needed was different textures for dungeons depending on the region you're in.

No shit. They were procedurally generated once. Faggots like you are tiresome with your chomping at the bit to try and correct on this issue. The fact of the matter is there are thousands of dungeons in Daggerfall, and while they may use the same blocks, they are all uniquely arranged. I've played for over a decade off and on, and still haven't seen half of them.


Daggerfall really is the dungeon-crawlers wet dream. An impossibly huge collection of dungeons to meticulously map out. Powerful artifacts to hunt down. Hoards of phat loot. Traps. Tricks. Puzzles. Secret doors. Tough-to-pass areas that need a certain spell or skill. And, on top of all that, it's got an overworld that was designed with more care than the bulk of dungeon crawl games, with well-thought-out history and politics and culture and changing seasons with holidays and a crime system with regional law enforcement jurisdictions and regional bank branches that allow you to open accounts and exchange gold (which has weight) for paper notes. Then, on top of that, you have the huge variety of skills and clothing items, allowing you to craft exactly the character you have in mind. I feel sorry for the kids who can't appreciate Daggerfall. Also, tits.

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It's bullshit when Skyrim does it, and it was bullshit when Daggerfall did it.

20 handcrafted quests > 1 procgen quest repeated 20x

Daggerfall sure is comfy as fuck. I used to spend months on it a few years ago, gotta replay it one of these days.

Daggerfall has well over 1000 towns and villages, it's not remotely possible to give all of those reasonable amounts of unique quests.

Why does it need over 1000 towns if they are all the same?

But Morrowind was never the best TES game.

Daggerfall ruined the Breton's lore with this shit.

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They're only acceptable if they're milky.

Inducing lactation is the best part

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You're assuming that enough people will bother with modding it, in the first place.

The point is to have a big variety of provinces for two reasons:
To give an outlaw character room to travel because they will have different reputations with different regions.
And to cover every possible temple/guild combination to accommodate your different characters. The large number of towns are incidental to fill the provinces.

There is also the fact that they are not all the same in regards to the shops and other locations you will need to seek out to sell all your loot and advance in the factions. They just tend to look alike. But this wasn't a big issue in the 90's, back when people went out their front door when they wanted to explore and see sights and sat at their computer when they wanted to play a FUCKING CRPG that didn't cater to stupid normalfags who think RPGs should be about exploring and seeing sights.

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The original looks better user.


No, because Morrowind is a good game and Daggerfall is not.

Best vidya feel

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The normal dancers never did much for me when I first saw them, but the naked hooded dancers? They made me fucking diamonds the first time I saw them. There's something about faceless women.

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good taste


I wish there were a common name for it so I could look it up, searching for "faceless" often yields results of people who's heads are out of frame, searching for "helmet" gives results of people in open helmets who have faces clearly visible.

Do you not understand that periods end sentences? I wasn't saying there is very little, as in there's more random shit, but that there is very little content. Compared to Daggerfall, Morrowind is tiny in many many ways.

It's you that doesn't understand, and has shit opinions to boot.

Have you heard of openmw, nwahh?

How far along is the mod?

This is a Daggerfall thread, Morrowind gets enough love.

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try searching for something a bit more specific, like the parody exhentai.org/g/1095427/a9ee1a1b84/

Is that anywhere else? My Sadpanda account got Shoah'd for 1000 years because I shared it on a few sites and I haven't bothered to make a new one.
I'm not joking, they banned me for until 3016.

They do that if they find out an account is public. I don't know why but they're really autistic about making sure no outsiders can use their site.

I forgot to say that you're not missing much, the link he posted is a large album of SFM stills.

What do you mean anywhere else? It's a public gallery.


Also I'm curious, is it the entire face that has to be hidden or just the eyes?

Oh fuck me I completely forgot about e-hentai.
The entire face, it all has to go.

It's been in development for a few years, the map is done and some basic gameplay elements but quests and other major things are yet to be implemented.

Some of my early saves I gave up on are in the dungeons. Those things are behemoths, I sometimes dread going into them for how long it can take to get back out.

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What did he mean by this?

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Very nice

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Can't you just make another one?

Off-topic sage

You can, but it takes like a week and I've just never cared enough.

how is Unity engine SJW exactly?

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This is really an apples and oranges deal. Arena was the best in some regards, Daggerfall in others and Morrowind had an entirely different focus. Oblivion and Skyrim were shit but decent slut simulators with mods.

I love each of three first games for the things they do equally.

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The original looks ten times better, it's mostly the grand mountain skybox that does it.