What the fuck it's so easy

It could easily work as a gun, just thicken the non cutting edge and put the barrel inside of it. Why didn't Nomura just think to do that instead of this gay ass idea that the blade needs to send shockwaves through the enemy with every round fired while the blade is specifically inside of the enemy? It's kinda cool, but it could easily look the same way and be functional as a gun too and people probably wouldn't make fun of it as much.
Do you think Square will remake FF8 the right way?

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Why does everything need a remake?

Because every creatively bankrupt 20 year old publishing exec needs a yearly bonus.

Not only that, but weird ass combination weapons existed and were popular among the rich

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one of my favorite things about ff8 is that there's dozens of less practical gun/tool combos like keygun and spoongun that actually existed and were made, but still somehow make more sense than the gunblade

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Because nips hate guns for some reason.

I don't see how that brass knucklegun would work well. You'd end up tightening your grip when going in for the punch and you'd end up firing the gun at the same time. Yeah, I get that it's an unconventional weapon, but I don't see how it could work as a gun, let alone the brass knuckles part.

I wasn't aware that one existed. BB's reiterpallasch was based off that apparently.

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I just want a real remake of 5 and 6

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Reminds me of one of the many things wrong with SAO season 3, the sniper girl was rejected by her mother after she saved everyone by shooting an assailant with his own gun.

pretty much every weapon from ds1 onwards has a museum counterpart

That's season 2 fam. The main story the author under-delivered on and the shitty fairy arc were both part of season 1.
To be fair to him just once there was a similar situation in Hajime no Ippo, where a boy stabbed his abusive father and his mother perceived him as a monster. Difference is he acted like a psychopath after that; leading her to abandon him.
Unsurprisingly the author of SAO is a hack in comparison.

It's an assassination weapon, you shoot it point blank. The brass knuckles is secondary.

user you are forgetting much.

Isn't the dude rewriting sao? I hear something about it.

No, because Squall will still be an emo faggot busy sucking Seifer's jizz out of Riona's loose vagina while steadily ignoring the hot teacher.

I think it is akin to how Twilight was being rewritten, all the same from the other MC's perspective, Asuna's I think.

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Who can't shot his target in a key moment, implied to break down more often.

Considering his skills he'll only make it worse.

I don't think humanity can take another trilogy of Twilight.

I loved that scene. Their planning was so monumentally incompetent they gave the most important job to a retard that has a history of cucking out. The really amazing thing is that the writing somehow gets worse.

Could have just gone with ".hack" (.hack//Another Birth being a retelling of IMOQ from Blackrose's viewpoint) and kept the MMO relation in the comparison.


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Uh user…

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Makes perfect sense, none of the orphanage kids should be attracted to eachother because of the Westmark effect.

Damn they really went fancy on that thing.

I thought you just shot a bullet as you were slicing through the enemy. Which is why it required the timing, too early it shoots into the sky, too late and it shoots into the ground.

it's suposed to be fun and unreal OP
being a weired ass weapon that would never exist in the real world was part of the gunblade's charm

pretty much is a deliberately very broad qualifier. obviously the black knight greatsword isn't, but things like the zweihander are.

That spear is actually a kinda accurate evolution of the bayonet. We discovered that a gunspear was a fantastic combo that got you the best of both worlds and tried different types of that until we arrived at modern bayonets.

Fair enough. I posted that particular one mostly on the account of that weaponized Van de Graaff generator anyway.

I never got how some faggots are unable to understand that the gunblade works as a lowtech vibroblade, or even if they do realize this why they think its somehow too implausible. FFVIII doesn't take place on earth and hasn't been stated to be in our universe, so where's the suspension of disbelief?

I just want more flamethrowers in vidyagames. Bonus points if it's unconventional wacky stuff like poisongasthrowers or icedustthrowers.

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Japs can't into guns.

OP are you actually gay?
How is that not the coolest shit

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It's gay. Analogy for gay anal sex.

They can but only matchlocks. Of various sizes.

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Why wouldn't mario just shoot gumbas with gun instead of gay ass bouncing balls?

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Had it not been for the laws of the land, I would have slaughtered you.

The design alone makes it one of the worst fictional weapons of all time, and it being part of one of the worst JRPGs of all time just reinforces how shit this thing is.

Rule of cool, fambo. Kind of like FLCL and having an engine inside of a bass guitar.

Just play romhacks man