Kingdom Come Deliverance

Fitgirel repack is version 1.2.2

If you have microstutters:

Another link to check out to improve game's performance:

If you have CPU related freezes/microfreezes, it's cryengine's fault and the solution is to limit the game process's CPU usage to 99%

If you followed all the above but feel like there might be more tweaks to improve your performance as you have a high end rig and your Henry still runs like ass, check out the link below for some user.cfg goodness.

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When are the "big battles" coming?

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I'm on the first fitgirl repack version. I considered updating but I saw people getting even more problems after doing so.

1.3.4 fixes the biggest problem which is the random encounters bug.

In Kingdom Come II: The Quickening

GOG version is out now

What bug was that? Not getting any, or just getting the same one?

There are repacks for 1.3.4. Have been for weeks.
If you know how to search.

hm. I'm thinking of making a player-cottage mod. Where should I put it?

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Kingdom Come 2: The Kingdom Comes

probably by the side of the road, a cottage in the middle of the road would get run over by horses, and one far from the road would be a pain to get to

Nice thumbnail, knave.

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To be fair, Gothic Plates were not really a thing in the Middle Ages. They first appeared in the Early Renaissance.


It's not terrible, but I'm not getting consistent 55-60fps, specially when there are a lot of models on screen

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Guess I'll wait for the next patch.

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Shame the shit's so buggy at release, but on the upper side, an early release is accelerating the process of bug testing and maturity since they now have millions of playtesters instead of a couple.
Still, a shame that publishers push early releases like this.

I thought they were in rotation around the 15th century? Your telling me Henry was born too early to experience the orgasmic effect of wearing gothic plate armor?

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Somewhere in the woods.

Apparently they already delayed release twice but the publishers wouldn't let them do it a third time, so here we are. They had planned a bunch more shit like proper horse armor, crossbows, a smithing activity where you could make your own swords, a dog companion, and some other shit probably. But none of that made the final cut. Hopefully since the game has done so well even among normalfags they'll be able to flesh out their ideas better in the sequel. IIRC it's supposed to be a trilogy.

Game still bugged as fuck or is it playable now?

Shills please leave.

Nope still broken and still kike propaganda.

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Where the fuck do you get "buy the game" from the OP?

Fucking newfags


Well I am waiting for a GOG discount for the game cause I want an up to date version instead of the fitgirl repack.

Henry will be in his 30's at least by the time he gets the chance to wear one.