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(((Sekai Project's))) A Light in the Dark had its kickstarter fully funded with 32k out of the requested 28k. It's coming out May 31st and and has a demo on Steam.

Cross†Channel was released March 26th. It's on sale ($8.99 from $9.99) until April 2nd. Pic related. Translation isn't that good.!vYZQySwC!B6oA4JmiMlSqDH3sODCUWg

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(((Sekai Project's))) Fatal Twelve coming March 30th to Steam. Demo is available on Steam.

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2nd for Rance Quest full translation fucking when?

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Forgot the pic for Cross Channel. Supposedly the translation sucks. This happened before with If My Heart Had Wings which caused fans to retranslate the whole game.

As for the survey. What would possess people to vote for VNs that have already been translated ages ago? It's not like the Fate/Stay Night translation is bad and even the updated version is fan translated. Or voting for games they're already making. A Kiss for the Petals series is already being translated yet people vote on that. Same with the Rance series. It's pretty obvious Mangagamer is still doing most of the series. Just comes off as a waste of time and effort when we could have something translated that isn't already translated well.

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sage tbh

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Any links to Muvluv and Muvluv Alternative with working saves?

Fuck AliceSoft and their pandering to cuckfags.

That's pretty great for a recent release.
I miss these threads, they're like a second home for me. A reminder that there's also a thread on /vg/ if you want to talk about VNs, even if it's dead.
I want to present that Steins Gate 0 and Elite are heading to PC really soon.

Why is mikan from cheer fruits about to raped by rance?

I wish the elf one would get a translation already instead of all the edgy and NTR garbage.

The amazing thing about F/SN is that the non porn version is already existant and some would argue literally the best version, so it's zero effort on TYPE-MOON's part. Besides, Melty Blood is already on Steam, so why the fuck not?


Just saying, Realta Nua is a thing and is better than the adult version

But it doesn't have Shirou unleashing the jackhammer. How can it be the best? Also, fuck Nasu for the Sakura route, and fuck him for saddling such a splending waifu as Shiki with that moralfagging cuckold of a "protagonist", I hope he gets testicle cancer.

And some people are literally faggots, so what's your point?

I'm glad it got #7 but who are the dumb faggots voting for Fate/Stay Night enough to get it a Top 5? Are you kidding me? And yuri getting into the top 5 above Youkuso is a disgrace.

Hopefully they get the Lune license, though. Their games are really getting better and better with each release.

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Normalfags too dumb to torrent the fan translated version.

Cucks gonna cuck. You have yourself a beautiful VN where you gather yourself a harem of big boobed, virgin elves to impregnate and these animals still want to be the little girl, likely because their T count is in the minus and is transforming into estrogen.

I heard it say that Japan is finally getting NTR out of its system so VNs can stop being shit again.

Anyway, this is one of the best OP of any thread on the board. Nicely done, bruv.
Anyone have that Brave Soul upload?

Heard that here, too. Hope it's true. The grim age of the cuck needs to end. I just hope Lilith's upcoming Asagi Zero doesn't snuff out that ray of hope and herald a few more years of meatball faggot cuckoldry.

Lune has their partner team known as Lune Team Bitters which does cuckold garbage. Pic related. However it's well quarantined off over there so we can enjoy hypnotism and elves.

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Thing is most of the main Sono Hanabira VNs are already translated, there are a few that haven't yet but when that's done they'll move onto other stuff. Sad thing is the circle behind the series hasn't released a title in 3 years.
I'm still waiting on JAST to translate Flowers Ete.
I also don't get why people would want an official translation of Fate when the fan translation was made by a group who set themselves up to translate everything fate, therefore getting a highly accurate and detailed translation.

He's talking about how some R-18 scenes can be so bad or cringe that it actually detracts from the experience. Like I've heard many say Tsukihime Non-H version is better than the R-18 because the sex scenes are plain awful. Not because they're too pussy for lewd scenes.

I'm assuming they're just people new to the genre and didn't know what else to put. Still they could have done some research and came up with something. Hell, I'm surprised Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi didn't get a ton of votes after the success of Doki Doki Literature Club.

The thanks is appreciated. It took over an hour to to find all those links and organize them. You can find Brave Soul in the Starter Kit pastebin in the OP.

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I knew that the text was fucked up for a lot of people because a weird font was used for it, but I didn't notice many things that didn't make sense. Though I haven't played the raw yet so I can't vouch for it one way or another.

Alicesoft is built on fetishes like rape, which usually lead to shit like NTR.

Steins;gate 0 is also getting an anime which should be airing next season.

I played through Nekopara without the H-scens, not because they were bad but because I thought it detracted from the story by fucking your cat daughteru's.

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Nekopara is pretty comfy so I can see why you would do that. But I wanted to impregnate Cinnamon so that couldn't fly in part 3. White pantyhose are my weakness.

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I just want them to stop shoving this shit into VNs meant for humans. Cucks can have their garbage so long as they keep their filth away from the rest of us.

I know that, but Evenicle is basically free of that when it comes to the heroines the protagonist marries. Why the fuck did they decide to sneak that turd sandwich in there? It ruins the whole game. I remember them doing the same bullshit with Sengoku for absolutely no reason.

IIRC didn't the protagonist state that the nekos can't get pregnant? I thought it was a particularly weird thing to include in the "lore".

Not vidya

Do I need to play Higurashi before I play Umineko?

No, they are separate series, though I would recommend Higurashi over Umineko.

Again, the faggotry of other weakhearts are not my concern, nor should they be the concern of the general consumer. You don't like the scenes, turn them off and go about your business. Crowing for all-ages shit in public leads companies to completely wipe those scenes from the games entirely and pretend shit never existed, like TM is doing now and many other dev houses with them. Fuck that noise, keep your damn traps shut and stick with the goddamned internal options given to most games. No one else should have to be bothered in their experience because you (gen) can't tolerate a few badly-worded metaphors about jellyfish and octopi.

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They were meant to be fucked.

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How bad will Fureraba's translation be?


why though

I've never understood this line of thinking. They are part of the story, how is removing them any better?

meant to say Alice Soft game