Has anyone else noticed how Sony barely showed off God of War 4...

Has anyone else noticed how Sony barely showed off God of War 4? Notice how we always see the same environment during the same time of day with barely any gameplay. It's almost like they know the game sucks shit and are trying to hide that fact by using the same footage over and over and having their goons on websites like cuckchan, Reddit, NeoFAG, and other gaming journalist sites for casuals like GameFAQs and YouTube. I hate to be a personal army faggot, but is there anyway we can sabotage this shit?

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No, this game only appeals to people who think "oh sweet new a God of War AND being made by Naughty Dog?". It will be a sales success regardless of how bad it will do with public opinion. They'll chalk up its failures to ND working on TLOU2 and the NotTLOU zombie game and/or only being made by their "B Team".

Neofags will buy it no matter what.

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True enough, was just wondering if it's worth saving.

Like that zombie shooter nobody remembers the name of or that prison break game with the jews, this game isn't even worth talking about. I'd say at all, but I'm open for a surprise at release. For now my expectations and my interest are at 0.

This is a bad image and I dislike it.

I hope the new god of war flops

How long do you think it will be? God of War III was shorter than Last of Us.

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There isn't any need to do that.
It will just have ok sales. Not a big hit, but not a flop either.

That’s how the western part of Sony works, OP. They constantly show off one sequence or area and hope people don’t get wise to their shit. It isn’t new.

I thought they just paid for timed exclusives.

Will that fucking franchise finally die after this? For fucks sake, sony, Kratos killing off other mythologies was a joke you dense motherfuckers, A JOKE!

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I wish there was a way to derail it. But like shows there are actually those that approve of Sony's shit. It might be more effective to treat those people as the problem, they are the ones empowering the shitty work.
Off-topic but does anyone know someone like this and what makes them tick/like shit?
I know one, but examining him in a vacuum doesn't yield much other than he probably needs therapy for a great many things. But particular to his shit taste in games would be

God of Soy 4 looks like it was made to appeal to Soulsfaggots.

They do that too.

Is that place still up? I thought it went down after everyone migrated to ResetEra.

Anyway, I doubt people will care about the transition from character action to "cinematic experience", nowadays normalfags only care about muh graphics and muh compelling humane story. And to be completely honest, I don't really care about the switch, the original series had pretty shitty combat and QTEs

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I still have a huge list of dox from that event, somewhere
Good times

Same shit different name

You can play God of War more than once though.

Half of them went there, the other half went to cuckchan

Yeah me too user, that picture almost gave me an aneurysm. Normalfags are what's ruining vidya nowadays…It's really disheartening tbh.

I hate to say it, but this will make money regardless. Horizon Zero Down was fucking garbage and still made money despite being a new IP. GoW has a brand name and a fanbase that will eat up anything with its name on it. And then there are those that will defend the game on principle by virtue of it being a story driven singleplayer game in order to stick it to EA saying "video games as a service is the future now"

Its up, but its a pariah site on the internet so long as Malka runs it. It no longer has the same influence or gets taken seriously as before since it now has the same reputation as "that site belongs to a sexual abuser".

Have more.

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why sabatoge it when it's going to be a disaster. Just do what you did here if you want to, just point out what a shitfest it's going to be elsewhere, like on twitter or godforbid reddit something as well as here. or do nothing, it's going to flop either way.

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Some discs had a bug where the Hydra would be impossible to beat due to the QTE, but nope my fucking brother got through that just fine.

I never liked God of War.

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It was always a Devil May Cry knockoff, and it wasn't even a good knockoff like Bayonetta, it was just a knockoff.

Yeah it was and the character of Kratos always just looked stupid to me.

I'd rather play DMC4 vanilla than any god of war game.

Real test. Would you rather play DMC2 or any GoW game?

I'd rather play Prince of Persia Warrior Within than any GoW game.

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Personally, I can understand the urge to burn everything down and asking others to help burn it all down.

However, the only angle Holla Forums has exploited to "ruin" a video game was Boston salt party 1 and 2 which requires knowing the ending and having broad access to the player base to spoil it for them.

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Because it's a movie. The gameplay is there to push people through the movie, not be the center of the game.

QTEs were mainly to finish off a monster or transition to the next part of the fight. I don't know why people act like it was the whole game. That would be like saying FFX was all QTEs due to minigames and the inputs you had to use for Limit Breaks.

This reminded me of Total Biscuit for some reason. He, as well as all these people triggered, would forgive a mass shooter sooner than they would forgive a troll that spoiled some shitty game for them.

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Visuals and spectacle were the only things going for this trashy series. This new one doesn't even look all that impressive relative to its hardware compared to past entries. I even think ascension looks superior and could actually pass off as a ps4 game.

I suppose if there's an ending twist, spoiling it everywhere isn't too hard. I assume Reddit has a PS4 subreddit of some kind?

Remember when Asscancer and his buttbuddy kicked a guy out from their shitty convention for asking whether traps were gay, and then shat on their audience for calling them out for it?

FFXV was also almost as bad as God of War. Every single boss or special summon had to be finished with QTE. Chapter 15 was just QTE fest, in a fucking "jrpg".

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Remember when Asscancer and his buttbuddy kicked a guy out from their shitty convention for asking whether traps were gay, and then shat on their audience for calling them out for it?

I hope that shit was worth it for him, because once he kicks the bucket he will go down in history as someone equally hated by SJWs and anti-SJWs. Last I checked feminists still loathe the fucking guy.

Fun fact: The series originally was supposed to stay dead after Ascension flopped, but the faggot who's in charge of this game essentially bothered Sony until they allowed him to pull the series out of its grave.

