That's apparently the new hot garbage "simulator" game. Sponsored by Corsair non the less.

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That's apparently the new hot garbage "thread". Created by faggot OP none the less.

Check these dubs bitch

looks like dog shit but then again there are people who bought battleborn

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Amazing find. Those people are so self censoring.

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Turns out all that masochism gave us a thick skin, huh?


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I know this is poe's law in work but couldn't some of those be people pretending to be tumblrites as a means of both mocking them and starting shit with polygon?

Or promote this sponsored shite.

Goddamn, It's been forever since I've seen this used well.

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So its fucking Legos, but for adults? Get me a game where I hand solder an entire C64.

This can't fucking be real.

Pretty sure you mean to type "no less".

Ironic pc RPG where installing meme hardware affects your stats when

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What if you use yellow LEDs?

It makes your pc run cooler and more environmentally friendly.

Yellow or bust

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Don't forget that comes at the cost of smelling like piss

Yellow gives great productivity boosts and concentration. Great for indrustrial PCs.

nope, two of them had pronouns in their bios and the others had "geek" or some other retarded shit

would the LEDs piss smell overpower his actual piss bottles?

No, the jizz bottles are there to compensate. Speaking of which, pic related.

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Well depth isn't anything an autist like us wouldn't know about. But yea chances are more than almost entirely this is legit.

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it should be free

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mustards are cancer

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What the bloody hell, if anything, that "game" is pure advertising.
Why would anyone PAY to see commercials.

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Yeah I can't stand all the people in this thread sucking this "game" off.

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true story: a friend i had bought car mechanic simulator, played it for like two weeks, then tried to switch out the headers in his car and completely fucked his exhaust system somehow. it cost him over a thousand bucks to have a mechanic sort it out for him and to this day we still don't know what the hell he did. i can only hope that due to this game some retards will try the same thing and destroy their PCs

go back to minecraft, kid

I can play minecraft and turn your board into summer all year at the same time.

You wanna bait with this console war shit more?

How can someone fuck up building a PC these days? It's pretty much paint-by-numbers tier in difficulty.

PC is a platform, not a console.

I wanna fuck this little cocksucker, do you think he pleasures daddy a lot when he wants a new video card?


The post implies PC's aren't the way to go which implies favoritism. he's not wrong but there's no reason to shitpost about it

The only way for me to even remotely consider buying a PC building simulator is if it offered some sort of simulation on temperature control with directed air flow and water cooling.

Might be an interesting and fun way to teach your grandma, or your son, or whatever, how to build a PC. Although, you could just buy all the necessary parts and teach them first hand.

It renders extra 6 frames for every 30 frames rendered.

this if they had a real water cooling sim i would THINK about downloading it. could test out some setups

I am poor as shit so this would be a dream come true for me just building PC's all day.

christ. all you need for that game is a decent CPU, a 1060 at best, and enough ram that could feed a starving african village

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If I download this simulator game, and build some fucking expensive PC, would I finally be able to play AAA grafixx games?!

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Thanks, price-fixing memory manufacturers!
Thanks, Etherium-mining jews!

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What a load of shit, bet you can't even run around inside it like a rats map.

Hey goyim, I buy my ethereum like others.

Is there a decent gpu that hasn't been hit by shitcoin prices? I'm in the market for a new pc.

When you don't have enough soy in your diet you can break/bend the cpu pins on the mobo fucking it up to death.

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>buying a pc so you can pretend to buy a pc so you can buy a pc so you can pretend to buy a pc

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I thought yellow gives more speed? And red is for more dakka

missed potential tbh

heh, are you poor?

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What would be really neat would be if this were a kind of interactive guide for people who don't know how to assemble PCs.

Imagine being so filthy reach, you would make a photo of your son looking completely lame.
Imagine being that son, and looking back at this photo 20 years later.

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It's EXTREMELY easy to destroy an Intel motherboard's CPU socket.


The icons are large to. This image is finding new ways to piss me off every time I look at it.

I have three fucking items on my desktop. What are these niggers doing?

you would think they would let you buy your ingame parts on a website like amazon or newegg and have their affiliate link attached to it. that's what i would have done. but then again this is lame as fuck.