I just wanted FFVIII with kingdom hearts combat. I waited 10 years for this, and I got neither.

They already said it'd be like 30~35 hours 5 hours of gameplay. Personally, I'm fine with 8~9 hours so long as the gameplay is competent and it encourages future playthroughs. I can pop in pretty much any previous God of War game, ignore the story, and just play - and will have full access to the bulk of the gameplay experience pretty much immediately.

Nu-God of War is going to be a narrative focused with gameplay begrudgingly added in as sparingly as needed. So not only would it not be worth going back to and replaying, you can't just jump in and enjoy an hour or two because you're going to be expected to follow an overly scripted narrative that you don't give a shit about. It's like trying to just jump into the second disk of FFVII and play for an hour or two. Nobody fucking does that, because the gameplay is shit, and unless you're going for the full 60~80 hour grand tour - it's not even worth starting.

While Total Cancer has proven to be a massive normalfaggot, being loathed by feminists is still a badge of honour. albeit the easiest to earn

For people that don't care about God of War 4 you guys REALLY spend a lot of time making threads and talking about it

What's it to you?

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Well, from what I remember of Kratos, he was never content staying dead and gone.

You do know the difference between disdain and apathy, right?

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hating something does mean you take time out of your day to hate it, yes. Loads of people are pissed that they pulled up the dregs of the game series up for an AAA reboot, because no one wanted it as it is now. It's another trash fire, and people are tired of living with the fucking smell.

Talking about something doesn't give it power or makes people like it, there are good spells and curses all the same. Sometimes it's better to not be noticed.

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You must be new here.

God of My Wife's Son will sell well because retards will think they're buying a game and won't actually look into the game further then "OMG ANOTHER GOW GAME GOTY" and game (((journalists))) will fellate it and clap like trained seals because it gets rid of all the pesky things like gameplay and sexism. Just sit back and laugh as the retards figure out they didn't pay $60 for Angry Pasty Guy Kills Gods 4 but for Formerly Angry Pasty Cuck Raises Bull's Son.

if it's for a good cause like shitting on God of Soy i don't mind singing up for the shitposting draft

Beteween The Last of Us and Call of Duty
wich is the most harmfull game to ever come out?

Who says we don't
GoW4 is just another sinptom of a disseased industry
an Induystry that wants to be less like Vidya and more like Movies, more concerned on cosmetics and narrative than mechanics or chalenge
an industry that wants to make visual novels but is forced to shoehorn the most basic levels of gameplay to justify calling it a game, cus nobody will buy visual novels if there is no hentai, and as shit as current movies may be, vydia will never compete against them if judged by the same termes, on top of that (((Journos))) cheer this on becus gameplay and challenge outs them as noobs while the focus on narrative is better for agenda pushing
that is why GoW4 is in the spotlight on Holla Forums
it's another (((push))) to turn vidya into a propaganda plataform to socially engineer men into goyim with cultural marxism
the game being shit makes it easyer to laguh at it too

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The funniest fucking part is that they're the ones who gave weight and reason to that reputation. They're the ones that whined and moan about political correctness and muh sexualization is bad, you're a pedophile for liking japanese games, etc etc etc. The hypocrisy aspect and the heavy, tyrannical moderation of any idea that strayed from the norm even an inch is what is what made that event more damaging to their reputation. Any other forum would've dealt with that like "ah yeah that guy worked here, he doesn't anymore". These dumb faggot fucks couldn't do that because they built their reputation and character around their better-than-thou personality and "high class" liberal bullshit.

I don't know, but I want the game to be good, like any game that comes out. I don't enjoy it when games come out and they suck. I hope it's good.

at this point your best chance of enjoyment is the shitposting we'll be doing here once it comes out
gameplay looks blander than ever

That's my backup plan.

The game will be shit and Sony knows it.
And yes, there is much that we can do to ruin it's sales.
Cherry picking any detail that can be perceived as a flaw and blowing it out of proportion in any discussion on every place that normalfags can be reached.
And always keeping the discussion about the bad aspects, to instill the perception of it being shit, so normalfags become wary and distrustful of it.
Don't listen to the goons that are already here proclaiming it to be a success. Almost all games that were attacked the past couple of months ended up failing in their sales and God of War will not be any exception. It can, and it will fail. And we can contribute to make it's failure to be even bigger than what Sony is already expecting.

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Game looks like shit and the story is laughable at best. It's literally a walking simulator peppered with qte.


You'd think he is trying to prove he is really liberal by doing this sort of shit.

Okay I will bite.
Actually Holla Forums has been more apathetic about GoW as a series since this place, since the game has always been considered shallow and anons here prefers Dark Souls way better. However, no action game deserves being reduced to a walking simulator, which is a bigger cancer on vidya than anything else.

What kind of power trip, man. The Weinstein effect will never not be one of the funniest fucking things that ever happened when countless leftists were exposed as sexual predators and that was just months after a Woman's March was made against Donald Trump.

If its anything like 3, it will do mediocerly, but go on sale for half price within 2 years and for 4 dollars in 4.

Don't forget remastered after 4 years of it coming out.

And it still sold like gangbusters, the salt party didn't do shit except stroke the egos of some of the most social-media-oriented anons. Paid mods did more damage that Holla Forums could ever hope to do in a lifetime.

For someone as retarded as you, you really thought those tboston salt party threads were about hurting sales? Newfag, just kill yourself.

So… no grabs whenever you want and an invunerable NPC you escort around, making shit easier than the egments where Pandora is hanging around you in GoW3?

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